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#2 Tennessee vs. #1 Memphis Live Blog: Battle for the Parallelogram

Posted by Mike on February 23, 2008

This game has been hyped up all week, especially after Duke’s losses. As of this point in the the season, the Tigers and Vols have proven themselves to be the two best teams in the country. Tonight is the start of what could be a great in-state rivalry. Both teams are led by coaches with huge egos. Everyone has called this the game of the year.


By definition, this game stands a 70-80% chance of being a disappointing blowout. I like those odds. Let’s watch.

9:05 pm: Tennessee has so many Smiths on the roster, Dan Schulman can’t tell them apart.

9:06 pm: 4-0, UT. JaJuan Smith hits the open three in the corner after the Vols outhustled Memphis on at least three loose balls. Calipari sees their flat play and calls a timeout 35 seconds into the game.

9:08 pm: 7-6, UT. Unless something changes soon, this game could become a shooting contest. JaJuan and Derrick Rose have hit two each.

9:09 pm: 9-9. Antonio Anderson with another 3! This game has been insanely fast for the first two minutes.

9:10 pm: 11-9, UT. Ramar Smith is getting some easy shots inside.

9:12 pm: For the first two minutes, the Tigers couldn’t miss. Right now, they’ve missed their last 4 or 5 shots.

9:14 pm: 14-11, Memphis. Chris Douglas-Roberts gets his first shot of the game, and he hits a three.

17-11, Memphis. Antonio Anderson hits another one!

9:15 pm: 17-14, Memphis. And then JaJuan Smith hits another one!

9:16 pm: 20-14, Memphis. Is anyone going to hit a two point shot tonight?

9:17 pm: 20-17, Memphis. Duke Crews gets the basket and the foul.

9:20 pm: In terms of fashion disasters, I think we’ll settle for Bruce Pearl’s bright orange suspenders.

9:21 pm: 21-17, Memphis. Unbelievable. The threes won’t stop falling, yet neither of these teams can buy a layup right now. They’re like the Tar Heels of the evil parallel universe.

9:25 pm: 23-17, Memphis. Jeff Robinson hits a floater in the lane.

9:27 pm: 23-21, Memphis. Too many Smiths! My brain can’t take it! It’s like I’m watching the black Matrix, and the Vols are the agents. Bright orange, horrifically dressed, headbanded agents.


9:29 pm: 29-24, Memphis. And it continues to rain threes for the Tigers. Eight three pointers and one two pointer so far.

9:37 pm: Speaking of Tennessee fashion disasters: Peyton Manning’s orange plaid shirt….(shivers)

9:39 pm: 31-24, Memphis. Derrick Rose drives inside for a layup after Memphis gets a few big offensive rebounds.

9:40 pm: 31-26, Memphis. Chris Lofton has yet to score a point in this game, and we’re near halftime.

9:46 pm: 33-26, Memphis. The following demonstrates the the shooting of both teams so far in this game…

The first ten minutes:


And the second ten minutes:


9:50 pm: 35-32, Memphis. Tennessee gets back within a possession thanks in part to their free throw shooting.

9:52 pm: And we hit halftime. Memphis leads, 35-34 in a slightly sloppy but otherwise exciting game. To win, the Tigers need to either get the threes falling again or start driving at the Vols’ small interior defense. The Vols, meanwhile, must get Chris Lofton involved in their offense and cut down on turnovers.

10:11 pm: 36-35, UT. Tennessee takes the lead, as Memphis’ threes have gone completely cold.

10:12 pm: 37-36, Memphis. Dozier finally gets a chance inside, and it pays off.

10:13 pm: 39-37, UT. Wayne Chism hits a three to give the lead back to the Vols.

10:17 pm: Track meet, or Yackety Sax? You decide.

10:18 pm: A huge injury for the Vols as one of UT’s few big men, Wayne Chism, lands awkwardly on his ankle.

10:20 pm: 39-39. It seems that Memphis only player scoring in the paint is their point guard, Derrick Rose. He drives in for a tough layup over two outstreched defenders’ arms.

10:25 pm: 45-39, UT. J.P. Prince, the only Vol without a headband right now, in almost single-handedly taking over this game.

10:27 pm: 45-41, UT. Douglas-Roberts gets a huge momentum-stopping basket. Like Lofton, we haven’t heard as much from CDR as Memphis needs.

10:28 pm: 45-43, UT. …until now. Roberts with another huge basket, and it’s a one-possession game again.

47-43, UT. Chris Lofton finally gets his first basket of the night.

10:32 pm: 50-43, UT. It;s a bit jarring when your opponent’s center starts draining threes.

The Vols seem to be playing smarter basketball in the second half when J.P. Prince is on the floor.

10:37 pm: 50-47, UT. Now that Chism is hobbling a bit and the threes aren’t falling, Memphis is attacking the paint with a bit more impetus. Right now, that’s what’s keeping them in the game.

