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Bear Grylls vs. Les Stroud: The Survive-Off

Posted by Mike on July 21, 2007

For the past year or so, there have been many a debate in my house centered around one question:

Given the exact same scenario, who stands a better chance at surviving? Bear Grylls, host of Man vs. Wild, or Les Stroud, host of Survivorman?


With the new season of Man vs. Wild just ending and the new season of Survivorman about to begin, I have decided to end this argument once and for all by creating a fictional scenario to see: who is the better survivor?

Before I go on, you’re probably asking “Wait a minute…this is a sports blog! What does this have anything to do with sports?” Well, two facts make the Grylls-Stroud survive-off perfectly applicable to to this piece of Internet real estate. First, the subtitle of Digital Headbutt is “A Sports Blog About Stuff…Stuff That Involves Things.” That gives a fairly wide berth of discussion. Second, writer Barnaby Conrad once said, “There are but three true sports–bullfighting, mountain climbing, and motor-racing. The rest are merely games.” (This quote is normally credited to Hemingway, but he never actually said it.) In essence, it’s not a true sport unless there is a very real chance that you could die while participating. Under this precedent, TV survivalism is definitely a sport. This challenge will also be presented in as humorous a way as possible.


On to the competition.

The Players:


Bear Grylls. Host of Man vs. Wild. Former soldier in the British Special Air Services; youngest Briton ever to climb to the summit of Mt. Everest. Seen here inside a glacier in Alaska.

  • Survival Strengths: Can climb just about anything; has a million ways to make a compass; very fit; willing to take a risk to survive; purposefully puts himself in worst possible scenarios in order to show his TV audience how to deal with them; unmatched intestinal fortitude; knows all of the survival techniques from the British Special Forces and the French Foreign Legion.
  • Survival Weaknesses: Mother Nature will make him pay for that bravado of his; has never been truly alone in a survival situation, and thus is less cautious; somewhat of a carnivore, taking less opportunities from the plants around him; take away his flint and he might never see fire again; that barge on the river Thames isn’t exactly the best place for him to practice his skills.
  • Ideal Location for Showdown: Any rough terrain where he can exploit his climbing ability.


Les Stroud. Host of Survivorman. Survival instructor from Canada, where his backyard is one of the toughest environments on Earth. Seen here here on the second biggest hunk of ice you will ever see in your life, enough ice for every margarita in the course of human civilization.

  • Survival strengths: Can make a fire from just about anything; Efficient hunter and trapper; has been in many survival situations where he is truly alone; takes a more realistic approach to survival, an example more worth following; the knowledge that, no matter how much you have in terms of tools and knowledge at your disposal, the most important survival tool is to keep a cool head and not panic; he lives in Canada, for crying out loud.
  • Survival Weaknesses: While Stroud is fit, his age (45) might give a physical disadvantage against Grylls; lives in Canada, and when in very warm environments (e.g. Costa Rica rainforest), he can be very much out of his element; struggles a lot more when climbing, but not having to haul camera gear might him more evenly matched; let’s face it, his show isn’t as exciting.
  • Ideal location for showdown: Any location that is cold.

The Location: So, Bear’s ideal locale is a rough and rocky terrain, whereas, Les is at home in the cold. So, should we hold the Survive-Off to test their weaknesses in a hot, flat area, or or should we test their strengths in a cold, rough terrain? The biggest issue is that we cannot give either of them an advantage by choosing a location with which Bear and/or Les are familiar. This eliminates the following locations:

  • Nearly all of North America
  • Costa Rica
  • Ecuador
  • Sahara (from Bear’s “Escape to the Legion”)
  • Australian Outback
  • African Savanna
  • Alps
  • Scottish Highlands
  • South Pacific Islands
  • Scandinavia


This pretty much leaves us with Asia. There are plenty of harsh environments from which to choose: The Arabian Desert, the Himalayas, Siberia, the Gobi Desert, and even the Central Asian Steppes. However, for this challenge I have chosen one of the most remote areas in the developed world:

Hokkaido, Japan. An island the size of South Carolina and north of Japan’s main island of Honshu, it’s one of the most most remote areas in the developed world. more than half of Hokkaido’s population of 5 million live in the area around Sapporo, in the southwest peninsula of the island. The rest is absolute wilderness. Hokkaido has several active volcanoes within its cold, wet, and rocky forests.


The Challenge: Both Grylls and Stroud will begin from the same place, either in the north or east part of the island, and will be put at least 25 miles from shore. They must camp together for at least three days. Each player will have their own cameraman do document everything; however, they cannot interfere even if a player faces death. Hey, you got yourselves into this mess when you decided to have a survival show on the Discovery Channel; you should be able to get yourselves out! Both players will camp with each other for at least three days before going their separate ways.

You may not know much about Hokkaido, but it has one of the world’s highest concentration of bears. The volcanoes could be helpful, but both players would be doomed if one of the volcanoes erupted near them.

Just because you find civilization in Hokkaido doesn’t mean safety. Any western-looking residents are Russian spies who still believe that the Cold War is alive and kicking, and they may very well kill to keep their secret. Any Japanese looking residents are either various Anime villains or Japanese hillbillies. The only true safety is the Southwest end of the island.

Both players will choose exactly three things to bring with them, along with the clothes on their backs. Bear will have his usual knife, bottle, and flint, while Les will brings a multitool, water bottle, and the world’s most underrated survival tool: the harmonica! Because nothing says “In your face, nature” quite like an annoying musical instrument.


The Objective: First man to arrive in Sapporo alive wins. It could be in five days, it could be in five weeks, but the first man to arrive in Sapporo alive will win.

The Prize: The title of Ultimate Survivor; a 300-foot sculpture of their face on K-2; everyone on planet earth must take his survival tips as gospel from then on.

The Survive-Off will be a mini-series of sorts on Digital Headbutt, so stay tuned in the coming weeks to find out: who is the ultimate survivor?

UPDATE (7/23): I’ve set up a poll on Ballhype, so now you can vote whom you think will win the Survive-Off. If you pick right, you will win…the knowledge that you guessed correctly.

Go out and Vote for your ultimate survivor!

UPDATE #2: According to the Times of London, Bear may not be roughing it as much as we thought. Still, we are going to hold the Survive-off with the Bear whom we know, the one prepared to sleep inside a rotting deer carcass in the Scottish Highlands.

FINAL UPDATE: The Survive-Off has begun. Read day one and day two.



937 Responses to “Bear Grylls vs. Les Stroud: The Survive-Off”

  1. SA said

    This is one of the best things I’ve ever read.

    I haven’t watched that much of Survivorman (will when it comes back on), so I can’t comment on your description of him. But what you have for Bear Grylls is exactly on point. I don’t think even he could sum himself up better than that.

    With that said, I’m rooting for Bear. Can’t top the naked push-ups.

    • centerbound said

      Bear Grylls has a new episode where he survives 2 days and 2 nights in a Holiday Inn, it’s a real tough one because Holiday Inn is only a 2 star hotel, he almost gets athletes foot from the shower but he takes the risk because it’s a chance to whip out his weener.

      • lessucks said

        you do realize that bear has actual experience and training in survival right? man vs wild was his big break. why wouldnt he take it? theres no need for him to prove himself on the show; hes already done so off camera by climbing everest. lets see stroud do that. les stroud just goes camping and lights a few fires. he has no credentials, and better yet his previous job was at much music as some sort of assistant.

      • Adam said

        Bear is giving “inexperienced” people what they want to see (By “inexperienced”, I mean, people with no survival skills or knowledge)
        I don’t believe that Bear would do have of the things he does on his show if he were in a real survival situation.
        Don’t get me wrong… The man didn’t get his own survival show for nothing… he obviously has some serious skills.
        I just believe that he has been coached into a lot of his stunts though.
        If you want EXCITEMENT and A LITTLE BIT of accurate survival tips, watch Man Vs Wild….. If you want ACCURATE Survival tips and instruction with a LITTLE BIT of excitement, watch SURVIVORMAN…… if you want it evened out nice, watch Dual Survivor….. I qualify Dual Survivor as being the “in between survival show”, boarding on BOTH bad ass, excitement, and SKILL.
        With that being said, LES STROUD IS THE MAN! 7 Days gone, and no one to save his ass but himself! Real survival.

      • Anna said

        Well of course he has been coached he was trained in the British Special Forces. He most definitly would do everything he demonstrates on his show, and to be frank i belive Les would die if he had to stay in the wild for more then a week. Even w/ equipment and FOOD that are givin to him he will still struggle to survive, he barley eats at all and drinks water straight from the stream which he should know wont end well that why he repeatly gets sick and weak not also incuding in old age and ill survival experience. Over and over again ive seen Bear take massive shits on Les’ shelters, hunting capibilities and survival tactics in general. You can stick to Les survial tactics and die pathetically in the wild and ill stick to Bear grylls advice which never dissapoints.

      • Logan said

        Les is the best bear is good to everyone thinks bear is a phony but he is really not

    • Alex Web said

      Bear Grylls would have a 5 course meals served by monkeys he just trained, Less Stroud would be eating his own 5hit, telling you how great it was. Bear Grylls is the real deal.

      • keithbethea said

        Between the two of them, Alex, I’ve only ever seen Bear consume his own waste.

  2. Mike White said

    Thanks, SA. I think that Bear is much more entertaining, but Les Stroud is a better overall role model for survival. All of my family members think Stroud is going to win this one, but I’m still debating with myself. That’s one reason for this survive-off: I need to make up my mind about this.

  3. Pssh said

    This is too easy, Bear wins in every way.
    25 miles from shore? Winner Bear. Builds his own seaworthy raft from trees, swims through ice cold Alaskan waters. Lee failed at floating on open water in an inflatable raft.
    Volcano? Winner Bear. Runs across lava with socks on his hands.
    Bears? Winner Bear. “Yo Bear!” from Alaska, not to mention the whole lions in Africa thing.
    Russian Spies? Winner Bear. British Special Forces enough said.

    But surely the winner is obvious solely from the pictures shown. Bad-ass inside a glacier or nice warm parka?

    • jake said

      Isn’t the point of a survival show to to show NORMAL people how to survive in realistic situations where they wouldn’t be prepared with flint, a big ass knife and people to help when you can’t accomplish something yourself? I’ve watched both shows and Les is definitely a better survivalist. If you look past Bear being a “badass” you’ll see that he is fake and most of the time completely irrelevant. When you’re in a survival situation, a normal person wouldn’t carry a knife and flint with them, or choose the most ridiculous path from destination A to B. I’ve watched Bear do what most of his fans would consider badass, but what he does is completely unnecessary, and he even gets help from his camera crew when he is unsuccessful at a task. And how is the fact that Bear Grylls climbed Everest make him a survivalist? That is a completely irrelevant argument over the better survivalist, as much of Bear Grylls fans arguments are.

      Episodes of Bear Gryll’s shows have even been reedited to announce that some situations are “presented to Bear to show the viewer how to survive,” in which are unrealistic and unnecessary. Bear Grylls shows how to survive in a situation if you are Bear Grills, while Les exhibits a realistic situation of survival for the average person.

      And about that raft that Bear claimed to build by himself with no tools, he was actually helped by the shows stunt consultant. Plus, the channel which aired his shows admitted that there were fake situations, and that staged scenes were acceptable according to his show being a “how to guide,” rather than a documentary. He stays in hotels and has real survival experts show him what to do, and then takes credit for the knowledge.

      As for the scenario, to me surviving isn’t a race, and thinking Bear will win because he is badass is such a terrible argument. Surviving isn’t about looking cool and being a showman, and if you think that you are fucking stupid. If you’re in a survival situation are you going to do the same irrelevant things that Bear does? And on top of that, do you have flint, a knife, a camera crew, or hotels and survival experts with you at all times?

      I’d like to reply to all the ignorant people with arguments such as “when did Les do such and such that Bear did,” and “I don’t see Les doing this superfluous and completely unnecessary thing that Bear did,” and the answer is simply practicality.If you think Bear is a better survivalist, or a better anything than Les, you obviously don’t understand survival and you merely enjoy excitement. Les is 40 some years old and not only surviving practically and in a way that a normal person could benefit if in a similar situation, but hauling around at minimum 50 pounds of extra gear, and in many instances traveling twice the distance. I could keep going but there are too many flat out stupid comments to read. If this isn’t enough to prove Les is better and Bear is fake, you’re fucking ignorant.

      • Tucson said

        I totally agree, Les is the real deal and Bear gets to have a camera crew following him around. If Les gets into trouble there is no one there to save his ass, Bear just calls in rescue with his Sat Phone.

      • luis said

        i totally agree that les stroud is the better survivalist i mean i hate that bear goes out with his little flint stick and starts a fire. and he alson has a camera crew and survivalist experts. it even sometimes sais that bear gets help from people if he is in real les stroud goes out there with little thing and a multi tool.he has to think of a plan to make fire not like bear that uses his flint stick and les also has to carry around the freaking i personally think that you are right on the money.

      • Nigel said

        If you know any thing about survival its positive attitude that matters the most and using your brain ask any survival expert.To make my point, Les looks at everything as if it were hell (optimism is a great trait to have).While bear has a cheery attitude because he has so many things that keep him going.You dumb asses don’t get the picture our brain is our greatest survival tool.Bear may have faked several parts in his series, but his facts are not false, I know this because I practice in primitive survival (not being stranded or lost just long term survival)I own book on survival, I practice fire starting methods such as the hand drill.Back on topic Bear has the right idea, and Les quit for a reason, his attitude destroys him when he never finds food (yet he refuses to boil grubs and other non toxic insects), he gets soaked and heat or the cold gets to him.My opinion Bear will survive better but Les will be miserible, altough he has good ideas despite eating snow and don’t get me wrong im a fan of survivor man as well.

      • rick johnson said

        Les is reasonable while Bear is show boat.

      • naqqi abbas said

        mr Tucson i totally disagree with you .Who the hell are you to say that bear gets help from his crew members and les does not . bear is fair because he shows on the camera that he get help while on other hand les don’t want to show himself getting help from his crew .he gets most of his help from his crew in private (when the camera is off) . you are a fool and also a cheater like les stroud .Tucson sucks ????????????? and also the people who are with him .

      • Sabba Iqqan said

        Dear mister Naqqi Abbas. You have obviously never watched survivorman. Les goes out and films HIMSELF doing what he does. There is NO ONE ELSE there just him. No camera crews, just HIM. You my friend are a dumbass.

      • Kyle said

        Wtf don’t you people understand about “surviving to you own limitations”? Bear says that every fucking episode. His way of surviving might not be reasonable for someone else but it is for him. And would someone Plz tell me where it says on Bear’s show that he is going to put himself in insane life threatening situations with no help? And that he has to build everything himself that will take him five hours to do. I don’t think it says that anywhere. I respect Les but he does the same simple thing every show he makes a fire finds some insufficient food and plays his harmonica. And why the hell would Bear put himself in those situations without any help when he has loving family at home. What Kes does is foolish. If he dies out there no one will know about it for a week. Bear doesn’t do the same thing every time he shows you multiple ways to survive and get around obstacles. He doesn’t go for ” badass ” he survives. And no he doesn’t have survival experts with him when he shoots he gets briefed about the terrain and wildlife before each show as does Les. And the whole” Bear stays at hotels all the time” your wrong they were shooting in the Canadian Rockies and because of the blizzards and storms rolling in they had to stay at a lodge because of the health and safety regulations ( like it says in the warning screen ) and as the weather continued and they couldn’t shoot Bear flew his family in because he got lonely. And you people realize that Les shot his own videos because in the beginning he didn’t have the budget to hire a camera crew and when the ratings came in he decided he wouldnt hire A crew. And every person who is serious about camping or hiking etc. have flints with them. Where I live on most the big reservations and game lands and stuff like that it’s required to have a flint with you at all times. Not all people are fucking stupid like you Jake

      • Paul Wall said

        Les is a puss who is always mostly in canada bear in a straight up stand down would kill les in complete silence. Bear grills has actually been there in survival situations where life and death do matter and how many camera men you have doesnt matter who cares couldnt anyone come back and get their own camera jesus really teaches you how to survive on you’re own . step you game up and go outside , try to start a fire with sticks and find water then holla back. IGNORANCE. PE@CE

    • Jamie said

      Nigel i have no doubt that bear knows survival techniques but he doesn’t demonstrate them in his show properly. My favourite top tip of his is to jump into river rapids to cover ground quicker getting completely soaked before a wet night and getting your bones crushed by rocks is sure going to get you to survive.

