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About Digital Headbutt

Digital Headbutt is the brianchild of Mike White, a graduate school journalism student in North Carolina. He needs to thank Zidane for his acting upon Marco Materazzi, or else the title of his blog would not make sense to anyone. He’s a die-hard fan of the Tar Heels and is a card-carrying member of Red Sox Nation, having been born in Boston. He can’t think of anything else to say at this moment. You think someone with a blog should be more talkative about himself, but nooooooo…..


19 Responses to “About Digital Headbutt”

  1. The blog is a fun read! You should check out the Sarcastic Idiocy Forum when you get a chance…I think you’d fit in well there. Just be cautioned, we have some pretty die-hard Tarheel haters (all in good fun though!!!).

  2. Hey,

    Saw the link to your site on the site with the UF player hitting the Vandy Student. Im an admin of a site called The College Endzone. I was wondering if you wanted to exchange links. Come check us out!


  3. f4rrest said

    Wow, never saw a “live blog” before. Sports + Computers = Fun. How do you type and watch at the same time?

  4. DeDe Murcer said

    Your insensitive comment about Bobby’s tumor is uncalled for. I sincerely hope you nor your family have to endure this life altering Cancer!

    DeDe Murcer (Bobby’s Niece)

  5. D said

    want to exchange links?

  6. Can we exchange links?

  7. Fjmeukkk said

    big candy pizza sausage big coco pizza sausage

  8. Ara said

    Awesome blog, we should exchange links. Check out my blog at Let me know if you’re interested.

  9. Mike White said

    D, Brian, Ara: Thanks four your interest. I’ve put you all on the blogroll.

  10. Congrats on the link at Deadspin!

  11. Mike White said

    Thanks. I’m shocked no one came up with this (the Pep Talk Drinking Game) before.

  12. Nole Fan said

    Check out and scream for your favorite college football team – in this head to head interactive battle for support against Florida Gators. Help me out! The score is really close right now! If you can post this in one of your articles…i think we can bring more people to participate!

    Let’s go Noles!!!!

  13. Mike White said

    Sorry, Nole Fan, but I can’t take your side on this one. The reason: November 8, 1997.

  14. You know, you’re an OK guy… for a Heels fan.

  15. Mike White said

    Um, thanks?

  16. Mookie said

    Edit the blogroll because Stupid Sideline Reporters has moved to WordPress please.;-)

    Oh yeah, brianchild?

  17. Mike White said

    Mookie: will do. I’ve been WAY behind on updating the blogroll.

  18. luyr said

    cölön salak serenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yabancı

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