10:40 pm: Joey Dorsey picks up his fourth foul. Worse for him, he is simultaneously balding and trying to get away with cornrows.

10:42 pm: 53-47, UT. Prince with another key basket in transition. Memphis is forced to take another timeout, and they now have only one left for the remainder of the game.

10:45 pm: 53-49, UT. Under 8 minutes left in the second half. On ESPN2: guys impaling the faces of fish. Juuuuuuuust thought you should know.

10:49 pm: In 12 minutes, the Tigers have scored 14 points. They have yet to hit a three in the second half.

54-51, UT, 7:23 left. If Memphis wins this game, it will be on the shoulders of Derrick Rose.

10:50 pm: 56-53, 6:38 left. Suddenly these two teams are exchanging drives inside. It’s the exact opposite of the first half.

10:51 pm: 58-55, 5:38 left. Just as Dozier brings Memphis to within one, J.P. Prince makes another huge play in transition.

10:52 pm: 58-57, 4:59 left. Derick Rose is exhausted, but he simply will not let his team lose.

10:54 pm: 4:12 left. Andre Allen goes to the line with a chance to tie.

…Naturally, he misses them both. Such is the dilemma with Memphis.

10:58 pm: 59-58, Memphis, 3:20 left. Memphis takes the lead thanks to a baseline shot by, who else, Derrick Rose. He now has 22.

11:00 pm: 2:55 left. The charity stripe continues to fail the Tigers.

11:02 pm: 61-58, 2:19 left. Derrick Rose with the perfectly run fast break, and CDR with the finish…but he gets hurt on the play. Not good for the Tigers.

11;03 pm: 61-60, 1:57 left. Agent Tyler with the basket inside, and Tennessee makes it a one point game again.

1:10 left. What a play by Rose to keep the ball in Memphis’s hands with one minute to go.

:41.5 left. Great passing, but Memphis can;t convert, as they miss an easy look. Tennessee ball.

26.5 left. Tennessee with the basket to take the lead back! It’s agent Tyler with another huge basket.

:8.8 left. Memphis can’t get a good shot, and are forced to foul J.P. Prince.

What a game this has been. Certainly a game that lived up to its in-state #1 vs. #2 hype.

:2.9 left, 64-61, UT. Tennessee makes the smart play and fouls Rose before he can make a shot. He makes the first and intentionally makes the second, but Memphis can’t get the offensive rebound, and are forced to foul Chris Lofton.

11:13 pm: Lofton hits his free throws, and the game is over. Tennessee wins, 66-62, and will be #1 in the country for the first time in school history. Memphis played as hard a game as they could, and Derrick Rose had a performance for the ages. But three aspect of the game faile3d the Tigers tonight. The Vols got more offensive rebounds, Memphis couldn’t hit a three pointer in the second half, and they were 8-17 from the free throw line.

Overall, it was an unbelievably exciting game that lives up to the hype.



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#6 Washington State vs. #19 Gonzaga Live Blog

Posted by Mike on December 5, 2007

With final exams (and therefore relatively easy games) looming for most college basketball teams, tonight’s game between Washington State and Gonzaga, meeting for the first time ever with both teams in the top 25, is one of the biggest games we will see in the month of December. In eastern Washington, this is likely to be the biggest regular season game in years. Storming the Floor has provided us with a background on the magnitude of tonight’s game; too bad no one told the World Wide leader, who have put this game on ESPNU. So if you;re unable to watch tonight, Digital Headbutt will be your ESPNU for the next two hours. (Time Warner Cable has finally wised up that citizens of Tobacco Road might be among ESPNU’s most desirable patrons.)

The focus of tonight;s game will be on the guards: Derrick Low and Kyle Weaver or Washington State, and Jeremy Pargo and Micah Downs for Gonzaga. They need to play well for their teams to have success tonight.

11:12 pm: 3-0, Zags. Micah Downs hits a huge three from NBA range. Low responds in the next possession to make it 3-2.

11:14 pm: 4-3, WSU. Kyle Weaver hits an off-balance, fadeaway jumper to give the Cougars their first lead.

11:15 pm: 7-5, WSU. Pargo drive inside for a quick layup, but Weaver hits a three pointer from the right wing to get the lead back.

11:17 pm: 9-5, WSU. Our first offensive activity in the paint, as Center Aron Baynes gets the ball inside for an easy turnaround shot. First TV timeout.

11:20 pm: Baynes is called for the seemingly archaic and obsolete rule violation known as “traveling”.

11;22 pm: 9-6, WSU. Both teams are clamping down inside. Both teams have tried inside shots in the last combined 5 possessions, and and all were fairly low-percentage shots, a few of which rattled out and one of which drew an offensive foul against the Cougars. WSU might be getting into some early foul trouble, with 4 fouls in 6 minutes.