      Bear grylls is in a more luxurious environment then Stroud. Being alone for a extended amount of time past a few days does give you a low moral. Les shows this as he experiences this. Bear Grylls would seem as you say sooo miserable if he were alone for a few days.

      Your right the biggest asset in a survival situation is your brain, you slow down and think about everything properly. He never gives up he keeps going that shows his resolve to survive. Any survivalist will tell you Les Stroud is doing more or less correct survival strategies where bear grylls is doing stunts.

      As for you’ve read a book and can make fire with a bow drill in your backyard. I challenge you to go out into a wild area, don’t have to cut yourself off from society, but then try and make a bow drill and fire with a multi tool or some other equipment not designed, not some fancy knife. Books are just that they give you ideas that wont work survival you don’t learn by reading you learn by doing. After a few days alone you will not remember anything from some little book. If you’ve been in the situation you will remember doing it. Actually put yourself in a survival situation then you can say your slightly more of an authority then others.

      Based on people they would both survive, but based on the show Les would win Hands down.

      • Eddie said

        Its an old site but I only just found it so thought I’d comment. Bear has told us over and over again now that his show is set up. He even made an episode that showed his crew and the safety ropes ect that they all use. He is entertaining us all, he jumps in to freezing water, not to show us how tuff he is, listen to they guy when he explains things and you would understand more. He is showing us what to do if WE were to fall in, Less may, may explain it to us, but seeing it done is always a better lesson than reading it or hearing someone tell it. I watched Les in his first series and really wanted to like the show and the guy, but he losses his confidence too easy. In the first series he told us how he was going to take seven days to ‘get out’ seven days to make it to safety. But he quit, in one show the guy thought he was almost out, almost at the point of pick up by his crew only to find this native on a sled that told him he was days away from where he thought he was. Now, anyone can make a mistke like that, I have and it almost killed me. A better way of doing it would not have been to jump on the guys sled and get a ride to safety, it would have beent to show us how to overcome that mistake. Bear is fake and he admists that, he makes up the things he overcomes, but that it what the show is meant to do. I’m sure that Les is a great survior and a nice guy, but i get depressed every time i watch the show because he is always down on everything. And a good point to know is that Les an’t alone and struggling either. He always has locals to show him things, he always learns how to look for food from the locals, he always has someone show him what to eat and what not to eat, what dangers there are ect. They are both fake guys, neither of them is stupid enough to not have someone either at their side or moments away if they need them. So the argument that Bear knows he is safe so can be more agresive is wrong they both now that they are safe. Like Les in the Pacific Islands, when he was ‘lost at sea’ the moment the weather got nasty he called in his crew to take him to safety. Smart, but shows you how close his safety net is to him too. If you like one more than the other, then just watch the one you like. I find Bear more entertaining so i watch him more than Les. But they are both better than i could be at what they do so the respect is high.

    • Jerry said

      Bear Grylls sleeps in hotels and even choreographs some of his episodes. He’s a fraud. Les has no camera crew to feed him normal food or to make reservations for him.

    • caleb said

      You are stuipd bear rules let dog now stut your mouth up sucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Intelligent Caleb said

        Excellent rebuttal. By the way your stupid is showing, you might want to look into taking care of that. Anyone who has ever actually tried anything resembling primitive camping know that Les is the better survivor. Now in a no holds barred fist fight Bear would win every time but that’s not the scenario, the scenario is to survive (just in case you forgot, I know the top of the page is so far away). Sure Bear may know ACTUAL survival skills that he doesn’t show on his show but the fact of the matter is that if you don’t use it you lose it. Bear will more likely get himself in a stupid position such as stuck halfway up a cliff and with out a crew to help him out will waste valuable time that should be spent finding/making shelter, making fire and searching for food and water. I don’t think you know this but those are rather important to survival. Do you know what isn’t important to survival? (of course you don’t) Here’s a hint “bad ass” stunts will get you killed or crippled which will in turn get you killed.

    • Joanie said

      Complete joke…people helped with his survival raft..Bear is more fit and is”exciting”. I’ll put my $ on Stroud anywhere there is no camera crew or Holiday Inn.

  4. Mike White said

    I will agree that the picture of Bear is more badass. But there will come a moment when he a just a little too sure of himself and takes too big a risk…and that moment might kill him.

    Besides, we’re creating a fictional scenario here. The winner will be determined by my own mind, and that mind hasn’t decided yet. The Survive-Off will stretch over several articles, so I have to keep it close. And of course, there’s the small possibility that the “wild” will kill them both.

  5. Steven said

    You say bear can’t make fire without his flint. I have seen him make fire using a bow and some wood and another time using just wood. The Bear can make fire without the flint so that takes away one of his weaknesses making his domination even more obvious.

  6. Mike White said

    Bear is the man right now, while Les Stroud is very much under the radar…but that might be exactly how he wants it. The crafty Canadian is comin’ for ya when you least expect it.

  7. Lunchbox said

    I think it comes down to a battle of accents. British accents may be appealing from time to time. But are they tough? I say no. When I hear a Canadian accent, I visualize a rugged dude that is one with nature, ay. This is coming from a HUGE Bear Grylls fan.

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  10. My vote goes with Bear, for sheer bad-ass quotient. Bear is a showman. I don’t get that sort of vibe from Les.

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  12. emily said

    too bad bear didn’t actually build his own raft. and about les stroud not surviving on an open raft, that’s because he actually spent the time on the raft, he didn’t book a hotel room for the night, like bear. bear is a fake! sure he bites the heads off of snakes, but that just makes him another ozzy osborne not a survivalist.

    • Eagle Scout said

      LOL this is a girl speaking obviously. Hey hunny have you ever went camping with your daddy or mommy? how cute…….

      • A REAL Eagle Scout said

        Wow jump right to insulting her, very mature. Are you one of those kids whose father was the scoutmaster so every achievement was given to him whether he deserved it or not (most of the time not). A real scout wouldn’t insult the lady, also a real scout wouldn’t put himself behind someone who is giving horrible advice to gullible viewers.

  13. Les owns Bear said

    Bear is a wus, he actually stays in hotels, and it never shows Bear actually lighting the fire from bow drill or whatever, it just shows him trying. And the raft was built by people who know what they are doing, then taken apart to be rebuilt by Bear on camera. Les is way more practical too. Les Stroud is really susviving, Bear is just looking like he is.

    • Eagle Scout said

      Hey little guy. you should try going camping at the local park and see if you can survive, just like les. oh when you go, you should bring a blow torch and an ice chest as well, just like les.

      • A REAL Eagle Scout said

        I’m beginning to think that you have never even seen either of the shows. Also I’m beginning to think that you don’t know where the outdoors is. Not to mention if you actually earned any of your required merit badges you would know that Bear is by far the worst example of a survivalist available anywhere.

  14. Born Survivor: Bear Grylls said

    Bear Grylls is a beast and will surely win. When was the last time Les Stroud climbed Everest?

    Go get em’ Bear!

  15. czmilosz said

    Bear is a fraud. They should rename his “survival” show Limey VS. Marginal Outdoor Discomfort

    Les Stroud is a small, Canadian god of a man.

  16. Joe Gregory (Bear Grylls Nephew) said

    My uncle is one of the best survival experts in the world, but theres one thing that all of you do not know…he is a dick (when he’s not on t.v). He might be my uncle but he is seriously like thinks he’s better than everyone else just because he is on t.v. I mean thats pretty cool but he tells us every little trick they pull, yea the hotel rooms, and they built the raft for him, but most of all he said that they have multiple survival experts with him and that they do everything for him first to show him how it’s done. Personally, I think that the series is basically a fraud, and even tho he is my uncle Les Stroud is probably the toughest guy you’ll ever know. I mean he’s 45 years olde and has all the money he’ll ever need but still risks his life for a week at a time with noone to even film him. How many guys are there in the world that at his age would even attempt it even if they NEEDED the money, c’mon give the guy some respect he is a true Man.

    • Jamie said

      LMAO ure not his nephew

    • Lol seriously stop making things up, bear is clearly the best survivor. Les dont film himself, if u see a pic from him 100yards behind him its clearly a guy from the camera crew. He dont go 100yards behind to pick up the camera after, use your brain.

      • Youranoob said

        Actually he does walk back to get the camera. If you watch the show enough you’ll see tape of him walking back and picking the camera up, he even talks every now and then about how its tough having to walk back for the cameras. LTP noob ❤

      • DDD said

        if you see tapes of him going back to get his camera, then where do u get this footage from. DERRRR rretard, sum1 is filming him going back to make it look like hes on his own. RETARD. BEAR iS THE MAN

  17. killacappapilla said

    my vote is for les stroud, he brings so much realism to his series… bear just seems too fake

  18. Lina said

    I am a huge Bear fan. I watch religiously. (At first it was because I think he’s eye candy…) I really do LEARN something everytime I watch his show. Although I think Les is an amazing survivalist (I watch his show very often as well), I think based on pure showmanship-I have to give it to Bear. My only hope is that he is really bringing that kind of knowledge to the table and not just being coached, as his nephew says. (That would really put a damper on my fantasies about him…)

  19. Dave said

    Joe Gregory –
    You ought to prove you’re really Bear’s nephew if you want us to believe what you say. Also, to all of you who say he’s a fake, YOU eat a live tree frog and carpenter ant larvae! You can fake alot of things, but not that. People are all up in arms about him getting coached by other survival experts before he does a show. The problem is, we’d all want that, too if we had to do a show like his. It’s easy to point the finger, isn’t it. He has even said on the show that he gets info from other experts. His show isn’t meant to show off how cool or tough he is, but to teach you what to do in certain situations you may get yourself in unintentionally.

    • J D said

      yeah your totally right. You can’t say he hasn’t eatin all that stuff. And yeah sometimes he has slept in a hotel at night, hes admitted it in like two magazine articles about him. But really that doesn’t matter, his show is about showing you as many different survival situations as possible, and how to get out of them. It doesn’t matter if his crew helped him build a raft… maybe he doesn’t want to spend five hours making a raft when he could do it in two with help and then show us more survival tips??? Plus if you really think that a man that climbed everest at 23, did SOME special forces training, and who can eat any kind of bug or snake with out vomiting cant survive. then your kidding your self.

      Also maybe the fact that he has a flint and steal with him all the time is a way of showing you that it MIGHT be a good idea to have a flint and steel with you whenever you may be faced with a survival situtaion. I bring one with me every where i go except for school.

    • Chris said

      Who the fuck could get themselves into even half the shit bear does. And eating groos stuff has nothign to do with survival idiot, if your roughing it… Your doing it wrong!

      • J D said

        people get them selves in those situations all the time, its a SURVIVING show. its about how to survive in worst case senarios, not most probable. and your right… surviving is about sitting on your butt and starving to death. eating nasty things to save your life is stupid. my bad.

    • Jerry said

      “People are all up in arms about him getting coached by other survival experts before he does a show” no we are up in arms that he is being coached DURING the show…. huuugggeee difference.

    • cornfed said

      Soo, he’s just personality for the show. They needed someone with reasonable credentials who could work a camera and a crowd. Surround me with a crew of cameramen survival experts and medical personnel, and tell me what to do and how…uh, I could do that. Its a matter of showmanship

      Send me to the woods with nothing but a leatherman and a harmonica, and I won’t make it.

      Bear is a TV host…all show, no go
      Stroud is a survivalist…all go, no show

  20. mike said

    even though bear grylls has been proven to have stayed in hotels and stuff he could still definaltly stay out there all night and as for the flint… is it possible to make a fire in the european alp mountains without a flint or something.. .come on les is cool but bear is awesome and he would win

  21. Garrett said

    Okay, the person who wrote this obviously hasnt seen much of man vs wild. I’ve seen Bear make fire out of virtually anything. I also watch Les Stroud, to make fun of him. Stroud is given a match, snacks, and a multi-tool. Bear is given just a knife and a flint. Stroud stays in just one spot, and has his rescue set up. Bear has to find his way out. Stroud also comes up with the most ridiculous techniques I have ever seen, and you say he’s realistic. And to the so-called Joe Gregory, how can his rafts be supplied to him if he makes them right on camera? And what they hell is everyone who is hating on Bear talking about when they say he books hotels? In the middle of the Amazon? In the middle of the Icelandic tundra? On a deserted island? At the bottom of Copper Canyon? In the Costa Rican rainforest? That is just plain ridiculous.

    Hands down, the winner is Bear Grylls. Period.

    • twilson said

      Every heard of a helicopter retard? You know those things that land and take off straight up and down, which make them very useful for “rescuing” people out remote locations?

      • J D said

        I’m a totall supporter of bear grylls and used to think the same thing your saying. but there right he has done that ive read it in articles about him and by him. But i still think bear is a better survivalist. The fact that he has slept in a hotel is beside the point. he shows you how to approach any situation you could possibly run into all day long (his camera crew help some times so he can do it faster so he can show more stuff). So why in the world would he want to sleep in a mosquito infested forrest when he doesn’t have to. he showed you how to make a shelter there so why sit there for ten hours off camera? Any ways its not like he does that all the time. So lay off Bear Grylls haters.

  22. Lee said

    I submit that if the allegations on Bear are validated as true, his program should be removed as he is quite simply a fake! I am a fan, and I don’t want other fans to get all pissy – but if it’s not real, then 86-it as fiction. Move on people…

    Les would be the true winner. Irritating harmonica aside, at least he’s real!

  23. Mike White said

    One thing to keep in mind about all this: The Survive-Off is less about who would win in real life, and more about how they would cope in a fictional scenario and the hilarity that would ensue. Holding the event in Japan will make it even funnier.

  24. charmaine said

    les is way better then bear bear is a show off

  25. ronny said

    what a joke bear is a drama queen les would out last him anywhere

  26. Jacob said

    Les really is the better survivor because he uses his head and thinks about what the best strategy is before he does anything. Bear just runs in whatever direction he feels is the best way out. Bears way is the way the average person gets even more lost and possible killed. Bears way works for him but is not realistic. Les would defiantly win in any REAL survival situation. What Les does is real life.

    • Nigel said

      Some of you people need to read bears blog because you don’t anything about him, only what you see on t.v and also bear has started fires with nothing:The Rockies bear had nothing except the clothes on his back and he used the hand drill to start a fire:costa rica with a knife and water bottle bear used the bow drill to start a fire.only the first season bear actually stayed in hotels except the rockies and every jungle episode and the ones in africa

  27. […] Bear Grylls vs. Les Stroud: The Survive-Off […]

  28. kevin said

    I watch both shows.I have seen every episode of each.I even watch the repeats.Both Les and Bear are great at what they do,but Bear is careless.I think that the only way Bear would win is if he got lucky enough not to break his leg. And even if Bear did get to the end first, Les would be in better condition.

  29. Martin said

    I agree that Grylls is over rated, he doesnt due anything how you are really suppose to and is not educating people right

    • Nigel said

      I hope you watch the news because there have been a few stories of kids survival thanks to bears facts.Look it up its true

      • Jamie said

        You actually Read those articles, Utah boy aged 9 survives one night. Until the rescue services found him the following day when the search would have began he was doing the wrong things. He was destroying a rain jacket when its raining to try and leave a trail. He also kept walking.

        Situation like that the boy shouldnt have been moving around, he was with family so a search would happen very quickly and if he would stay put they know exactly what area it is and he’d be rescued.

        Bear Grylls gives a lot of bad advice in his how to guide for showmanship nut surviving.

      • J D said

        hey retard its a nine year old. nine years olds dont do what there supposed to at ANY TIME. let alone when there freaking out in the middle of the forest. and yes i’ve heard of a story where a boy fell in a lake, got out and stripped naked and started doing jumping jacks. he survived easily.

  30. bravo!

    i didnt know much about Bear, but supsected that he might not be the best survivor, or and perhaps a bit full of it.

    I bet on Stroud all the way.

    Brilliant post. Thank you.

