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Grylls vs. Stroud: The Survive-Off

This is the home for all things Survive-Off. Bear Grylls and Les Stroud are facing off in Hokkaido to answer the question: who is the ultimate survivor?

Coming up next…Day 4, when our heroes must part their separate ways and find their own path home.

The Survive-Off: Preliminary

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

Day Five

More To follow…


55 Responses to “Grylls vs. Stroud: The Survive-Off”

  1. Marjorie said


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  2. Kevin said

    Hey Mike,

    I’ve been missin’ your “Survive-Off”. Any chance you’re gonna finish the “week”? Or are ya gonna pull a Steven Spielberg on us and start but not finish a great series?

    In any case, I appreciate what you’ve already done.

    Thanks again!!


  3. Mike White said

    It’s been a while, but the Survive-Off will finish. Promise.

  4. ghandi said

    mike you are awesome for creating this- great stuff- can’t wait for day four eh?

  5. Brian said


    Any scheduled date of when we will see day 4?

  6. Lisa said

    The Survive-Off is a great idea, I’m so glad I stumbled upon this. Thanks, Mike!

  7. bob said

    When is day four coming? It has been forever since day three.

  8. Barb said

    Well, it should be any time now. At the end of Day Three he did say “Stay tuned for Day 4, which at this rate should be published sometime in early 2009. “

  9. bob said

    Well its the middle of March I don’t think that that is early 2009

  10. DAVE said


  11. Brad said

    what the hell it’s September 09′ wheres day fucking four!?!?

  12. Brian said

    Just checking in on a regular basis to see if day 4 is happening. If it is gone let us know.


  13. raven said

    where in the hell is day four at its damn near mid december and nothing yet come on man. waiting for day four is like smoking weed and never getting high it fucking sucks ass

  14. brad said

    if it gets you high rave, keep on sucking your ass

  15. raven said

    brad shut your cock straved ass up I bet your some fat fuck with a small dick. all bark and no bite. go get bent you cum sucking fag. nobody like you so just fuck off and burn as hell

  16. Brad said

    oooooo got to you eh ASS LIPS! heh heh, brave hiding behind a keyboard. raven? what kind of cocksucking fag ass name is that? put your real name up chicken shit. or is your name emily? I can find you, homo, just have to follow the smell of shit

  17. Raven said

    Sorry, but I have pent up latent homo tendancies. My mother really wanted a girl so she dressed me up like one. I like to raid her dirty clothes hamper and put on her panties. I wear another pair over my head. I put on her bra and stuff it with my dad’s dirty socks. I named myself after a bird because I’m a suckhole and it makes me feel like a big girl.

    • raven said

      wow your so cool by posting with my name just goes to show that your nothing but a bitch. dude i think something might of happen to you when you were a kid. did uncle thick fingers get a hold of your ass one to many times or was it all of your cunt mothers boy friends fucking you in the ass cause your mothers pussy was like throwing a hot dog down the grand canyon. its ok we dont think any less of you than we all ready do. so on that note go ahead and get in you corner and cry your little heart out maybe someone might care but hey we all know no one does so grab the gun next to you and put in in your mouth and pull the triger now dont be a bitch and just do it.

      Brad my real name is raven i live in bakersfield california come on down ask around and you will find me but just make sure you know what your getting into

  18. DR. X said

    ravin’s revelation of his childhood experiences demonstrates what a sick bastard he is. We’ll take over from here Brad. Even though cowards as him lie, we will find him. One less SICK FUCK in our country. Eliminate the enemy.

  19. raven said

    Dr X, 2 thing one are you that fucking blind you cant get my name right. I mean come on dude it’s right there in front your face. 2, bring it on. coward you say? come on down to bakersfield i’ll meet you and we will see if i am a coward.

    • Dr. X said

      If you got your name right you would have used a capital R stupid. Check #17. You PHONEY!! Give up the Taliban, Raven. Evil will never prevail over good. You’re going down!

  20. xXashhleyXx said

    Hhaha this is sooooo much better than day 3!!! You guys are fucked up! OH by the way LOVE THE SURVIVE OFF…Aaaaamazing!

  21. XxashhleyXx said

    Ohkay by the way where is day four seriously….its 2010 i thought it was supposed to be up early 2009! WTF is going on me and my bf want to know what happens…..

  22. Raven said

    hey XxashhleyXx , Xx, how much would you charge me to come to bakersfield? sweetie pie? pardon my grammatical errors, but i’m just one dumm phuck,.?:’#% Mahdee is me! i couldn’t make sense if my life depended on iT! read my last comment! 2 THING?!?? DUH!! i AM A TERRORIST! i will soon be done for! MAHDEE! is me!!

  23. Raven said

    my name is raven, I live in Bakersfield CA. I work at 99 Buddah Express, and i can whistle 13 different tunes through my orafice, while my mother sings native American hymms in the key of E minor.