11:25 pm: Pargo is called for charging. Neither team is relinquishing anything in the paint right now.

11:26 pm: 11-6, WSU. Finally, the Cougars get a basket inside, courtesy of Caleb Forrest, to end the collective drought in this game.

11:30 pm: 11-8, WSU. Micah Downs hits a tough floater from the free throw line after collecting an offensive rebound.

Aron Baynes has a cut above his eye, but he’ll be fine.We’ll see how effective the Cougars continue to be while Baynes is on the bench.

11;33 pm: 13-10, WSU. Taylor Rochestie drives inside for a nice layup. Pendergraft responds on the other end.

So far, both teams are either playing great defense or very ugly basketball. It appears to be the former.

11:35 pm: 17-10 WSU. Cowgill is taking over this game in the paint with Baynes on the bench.

11:38 pm: I wonder how many of Gonzaga’s student section are on Josh Heytfelt’s mushrooms tonight. The likely answer: a lot.

11;40 pm: 20-12, WSU. Derrick Low hits another three, the first time we’ve heard from him since the opening minutes.

11:41 pm: 22-12, WSU. Cowgill continues to impress, as he hits a one-handed shot inside to give the Cougars a double digit lead.

11:42 pm: 24-14, WSU. Gonzaga’s offense seems to depend on Jeremy Pargo’s ability to drive inside.

11;43 pm: 26-14, WSU. At least 25% of Washington State’s baskets tonight have to have been floaters. The latest is by Rochestie.

11:45 pm: 26-16, WSU. Pargo drives again for a quick basket. Micah Downs has not been much of a factor tonight.

11:50 pm: 26-19, WSU. Larry Gurganious comes off the bench, and he gets the quick basket inside and the foul off of the turnover. the Cougars have been a bit sloppy on the offensive end in the last several minutes.

11:52 pm: 28-19, WSU. Bobby Cowgill is performing very well in the paint tonight.

11:53 pm: Rochestie is called for a charge, which negates another basket by Cowgill just before halftime.

11:55 pm: Washington State leads, 28-19 at the half. The Cougars have been playing very good basketball so far, and if not for some sloppy turnovers they could have a commanding lead. For Gonzaga to come back the will need to incorporate more players (such as Downs and Gurganious) into their offense, outrebound Washington State, and continue to create mistakes on WSU’s offensive end.

12:14 am: 30-24, WSU. The second half begins, as David Pendergraft hits a three to cut the lead to six.

12:15 am: 31-24, WSU. Pargo drives inside, and he kicks the ball out to…no one in particular.

12:16 am: Matt Bouldin, Gonzaga’s leading scorer so far this season, can;t buy a shot tonight. His latest shot was more than halfway through the rim before rattling out.

12:18 am: 33-24, WSU. ESPN never dissapoints with their awkwardly forced self promotion.

12:21 am: How boring must the action be on the court for ESPNU’s cameras to pan on the coaches while 15 seconds of the game elapse?

12:22 am: 33-27, WSU. Micah Downs gets the three the hard way, and that one basket brings the Zags back within striking distance.

12:27 am: 35-27, WSU. Aron Baynes is back in the game, and he’s making his presence felt…

12:29 am: …but then he picks up his third foul, and is forced to return to the bench.

12:30 am: Austin Daye finally gets his first points of the game, a three point play to cut the lead to five. The Zags really seem to have the momentum right now.

12;31 am: 35-30, WSU. The Cougars are called for traveling. They haven’t hit a basket in quite some time.

12:32 am: 37-30, WSU. Cowgill hits yet another one-handed shot to end WSU’s mini-drought. The Cougars’ lead returns to seven points with 12 minutes remaining.

12:36 am: Gonzaga can’t buy a shot right now, but neither can Washington State. The second half has been, with few exceptions, a defensive stalemate. Defensive stalemates tend to favor Tony Bennett’s Cougars.

12:40 am: 37-32, WSU. Aron Baynes is back in the game. We’ll see how it changes the pace in the final 10 minutes of the game.

12;45 am: 39-35, WSU. Good defense by the Cougars, but Pargo kicks the ball out to Pendergraft, who beats the shot clock with a huge three pointer.

12:46 am: 41-38, WSU. Another three, this time by Downs, brings it to a one possession game. Where has this been all night?

Seven minutes to play.

12:49 am: 42-38, WSU, 6:40 left. And now, a video representation of Washington State’s style of play, as viewed by a non-WSU fan:

12:52 am: 42-41, WSU, 5:04 left. Washington State commits their 16th turnover of the game (uncharacteristic of their style of play), and Gonzaga makes them pay, as they hit another three pointer to cut the margin of this game to one.

12:53 am: 43-41, WSU, 4:49 left. Derrick Low hits one of two free throws. He has only 6 points tonight.