  31. dan said

    i think les would probably do a better job. i have seen every show of both guys. the problem with bear is, he has a camera crew following him. for all we know the camera men are survival experts too, helping him throughout the whole thing. there is no way of telling what he does on his own.

    i know les putts a lot of time showing you how he films and it is boring, but he is alone. it is all him. if anything it is harder for him because he has to carry all the camera gear. advantage LES STROUD

  32. Spud said

    You know I disagree with Bear.I liked his show to a point till I saw the one in Scottland,that stag deer he claimed had been dead a few days had been shot and was very fresh,you could tell by the blood and it was quite limber don’t you think?Les might lose this little contest but at least he ain’t no fake.Face it,Les is a better man.Les shows the average man how to survive not a english military prick.

  33. Ashley said

    bear grylls would win
    survivor man is retarded and does nothing =]

  34. Michael said

    Is this a joke? Canadian L. Stroud does not even belong in the same category as Bear Grylls. How many times has the Cannadian summited Mt. Everest? L. Stroud is boring and old….. Bear Grylls is exciting, athletic, and fun to watch. Give me a break!

  35. […] […]

  36. bmeeks said

    I would like to see that show! I would not let them stay together for 3 days – Bear might bite off Les’ head and eat him! Plus – some of Bear’s entourage of experts could pester and otherwise stall Les while Bear dines on crumpets and tea, resting in a sauna.

    While Les has his un-branded multi-tool – Bear will be using his signature hand made knife that YOU TOO can buy for 20 payments of $19.95!!!

    Slow and steady wins the race… Go Les!!!!

  37. Lee said

    I quite frankly don’t understand these Bear hold-outs…

    Ashley @33 just diddles to Bear ’cause he’s a decent looking guy and I can guarantee she is young and does not appreciate true survival; while Mike @34 probably is Bear just trying to get his ratings back up, one at a time!

    His show is staged people! If we know this and accept this, move the program from Disco to FOX!

  38. Lee said

    Discovery is SCIENCE SCIENCE-FICTION. Let them know what you think…

  39. TJ said

    les stroud is the real deal. bear grylls is a pussy that stays in hotels. Les carries his own cameras and is actually stranded. Pooh bear Has a camera crew and im sure a catering company behind the scenes complete with a cheese and cracker platter. Les would win hands down. why? because its real and not manufactured for your intertainment.

    • Douger said

      ……and Ray Mears just meanders on past these two goofs with his backpack, shaking his head……………………

  40. Nick said

    Les could own Bear, plus Les feeds reef sharks with his hands on shark week, what is Bear doing

  41. tim said

    Some of you people need to do some home work on the special air service before passing judgement on bear (special forces nuff said)

  42. gavin said

    bear grills sucks and is fake so he will lose then heel have to wipe les’ ass

    • Brad said

      just to let you know GavEn “grills” is spelled Grylls if your going to talk smack on some one at least get their name right and by the way Bear Grylls is going to kick les strouds canadian butt and like it said earlier if you do go somewhere you could potienttly become lost you should bring a survival kit not a stupid and annoying harmonica

  43. Jess said

    Bear is definitely the better survivor. He is younger, in better shape, and beyond that has the intense military background to race ahead stay ahead. Granted Bear does take the more showy or riskier ways of surviving but what young buck (or bear) doesn’t.

  44. K said

    Bear would win. It doesn’t matter if he has a camera man or if his show is staged. If it wasn’t it would be called survivorman 2. No and he would be on some odd slot time on the national geographic channel not prime time Discovery. In a real survival situtation Les might be more at home being alone, but the absence of a camera wouldn’t phase Bear’s abilities to stride through any situtation. He has the training and background to survive and terrain or climate. Les has a hard time when out of his element, terrain and climates simliar to Canada. Les does things at a slower more thought out pace but Bear is down right more exciting.

    • DDD said

      very true, bear is simply just smarter. he knows that his show is more interesting with a crew, but he could still perform just as well without it. He is fitter, has greater training(special forces) and has been in tough situations far more than the other fag who by the way has an extremely boring show, and is only doing it in such a manner to try and make himself look more ‘realistic’ than bear. Of course he has people with him and of course he wont tell us that. He is BORING and is a little pussy who wouldnt do WHATEVER it takes to survive, which is why he packs little snacks with him. Bear demonstrates far better, not only survival techniques, but what can or cannot be eaten, what plants/animals need to be avoided etc whereas survivorman simply camps in one spot with his snacks and waits. How dull and boring. Bear finds a way out. He is by far the superior.

  45. DSJ said

    Bear may a survivor, but I would NEVER follow his advice. Since his first show in the Moab desert, I have thought he is putting people’s lives at risk. Only about half of what he said and did in the Moab desert was worth watching. The rest would get you killed.

    Sure he can survive with someone providing him with food and water. His main problem he is just a sensationalist. He is only out to entertain, and he does it well. After all, his is “scripted reality” television. But of course, the Moon landing is fake and wrestlin’ is real….

  46. Lee said

    I had read somewhere else, all new episode, Bear vs. Cancun…

    BTW; Special Forces and Everest…any proof? Starting to wonder…

    • J D said

      How about his award winning book “The Kid Who Climbed Everest”. Do your homework.

      • Ethan said

        Ice-9 will actually happen. Read the award winning book, Cat’s Cradle. Do your homework. Since it’s in a book it MUST be true.


  47. Lee said

    [Feedback from Discovery]

    Thank you for contacting Discovery Networks. Man Vs Wild is a how-to guide
    to basic survival techniques in extreme environments. We have learned that
    isolated elements of the show in some episodes were not natural to the
    environment, and that the crew and host received some assistance while in
    the field mainly for health and safety concerns. Moving forward, the
    program will be completely transparent in its promotion and all elements of
    the filming will be explained to our viewers. This will also apply to
    repeated programs which will be re-cut and include a disclaimer upfront.
    Bear Grylls is a world class adventurer and terrific talent.

    For more information about schedules and programming, please visit our
    website at

    A reply to this message is not necessary. If you have any further
    inquiries or comments, please contact us via our webform at Thank you again for
    expressing your interest in our programming.


    Viewer Relations
    Discovery Networks

  48. Les is my Hero said

    Bear Grylls is a goon. His show is compleately unrealistic. He is merely cashing in on his fame by making this weak discovery channel show. I think everyone forgets about the fact that Les Stroud does 2x the amount of traveling because he does his own camera work. He walkes all the way up a mountain to set up his tripod, then hikes back down just so he can get the shot of him walking up the side of a mountain. Les is my hero. Bear grylls is a turd. If he didnt have his camera people and his crew of experts he would surely die. For real if they had the survive off i would be watching every second. GO LES!

  49. james said

    How television rating stack up , Im not sure. I,am a fan of both shows and think that your average viewer would probably enjoy MAN VS WILD better. It does have a lot more excitement so to speak, but survivor man is the real deal…bear is by no means a wus that’s for sure. If I were to be in a survival situation, I would want Les Stroud with me that’s for sure…Both of them would be nice though…LOL Bear,s strength and les brain. Keep up the good work Discovery Channel, Its still better than the normal boob tube… couch potatoe, James Frank


    Bear is a fraud. He never flew over the Everest, he was not the youngest Brit on the top of the Everest. He was never ever with the “real” SAS, but the TA_SAS..

    His show is a complete fraud! read the Wikibear.

    • naqqi abbas said

      shut up you fool . you are a small ignorant kid . you just read something an starts beliving in it just like a are a complete fraud …………:D

  51. john said

    Who is les stroud? I have never heard of him.

  52. Ashley said

    bear probably stayed in hotels in the first season because he didnt know that his show would be so popular. In season 2, there were no reports of him doing anything wrong. he would beat that other loser any day.

    • I said

      bear is an idiot. his show takes place over a two day period, even if he didn’t stay in a hotel any idiot or even a two year old could survive in the woods overnight.. no water or fire required.

      • J D said

        Yeah but its also true that anybody could sit on his butt for a week and starve. Once you get some water (which isn’t hard to find sept in the desert) anyone could sit there for a week.

  53. temagamichick said

    As a Northern Ontario girl, I have to go for Les. He’s not nearly as cocky, plus he’s already lived in the bush with absolutly nothing. I am a little biased however, as he shot an episode pretty much in my backyard (Temagami). I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

  54. mark said

    everest… almost died. teammate had to save his ass from falling to his death.
    special forces… almost died. a team of doctors had to save his ass from dying.
    stayed in hotels, has a team of experts and camera crew with him all the time…

    45 years old. no camera crew. no flint.

    i like bear. he’s accomplished more than anyone i know. can probably kick less’s ass in a death match. but i’d think less would win the survivor-off.

  55. mark said

    “You are going to see the Amazon jungle this year and I end up getting chased by a 250 pound jaguar.” – Les Stroud

  56. Mike said

    Hmmmm…What is more difficult? I would think that anyone stuck in a an unfortunate situation could just sit in one place and go hungry for a week. Bear actually has to hike his tail out of wherever the drop him off. I realize that there are times where Bear does some completely insane things…but that is because he wants to show you that you must be willing to do anything to survive. I’ve seen Bear making fire with more than just his knife and flint…but really, is it his fault that he always caries it with him? I have a pack just for survival gear that I take wherever I go. I learned to be prepared from Bear, I learned how to go hungry from Les. Don’t get me wrong…Les is a good survivor too, I just think some of you are betting on a losing horse beacuse you heard from the friend of a friend that Les is tougher or that Bear cheats survival. Oh, and for anyone that makes light of his Everest expedition…write me back after you waved a flag at the top!

  57. famlay said

    LMAO ive seen les dude on a show and for some reason he only ate like 3 berries and a mushroom…..what the hell kinda survival tips did i get from him?? That the mushroom he had eaten may be poisonous.. wow..

  58. Ashley said

    In the kalahari episode, les shows up with water, peanut butter jelly, a multitool, and a car along with other things. if that is not cheating, i dont’t know what is. He is a loser.

    Go Bear!

    • tim said

      that was a scenario to show what to do if you got stuck in the desert while 4 wheeling as many people do every year, and if you actually watch the episode he can’t eat the peanut butter or jelly as it is too sweat and would only use up more water and make him sick and any person that does not have a death wish( like bear) who ever goes out in the desert for any reason takes water with them. he was not cheating it was a simple scenario to show you what you should do to survive. Unlike bear who almost shows you what not to do like jumping in a glacial river doing this a a real survive situation would be certain death to anyone that don’t have a team waiting to help him

      les would not only survive longer then bear, bear would die after a week tops he is not use to having to survive on his own he can always rely on his cameramen or his experts to help him or save his ass when he gets into trouble. Les has no one if he gets injured he has no one to help him

  59. kml said

    I’ve seen several episodes of Man vs. Wild, but I’ve probably only seen like 1 and 1/2 episodes of Survivorman, so I can’t say I have much an input on this, otherwise I would be extremely biased in saying that Bear owns. Both of these guys I think, however, are terrific.

    I was just wondering what everyone thinks of this, Bear’s latest blog post from one week ago (link when you click on my name) in regards to this whole motel brouhaha:

    “Re: the recent press accusations of motels and stagings in the show that have been doing the rounds, all I can say is they don’t always tell the full story, but that’s life and part of being in the public eye I guess.”

    People say not to believe everything you see on TV, yet the same can be said about what people read or hear. Or maybe Elvis really is still alive?!

  60. awu said

    I think Bear would win this contest simply due to his special force training and better physically condition.

    However, I think the contest should be having a pair of twin brother without special force background. One gets trained by Bear and the other by Les. I’d guess the one trained by Bear will probably be killed doing one of the risky stuns

  61. joe said

    Bear grylls is a fake. I stood up for bear for a long time and didn’t really like survivor man but after they found bear a hotels at night and floating down rivers with life jackets and camrea crew giving him foodand helping him I am imberssed I stood up for him.

  62. joe said

    Bear grylls is a fake. I stood up for bear for a long time and didn’t really like survivor man. But after they found bear at hotels at night and floating down rivers with life jackets and camrea crew giving him food and helping him I am imberssed I stood up for him. Bear is a fake. les is the real survivor all alone and would win this competion hands down bear is a fake and the olny reason he can show all that stupid stuff he does is cause he has the crew to fall back on if he gets hurt Les is the real man>

  63. Ashley @ 58
    How exactly would a westerner end up in the Kalahari? Except by an airplane, most people tour the Kalahari by automobile. The chances of having some of these items on hand really isn’t that questionable.

    Compared to staying in a hotel, or having all the parts to a raft left around, this isn’t even comparable!

    • Nigel said

      You do realize that bear has only had the parts of the raft left out on only one episode the rest of the time he makes it himself and some help to reduce the time but he plans it out…your an idiot

      • Jamie said

        You do realise that it wasnt just that one stunt, he does a lot of his stunts but they are set up by locak guides and survival experts.

        Problem people have with bear was he wasnt upfront about it, giving a false impression and over half of what he says would kill you in a survival situation

  64. Whatever said

    Bear Grylls looks like a cool person and would probably be a nice guy to have a beer with, but his show is phonier than a three dollar bill. His advice is also total crap; you’re better off doing anything but what he says.

  65. gavin said

    Well I watch the kenya one last night stuck in the wilderness, I was in the OLD South African armed forces- Him being in the BRITISH Special Forces-well maybe thats why he isn’t there anymore, hope he enjoyed the stay at the safari lodge for the night cause he never slept there in the bush at night-I’m talking about prior to the tree night before he made it out.Hope he enjoyed the comfortable lodge, maybe when shows he face back in africa-us Real OPERATORS can show he how things are done.

  66. Kevin said


    Try anything near what either of them have done for say…3 days…and then get back to me.

    As a seasoned high-elevation backpacker…as well as camping five days in July at the north end of Death Valley, I can say that this argument of whether Bear or Les is better is a Non Sequitur.

    Both men demonstrate (key word; demonstrate) survival skills. I say, leave it at that unless you can offer better.

    Get Outdoors!


  67. awu said

    Except one of them gives out advices that will get people killed. People are better off without those advices.

  68. Mike White said

    You guys are missing the point entirely. The Survive-Off is not about who provides the better survival advice. It’s about a FICTIONAL SCENARIO AND THE HILARITY THAT WILL ENSUE. That’s it. If you read Day One, the emphasis is less on their particular survival skills and more on the humorous aspects of their show, personality, or skills. The Survive-Off is meant to be just an elaborate and entertaining parody, and you should not try and read anything more into it. So stop it.

  69. Ripper said

    Bear Grylls is a fraud ! the guy is in love with him self.
    More action than Survivorman ? sure.
    But thats what “Kids” like.
    Give me a mature smart guy to show me the way anyday.
    Les all the way.

  70. bob said

    i hate les his advice is stupid and he is a beech he is right next to campground in the desert episode who knows if he sleeps there and eats there

    • Jamie said

      He is not an idiot and makes no illusion that he has a sat phone and there are saftey camps often 2 hours trek away.
      He genuinly survives but he doesent do anything stupid.

  71. Ashley said

    Did anyone see stupid Les in the new amazon episode? he had a canoe, machete, fire dust, a multitool, a blowgun, a spear, a soda can, a hut! this is ridiculous. he ended up leaving because of a jaguar anyway. i cant believe that anyone would take him over Bear.

    • tim said

      Once again you have misinterpreted the circumstances as Les provide real information he does not pretend to survive he actually does. If you were alone(unlike bear who has many people with him) in the amazon for what ever reason you would have such items too as these a standard things to carry when going deep in to the jungle. The area that he was in was extremely dangerous as well as you mentioned he was stalked by a jaguar and if he had not gotten to the village he more than likely have been attack, no Bear would have left and come back the next day and continued and never even mentioned that there was a jaguar. The area Les was in was also an area that was close to the territory of an uncontacted tribe that had killed an number of people in a village not far from the area he was in.

  72. Cali said

    bear is an idiot in a lot of ways but he is also pretty good at what he does. les may be slower and less entertaining but he is much more likely to actually survive. if you watch the shows and see what les does in terms of not eating or drinking much water for days while still building fires and shelters and making his way out you have to give him credit. bear shows you how to do certain things but he doesnt demonstrate that he could do any of those things alone. plus some of the things he does are downright stupid. like jumping in the freezing glacial river and then running quite a ways to lay in a hot spring. makes for good television but not for good survival. i watch both shows but i respect les alot more. if i had to put my survival in one of their hands it would be a no brainer, les would take it. if i wanted to watch someone else’s survival on tv, i’d probably pick bear.

