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Mike’s Tar Heel Blog

As you can likely tell from some of this blog’s content, the writer of Digital Headbutt is a die-hard Tar Heel. Forunately, he keeps his complete loyalty at least somewhat contained to his other blog, Tar Heel Mania. All UNC-centric articles (live blogs, etc.) you will find here. Check it out, you know you want to.




3 Responses to “Mike’s Tar Heel Blog”

  1. sandra in kentucky said

    I don’t really have a comment, I need help….1st grandbaby boy, and I can’t find a newborn coming home Tarheel outfit for him anywhere here in Kentucky, on line….and wildcat blue is completely out of the question, any one ????????

  2. Mike White said

    Johnny T-Shirt, an all-UNC merchandise shop, is based on Franklin Street here in Chapel Hill. They have a catalog that can be mailed across the country, and I’m pretty sure they ship nationwide as well.

  3. for reals?

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