12;55 am: 4:03 left. Austin could not have shot that ball any better…and it still rattled out.

12:56 am: 45-41, WSU, 3:37 left. Weaver’s tough reverse layup brings it back to a two-possession game.

1:02 am: 47-43, WSU, 2:11 left. What effort by Cowgill to keep balls alive for the Cougars, and it finally pays off with a tip-in by Kyle Weaver.

1:03 am: 1:24 left. Mark Few calls time out. This game has definitely lived up to expectations so far.

1:05 am, :45 left. Baynes gets the big defensive rebound, hushing the sold-out crowd at the Kennel.

:28 left. OHHH!!! Rochestie hits a huge three from the top of the key, and that is most likely the clincher for the Cougars.

1:08 am: 50-45, WSU, :25 left. Pargo hits two free throws. Expect a foul fest from Gonzaga to end the game.

1:12 am: The game comes to an end, and Washington State wins, 51-47. When Derrick Low was neutralized in this game, players like Kyle Weaver, Robbie Cowgill, and Taylor Rochestie stepped when the Cougars needed them, and they were the difference in this game.

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Double Live-Blog: Oregon-Arizona St. 2nd Half/LSU Alabama 4th Quarter

Posted by Mike on November 3, 2007

Oregon-ASU updates in regular font; LSU-Bama updates in Italics.

8:16 pm: Alabama is forced to punt, and LSU will get the ball back with a chance to take back the lead.

8:20 pm: Byrd gets another catch deep downfield, and LSU is inside the 40 yard line.

8:23 pm: LSU is forced into a fourth down, but Colt David nails the 49-yard field goal to tie the game, 27-27. LSU was given a potential knockout punch, but they’ve gotten right back up. What a game.

8:28 pm: Parker-Wilson manages to scramble out of the pocket and get a first down on third and 4. What’s worse, Chavis Jackson is called for holding, anther LSU penalty. The Tigers now have 12 penalties against them, costing 111 yards.

8:30 pm: What a catch by Matt Caddell! Parker-Wilson throws a deep pass, and Caddell dive to make the big catch inside the 20.

BUT…the replay booth reverses the call! It’s ruled an incomplete pass. Looking at the replay, it could have gone either way, but its a big blow to the Tide, who now face 3rd and 19.

8:35 pm: Bama goes conservative on 3rd and long, opting for the screen. Dorsey chases Jonathan Lowe down, and the Tide will have to punt.

8:39 pm: After Oregon kick the opening kickoff out of bounds, Arizona is driving the ball efficiently to start the second half.

8:40 pm: LSU is forced into a fourth and inches. You know exactly what Les Miles is going to do next–give it to He…whaaa?? LSU is called for a false start, and now they must punt. In addition, the Tigers are called for a personal foul.

8:43 pm: TOUCHDOWN! Javier Arenas takes the punt, and he finds a huge seam up the middle of the field, going practically untouched into the endzone on the punt return. Alabama takes a 34-27 lead off of yet another big mistake by LSU. You know what? I’m now rooting for chaos. MAO!

8:46 pm: Arizona State kicks a field goal. Oregon’s lead has shrunk to 21-16…but they’re in position to score after a the ensuing kickoff brings the Ducks near midfield.

8:48 pm: Richard Hickson is open in the middle again, but he drops the ball this time, Second down for LSU.

8:49 pm: Arizona State takes over from their own 6 yard line, from what I think is an Oregon punt. I’ve been engrossed in the other game, so I honestly don’t know.

8:51 pm: LSU is forced into a 3-and-out, giving their opponent good field position…

8:52 pm:…and so is Arizona State.

8:54 pm: TOUCHDOWN! What a run by Johnathan Stewart! He broke through an arm tackle, and he outran everybody before busting through one more tackle for the end zone. Oregon takes a 28-16 lead.

8:55 pm: LSU will get at least one more chance, with the ball and less than five minutes left.

8:57 pm: LSU is driving the ball to midfield, thanks to two big catches by Brandon Lafell.

8:58 pm: Early Doucet gets a good pass from Flynn, but the defensive back strips the ball out for an incompletion.

8:59 pm: On 3rd and 5, Flynn finds a receiver on a quick slant for a first down.

9:00 pm: Chris McGaha has had a big game tonight. He catches another big pass, this time down the middle, and Arizona State is driving again.

9:02 pm: TOUCHDOWN! Early Doucet makes the catch on 4th and 4, and he shake off the entire Alabama secondary to waltz into the end zone. The game is now tied , 34-34, with 2:49 left. How amazing is this?

9:04 pm: Oregon gets the ball back, but…on third down, a receiver drops the ball again. That’s his third dropped pass today, and the Ducks must punt.

9:06 pm: John Parker Wilson is sacked for the 6th time. The Tide now face 3rd and long.