  73. supersurvivor said

    its funny what people who dont like les think are weak about him. it usually invoves his lack of balls or some other thing. those are the same people that would die in a survival situation. the only person who would survive using bear’s methods is bear. he’s an animal like that. but if you tired any of that sh*t, you’d break your ankle, catch hypothermia, get sick, and die and probably quickly. not saying i dont like bear, but if the question is who’s the betetr suvivalist, les is far more realistic and thus much better. face the facts, your fat a*s couldnt climb that tree, or jump that river, or slide down that glacial or any of the sh*t bear does, but you could do alot of what les does and survive. survival isnt about balls or taking risks, in fact its the opposite. its about tending to basic needs, thinking clearly, and not taking unecessary risks. watch them both for sure. be entertained by bear, but actually listen to les and you might learn something you can use someday to save your life.

  74. mdog said

    Holy Jebus! I was watching two different shows and didn’t realize! The shows do have a slightly different premise. Les is dropped in a hellhole alone (he does his own camera work) and he tries to survive and shows you tips while trying to get back to civilization. Bear is dropped into a hellhole (with a camera crew)and sorta goes insane jumping around, sometimes showing tips, sometimes trying to get back to civilization. BOTH guys dropped into a real hellhole with no cameras: Bear would jump off something and die; Les would wander for 2 weeks and then die.

  75. Les (bian) said

    Les Stroud could only wish in his wildest dreams that maybe one day he’ll be half the man Bear Grylls is. If Bear and Les were left alone together in the wilderness, Bear would probably skin Les, eat his bone marrow, drink his blood, and then use his hollowed out carcass as a shelter ( and he’d like it).

  76. Ashley said

    Les is a complete retard. Everyone says that Bear’s survival advice will get you killed which isnt true. Les shoved his hand into a dark hole in the amazon river. That is pretty stupid.

    • tim said

      Sticking your hand in a hole that might end up getting your hand bitten is not nearly as stupid as jumping off a cliff, which unless you have someone to help you(like bear) would almost surely kill you if anything went wrong, if you slipped and rolled your ankle or sprained it you would not be able to get water a food and you would die or in to a glacial river that would result in hypothermia to any regular person who does not have some one there to help them get warmed up like bear does

      you cleanly do not understand survival at all otherwise you would understand the true dangers oppose to the mildly risk

      sure Les takes risks but he does not to completely stupid this like bear who if he was anyone but bear with is background, strength and crew would be dead hundreds of times over.

  77. Jenkins said

    stupid les, stupid les, does whatever a stupid les does.

  78. JOHN MACAK said


  79. JOHN MACAK said


  80. USMC OM said

    Les Stroud truly sucks he is no survivor. His scenarios are highly scripted and filled with his senseless bitching. He magically acquires materials such as guns, canvas, spears and still manages to whine and bitch. In my opinion Les Stroud is a glorified pussy!!

    • tim said

      les is a much better man then you can ever dream to be
      his scenarios are real not scripted like bears, he actually puts him self in a situation that is possible unlike bear who will jump out a plane into an area that seems remote but is not really as remote as he makes them out to be and he jumps into area that are fairly suited to survival.

  81. huh? said

    I know if I was stuck in the wilderness with one of these two guys, I’d rather it be Bear. That way I wouldn’t have to listen to Les constantly bitch about everything. Has anyone else noticed that on a lot of the Survivorman episodes Les never really even eats anything… It like he just lies around for 7 days complaining. Anybody could that. Bear actually demonstrates things like how to stay warm, how to “find your bearings,” and how to find food…. in other words, how to SURVIVE. YOU’RE THE MAN BEAR!

    • T-double-U said

      LOL….Totally agree with you actually….Les puts me to sleep with all his sleeping video footage. Half the time he is sitting and camping out. Boring

  82. Mikey Lennon said

    Ive been thinking about this for soo long. Stroud is a savage, Bear is an idiot

  83. Kevin said

    I’m glad to see that some people recognize the huge disadvantage it is to lug around all that camera equipment. Then to have to take the time to film yourself, sometimes at a considerable distance! That, in and of itself wouldn’t be easy!

    Also significant is the energy it takes to do these (important to the show, but detrimental to actual surviving) things. I don’t know how many people on this blog have actually spent much time in the wild; but I can tell you that a couple days of walking around and surviving bitterly cold nights saps ALOT of energy. Without food (including high calories) you’re just drained after a very few days. Add four more days and nights to that and you’re beginning to REALLY test your survival skills. (When you’re weak and tired. Just walking around on uneven ground can be dangerous) I can’t image how hard this would be while carrying all that (virtually useless) equipment.

    Significant advantage to Les Stroud!

    To be fair, the thing I do admire about Bear Grylls is his willingness to put himself in some potentually deadly situations (that is, if he were alone!). In order to show us viewers how to get out. (The quicksand and jumping through the ice into near freezing water were particularly impressive.)

    On the other hand… Check the link (below) to see video of Bear “white water rafting with only his backpack”. While really wearing a lifevest under his sweatshirt. (Not that I blame’m for wearing the vest (what he was doing was DANGEROUS!), but he shouldn’t play it off as if he wasn’t wearing the vest!) I just hope someone doesn’t try what he’s doing without being aware of his unspoken caveats!

    Mike, don’t call me Shakespeare! Dis be da man:

    “To be or not to be? That is the question! Whether ’tis nobler
    in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a …”

    Great blog Mike! Thanks!

    Speaking of slings, I have to admit Les’ slingshot was one of the lamest things i’ve ever seen! 😉

  84. Kevin said

    Gotta love youtube!

    I came across something some of you folks may find of interest.
    It’s called “Survivorman vs. Bear Grylls” and it includes the the catchy phrase: “How to drink your own pee.” After watching it, some may want to reconsider with whom they’d rather be stranded.

  85. Dave said

    Has anyone noticed that the women prefer “Bear”. I wonder if there’s a reason for this?

  86. Kevin said

    Mike White,

    I just read through all the comments. Please don’t feel bad that we’ve all missed the point of your original post. You’ve obviously struck a nerve. So, ee’re having fun with it, while waiting for “Day 2”.

    For what it’s worth, why not consider incorporating some of the insights expressed by fans (and adversaries) of both shows? Although, I’m not sure how you’re gonna improve on “Day 1”.

    …Maybe “Bear” in his underware crying “SooooEEEEE!” 😉

  87. Kevin said

    Gee, I wonder what Les could do with a forest of bamboo?

  88. JOHN MACAK said

    Well, Les is getting old and tired, doing what he has to do to make money, but he would rather be somwhere else. BUT, he is “stuck” making survivor films. So all he does is make laim films and fucking complain about it. And I say again, When all you can get on your website is Ellen D. and Rosie O. You need to make some changes or quit complaning and do somthing else.

    Also……. …. .. Les dosen’t drink his own Piss !!!!!!

  89. SantoroGirl said

    You just can’t match wisdom for showmanship…If I had to pick someone, Les would be it! He’s more rounded in food and water retrieval and you can’t beat that ability to make fire!!!

  90. Tom said

    I don’t get why people are so impressed by Bear’s willingness to eat disgusting things. I’ve got a 5 year old neighbor who eats worst stuff than what I’ve seen Bear eat!

  91. awu said

    I remember one episode Bear says not to think too much, just start moving to find your way out. How many people had died doing that?

  92. matty c said

    Bear Grylls is the man
    His show isn’t meant to show off how cool or tough he is, but to teach you what to do in certain situations you may get yourself in unintentionally its a t.v show designed to help. He is the real deal if ya didnt no he has achived alot behind the camara that not many ppl no they just watch the show then judge him here sum fact for ya……

    He served three years with the Special Air Service, a special forces unit of the British army. During his service, he broke his back in three places in a parachuting accident over Southern Africa witch forced him to leave the SAS.
    He is the yougest brittish man to climb mount everest at only 23 years old. Bear achieved another first when he and his Everest climbing group circumnavigated the United Kingdom on jet skis. Hes had a dinner party at 24,500 feet on top of a hot air ballon and also led the first unassisted crossing of the frozen North Atlantic Ocean in an open rigid inflatable boat and plenty more

    he has donated alot of the money he mad from everest and all his adventrues and books to charity he is a legend so 4 all those who bag on him about bein a FAKE etc u dont no shit about the guy so i hope it make ya think a bit diffrent before dissin him

    ow yeah and he refently On May 15, 2007, set another world record when he became the first person to fly over Mount Everest by powered paraglider. Supported by the GKN Mission Everest Team, Grylls and fellow pilot Giles (Gilo) Gardozo flew specially developed paramotors. Though a fault in Gilo’s machine forced him to abort only 1,000 feet below the summit, Bear continued to ascend until he reached 29,500 feet and was able to look down on Everest as he circled above some of the most famous peaks in the Himalayas. The mission raised $1 million for the Global Angels Foundation, a charity that supports children in Africa.

    like to c anyone who bags him to do better ?

  93. Brent R said

    I’ve read through half the posts and one things seems to be emerging. The opinions given seem to be centred more around who is the more entertaining of the two and not who the better survivalist is.

    Les is an average, older, harmonica playing Canadian. Bear is a young, ex-special forces, mountain climbing ball of fire. It’s not hard to figure out who has more appeal for tv.

    About Bear: Climbing everest and being in the special forces doesn’t make you an expert survivalist. I’m sure that Bear could kill a polar bear with a toothpick and that would be very entertaining but he would die in the process. The point of being a survivalist is to survive. I’m sure that he is a bad ass military dude and has paid his dues.

    About Les: Being a survival expert doesn’t make you an entertaining tv personality. If Les were younger, had a hot body and at the end of each survival story whipped out his drum kit and soloed he would be more entertaining.

    Who would “win”? On the entertainment scale I think bear would be more entertaining. On the survival scale I think Les would win.

    Regardless of who would win. If you want to watch a “Survivoresq” show then watch Bear. If you want to learn how to survive realistic situations watch Les.

  94. Mike White said

    Just so that everyone knows: day two is now up.

  95. What Da Fuck !!! said

    Hey Shmuckle, keep you opinions about our soldiers 2 ur self.

  96. DeeDee said

    People seem to forget that Les Stroud lugs around all his own camera equipment and films himself. Bear Grylls has a camera crew undertake the risky (and stupid)stuff he does, but does the camera crew get credit? Nope! And people say Les is complaining – it’s just his running narrative. Bear stands there and talks about how wonderful he is – what an egomaniac! Bear is also a spokesman and salesman for a shady pyramid scheme, sham of a “supplement” called Juice Plus. He goes around talking about how it helped him climb MountEverest, without ever mentioning that he sells the stuff himself! Les is the real deal — he’s cool!

  97. Ashley said

    How come Les always ends up in a log cabin(labrador episode) or a premade hut(amazon). He might have to film himself, but he has so much survival equipment that it would be hard to die out there. In labrador he had a gun, an axe and steaks that were supposed to be for the dogs. People who call Bear a fake should watch survivorman and see how pathetic Les is. surviving in a desert is much easier with 5 gallons of water. just ask Les.

    • Jamie said

      Les gets given things which would be accurate in the survival episode. So labrador there are survival cabins put on trails for emergency situations. Food was for the dogs he went onto explain how you would continue to feed the dogs then slowly start to pick them off one by one.

      Another episode they flew in a plan crash fusalage and he scavenged what he could from it while also creating a sling for his arm to demonstrate survivng with one arm.

  98. give me a break, bear has a support team. He also creates scenarios during episodes to play out for audiences. These scenarios are pre planned. He jumps in cold water to demonstrate how to survive hypothermia, but he has conveniently cut holds to pull himself out of the water. Would you rather have a couple buddies with you or blow gun? Ill take a couple buddies every time. Would you rather take a couple buddies or a multi tool? Ill take a couple buddies. Why you people think Bear is more entertaining puzzles me. Les actually survives, Bear creates survival-like TV episodes. Is that entertaining? Les is a badass, Bear is a boy scout (With an entire troop of scouts to rescue him at a moments notice). Do I even need to mention the energy burned filming yourself, by yourself, for a week. I think Bear would have a ADHD fit before day three. Les, keep on surviving. Bear, keep on pissing on your own head.

  99. Matt C., riding jet skis around and island and flying over mountains in a engine powered glider are not surviving. As far as the charity, Bill Gate donated almost $400,000,000 (yes, 400 million dollars) last year. I commend Bear for his charitable work, but isn’t this about survival.

    Bear has a camera crew. Need I say more.

  100. c.kane said


  101. Sue C said

    why must some people use “Bleeping” language? Aren’t you intelligent enough to use words that are in the dictionary and words that don’t offend others?
    Each man has his own style and they are both good at what they do. Have fun with your comparisons, but one doesn’t have to be obscene.

  102. Don M said

    I watch both, but to the person that said Bear is the man because he has to find his way out forgot to mention that Bear also has a camera crew with him that Bear himself said will intervene in a serious situation. Les is alone, and that can play with your head. Multi tool? Big deal! whats a screw driver gonna do for you in the wild? It’s basically just the knife…just like bear!
    Also people…understand something…It’s TV! They are NOT going to intentionally put themselves at serious risk, so who cares if Les has a team waiting for 7 days!? I’m 99% sure Bear has an emergency way out as well! Bear does some really stupid things though like hauling butt down slippery, rocky hills. Thats a good way to fall and break something! Not good in a survival situation.

  103. Ripper said

    Well after reading all the news on Bear Grylls and his
    so called survival show, just to find the guy stays in hotels while filming ! lol, what a goof. This guy is a candy ass fraud. And he needs a film crew as well to film his shows. I would suggest this show for dumb assess how sit on there coutch eating pizza & drinking beer saying,
    ” wow, burp/fart that guy is cool.
    Lets keep the ” Bear Crap ” off the T.V

  104. RANDALL said


  105. RANDALL said


  106. el uno said

    Les has to carry his own camera equipment, even when hiking up steep-ass mountains, and icy rocks…even when crossing a 110 degree plus desert….so every step he takes away from the camera is a step he has to take back, and then travel again. Keep in mind he has to do all of this while managing the amount of time he has before sundown. They both get into some completely unfavorable situations, but Les is actually doing it alone. If something happens to him he has to wait until his 7 day limit is up and his crew comes looking for him… .there’s more of an element of danger for him for that fact alone.

    Bear has his own cameraman and I don’t think he’s surviving off of that grubworm Bears eating, and I’m pretty sure if Bear doesn’t want to he doesn’t have to either. I give Bear credit what he does, but there’s more danger in Stroud’s approach. Bear is more for entertainment purposes with a little bit of live and learn along the way…and I’m not discredting him for what he does, he’s good at it. But I feel the one who brings the most realism to this survivalism is Stroud.

  107. el uno said

    and also, this is completely off topic, but i’d much rather sit down and have a beer with Les… he seems least likely to go out of his way to make himself the topic of conversation.

  108. C.KANE said


  109. C.KANE said


  110. Rand Peterson said

    The difference between Bear and Les is pretty clean cut. Les survives and has no immediate support where as Bear takes chances he shouldn’t if he were truly survivng; and has a film crew with him which provides some security. Both due have good knowledge that the average person may use in emergencies.

  111. Ed said

    Great idea. I’d enjoy seeing the Hokkaido competition even if you presented it sort of tongue in cheek.

    Also, I just noticed that in the new season of Survivorman that Les keeps emphasizing his own camera work. Bear kept emphasizing in his new season earlier this year that he had no assistance from his crew. Hmmm, shades of competition already?

    I enjoy both shows, but I have to agree with the consensus that Bear may be more entertaining and probably could out climb Les. He’s just younger and stronger, but Les probably is the hardier of the two, and could outlast Bear.

    Seeing Les in the Kalahari for the premier of this new season really brought me to that conclusion. Both are tough guys, but I think Les with his more level-headed approach would win the proposed Hokkaido competition.