  24. XxashhleyXx said

    Haha this is still very entertaining even if the last 2 comments by raven make little sense i still find it hilarious…keep it going;] ♥

  25. Brad said

    Hi Ashley, I know raven is a bit off the wall, especially when he misses his medication. He has a “thing” for me and I had to back off communicating with him for a while to prevent myself from hurting the poor little immigrant. He hates Americans and I’m trying to convince him of the greatness of our country. His poor writing may be due to the fact that he recently obtained bifocal corrective lenses, (glasses). He has trouble getting used to them. He said he sees two of everything and this has contributed to him constantly peeing his pants. When he goes to the washroom he takes out his weenie and sees a big one and a little one. He said the big one can’t be his, so he puts it back.

  26. XxashhleyXx said

    Haha thnx for the continuous source of entertainment when i need it:] you two must be bored too! Will day four ever be up?

  27. raven said

    You know talkin shit to each other is one thing but writing things with my name now that shit is childish. I am an american born and raised. I am a white boy through and through. So XxashhleyXx dont mind these sackless pussy ass bitches. I am glad we could entertain you tell day 4 does come. So on that note if any body else wants to try to talk shit to me just to back down and have somebody else fight your battles bring it on. One question for Brad, are you sure all those nice thing you said about me were about me or was it another pointless story about your lame ass life living in your moms basement playing Halo and trying to get into little boys pants.

    • ANHILATOR said

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  28. ravekicker said

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  29. Dr. Matt said

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  30. Roy said

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  31. Raven said

    Here is what I really look like. . Overlip

  32. Raven said

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    • Ingrid said

      In the context used “your” should have been spelled you’re. Someone else should learn how to spell….duh. I hope these fellas hate pedophiles like you, as much as I do. To save time and money, I hope it’s a blue garbage truck.

      • raven said

        Who gives a shit how I spell words. Thats all you fucks have to talk to shit me. Come up with something new or get bent. So if you want to try to correct me start with your shit. Double space after each period dumb fucks.

  33. Brad said

    I want all those of you who have posted, to quit picking on Raven. You are blaming him for things that he has never said. This has turned into mob action, a demented mentality. This started as a joke. If I said things that were out of line Raven, I am sorry. I looked forward to your comments. I enjoyed the banter. Seriously, I love you bro. If I look you up, I’ll make it up to you. Really.

    • Raven said

      Brad I knew we were just joking with each other. So don’t feel sorry. In my eye’s your ok in my book. Thanks for having my back bro. I got nothing but love for you too bro. Don’t worry about there attempts to mob up on me. Don’t worry bro I will keep the comments going just as long as I have some normal person to fight back. Notice when i call a few of them out on there comments they have nothing to say?? I love having stupid people trying to talk shit it is so much fun. But with you I knew it would be fun. If you ever in Bakersfield, CA look me up One of the only Tacoma X-runner divers in rosedale. Brad with much love your a douche.

  34. XxashleyXx said

    Aw so sorry i havnt been on here to enjoy your humorous comments but it seems a couple people took the funny stuff a little too serious…hey i need some entertainment not immature bs thnxx.

  35. XxashleyXx said

    Also im getting extremly upset…i have a feeling day four is post poned indefinatly =[

    • Hank said

      DAY FOUR??? out the door? Hey XxashleyXx, would you marry me? I would keep you entertained. One look at my body and you would laugh your face off. honey. I have lots of money. ok? I live in Texas, where do you live? honey. toots. sweetie pie. sugar plum.. If day four doesn’t come soon, I might just marry one of my cows. honey. darlin.

  36. Borat said

    kkkWhere is dis day 4.?*%#*%#?? I don’t vant to merry a cow, just a nice big chechka voman. All togedder now, VE VANT DAY FOUR! i luvit u tu ashley.

  37. XxashleyXx said

    Aw thnxx so much for trying to entertain me…and for the whole offer for matrimony but i think i live a bit to far from texas cowboy and im already engaged…lol. Has anyone heard anything about day four? im losing hope

  38. raven said

    i dont think day four is coming love. And yes some people took the jokes to a whole new level. But when they get called out they do like all cock sucking homos do and back down and realize they are all a bunch a dumb fuck’s. Miss Ashley congrat’s on the engagment. I am in the same boat as you. Yes i know its hard to believe anyone can live with sucks an ass but i found someone haha. come on day 4

  39. Brad said

    RAVEN!!!! Nice to hear from you buddy! ENGAGED??!! Good for you. Congrats!! All the best! Now down to business, come on day 4. Let’s get-er done.

  40. raven said

    Brad!!!!! Yes I am Engaged I know crazy. Thanks buddy. Day four really needs to get here soon.

  41. XxashleyXx said

    haha omgg YOU found someone!!!! geez thts a crazy thought there…ridiculous! bahaha jk;] see i can joke too and not be all serious and take things waaayy to far like the rest of these assholes! i know im glad i found someone to put up with me and all my dorkiness too. He’s amazing…i love him very much and I wish everyone tht same happiness well not exactly everyone not all people deserve tht…

    OKAYYYY SO WHERE THE HELL IS DAY FOUR..guessing it really isnt ever going to come huh?

  42. zorbon said

    Day 4 before the ending of one or both the shows. Keep up the good work you started guys

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