9:07 pm: FUMBLE! LSU runs the all-out blitz, Wilson fumbles the ball, it rolls down inside the 5 yard line, and LSU recovers. What a turn of events. Mr. Wilson, you must secure that football. Don’t hold it so far from your body when being tackled.

9:12 pm: TOUCHDOWN! Jacob Hester dives into the endzone for the score. LSU now takes a 41-34 lead with less than 90 seconds left. Truly insane.

9:15 pm: The insanity continues…Wilson barely escapes the pocket, but he then gets a huge run to bring the Tide to midfield. 1:11 left.

9:16 pm: Jonathan Xenon comes thisclose to ending the game with an interception, but after another incomplete pass, Alabama face 4th down anyway.

9:19 pm: Keith Brown gets his hands on it…but Steltz jars the ball out! It’s an incomplete pass, and LSU escapes again!

Let me say this about the LSU win: In this stretch of four games, the Tigers have had every reason to lose each of their last four games, but no one told them that, they stood up to theses challenges, and they came back from three of these games to steal a win–and make no mistake, they have stolen these games against Florida, Auburn, and Alabama–and they now have a pretty clear road to Atlanta. LSU wins, 41-34.

Now..we can finally return to Oregon-ASU.

9:24 pm: Oregon scores again to end the third quarter. As we enter the fourth quarter of play, Oregon has taken a 35-16 lead. The Ducks have shut down the Arizona State offense in the second half.

9:27 pm: Arizona State, desperately in need of a score, goes three and out again. Oregon is taking control of this game.

9:33 pm: A potentially game changing series of events: Dennis Dixon is injured, and has been (at least temporarily) taken out of the game.

9:36 pm: Brady Leaf comes into the game, and he promptly goes three and out.

9:37 pm: Arizona State pinned back near their own endzone, but Michael Jones makes a huge catch 30 yards downfield. Arizona State is now in the hurry-up offense, with ten minutes left and in need of three touchdowns.

9:39 pm: Oregon is called, rightfully, for defensive holding, and the Sun Devils have a first down in Oregon territory.

9:42 pm: After three incompletions, Arizona State goes for it on fourth and 10…and Mcgaha gets big catch and an even bigger run afterwards to get a first down insode the 20.

9:43 pm: INTERCEPTION! On the very next play, a miscommunication leads to Carpenter throwing the ball into a crowd of 3 Oregon players. A receiver must have completely missed his route.

One of the things I don’t understand: both teams have excellent, speedy running backs, but both teams seem to have abandoned the run.

9:45 pm: Brady Leaf is still in the game, but now he’s handing it off to Johnathan Stewart, as the Ducks are trying to waste some clock.

9:49 pm: UPSET WATCH: Florida State 7, Boston College 0, Halftime.

9:53 pm: On the first play for Arizona State’s drive, Michael Jones catches another deep pass, and he runs to the 11 yard line. Another insane catch by Jones.

9:54 pm: TOUCHDOWN! Carpenter finds his tight end in the end zone. Rudy Carpenter now has 334 yards passing. Oregon leads, 35-23 after ASU takes the extra point, instead of the two point conversion that would have reduced the deficit to a TD, two pointer, and field goal.

9:56 pm: 5:10 remaining. Brady Leaf is still in the game.

9:59 pm: Oregon throws three passes, but two incompletions force a punt for Oregon. What was Mike Bellotti thinking? Oregon needed to eat up clock.

10:01 pm: What is possibly the most insane play of the game. Rudy Carpenter throws a deep pass under pressure, throws into triple coverage, and his tight end makes a spectacular leap for the catch, runs after the catch, but then fumbles as he’s brought down inside the Oregon 30, and the Ducks recover. That almost certainly seals the game for Oregon.

10:08 pm: The Ducks have managed to run the clock down to 21 seconds, ending any hope ASU had in this game.

10:10 pm: The game fittingly ends with a sack, as Oregon wins, 35-23. With this win, Oregon controls their Pac-10 destiny, moves to at least #4 in the nation, and ends Arizona State’s title hopes (barring, of course, an even more insane final month to the season. A good game, but the LSU game stole the show in another great day of college football.

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Double Live Blog: Oregon-Arizona St. 1st Half/LSU-Alabama 3rd Quarter

Posted by Mike on November 3, 2007

Tonight, Arizona State will get perhaps its biggest test of the season when they play in Autzen Stadium against the Ducks. Dennis Erickson, welcome back to the Vietnamese boathouse.

ALL Oregon-ASU updates will be in normal font; LSU Alabama updates will be in Italics.


6:56 pm: I understand that USF-Cincinatti, which is still in the fourth quarter, has not been taken off of ESPN in favor of the Oregon game. what I don’t understand, however, is why neither of the games can be put on ESPN2 temporarily in favor of…Nascar Busch Series racing. I’m okay with stock car racing, but it’s their minor leagues, for crying out loud!