    Now, as a gay guy, I do have my preference of the two. I realize they’re both very straight and married, but I think Les would be far more fun in a makeshift thermal springs bubble bath. LOL


  112. Bill Clinton said

    Les Stroud would be dragging Bear’s near dead body out of just about any survival situation one can imagine. Some people are too dumb to bother watching BOTH shows, which is sad if they have an opinion which seems to be where most that vote for Bear are coming from. His show is comical to say the least, he has an entire film crew running around filming him do stuff, half of which is sure fire guaranteed to get you KILLED in a real survival situation. Half of his episodes, if he didn’t have someone standing just off camera with a wool blanket or some sort of survival gear, he’d die within under an hour from the exposure. Les Stroud is the REAL DEAL. He trains people for just this for a living. He goes out ALL ALONE and is dropped into remote regions all over the world, showing you some of the ways you have to figure out how to live off the land. He ALSO has to lug around his whole film crew on his back, as he films everything, and almost always has to set the camera up, walk the shot off then get back to retrieve the gear, not so easy a thing to do when you’re trying to cross a glacier or some such. All I ever hear from Bear is some hoohaw story about “Just last year some guy fell in this so and so just a few miles from here…” Never any names, dates, real specifics. Always just some random ‘this guy just last year’ type story from him. I don’t honestly think Bear would know an edible plant if it came up and bit him as he’s living off of steak and shrimp every night while filming his show. You do realize that they’ve admitted that the film crew brings his food and most of his clothing for him. There is no way you can compare these two people, Bear would barely survive getting out of the mall of America if he didn’t have 20 people to assist him.

  113. Kyle said

    Okay… I want to point some stuff out.

    Bear Gryll’s shows up with a knife, bottle and flint.

    Les Stroud shows up with:
    1) A Rifle.
    2) 3 gallons of gasoline.
    3) A plane to sleep in… or a cabin he “finds” in the wilderness.
    4) A giant axe.
    5) If the giant axe fails, he has a backup saw.
    6) Matches
    7) A coffee can (with lid)
    8) Snack bars.
    9) Multi-tool.
    10) A box of uncooked meat.

    Do I really need to go on?

    It’s funny he brings all of that… considering the blurb about his show states:
    “No food, no shelter, no fresh water, no tools… no camera crew. One man – alone in the wild for seven days with only his wits and stamina to sustain him.”

    If I want to watch someone camp… I’d watch Les.

    If I want to learn survival techniques, I’d watch Bear.

    • I said

      Hope you won’t need to put your survival skills to the test then;) you dumb f***

    • Jamie said

      Les is always upfront with what he could have. It is created as a survival scenario so getting lost with dogs in labrador he has which anyone in the area would have with them. Then he jumps off to survive without the dogs. Someone wont appear in the middle of nowhere with nothing.

      As for plane fusalage he was demonstarting a survival situation where he would have been in a plane accident. Thats why its more realistic then bear grylls. Who has local survival experts tell him all thats edible etc and help set up the stunts.

  114. Kyle said

    One more thing — for all of those who call Bear out for having a raft pre-built or whatever.

    Do you honestly think he couldn’t build one if he had to?

    Another thing… it’s been said, time and time again, Man vs. Wild isn’t a documentary… it’s a how-to show.

    Like I said before, if I wanted to watch someone camp, I would watch Les. But if I actually want to learn something, I go with Bear.

  115. awu said

    Oh boy Kyle, I’d love to see you doing half what you’ve learned from the stunts Bear does without getting yourself killed.

    IMO, I’d probably survive longer not knowing any of the stunts he tries to teach me.

  116. DSJ said


    I understand what you are saying about Bear. I also understand that true lack of understanding of survival situations can make one assume that any information is good information.

    To preface, I was born and in Moab. I was excited to watch the first episode of MvW. After seeing it, I have never been more disappointed, even disgusted, at another human being. While Bear’s way of getting water was excellent, the rest of the show made me despise Mr. Grylls.

    I guess the crux of the problem is how you stated “But if I actually want to learn something, I go with Bear”. Almost every year, someone dies in the Moab desert. Mind you, they are tourists who do not fully understand the dangers they face in the wilderness versus people who follow Bear’s advice. But if there are people like you who “learn” from Bear, and follow his “advice”, I can only hope those people stay safe in their own home, sitting comfortably on their couch in front of their TV instead of experiencing the true wonders and dangers of the real world.

    It was in the Moab episode that I gained my first impression of Mr. Grylls, and it was not a good one. That show was so full of bad advice and misinformation that it should be shown as what not to do in the Moab desert. i.e. Bear states there is civilization all along the Colorado. In the area of the Moab, this could not be further from the truth. There are 100 mile stretches in which the only civilization you may see is a once a week rafting trip.

    On a last note about the Moab episode. When Bear swam across the Colorado River to the hose on the other side. Well, that was the lodge he was most likely staying. It is known as the “Camelot Adventure Lodge”.

    I know this has been a “slam Bear” post, but I am truly concerned those who believe that that MvW is a realistic survival show that gives life saving advice. Kyle, if you do ever go on a wilderness adventure, and I believe you should as nature in it’s truest from is the only way to experience and appreciate nature’s handiwork, please read up on real survival techniques instead of getting them from a sensationalized TV show.

    • J D said

      Kyle don’t listen to this guy. Your a boss. And bear is more of a Boss. I have two books by bear and have practiced the skills he teaches constantly. they are good, they work, and they are numerous. also notice this guy didn’t even give an example. he just said that people dont live on the colorado river. its a river dude, more people are gunna live by the river, than not by the river… basic survival tip.

  117. Kyle said

    I totally get what you’re saying DSJ. Obviously I’m not stupid enough to do most of what Bear does.

    He even prefaces that when he states he survives the way he can which just so happens to involves a lot of climbing. I’d never try to scale a 40 cliff, or climb a wet waterfall, that’s just out of my skill level.

    I do however understand why he does that type of thing — because he can, and, it serves a purpose: to find water or a river or whatever. Excellent.

    The truth is – I do learn more from Bear. I wouldn’t do a lot of it, but I also wouldn’t do advanced math long hand… yet I know how.

    I didn’t mean to say what Bear teaches is practical — I just mean to say that he actually TEACHES, and in my opinion is a hell of a lot more hardcore than Les. (Which is what I thought this forum was about — who of the two could out survive the other.)

    And I’d give that to Bear any day of the week.

    My big problem is with Les not actually doing anything. Wow — he films his own show. Amazing. He also shows up with a frickin’ kyack,a rifle, an axe, a cabin, gasoline, etc… yet continually claims he’s given no tools, shelter or food.

    Point is: It’s reality TV. Yes, some things are staged and extra footage is sometimes needed (ie: Bear crossing the lava bridge). Yes safety is an issue.

    In an ideal “documentary” world Les (or Bear) would jump out of a helicopter and the producers would let him get lost for an undisclosed amount of time. No rifle, no box of meat, no kyack, no target of “gotta last 5 days.”

    I enjoy watching Bear because he’s exciting, eats bad a$$ stuff and does cool sh^t …while explaining why he does it.

    I just don’t see the point in watching Survivor man to see a guy essentially camping. Jessica Simpson had an episode about it on her reality TV show and sadly, it was more entertaining.

    I’m not saying I could survive trying ALL the stuff Bear does. In fact, I know I wouldn’t. But I do guarantee I (or anyone whose not a complete retard) could do exactly what Les does given all the crap he brings along and “finds” during the episodes… and given a goal “5 days” till I get found.

  118. Kyle said

    Here’s another quick way to look at it:

    Jeff Corwin is to Les as Steve Irwin is to Bear.

    Jeff/Les… kind of lame, tame and rather boring.
    Steve/Bear… exciting, experienced, heroic.

    In either case, which made better more exciting TV?

    And the funny thing is… and it’s the point you’ll make… Steve and Bear did/do things that are somewhat questionable. Why? Simply because their experience was/is so much more than a normal persons.

    Does it make them wrong? Nope.

  119. Kim said

    what idiot would go into the desert without a jug of water or purhaps peanut and jelly for something to eat If I was going to be somewhere and know there might be a possiblity of getting stranded I would defiently bring a survival kit with me.

  120. Chris said

    Bear is extremely entertaining and usually does at least one or two crazy things in every episode.. i.e. pissing on his shirt then wrapping it around his head, or grabbing a frog and eating it live. But Les is way more practical and if your looking for true survival advice, you should pay attention to Les because he’s more of an “everyman” type survivalist. I love both shows and am glad they arent on different networks competing with each other. But Id like to see bear grills pull a musical instrument out and play a solo in the middle of the show. Maybe next season. peace

  121. awu said

    There is nothing wrong with what Bear does. What is wrong is he is advising other people doing the same thing. This advice will get people killed.

  122. Sean said

    I’m rootin’ for the frost bitten canadian.

  123. Paul said

    So here is how it goes IMO with the comments that Stroud has all kinds of goodies given to him. I don’t think I could get lost in the wild without a few tools that would help out. As I sit on my coach right now, I have in my pockets 1 lighter for my cigs, my wallet filled with all kinds of things and a condom, cell phone, and a swiss army knife(classic w/file,blade,scissors, toothpick,tweezers) on my keys chain, My watch is a Tissot T-touch so I have a compass and barometer. And folks this is just what I have right now. When I go Hiking, I bring all sorts of crap, a couple of powerbars a large gatoraid, Bigger knife, multi-tool, a .357 magnum, Trout lures and other stuff left in my day pack from forever ago, etc… My car has like 3-4 fishing rods, 2 gallons of H2O (extra for radiator and the dog), 2 Blankets, a Parka and rain jacket, Tool kit, sunblock, first aid and way more odds and ends. So when Les is criticized for having some meager supplies, I ask who goes out side buck naked and wouldn’t have access to some helpful stuff. If I was lost in the middle of the mountains right now, I know that I am going to have way more at my disposal than Stroud ever has, and if you look a what you have, I bet so would you.

  124. Keith said

    All Stroud does is have someone drop him off for a week, go hungry for 7 days, drink unfit water, and have someone pick him up at the end of the show. Big deal. This week he’s plucking mimosa leaves to wipe his bloody arse, literally. Some suvivalist. He didn’t even want to go out in the rain to salvage material from the generously supplied hot air balloon he downed. AFRAID TO GET WET, EH LES?

  125. icemarmot said

    They both are excellent survivors. Les would probably be a better survival guide in certain situations, but Bear would be much better in others. Les has knowledge, bear has brute strength. Bear climbed mt. everest, I don’t care if he stays in hotels or not, it’s no damn hotel on 8000 meter peaks. Bears show is much more appealing, and it doesn’t matter who helps him- the point of the show is to show you how to survive, right? Bear does this very well and is quite exciting to watch.

  126. wezzel said

    Les will survive. Bear may? Who do you learn the most from? For me its Les.

  127. wezzel said

    A 12 pack split w/ Les would be nice where a single beer w/ Bear would suck!

  128. Ravlen said

    Well, I read through a lot, and feel like I should post my 2 cents. It seems that people are actively avoiding some facts here. Let’s take a look at what has been overlooked (If someone did mention this and I missed it, then I apologize).

    First of all, Survivorman is a show about how people MIGHT survive if they got lost or stranded. It is not, and has never been, about having nothing but the clothes on your back. (that tagline is really a leftover from his original 2-parter that he did for @discovery, a canadian science show almost 10 years ago). He brings with him things that your average person in that scenario would have. EVERY hunter/fisherman/dogsledder in the north carries a rifle with him. If they were to get stranded up north, it would be strange to think they would have nothing with them. A person driving in the desert that runs out of gas (or gets stuck) will have SOME water with him, it would be strange if that weren’t the case.

    Every one of Les’s episodes are truly realistic scenarios that could (and have) happened to people. Just because you have some equipment doesn’t mean you’ll survive. (I’ll go into this in more detail later). Les’s show is certainly much slower, and yes this is due to filming it all himself, but also it is due to food deprivation later on in the survival week. This is how a normal people would be after a few days. Tired, weak and struggling. Les’s training is what helps him persevere through this. He doesn’t take big risks, because in a real scenario with a normal person (not Bear Grylis) it would likely result in injury or worse.

    Remember, the show is about trying to recreate a realistic survival scenario, and most people have *some* things with them when they get stranded or lost.

    Also, some have said that Les must survive the 7 days on his own. This is also not true. He has a satellite phone with him at all times in case of a real emergency (if he’s injured or too weak to continue). He IS completely alone, but he is not without lifelines. Every time he visits a place he is unfamiliar with, he has the locals teach him their favorite tricks for living in the wilderness (which Les often tries to use, but usually learns out it is a lot harder on his own). Les isn’t trying to get himself killed! He is doing this to teach a little, and just because it is interesting to see how someone goes about surviving in different situations.

    Next, let’s look at Bear’s show.

    Recently, some of the Producers came out and said they were shocked at all the allegations about the show. Not because they were false (of course, Bear did stay in hotels, the raft was prepared, etc… etc…), but because people didn’t realise that the show was done for ENTERTAINMENT. Bear is actually a great survivalist, but that’s not the point of the show, really. It’s more about watching Bear do some of the riskier survival stuff that wouldn’t be practical in a normal survival situation. Every episode is scripted. Completely. “Bear jumps into river. Bear climbs out other side. etc… etc…” He is simply following the script given to him. It isn’t that Bear is more bad-ass or more exciting than Les, it’s because the show is SCRIPTED to be more badass, and therefore more entertaining to the general population which is more interested in watching Bear, then watching a slower paced (yet possibly more interesting, depending on who you ask) show.

    Put in a REAL survival scenario, Bear would do things much differently. He do things that have a higher chance of success (walking along the river instead of jumping in, etc…) because he isn’t an idiot. The show is about what Bear CAN do, not what he WOULD do.

    In the end, both would likely survive and it would all come down to luck as to who would do better. (Les would be able to do his own thing, no cameras, no need to show people tricks he learned from the locals, etc…) (Bear would no longer need to do ridiculous things and could be much more practical).

    LASTLY (whew!), the REAL survival expert is Ray Mears! In 127 posts, not a single mention of Ray! He’s done WAY more survival shows than either, and has never made any claims that he couldn’t back up. He talks about his camera crew all the time, often inviting them into the scene to taste food or help out with some activity of some kind. He’s never trying to survive, or fake a survival, he simply careful and clearly discusses different survival techniques. I’d wager that 99% of everything Ray Mears says is the soundest advise you could find about survival.

    He discusses how other people survived, or sometimes didn’t survive (tourists in Australia that left their stranded vehicle and tried to hike back to town, instead of staying with the vehicle. ALWAYS stay with the vehicle. Remember the family stranded in Oregon in winter? The father left the vehicle to find help… and died. The wife and kid survived and were found… IN the vehicle). That’s what Ray Mears is all about. Real Info. In every new territory he discusses how people DID survive though, and in that exact part of the world.

    Well, there you have it. Les is more real (but TOO real for some people), Bear is more entertaining (but too Prime-Time), but Ray Mears is the better teacher with the best information. All three would likely survive a long time.


  129. Mike White said

    Ravlen: good points all around. I’ve heard of Ray Mears, and it sounds like he’s a real survivor. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a prominent TV show in America. If he did, I certainly would have put him in the survive-off (and now that you mention it, he may make a cameo).

    It’s worth mentioning, once again, that the emphasis of the Survive-Off is on the humorous qualities of their respective shows and personalities.

  130. Jordan said

    I have to get in on this.
    Ok, I’m gonna try to not be biased against Les on this, but only recently have I begun to appreciate his show. That being said…
    Bear Grylls is going to win this, hands down.

    He’ll win because this scenario is exactly what Bear does. He gets put in a place and he gets out. Les usually gets put in a place, finds some shelter, and prepares to chill for 7 days.

    Also, while I find it hard to deny the claims of Man Vs. Wild’s producers about Bear staying in hotels and the infamous “raft”, to hear people proclaim he’s a fraud makes me want to kick them in the head. I don’t think he’s faking drinking water from elephant dung or eating raw zebra. I like what Dave (comment 19) says about how easy it is for others to point fingers. I know I wouldn’t want to be in the situations Bear gets in, much less without talking to other survival experts about it.

