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Double Live Blog: Oregon-Arizona St. 1st Half/LSU-Alabama 3rd Quarter

Posted by Mike on November 3, 2007

Tonight, Arizona State will get perhaps its biggest test of the season when they play in Autzen Stadium against the Ducks. Dennis Erickson, welcome back to the Vietnamese boathouse.

ALL Oregon-ASU updates will be in normal font; LSU Alabama updates will be in Italics.


6:56 pm: I understand that USF-Cincinatti, which is still in the fourth quarter, has not been taken off of ESPN in favor of the Oregon game. what I don’t understand, however, is why neither of the games can be put on ESPN2 temporarily in favor of…Nascar Busch Series racing. I’m okay with stock car racing, but it’s their minor leagues, for crying out loud!

7:05 pm: TOUCHDOWN! Dennis Dixon finds a wide open receiver downfield, who walks in for the score. Oregon leads 7-0 less than 90 seconds into the game, The only reason I know this is because of the CBS halftime show. ESPN, get it together and put the Oregon game on somewhere!

7:07 pm: UPSET WATCH: Michigan will hold onto a 28-24 vcomeback victory over Michigan State.

UPSET WATCH #2: Navy beats Notre Dame for the first time in 44 years.

UNC WATCH: The Tar Heels win, 16-13. Their insanely slim bowl hopes are still alive, at 3-6 and with winnable games against NC State, Georgia Tech, and Duke.

7:12 pm: The biggest game of the day is in the middle of the fourth quarter, and it isn’t on any channel. There is no excuse.

7:13 pm: Once again, thanks to CBS: Johnathan Stewart scores on the screen pass, as Oregon takes a 14-3 lead in the first quarter.

7:25 pm: Alabama has the lead despite having an bad offensive game overall, including -11 yards rushing. Meanwhile, LSU has their vest possession result since taking a 17-3 lead: a 3-and-out and punt.

7:29 pm: The Tide is throwing quick passes to Terry Grant in the flat, and so far he’s been on target.

7:30 pm: Alabama faces a third and short, and Parker-Wilson finds McCoy on an out route.

7:32 pm: Oregon takes a 21-3 lead, and they’ve managed to take this game out of hand before anyone has had a chance to see it. Damn you, ESPN, who is now pre-empting the game for ESON2 in favor of DRAG RACING.

7:34 pm: LSU continues to put pressure on John Parker-Wilson, and a sack on third down forces an Alabama punt.

7:39 pm: After the screen pass is tipped twice in the air, Javier Arenas very nearly gets Alabama their fourth interception. Fortunately for LSU, the ball hits the ground before he can cling it.

7:42 pm: Flynn overthrows the dump pass, forcing LSU to punt.

7:43 pm: The Cincy-USF game comes to an end, and in the 2nd quarter we FINALLY get to see Oregon-Arizona State, in which Oregon has a 21-10 lead.

7:44 pm: The Ducks are forced into a 3-and-out after Dixon’s sideline pass sails out of bounds. Arizona State gets a decent return and will have great field position.

7:46 pm: Keegan Herring gets a big first down run, and an equally important block to turn a potential sack into a QB scramble by Rudy Carpenter that brings Arizona State into field goal range. Admittedly, this is the first time I’ve gotten to see the Sun Devils, and I must say that this team is very, very fast.

7:48 pm: Nearly everyone in Autzen Stadium is wearing yellow. It almost what it would look like if God had peed into the stands. You know I didn’t mean that, right, God?…um, right?

7:53 pm: Arizona State settle for a field goal. Oregon’s lead is 21-13.

7:53 pm: What looks like a fumble turns out to be an incompletion, but LSU has to punt the ball anyway.

7:56 pm: The screens that led to Oregon touchdowns in the first quarter are now being clamped down in the second quarter. A good adjustment by the Sun Devils defense.

7:57 pm: ASU nearly gets the interception, but they force another three and out. With the defense stalling the Ducks and having scored the last ten points, Arizona St. seems to have the momentum.

7:59 pm: Alabama is driving the ball well with some more quick passing.

8:00 pm: Just as I say that, LSU’s Chavis jackson very nearly gets his second interception of the night.

Another first down, and the Tide are in LSU territory. Nick Walker, Bama’s Tight end, has been the go-to guy in this drive.

8:01 pm: Another LSU penalty, this time a personal foul facemask, puts the Tide into the red zone.

8:03 pm: Oregon gets a huge 3-and-out of their own, and should get goos field position after the punt.

8:04 pm: TOUCHDOWN! Keith Brown completely fakes out his defender in the middle, and John Parker-Wilson finds him wide open in the end zone. Alabama takes a 27-17 lead, and the sound of 92,000 screaming fans has reached a deafening pitch.

8:06 pm: FUMBLE! Dixon and Johnathan Stewart botch the handoff, and after a scramble to pick the ball up, the Sun Devils finally come up with it near midfield.

8:08 pm: TOUCHDOWN! Just when it looks like Alabama has all the momentum in this game, Matt Flynn throws a deep pass to a wide open Byrd for a 61 yard score. LSU cuts their deficit to 27-24.

8:10 pm: After forcing a 3rd down and 20+ yards, Oregon stupidly commits a late hit to give Arizona State a first down.

8:14 pm: Arizona State misses a field goal, their kicker’s first miss of the season. The first half ends, and Oregon holds onto a 21-13 lead. The Sun Devils haven’t taken advantage of the opportunities that the Ducks have given them.


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  2. Dave Durdans said

    I have to say there is something very sexy about that Ducks uniform.

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