7:05 pm: TOUCHDOWN! Dennis Dixon finds a wide open receiver downfield, who walks in for the score. Oregon leads 7-0 less than 90 seconds into the game, The only reason I know this is because of the CBS halftime show. ESPN, get it together and put the Oregon game on somewhere!

7:07 pm: UPSET WATCH: Michigan will hold onto a 28-24 vcomeback victory over Michigan State.

UPSET WATCH #2: Navy beats Notre Dame for the first time in 44 years.

UNC WATCH: The Tar Heels win, 16-13. Their insanely slim bowl hopes are still alive, at 3-6 and with winnable games against NC State, Georgia Tech, and Duke.

7:12 pm: The biggest game of the day is in the middle of the fourth quarter, and it isn’t on any channel. There is no excuse.

7:13 pm: Once again, thanks to CBS: Johnathan Stewart scores on the screen pass, as Oregon takes a 14-3 lead in the first quarter.

7:25 pm: Alabama has the lead despite having an bad offensive game overall, including -11 yards rushing. Meanwhile, LSU has their vest possession result since taking a 17-3 lead: a 3-and-out and punt.

7:29 pm: The Tide is throwing quick passes to Terry Grant in the flat, and so far he’s been on target.

7:30 pm: Alabama faces a third and short, and Parker-Wilson finds McCoy on an out route.

7:32 pm: Oregon takes a 21-3 lead, and they’ve managed to take this game out of hand before anyone has had a chance to see it. Damn you, ESPN, who is now pre-empting the game for ESON2 in favor of DRAG RACING.

7:34 pm: LSU continues to put pressure on John Parker-Wilson, and a sack on third down forces an Alabama punt.

7:39 pm: After the screen pass is tipped twice in the air, Javier Arenas very nearly gets Alabama their fourth interception. Fortunately for LSU, the ball hits the ground before he can cling it.

7:42 pm: Flynn overthrows the dump pass, forcing LSU to punt.

7:43 pm: The Cincy-USF game comes to an end, and in the 2nd quarter we FINALLY get to see Oregon-Arizona State, in which Oregon has a 21-10 lead.

7:44 pm: The Ducks are forced into a 3-and-out after Dixon’s sideline pass sails out of bounds. Arizona State gets a decent return and will have great field position.

7:46 pm: Keegan Herring gets a big first down run, and an equally important block to turn a potential sack into a QB scramble by Rudy Carpenter that brings Arizona State into field goal range. Admittedly, this is the first time I’ve gotten to see the Sun Devils, and I must say that this team is very, very fast.

7:48 pm: Nearly everyone in Autzen Stadium is wearing yellow. It almost what it would look like if God had peed into the stands. You know I didn’t mean that, right, God?…um, right?

7:53 pm: Arizona State settle for a field goal. Oregon’s lead is 21-13.

7:53 pm: What looks like a fumble turns out to be an incompletion, but LSU has to punt the ball anyway.

7:56 pm: The screens that led to Oregon touchdowns in the first quarter are now being clamped down in the second quarter. A good adjustment by the Sun Devils defense.

7:57 pm: ASU nearly gets the interception, but they force another three and out. With the defense stalling the Ducks and having scored the last ten points, Arizona St. seems to have the momentum.

7:59 pm: Alabama is driving the ball well with some more quick passing.

8:00 pm: Just as I say that, LSU’s Chavis jackson very nearly gets his second interception of the night.

Another first down, and the Tide are in LSU territory. Nick Walker, Bama’s Tight end, has been the go-to guy in this drive.

8:01 pm: Another LSU penalty, this time a personal foul facemask, puts the Tide into the red zone.

8:03 pm: Oregon gets a huge 3-and-out of their own, and should get goos field position after the punt.

8:04 pm: TOUCHDOWN! Keith Brown completely fakes out his defender in the middle, and John Parker-Wilson finds him wide open in the end zone. Alabama takes a 27-17 lead, and the sound of 92,000 screaming fans has reached a deafening pitch.

8:06 pm: FUMBLE! Dixon and Johnathan Stewart botch the handoff, and after a scramble to pick the ball up, the Sun Devils finally come up with it near midfield.

8:08 pm: TOUCHDOWN! Just when it looks like Alabama has all the momentum in this game, Matt Flynn throws a deep pass to a wide open Byrd for a 61 yard score. LSU cuts their deficit to 27-24.

8:10 pm: After forcing a 3rd down and 20+ yards, Oregon stupidly commits a late hit to give Arizona State a first down.

8:14 pm: Arizona State misses a field goal, their kicker’s first miss of the season. The first half ends, and Oregon holds onto a 21-13 lead. The Sun Devils haven’t taken advantage of the opportunities that the Ducks have given them.