    I originally watched Survivorman just to make fun of Les (But adding “With all due respect” before I did because I realize I couldn’t do the crap he does). Only recently have I started to like him. A few problems I have are that:
    a. He just freakin complains to much. At least in the first season. I mean, he signed up for this stuff right? Though he’s complaining less and less these days. (I always enjoy a good pun and therefore I coin the term “les complaining”)

    b. He films everything himself. The shows strength is its weakness. It’s hard to watch because it’s so hard to film yourself doing things.

    c. He normally takes a crap load of stuff with him. I personally like the episode where he spent like 2 days in a cabin. A friend of mine termed that episode the “vacation” episode.

    d. He’s not more realistic because he uses the most random assortment of objects to help him. A for ingenuity, but seriously. “You could very well be the hiker who gets lost with a video camera.” Whatever.

    Like I said, recently I’ve begun to back off these a little and appreciate Les more and more. I mean, if I were stuck in Canada and couldn’t have Bear with me, I’ll definitely take Les.

    Even so, my man Bear is taking this one.

    Also, Bear’s a Christian, which may not influence survival all that much, but it means a lot to me.

  131. I like this guy but he is nasty. He will eat and attempt to get water from any vile, disgusting thing that he can find. Bear has to have all of the harmless type parasites living in him. He seems to revel in eating disgusting bugs and grubs. He just ate a frog raw and whole. He’s sick! Les always cleans and cooks the food.

  132. Andrew said

    At first, I watched Man vs. Wild I instantly loved the show. Survivorman was on at the time but did not pay much attention to it. Then I actually watched survivor man and realized it is much better. He is alone, no camera men or anything. Dont get me wrong Bear’s show was the shit…but now its no compitition. I get bored when i watch MvsW now. Then there was the allegations that he really didnt stay in the wild. Also critics said some of his survival tech. were stupid and could get you killed.

    and after all of these allegations, Bear then voiced over some of the episodes…like the one where he made rabbit traps….at first when you watched it, he made rabbit traps and said he would check on them later…when he got back there was one in the trap of course. Then when they started airing the show again, all of that happend, and then he said i will check back on them later…right before he got there…a voice over came through of him saying, “I didnt get a rabbit, but we had one to show you what would happend” then you see him running up to the trap all excited.

    to fake for me sorry. Les’s show is more real. Watch the show at least a good episode…not the african one. lol

  133. Mike White said

    To be quite honest, I had always believed that there was an aspect of theater in Man vs. Wild. I don’t enjoy watching the “neutered” versions of the show nearly as much; I would rather have the theater. You still get some solid survival tips within the show (e.g. basic climbing techniques), and it’s much more entertaining.

  134. V Man said

    Survivor man is realistic. My brother did the walk across Lao’s jungle into Thailand(not by choice of course). Believe me it was not like Bear’s show. The real one is very scary, very quiet, and very unpredictable. You want to conserve energy because you never know what comes next. Learn to stay calm is the best thing because you would be scare all the time and get panic easily. Physical endurance is demanding but it’s nothing compare to the mental side of it. It took the 3 of them nearly a month to get through what was suposed to be only a week worth of walk. Real suvivor situation usually comes when you are least prepared. In real trouble cases the survivors do not know, or at least very uncertain, of being rescued. It’s not how strong you are. It’s how well you can preserve your sanity + skills + a lot of luck. Les Stroud has gut to keep on daring mother nature like that. I don’t think i’ll ever want to go out there and try it for fun, because it’s not, but I am watching survivor man to learn more, just in case. Who knows …

  135. Chris said

    If they are going to spend 3 days together i think that Les would kill and eat Bear on the 2nd day then take his 3 items clothes and walk off playing a soft tune.

    • MontanaMan said

      Are you kidding? After Les’ first “song” Bear would take that harmonica and shove it through Les’ eye socket then drain his eyes for water. True story.

  136. Dazed said

    Last year I would have agreed that Les is the better survivor, but after seeing the first 3 episodes of season 2, I’m losing faith in him. He hasn’t actually “survived” any of the 3.

    Episode 1: He lays around for a weak, not doing or eating anything. Hears sounds in the forest, runs to a nearby village in terror, where the natives laugh at him and tell him how women out gathering food had run from a jaguar as well. He leaves before the 7th day.

    Episode 2: The desert. He shows up with plenty of water, peanut butter, jam (insane amount of calories, all sugar) All sorts of equipment and tools. He lays around not eating or doing much of anything. Gets to hot. Leaves before the 7th day.

    Episode 3: Gets a dog sled, a rifle, all sorts of equipment. Ends up sleeping in a prebuilt cabin, eating the dogs’ food (smeared with their feces) that he /brought with him/ then we see his secret crew show up and say the ice is melting and they have to leave. We see a helicopter airlifting out tons of equipment we weren’t shown. He leaves before the 7th day.

    So far he has not “survived” any of the season 2 episodes. He lays around starving and doing nothing the whole time and then calls a helicopter to airlift him out when he runs out of the stuff he brought with him. I understand why, but it still doesn’t make for television as good as season 1.

    Anyway, what prompted me to post here is that nobody has mentioned the third contender: Ray Mears. His shows are pretty awesome too, I like them equally as much as man vs wild and survivorman. You should check them out. Ray Mear’s World of Survival is the best series I think.

    As for Stroud vs. Grylls.. I think they’re about equally matched, but they have distinctly different styles. Bear’s technique is to use all his energy traveling, trying to “get out.” this technique can actually screw you if you don’t know where you’re going though, (Which you probably don’t) and you might just end up farther from civilization. Les’ technique is more “long haul” survival where he establishes a base in a good place where survival is more practical. (like on a river’s edge.) And uses that as a base of operations, so if his exploring is fruitless he has something to return to. Which technique is better depends on the situation.

  137. Dazed said

    Oh and one more thing to add, Bear Grylls isn’t necessarily a pussy because of the “fraudulent” aspects of his show. Take the part where he was going down the river with the lifejacket under his sweater. I think he wanted to do it without the life jacket, but the tv network he is working for is responsible for his safety and most likely did not allow it. They have liability and their insurance companies aren’t gonna let him die.

  138. surfer dude said

    Yes, Bear is more athletic and agile. Les is wise and his show seems more real. Les goes it alone, no camera crew and that can give you that feeling of helplessness that Bear never feels. But in a survival showdown, it would have to go down to who can survive the longest without anyone around, and I think Les would win.
    But when it came down to it, whoever has the stronger mind really would win.

  139. David said

    I stumbled on this by accident and have read lots of comments.. and although strayed from the original topic, who would survive. I have seen more of Bear Grylls man vs wild, and found much about the man…. and basically he will doing anything that is dangerous…. even his own website shows the things he has done…. and being a great athlete has what has helped him. Now in a survival scene, no one would be stuck with only a flash of water, a flint…. ( who carries a flint these days…. ) and a knife. When I go hiking, or skiing.. I have nuts, chocolate, dried fruit, anything that has high carbs and protein…. in the event of getting lost or stuck.. and not to mention some water….. but not living in a desert, but in the tropics, there is water almost everywhere, and of course in the snow, who needs water. Apart from africa and the man eating lions and canada and the man eating bears, most of the things you meet in the bush are quite tame. Do a search for the most poisonous animals, and in the first 8, 5 are found here in australia… right on our front door. I dont’ have to go 10 feet and can find spiders that can kill. On man vs wild, bear has not only camera crew, but also survival experts to advise him……it is still scripted. Without the experts would he do so well. And to Kyle to compare Bear and Steve Irwin…… yes.. both take risks… and now Steve is gone… exciting means dangerous…? So now I have had a look for some of Les stuff…. and yes, he is boring….. takes his time…… doesn’t do much…..does all his own work……takes what any normal person would have for the area they are visiting, and then survives. To climb down a 300ft cliff because its quicker… nope… I’ll walk around… after all its about survival….not to show off my athletic ability. I’ll be keeping out more of an eye for Les and make a further discision later…..

    • MontanaMan said

      Did you really say who needs water in the snow? So many people die because they get stranded on a mountain side and they don’t have any fire to melt the snow so they try to eat it then die of hypothermia. How is riding the short bus to school you tard?

  140. kaydo said

    les sucks and bear rules. end of story !!

  141. ~Dal said

    Bear. Hands down. Even if he was “Fake” I like how I actually learn something from Man Vs. Wild. I don’t learn much from Les, and he’s rather boring. He doesn’t seem nearly as resourceful, and has a tendency to whine a bit. They are both pretty good looking, but Bear is hotter annnnnd looks rather nice when nude =)

  142. iTom said

    On who would be in Sapparo first…..MMM this isn’t easy. I am Les fan and perfer watching his show. Although I do watch MvW. If you take out all the opinions and just look at the shows them selfs and use what you actally see on the TV, Bear would arrive first, he moves quicky and stays moving only stops to sleep. Les is more caution and moves slowly to be safe. So bottom line Bear wins.

  143. Mav said

    Guys – can I suggest you turn your computers off and go outside and do something real.

    I really mean it… TV is for entertainment. None of this matters.

    And for the record, I know Bear and I was with him on SAS selection (yes really) and regardless of all this hoo ha above I can guarantee you that you’ll never meet a bigger hearted gutsy chap.

  144. Les Stroud would whoop that nancy boy Bear Grylls’s arse.

  145. jkite said

    I will be voting for bear… i’ve seen many episodes of both shows, and looking at bear’s credentials, physique, and what not… he would win. Me and a few of my friends are actually going “bearing” this christmas break to see what we can do for 3 nights. wish us luck… it’ll be cold 😉

  146. B said

    Last time I checked, Bear climbed Mt. Everest. What has Les done that compares to that? Cold weather would have no affect on Bear, the dude holds the record for the highest flight ever on a para motor at 30,000 ft. Oh yea, did I mention that he climbed Mt. Everest.

  147. bearforsure said

    les is an old pussy, he has a canoe with him and travels everywhere, bear falls 50 feet from a chopper into shark infested waters then swims into croc infested mangroves..i dont beleive that hotel bullshit…bear wins he climbed everest, flew over everest,and was in the special forces…les is an old pussy that spends the nite in iglues. bear would rock that!!

  148. a said


  149. Tom said

    They both have their moments, and are trying to do two very different things with their shows. Bear is trying to make his exciting and fast paced, which is why he has a camera crew. But that shouldn’t make you think that Bear couldn’t survive on his own…that’s rediculous. the guy’s climbed everest, flew over everest on paraglider, and, most importantly, was a member of the SAS. The SAS folkes! Read about the SAS, what it takes to become a member, and then consider criticizing Bear…you’ll find you can’t. I’m sure they both could survive for a long time out in the wild, but if they were stranded together and starving, Bear would have the advantage as he could kill Les three times before he hit the ground, just so he could eat him.

  150. Mike said

    The two shows have entirely different purposes. Les is showing what it is like to try to survive in the wilderness and is showing real survival skills. His show is more useful to watch if you want to learn real survival skills. If Les doesn’t manage to trap or otherwise find food and water, he has to go without.

    Bear’s show is purely for entertainment and shows Hollywood, Rambo style “survival” stunts. Anyone in a REAL survival situation who emulated Bear would be carried out dead. On the first show I was, he was running through the mountains and came to a steam about 20 feet below (or so it looked). He then proceeded to jump off the cliff into a mountain stream! The only thing that could be accomplished by that is to break both legs and drown!

    Bottom line: If you want to watch fantasy survival and are 12 years old with the mental capability of a 9 year old, watch Bear. If you want REALISTIC survival information, watch Les, no matter what your age.

    OH, and as to which one would survive a real wilderness challenge, put your money on Les. He would (and actually has done so) use his skills to survive indefinitely and prosper.

  151. Wally said

    I watch and like both shows. Bear is a badass, sure, but he stages everything. He has employees carry his stuff, film him, and give him mouth wash after he downs every disgusting critter imaginable. He’s also a drama queen, staging and filming every aspect of the show for maximum dramatic effect.

    Survivorman goes alone, films himself, and rarely sensationalizes for effect.

    Bear would win in a fight, but Les would survive longer (and could survive longer without the attention.)

  152. Cole, Survivorperson said

    I’m a 16 year old from New Hampshire, and I honestly LOVE Les. Where I live is just forest, you could go 100 feet away from my house and not be bothered by a soul for as long as your outside. I actually go outside and try out certain tricks I learned from Les, but would NEVER try tricks I learn from Bear, because I just don’t feel comfortable and couldn’t pull off his stunts. I know better, and go for the more logical approach. Bear does have some good techniques up his sleeve, but most of them would get you killed if you were the average human being.

    Les is the average Joe’s guy… Bear is not so average Joe’s guy… I know I couldn’t climb Mount Everest or complete military training, so I pick Les. But if you were built like Bear then you may pick him. It all depends on the person.

  153. T diddy said

    Bear would win easily any day over Les. It’s not even a match up. You can just call Bear the bus driver cause he’ll take you to school!

  154. Check out the site I just made with a “survival guide” on it. I sat down for a few hours and compiled a bunch of stuff I know about trying to stay alive if your lost.

  155. bearsux said

    Bear Grylls is so fake. Les only seems weaker because he does all of the filming himself. take away that weakness and his survival strengths increase exponentially! Bear has help from his crew including at least 3 cameramen to help him out, land vehicles, and the occasional helicopter. Bear may seem more exciting, but Les is 100% real, and will take this competition while leaving Bear as food for the wild animals.

  156. lt. rios said

    Lemme start by saying I have watched and enjoy both shows.

    Bear is one of the most badass people on this planet, but he is not near one of the best survivalists.

    Les Stroud could walk into the woods alone and live out the rest of his life with nothing but the clothes on his back.

    One more thing, clearly most people here have never been in the military. They provide JACK SHIT for survival training. There training consists of trying to show you how to get out. Les stroud is actually a master of BUSHCRAFT you people probably don’t know what that is.

    The Bottom line is that the toughest hardcore paratrooper marine Navy SEAL
    would not be able to thrive in the wilderness like an indigenous native or a trapper.

    Before you all go trying to compare who is better at surviving, you all should educate yourselves on what survival ACTUALLY consists of. try going the and chat with some of us who actually do this shit. Its a lot more useful to be able to sharpen a knife using a flat river stone than it is to be able to climb down a 200 foot waterfall or climb up a fucking 100 foot tall canopy tree in the amazon.

    Anyone who says bear would win clearly doesn’t know what the fuck they are talking about.

  157. Nico said

    I think the best proof for this couple of survivors would be a raid on the Atacama Desert. They would be drop parachute way near the frontier between Chile and Bolivia or in the middle of the desert and the finish line would be in the coast.

    Now between Bear and Les i think Bear rules because there’re 3 words very powerful: SAS (Special Air Service)

  158. Christian said

    Less is a true man! He shows you how to really survive!

    Bear just shows off! How could the average man scale a 100 foot vertical rock face!!

    Less is the real deal, I could care less if Bear is (SAS).

    Less Stroud is Canadian god!

    Let me just say this…. yes Bear is a badass but Less is a real survivalist who would easily win the face off and would possibly make Bears face into a container to boil some water!!

    GO LESS!!!

  159. snafu said

    This isn’t even a fair showdown because Bear is a complete fake and cheater. I get that it might make for somewhat more sensational TV to watch someone squeeze water out of feces and drink it or eat any number of other disgusting things but that doesn’t make him a good survivalist. As others have noted Survivorman has a more documentary style and doesn’t rely on stupid stunts to gain viewers the way Bear does on his show, but if you’re the type of person that values sensationalism over realism then you’re probably the type that thinks ‘Survivor’ is real too, get a grip people! For those of you that don’t know the details let me break it down for you:

    Les Stroud is a genuine survivalist. He and his wife went out into the wilderness and lived for a year in a cabin they built from scratch with no tools that they did not make themselves, thats hardcore! Les regularly gets dropped into some of the most inhospitable regions of the planet for 7 days at a time with virtually nothing but the clothes on his back. He is completely alone with no contact to his crew (he does carry a satellite phone in the event that he breaks an ankle or something and needs to be choppered out but thats for emergency only). He has to carry 60 lbs of camera gear in his backpack throughout the week and he films the whole thing himself. The only thing he carries with him is a multi-tool and his harmonica and a random collection of things that a real person stranded in that location might conceivably have on him….so for example the episode he was dropped in the rockies he had: a walking stick, crampons, and an old video camera and a video casette tape (he used the camera lens to start a fire). Les offers real life survival advice that you can take to the bank, he doesn’t take stupid risks and favors a conservative approach that focuses on food & water, shelter from the elements and trying to either make his way out or attract attention to would be rescuers…all things you want to do in a real survival situation.

    Bear Grylls is a fraud and a phony. His show relies on carefully scripted stunts and action sequences that highlight Bear’s buff physique as much as possible, and trying to find the most gross and dangerous things they can or him to do. The problem is that he masquerades as a survival ‘expert’ but then does all kinds of things that are inceredibly ill advised in a real situation. Like the first (and fortunately only of the only) full episodes I saw he was in a desert and he spent most of the episode running around in the noonday sun, sweating out all his water…theres no way you’d last more than a day with that approach, complete BS. It has been well documented that he stays in hotels at night, that his ‘stunts’ are setup by his crew. You can find all kinds of articles on Google detailing Bear’s suspect show, here’s just one of them:

    There’s also a great video on YouTube where he tries to say you can float down a set of river rapids with nothing more than a backback as flotation. If you’ve ever been white water rafting you realize how stupid it is to go down such a river, even with a full life vest…and in fact, he is wearing a life vest under his hooide as the video clearly shows:
    A joke, thats what he is, dont even waste your time, and if you must then please dont take any of his advice as gospel…sure some of it is good but alot of it is plain dangerous.

  160. Mike White said

    To all future commenters on this subject: please keep in mind that the Survive-Off is meant to be as UN-serious a survival topic as possible. Please try to look at the humorous aspects of this whole thing. And believe me, there’s a lot.

  161. Meow said

    I’ve seen both shows, I think the initial question was who would survive in a showdown…its sort of a complicated question because it depends on how they would approach it. If Bear dispensed with his hotels and camera crew but applied his actual survival skills (I’m assuming he actually knows what he’s doing from his training though you’d never know from his show) instead of trying to do crazy stunts he probably has the slight advantage by being younger and in better shape and could get to the goal faster. But if he tried the same shit he does on his show he would be lucky to last 48 hours. Les is practical and careful in all he does and often slow and methodical wins the race.

    Anyway, I think everything has been said in most of the posts above, so I’d like to quote a few of the stupider ones:

    Kyle, #113, who lists all the things Les gets to survive:

    You clearly dont understand the premise of Survivorman…perhaps you’re slow or maybe your sense of reality has been twisted by watching Man vs. Wild. So let me explain it to you, the show is about creating a possible real life survival situation. So for example the one with the plane is intended to simulate a pilot who crashes in remote northern Ontario in the winter. So explain to me how using the plane to survive is somehow inaccurate? He even wore a sling to simulate a dislocated shoulder! So explain exactly how the hell else would a person find themselves stranded way up there you idiot? You also have clearly never been to Northern Ontario in the winter but I have, I’ve lived my whole life in Michigan and as cold as it gets here it is nothing compared to Northen Ontario, it is biterly bitterly cold there, you can easily die in an hour if you dont know what you’re doing, forget about a week.

    Paul #123 sums things up perfectly, well done.

    Keith #124 says “All Stroud does is have someone drop him off for a week, go hungry for 7 days, drink unfit water”

    Thats what survival is about jackass, you conserve energy and try to stay warm and dry and attract the attention of rescuers. I’ve actually been lost in the woods for over a day with only a knife and a few matches. It was downright terrifying and finding water was enough of a challenge, nevermind trying to find anything edible. When you have a whole camera crew to help you kill stuff and you get to go back to a warm bed and a hot meal each night it makes survival a tad easier. Sure Les often fails trying to catch something to eat but if you’ve ever actually tried it with none of the tools of the trade its pretty damn tough.

    Jordon #130 says “Also, Bear’s a Christian, which may not influence survival all that much, but it means a lot to me.”

    WTF? You probably believe the earth is flat and that all life originated 6000 just years ago. Tell me do you know that Les is NOT a Christian? And would it matter if he was? And I love how earlier in your post you say “Also, while I find it hard to deny the claims of Man Vs. Wild’s producers about Bear staying in hotels and the infamous ‘raft’, to hear people proclaim he’s a fraud makes me want to kick them in the head” Kick them in the head huh? I’m sure Jesus would heartily approve of that…if anyone is a fraud its you… I’m a Christian myself but its people like you that give the whole religion a bad name, go crawl back into your hole.

    VMan #134 who notes that his brother walked thru thee Laotian jungle to Thailand.

    Exactly dude, my uncle had much the same experience during the war and he can’t even talk about it without getting really tense with a spooky look in his eyes. Of course having people hunting you adds a whole other dimension to survival but still he said that the hardest part was trying to keep dry and find enough to eat, etc. Not to mention all the snakes and bugs and everything else, I cant even imagine.

  162. Steve Cox said

    I actually watch quite a lot of both of these shows and I think it’s hilarious that people are getting so fired up about such inconsequential speculation. Second, if you disagree with me I hate you and everything you stand for.

    Yeah, Bear hams it up and has a lot more support, but it’s a how to that aims at entertainment, at least after getting called out for it. That being said, you can’t take away his whole climbing the Himalayas at 23, and circumnavigating the UK on a jet ski, crossing the Atlantic Arctic in an inflatable boat, and other badass stuff to boot, (not on the show, but in real life).

    Yeah, he has people watch his back but give me a break, I’m a big fan of Les but he couldn’t hang with that action for a even a hot minute. That being said, I think Bear would have a machete-sized-edge on Les if it was life or death, (mind you Les has gotten bailed out some hairy situations by his support crew and natives- jaguar jungle thing, dog sledding and storm on life raft).

    I think Les’s show is more useful for the outdoor enthusiast who is capable of saying “that shit could totally have happened to me”. Or those who crave authenticity for that matter, but come on, It’s not really even a fair contest. Have we even seen Les catch a fish? Seriously, I can’t remember.

  163. tom said

    Let’s face it they are both great shows to watch,but Bear is more on the show biz side and Les can’t fish! Les does make mistakes on the references to certain plants and probably stop reminding us how the FOOD ENERGY is what we will need to gain if ever caught in the GEORGIA SWAMPS…He’s from Canada and really has not been to most of the places he goes. Bear is just a show off who loves his family…..

  164. Brian said

    Ok seriously people think before u speak… The shows are completely different, Bear is not expected to survive for the show, he is supposed to show people how to. Les Stroud is expected as the descrition of the show to survive. It doesnt matter that Bear is a “fake”, because he is not expected to actually practice what he preaches. Les Stroud would win because he is supposed to survive, his show is purely educational. Bear goes for flashiness over the education aspect, which would result in him just doing something stupid. Les Stroud is much smarter and adept to fit the situation.

  165. Bear is the shizz said

    you guys are all just mad that Bear is a bad ass. Thats it. Stop crying. Les Stroud just sits there and starves while Bear actually tries to find his way out. You guys are just jealous you can’t do what he does. HAHA

  166. Mike White said

    When you think of it rationally, Les would probably win based on more experience by himself. However, the Survive-Off is not meant for rational thought.

  167. John Krimble said

    Anyone looking for authentic survival tips should look into Ray Mears. I watched all of his series before seeing Man vs. Wild or Survivor Man. When I started watching Survivor Man I thought it was funny compared to what I had seen with Ray Mears. A lot of things that have been said I believe are right, Les barely survives, he just doesn’t eat for seven days and feels sick. But Bear’s show is hardly an accurate survival show. He takes every it seems at a full head first run. Anyone wanting to learn real tips would be well advised to disregard what they see on Bear’s show. I don’t think his show can be compared at the same level. It lacks the authenticity of Survivor Man and the excellent knowledge of Ray Mears. Bear’s show is obviously presented as pure entertainment. Jumping out of planes into the Alps, screaming with excitement, taking everything at a run. It quite clearly works to give a lot of viewers the sense that he is the best survivalist just because Bear is portrayed as a bad ass and climbs whatever he can all the while using up all of his precious energy. Please please check out Ray Mears, he wont do flying jump quicks out of palm trees or beat up tigers but he is extremely dedicated to bush craft and you can learn alot.

    – Greg Jungledick

  168. bxgjhg said

    i personally think that bear grylls would kick les stroud’s butt. and for you les stroud no one wants to hear your stupid music it suonds like crap!!!!!!!!!!!!! it sucks. and bear grylls you are the best TV STAR IN THE WORLD.

  169. bxgjhg said

    so what if bear grylls stays at a motel at night. i dont think i would want to stay out there in the wild at night who knows what would happen. and les stroud brings a wepon every time or somthing like a first aid kit. still bear is better so who ever likes les stroud is smoking pot man.

  170. Francy said

    This is very nice blog I have ever seen.
    I like this type of funny images.

  171. Justin said

    you people are all very, very gay

  172. Smithers Black said

    Bear would win no doubt. Bear is a Christian. You should remember he ” can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens him” Phillipians 4:13. les says freakin and crap to much. Besides all Les has to do is survive. Bear has to get out of the survival situations. Bear has GOD to rely on. Bear can do all things, but only through CHRIST who strengthens him.

  173. campman said

    Bear is an idiot! First time I saw his show, he was supposedly stranded alone in the Aussie outback atop some highlands. So what does he do? Actually runs and jumps down a crumbling rockface just to show his audience how agile and fear-free he is and how fact he can get to the bottom. If he had broken a leg (and IF he was truly alone) he would die. The absolute key to survival in any situation is not to take unneccesary chances. Les Stroud knows this.

  174. D Morgan said

    The whole Les vs Bear thing is an interesting idea but it will never happen. Grylls would never let himself be exposed like that. Let’s face the facts people, Bear Grylls has never done anything of the sort or proven in the least that he’d be capable of doing it. British SF, sorry no, he was just a reservist (21SAS TA) with limited training and some questions as to whether his accident even allowed he to complete it. French FL, again no, that was just another fake tv show where he simulated FFL training for ONE month. For cryin’ out loud the guy can’t even spend the night alone in one of his shelters. Do you have any idea how many people do that just for the fun of it? Apparently you can’t even get Bear Grylls to do it if you pay him. Sure he does exciting stunts and eats gross stuff but when it comes to actual wilderness survival he’s about as pathetic as it gets. Les Stroud has spent an entire year living off the land with no modern conveniences, not even metal tools, so it seems safe to say he would come out on top quite easily.

  175. Renato said

    all these reactions of people..
    what do you all think?that Les Stroud, when the real survival situation is there ,he will just stay at the ‘place of accident’ for many days in all of the times/every case?
    every situation demands other ways of acting.sometimes it is more wise to stick to the car/plane.sometimes it is all depends.
    and you all think that Bear Grylls would, when he would be all alone in the bush ,would run like he does in the movies on discovery?
    come are all that naive?I think people underestimate when people think these guys ‘only’are the persons they portray on discovery.
    these guys got more survivalwisdom in them than that,than what they show.
    tv is a for a big part sensationalism.
    I think they both hold up well .and Ray Mears is a VERY knowledgable also.who is the best?what tastes better?an apple or an orange?
    Bear is not less of a survivalist because there is a team behind him.that is only the way things are set doesn’t mean he doesn’t hold his own when needed.some reactions here are just too …insulting.

  176. Renato said

    if could I would vote for Timothy Treadwell.
    but he is dead now.
    eaten by his ‘little friends’.I wouldn’t do that what he did for one minute,let alone for how many years did he do that?living between his little hairy friends.
    but you can have a serious discussion about the fact if that man was all sane in his head.which i strongly doubt.victim of his own fantasies.well..he wasn’t the only one i guess.many people are.

  177. Greg said

    Both men are knowledgeable, and both are smart, as well as practical. Their styles oppose each other. Bear, the showman and athlete. Les, the voice of experience and reason. Since they are nearly polar opposites (as far as survival “style” goes), it allows them to keep both shows airing, and bring the DSC network a significant amount of popularity and money (the bear vs. les disagreement I see and hear so often is proof of this). I love to watch both bear and les, for their unique skills and knowledge. But they have, as I mentioned, very different styles.
    My only beef is this: I am currently an active duty Navy SEAL. I have operated as such since 2002. To hear Bear, at the beginning of every episode, mention his special forces experience, makes me itch. He spent two years in the British SAS, before he injured himself on a parachute landing in Africa (too badly to continue operationally in his military). That his SOF experience is a big reason for his popularity bothers me. Why? In the SEAL Teams (well, at least at ST2), do you know what we call a guy with two years experience? …….. NEW GUY– (if you look up new guy in the Team Guy dictionary, it says this: 1. Doesn’t know anything about operating. 2. Individual may survive a deployment, with proper guidance) -Greg (email posted for anyone who doubts my word that I’m an operator, and needs me to give them the warm and fuzzy)

  178. Michael said

    Well I am biased I guess cause I believe Les Stroud would win hands down, not to mention I love the SPOT Satellite Messenger he sponsors/promotes.. I bought one from and I wouldn’t leave home without it. Furthermore, has Bear ever been documented for being out in the wild without his team of makeup artists, camera man, etc…C’mon there is no comparison…funny thought though.

  179. Mario said

    BEAR might know some survival stuff and be in good shape, but the fact that you people glorify him by eating wierd stuf bothers me. You would have to watch Bizzare Foods with Andrew Zimmern to see that Bear Gryls is not even a match for this guy. Andrew would never be out of food in a survival situation, for sure. If i was stuck in a survival situation and had the chance to choose from either survival expert, i would definately go with Les Stroud, i would gladly carry the camera gear for him. Granted, it was a crappy igloo at the arctic and a poor excuse for a raft at the swamp, but he always has similar solutions available, and does all of it alone. And by the way, he also cooks some mean rattle snake, lizards, scorpions and delicious stuff. Bear just doesn’t want to work to hard at making a fire, just shows off his (supposed) military skills. He definately has skills, he does better then i would, no doubt, but Les would have him for lunch… on a nice open fire… done all by himself… with 5 cameras at diferent angles… all by himself.

    But “seriously”, i think that putting them together for 3 days would result in them actually helping eachother.. well, actually, les would do most of the helping, i think…

  180. Armande said

    Survivorman may be slower or more boring to your average Joe, but I find it much more interesting. I learn a lot more from Les than Bear. Les shows average people like you and I how to survive the smart way. Les also has more respect for the earth and for animals because he states he only kills for survival and he hates the thought of having to kill anything, he’s also known for saying ‘leave nothing but tracks’. Bear will kill an animal just to do something flashy and shocking.

    While Bear may be a very athletic/smart individual–He’s too staged for my taste. Les may not be funny or good looking, but he’s the real deal. For those who deny it, he and his family lived off of the grid for an entire year just living off the land.

    Don’t mean to bash Bear too much–Just saying his show is more about entertainment (which he does well) and less about actual survival knowledge. Someone above compared Bear to the Hare, and les to the Tortoise. Slow and steady wins the race. My bets are on Les!

    Just my 0.02 cents!

  181. Renato said

    to Armande,
    this is what I found on the internet about Bear:
    “Bear, fristly is it true your a vegetarian (or did my mate make that up) and secondly what was your favourite survival situation throughout the born surviver series?”

    “I try not to eat a lot of dairy or meat as a rule, but the odd steak is a treat and when I am in man Vs Wild mode anything goes! ”

    he’s not such a bad guy also

  182. josh said

    bear never sleeps alone. he sleeps with the crew at a “base camp” which he said so himself in his blog. bear’s rafts were MADE FOR HIM from a survivor expert. they were made mostly with rope, not natural cordage. a lot of times bear has stuff done for him or given to him. stroud does everything on his own and is truly alone. stroud wins almost every time. read up on some of the bear grylls controversy instead of being ignorant and believing and assuming everything you see on tv.

    • J D said

      Man vs Wild and Survivor man are two totally different shows. One is about a guy (les) who is showing you in a documentary about himself that he can surivive. Man vs. Wild is an exciting HOW TO SHOW that is exactly and ONLY that! You cant say he sucks because he’s not “real”. in his show he talks about and demonstrates as many survival tips as he can fit into an hour of tv. Why wast time and money making his own raft when he could tell you its possible to do it with X Y and Z and then get help and move right on to the next part of the show. plus the part about him making it with rope is dumb because his rafts are pretty much turned to shreds when ever hes about done on the show, which wouldn’t be the case if they were made with rope. and i dont see any rope!