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Double Live Blog: LSU vs. Alabama, 1st Half

Posted by Mike on November 3, 2007

Note: If you’re looking for Oregon vs. ASU, click here.

Tonight, Digital Headbutt is going to live-blog two overlapping, huge college football games. The first one is LSU vs. Alabama. It’s Les Miles’ gigantic jewels versus Nick Saban’s Kool-Aid, for the SEC West.


I’ll admit that when my team isn’t doing very well (and UNC is 2-6 this year), I root for chaos in the national title picture. I’m even willing to admit that I was rooting for Auburn when LSU last played. However, Nick Saban neutralizes my desire for chaos. Go Tigers.

5:03 pm: Alabama gets the ball to start the game, returning the kickoff to the 38 yard line.

5:04 pm: John Parker-Willson’s first two passes are off the mark, putting Alabama in an early 3rd and long.

5:05 pm: LSU runs the all-out blits, but Parker-Wilson makes them pay with a pass to an open Caddell for a first down…barely.

5:05 pm: Wow. LSU DE Tyson Jackson almost intercepted that screen pass.

5:06 pm: Parker throws a deep floater on 3rd and 10, and Caddell is there to make the catch at the 20 yard line, as LSU overran the underthrown pass. Bama is knocking on the door.

5:08 pm: After a missed shot to the endzone and the Tide’s first rush, Parker-Wilson finally misses on 3rd down. Alabama settles for a field goal to take a 3-0 lead.

5:12 pm: LSU gets the ball, and they start with two runs to Jacob Hester. He gives them a quick first down.

5:14 pm: I know that LSU enjoys playing throwback football, but…a QB sneak on first and 10?

5:15 pm: Flynn rolls out, and he finds a wide open Richard Dickson in the middle of the field. 1st down, and LSU is at the Bama 35.

5:16 pm: the Tide leave the middle open again, and this time Flynn finds Early Doucet. LSU is now in the red zone.

5:18 pm: Alabama is caught offside, but then immediately Herman Johnson give the five yards back.

5:20 pm: Good coverage leads to two big sacks for Alabama. On the second sack, Flynn fumbled, and LSU is very lucky to still have the ball.

5:21 pm: Colt David nails the 44-yard field goal down the middleto tie the game, 3-3.

5:26 pm: Glenn Dorsey goes down, re-aggravating the injury he suffered during the Auburn game. It does not look good for him at all; let’s hope he’s okay.

5:28 pm: Dorsey was able to jog off the field on his own pow-INTERCEPTION! Chavis Jackson jumps on Caddell’s route, and he returns the pick to the Bama 13 yard line. The Tigers are back in business, and the Tide need another stop.

5:30 pm: Bama continues putting the pressure on Flynn, who was forced to throw a bad pass on second down.

5:31 pm: TOUCHDOWN! Flynn throws a quick screen to Doucet, and great downfield blocking allows Doucet to find his way to the middle of the end zone. LSU takes a 10-3 lead.

5:35 pm: Glenn Dorsey is being taken to the locker room.

5:36 pm: LSU has another injury. This time, it’s LB Gary Beckwith, who made a great play to stuff Terry Allen behind the line of scrimmage. That’s two key players in the front seven who are now out of the game.

5:38 pm: SACK! The cornerback blitz was completely unimpded, and Alabama will have to punt. LSU gets the ball at their own 46.

5:39 pm: LSU runs a trick play, a reverse pass, and it works almost to perfection. Doucet finds a wide open Flynn, who catches it and runs it inside the 20. However, Flynn’s knee was banged up on the play, and with Perriloux’s suspension, the Tigers may have to resort to their 3rd string QB, who transferred from Harvard.

5:43 pm: Apparently, Flynn doesn’t care about his knee. On the next play, he runs to the right side and nearly gets a first down before a hard tackle brings him down.

5:46 pm: The Tigers give it to Hester, who busts it to the 5 yard line. First and goal.

5:47 pm: The first quarter ends, with LSU leading 10-3. The second quarter willl start with LSU facing 3rd and goal, inches from the goal line.

5:53 pm: TOUCHDOWN! Jacob Hester was hit behind the line of scrimmage, but he knees driving and leans into the endzone. LSU takes a 17-3 lead to start the second quarter.

5:56 pm: Glenn Dorsey is back in the game, and he stuff the first down run at the line of scrimmage.

5:58 pm: Alabama tries the end-around to D.J. Hall. He runs out of room on the sidelines, and goes out of bounds for a 2 yard loss. Parker-Wilson misfires on the next pass, forcing the Tide to punt again.

6:04 pm: Hester gets some decent yardage on a screen play, but another Tiger is injured. This time it’s Herman Johnson.

6:08 pm: After an incomplete pass, LSU is forced to punt for the first time.

6:10 pm: Running Up The Score Watch: Kansas beats Nebraska, 76-39. I didn’t think I would ever see the day that the Nebraska defense allowed 76 points in a game.

6:12 pm: Interesting fact: John parker-Wilson has not completed any passes since the two third down catches by Caddell.

6:13 pm: Just as I say that: TOUCHDOWN! Parker-Wilson finds a wide open D. J. Hall deep downfield, who jogs into the endzone. LSU’s lead has shrunk to 17-10. The Tyson Jackson roughing the passer penalty really came back to bite the Tigers.

6:14 pm: Sonic is going the way of the Texas State Fair, with fried Macaroni & Cheese.

6:17 pm: Kieland Williams gets his first carry of the game. Shockingly, these two teams have combined for only 32 rushing yards thus far.

6:18 pm: INTERCEPTION! Flynn thinks he has single coverage, but Rashad Johnson swoops in fro the free safety position to get the pick. To make matters worse, LSU is called for a personal foul, and Alabama will start with great field position.

6:21 pm: Another penalty this time a facemask. The Tigers are pretty much shooting themselves in the foot; they had control of this game only six game minutes ago, and LSU has allowed Alabama back into this game.

6:23 pm: Another LSU defensive player is injured, and this time it’s Marlon Favorite.

Verne Lundquist tells us that Favorite’s rap was performing in the nightclub when the LSU players got into a fight. Hey, those guys wouldn’t have been in trouble if not for his satanic* hip-hop; blame him, LSU fans!

*If you just took that seriously, you probably shouldn;t be reading sports blogs.

6:25 pm: Beckwith breaks up the third down pass to the flat, forcing Alabama to punt. The Tide, However, drop the punt inside the LSU 10 yard line.

6:27 pm: INTERCEPTION! After an LSU penalty, Ezekiel Knight makes a great one-handed grab to give Alabama a first and goal at the LSU 10 yard line.

6:29 pm: LSU is called for pass interference, giving the Tide another first down. The Tigers seem to be mentally falling apart in the second quarter.

6:34 pm: Despite having only 5 yards to go, Alabama goes 3-and-out. The Tide trail 17-13 after settling for the field goal.

UPSET WATCH: Michigan State 24, Michigan 14, 4th quarter.

UNC WATCH: North Carolina 16, Maryland 10, 4th quarter.

6:43 pm: LSU is now driving the ball well again, thanks in part to Richard Dckson continuing to find holes in the middle of Alabam’s defense. A flynn run up the middle brings the Tigers into field goal range.

6:45 pm: PROGRAMMING ALERT: ASU-Oregon is about to begin.

6:50 pm: MATT FLYNN IS PICKED OFF AGAIN! This time, only Jacob Hester prevents the interception from being returned for a touchdown. Owever, he’s called for a personal foul after the play, and Alabama has the ball in the red zone with 1:07 left in the first half.

6:53 pm: TOUCHDOWN! John Parker-Wilson throws the ball into coverage, but Keith Brown makes a great play to make the catch and block the defenders from making a play. Alabama takes a 20-17 lead, and LSU’s second quarter nightmare is complete.The crowd in Bryant-Denny Stadium has gone completely insane.

6:59 pm: LSU has managed to drive into field goal range, and with 13 seconds left the Tigers have a chance to tie the game.

7:00 pm: After Flynn nearly throws another interception, Colt David’s field goal attempt is blocked to end the first half. Alabama leads, 20-17 at halftime. After LSU dominated the first quarter and completely botched the second quarter, I honestly have no idea what will happen in the second half.

Join me at the next post for the second half of this game and the first half of Oregon-Arizona State.



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Phase 1: Double Live Blog. Phase 2: ?. Phase 3: Profit!

Posted by Mike on November 3, 2007

Today’s UNC-Maryland game is ESPNU today, which is God’s way of telling me “Mike, do not watch this terrible game.” What his means for you is that Digital headbutt will have not one, but Two Live Blogs today.

First, we will cover #3 LSY at #17 Alabama at 5:00 pm ET. Nick Saban will be facing his former team for the first time, the winner will have sole possession of first place in the SEC West, and today is, quite possibly, the last time that LSU will truly be on upset alert until the SEC Championship game.


Overlapping that game will be a game with even bigger implications, #5 Oregon hosting #4 Arizona State at 6:45 ET. With USC and Cal out of the Pac 10 championship picture, the winner of this game has the inside track toward the Pac 10 championship, and perhaps even the BCS Championship game. The Ducks have been impressive all year, and would be undefeated if not for an ill-timed fumble against Cal. Meanwhile, Arizona State’s surprise run in Dennis Erickson’s first year could be their best chance for a national title before the inevitable Erickson departure/massive NCAA probation.

dennisdixon.jpg sainterickson.jpg

┬áSo stay tuned for the live blogs…because we know you’ve got nothing better to do for five hours.

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