      Both bear and less would survive as long as they had to in most any situation. its foolish to say other wise.

  183. josh said

    bear is for entertainment purposes only. most of the stuff he does is only for those who are in excellent shape and have physical superiority. les stroud is more for the average person who is trying to survive. man vs wild is great, but remember it is for shock value and entertainment purposes only. les stroud is the man i would want to be with if i was stuck in the wild. dont get me wrong, bear is amazing, and does amazing things, but lost of things are told to him, given to him, and provided to him off the camera. such as the raft, the horse, the info, etc. les stroud is an all around survivor man who knows EVERYTHING. he wins. i still like watching man vs wild, but i keep in mind that it is 80% for entertainment. survivor man is the real deal.

  184. pj said

    for all the ignorant morons that choose bear over les:
    remember, man vs. wild is originally a British production, on DSC and Channel 4 in the UK, and its name in the UK is Born Survivor. the episodes are then later aired in the US as Man vs. Wild. so, for all you ignorant idiots, MAN VS. WILD IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. HE WAS IN THE SAS FOR 2 YEARS WHICH ISN’T SHIT. SURVIVORMAN IS THE REAL DEAL. if i had to be stuck in the wild, i would choose les. bear is still a cool dude, and his show is entertaining, but that’s it. those who think bear is the better man are the idiots that get sucked into the media and into all the bullshit that you can’t see through, because you are STUPID, which is exactly what the media wants. they are laughing at you while you blindly buy into their bullshit and get deceived.

  185. Renato said


    I certainly wouldn’t want to be stuck with you in the bush,that’s for sure.
    “ignorant morons”? “ignorant idiots”?

    look who’s talking.

  186. PJ said


    Ok? Good to know that you wouldn’t want to be stuck with me in the bush – I don’t care. It’s not about me; it’s about Bear vs. Les. You’re dumb. 🙂

  187. Renato said

    as I said

    look who’s talking

  188. james clark said

    lol its kind of obvious isnt it…..bear is an ex-SAS guy and les is just sum random canadian guy

    obvious who is better isnt it…bear

  189. Kory said

    Even though Grylls is not alone in the wild it is still much more interesting than Stroud. Les propably would not be able to the things he does if he does not bring his ‘little, random things,’ like peanuts, bubblegum, 1 match, lighter that does not work, scobby-doo underwear, etc. Plus Bear is an inspiration to many people.

  190. Kory said

    Bear Grylls holds many world records and was in the British Special Air Services. Les is an average man who is smart but does not even compare to Bears physical shape. Bear can out stand almost any kind of conditions.

  191. Inflatable Boat Sealer…

    For the past year or so there have been many a debate in my house centered around one question:Given[…]…

  192. James Clark said

    Lemme add summin 2 my post about 4 posts back…out of every1 the best survivor would be Chris Ryan since he was being chased by the iraqi army and managed to escape over hundreds of miles of desert…he would beat everyone

  193. me said

    what kind of knife does bear use? depending on the quality would probable determined life or death.

  194. bear grylls said

    I use a gerber knife

  195. Ariel said

    My vote is for Les. Bear’s show is staged edu-entertainment. Les does what you see pretty much for real. When it comes down to it though, both would probably do just fine in most situations. I think Les is a better teacher and isn’t a full of himself as Bear. This shouldn’t be about who’s the biggest star, but who provides better info and helps regular people more. Les is that guy.

  196. Ariel said

    Did you know that after Les got married, he and his new wife moved into the Canadian wilderness and basically lived a peliolithic existence for A YEAR. They built a cabin with no metal, plastic, or otherwise manufactured tools. Pretty cool.

  197. Steve said

    someone else is asking a similar question: Which one of them will die first if they keep eating rotting animals and jumping into ice water? I voted for Bear ’cause he takes way more unnecessary risks

  198. Topher said

    I go with Les! Though Bear may have a Gerber knife, I think I saw Les with a Ginsu knife!

    Lets face it. If you do a “Survival” show and stay in a hotel, How bad can it be? Unless it is a “Motel 8” You are getting a comfortable amount of sleep and a continental breakfast. Les, while dragging his own camera equipment around is eating worms and the sort for breakfast has it a lot worse off. Don’t believe me? Try carrying around mega pounds of camera equipment and everything else you need to survive. Worms are the easy part. Yum, I am getting hungry.

    Bear has the balls! I mean I would not jump into a freezing arctic river just to show I can get naked and get out 4 feet across and dry off. I would have walked down the river a few feet and jumped across when it was 3 just feet across a few dozen yards down the “river”.

    I mean damn lets face it each one of these guys has more balls (and ate more odd animal balls) than 99 % of us.

    I think Bear is like the college football jock, while Les is the Pro.
    If both survived on their own 100% like Les I would go with Bear.

    That’s my 2 cents!

  199. James Clark said

    haha i take it most of you dont know then that bear has reached the summit of mount everest, and that he’s circumnavigated the uk on a jet ski, he’s paramotored over the himalayas, led 5 men unassisted across the arctic Atlantic ocean, and has paramotored over angel falls

  200. Luciano said

    A pesar que Bear va con un equipo de cámara, sus técnicas de supervivencia son mejores ya que por lo menos come durante el programa, en cambio Les lo que hace es morirse de hambre en cada capítulo, suerte que cada programa dura sólo 7 días, si durara un poco mas lo encontrarían muerto por ahí.

    Lo que digo es que Les no enseña mucho de supervivencia, sino mas bien como no morir en 7 días.
    También pienso que Bear se arriesga mucho innecesariamente y es posible que en alguna escalada se rompa el alma.

    De todas formas mi voto es para Bear.

  201. Nick said

    This is why people piss me off, sure Bear Grylls is a bad ass. But thats just it, survival isnt about being a bad ass, (which will probobly get you killed in a survival situation)it’s about surviving. And let me tell ya, if you were to put Grylls in a situation where he was A. alone (without his survival experts and medics) and B. with his camera equipment, the guy would either become a lot less exciting (since he would realize trying to look cool creates many accidents) or he would break a limb and die because there wouldn’t be other men there to, for example make his rafts, check to make sure the land he’s about to jump off is safe, or show him how to make a fire. However, put les stroud in a rough situation he already knows how to deal with all of his equipment, knows his limits, and can make incredibly rational moves in short periods of time. Not to mention he knows everything about survival. But aside from that, if you put anyone in Costa Rica, they’ll have a little trouble with heat. All in all, Id root for Les.

  202. kc said

    Maybe the question you pose is incorrect? Maybe the real question we should be asking is not who is the better survivor, but if our plane went down in some god forsaken environment, who is it that you want being your leader? Not only by picking one over the other are you touting them the better survival expert, your also touting them as whom you whole heartily put your trust into if you were in that situation.

    For me, that personally would be Bear. Hands down. Why?

    Yes, I do realized he’s stayed in hotels, and yes, I realize that his show was a little misleading in that he may/may not be “roughing it”, however … it doesn’t make him any less of a survival expert, it doesn’t make his information any less relevant to the situation, and frankly, makes watching the show that much more enjoyable than survivor man, in my opinion.

    I’d put my trust into bear(I’d put my trust in Les pretty easily too but given the two options I choose Bear). Not only has the guy been to the top of Everest, he was in SAS(who writes the book on survival), Circumnavigated the UK on Jet Ski, ParamotorED over the Himalayas, climbs inside of dead camels, skins deer to show how to keep warm, jumps in bogs and quicksand and freezing cold water just to show how to get out even though he doesn’t have to. For me, most importantly, he takes chances. It seems when I watch the survivorman, his show is just how to sit and wait for rescue for 5 days and then he’s done, where as Bear makes an effort to take it upon himself to help himself.

    That’s why I’d put my trust in Bear and that’s why Bear would win hands down in a suvivoroff.

    Having said that though, they both kick ass. I love both the shows and I hope they BOTH continue on for a long time ….

  203. Ingwe J. Malmsteen said

    Bear Grylls would kick Les Stroud’s ass. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a moron. Bear could survive for years with a knife, a flint, a canteen and his shoe laces. The only reason Les can survive for a week is because he always places himself near water and any human can go 4 weeks without food. While I’ll give Les credit that he does go it alone with no crew and his own cameras, have you ever noticed that he never kills anything to eat bigger than a snail or a minnow? Bear Grylls dines on snapping turtles, live snakes, huge iguanas and carcasses that could actually feed a family clan, not just himself. Les couldn’t figure out how to catch fish in a barrel. Les doesn’t even know what types of vegetation are edible. Les sucks, Bear rules. I hope they have a survive-off sometime, because Bear could live the rest of his life in the wilderness and Les would be dead after 10 days. I really hope this happens because then I’d never have to flip channels to avoid watching another stupid episode of “I’m no Survivorman.”

  204. ju said

    In reply to:

    Mav Says:
    November 23, 2007 at 2:49 am
    Guys – can I suggest you turn your computers off and go outside and do something real.

    I really mean it… TV is for entertainment. None of this matters.

    And for the record, I know Bear and I was with him on SAS selection (yes really) and regardless of all this hoo ha above I can guarantee you that you’ll never meet a bigger hearted gutsy chap.

    Well Mav don’t you mean that you were on SAS Territorial Selection? Yeah I do know the difference because I’m married (yep really) to a guy who passed SAS selection and served for over 18 years with (22) SAS B Squad and he’s quite amused to hear your comments. What do the guys from Hereford think of Bear saying he was in the SAS? – NO COMMENT…

  205. i like both but i think les stroud because he is alone for 7 day and bear grylls has a camera crew and hes not gone very long and theres a scam that bear grylls stays at hotels during his shows

  206. Renato said


    you act as if the boys from Hereford are the ones who are the ones that are authorized to judge Bear . do I smell some jealousy and arrogance here?

    for survival SAS is not needed at all atually,if you didn’t know that.

  207. Mike White said

    I’ve got good news and bad news.

    The bad news: dudes, seriously. This is a fake competition. Please try to be funny when commenting. There’s an aspect of theater in all TV shows. Have fun with it instead of spewing venom.


    Carry on.

  208. Renato said

    Yes Mike you are right.but they should cut that crap ‘Bear was only two year in the SAS ,so it ain’t shit’talk.

    ask an Apache or a Commanche indian if you need SAS to survive in the wild.

  209. Mike White said

    BTW: Day four is coming soon…I promise.

  210. nick said

    I just met Les stroud…Survivorman and asked him what he thought of Bear Grylls. He says he is an actor, people start his fires for him, build his shelters for him, he is on a set all day and his off the set at four pm, if he is out all night, he always has seven people with him…Les Stroud…does everything himself. To me this is a no brainer

  211. Shane said

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!….the whole idea of this scenario is SURVIVAL! the knowledge that the Canadian brings to the viewers is pricless. Les wins this scenario hands down. those Canadians love that cold, rough weather.

  212. Roy said

    Who are we kidding? It’s Bear hands down. First off the cold doesn’t give Les an advantage. Bear summitted Everest, not to mention several other notable achievements and has been in numerous real suvival situations. Les has yet to survive his own show unless, you count Costa Rica where he got himself lost and lucked into the coast.
    I watch both shows religously and I don”t agree with the opinion that Bear has more entertainment value. I laugh almost nonstop at Les. His incessant whining reminds me of a 3 year old fighting bedtime.
    Even my wife, who is admittly wilderness challenged finds him inept and annoying. She does find value in his survival tips as well as she feels that he is more of an example of where she would be in such a situation “if I were not around”. All said Les does depict a good example of a URBAN FEMALE trapped in a wilderness situation
    As a former U.S.”snake-eater” myself, I also find the comparison as insulting as as the series Suvivor which should be renamed Soft-Core Lessons in Poor Inter-Personal Relationships.
    But, some of you are right. This is after all only TV and from your remarks, 99.9% of you should restrict your adventures to the couch.

  213. Yannick said

    I hope, and I think that Les eats Bear Grylls.

    Bear Grylls has a good condition, isn’t afraid and stuff like that but he is fake. Les Stroud is fucking hilarious and I mean that in a good way! His humor is “simple” but awesome. I just love to see the guy doing.

    Les is the real survivor, Bear is an entertainer. That’s the difference.

    Les, RESPECT 🙂

  214. Samrod said

    Bear is ex-militlary. Les is a survivalist who teaches survival. Bear is an arrogant thrill seeker trying to come off tough and show off. On occasion, the two have given contradicting facts: Bear Grylls says drinking urine is actually quite safe if you don’t mind the taste while Less Stroud has said that the high toxicity in urine can be dangerous and drinking it should be an absolute last resort. Les can derive water from plants, distill his urine, and even find it in various roots.

    I watch both Survivorman and Man vs Wild and the difference between the two is clear. Les doesn’t only shoot a higher quality show (better shot composition, editing, and sound), he’s also far more competent in a wide range of knowledge from geology, plants, animals, biology, chemistry, and is the clear winner here. Bear Grylls is 25% survivalist, 75% Jackass.

  215. Renato said

    I would like to see the two of them discuss this all here.

    wouldn’t we like that? know I would.
    that would be very nice indeed.

    but I do think that many(some are good) advices Bear gives are better not to be followed.hanging on to a piece of wood to float through a wild cold waterstream to move faster than walking is not a good advice .if you hit a rock with your ass or leg(see the wonderfull movie ‘deliverance’ with those ‘sofisticated mountain men’ who love wild boar or sow,haha :-P)you are in big trouble,and survival is all about safe and sane.getting the most out of the minimum .

  216. siggs said

    I love watching them both but I think that Les would win. Bear is trained by special forces and in so many instances would wipe the floor with Les but Les taught survival for years. Militray teaches you how to survive poeple like Les are taught how to live. Bear is also as you mentioned too dependent on his crew and as Les states many times there are alot of mindgames in terms of being alone. The one weakness I disagree with is Les having trouble with the heat. ummm have you ever been to Canada most places easily average over 80 in the summer with many provinces seeing over 100 easily many days as well. Canada is alot hotter than England but summer temps are actually hotter than much of the states. They survive in both extremes thus put Les wherever he is comming up on top.

  217. Iseeflores said

    The real survivors are bears film crew!
    They have to sit and watch his BS.
    Saw one episode where he looked “caught” a skunk using only his jacket. Wow real believable.
    Here’s a good analogy
    Bear is WWF
    Les is UFC

  218. Renato said

    “They have to sit and watch his BS”

    it’s hard to show some respect for some,it seems.

    the fact that he ,Bear,has a film crew doesn’t mean one bit he hasn’t got very good survival capabilities.

    Bear is a skilled and friendly person.he deserves respect just as Les does.

  219. James Clark said

    Bear only depends on his camera crew because he is told to by ITV who he films for, i reckon if it was up to him he would go it alone

  220. george said

    Les is the better of the two. I myself have done a stretch of the A.T., island camped in Fl, and have sailed off shore, many times. The things I’ve experienced and come across in the great outdoors has been more in the realm of Les.
    If your drunk or a moron looking for trouble you may find your self in the same situations as Bear. Left on their own Bear would do something a member of Jack Ass might attempt and never be seen again. Les takes his time thinks about the overall situation and lives.

  221. Jim Carey said

    Les brings to TV what he truly knows of real survival, Bear brings to survival what he knows of TV – crews. If l ever find myself lost, l will be grateful l watched Survivorman, l won’t be running around, sliding down hills, and taking risks. Survival is a mental war, and Les has given me valuable info should l ever need to fight that war. As an avid outdoorsman, l have tried several of Les’s techniques, and found they could work if needed, l started a fire with nothing but my knife in the rain to see if l could, it took about 45 minutes, and alot of effort, but it worked. I live in Ontario, and a fire is the most important thing to have if lost. It provides heat, light at night to construct a shelter, and wards off animals. Thanks Les. Jim

  222. The Sherpa said

    Although I think that Les Stroud is the more experienced and practical survivor it needs to be said that Mr. Stroud not only opted to film himself, but that wilderness photography/videography is a longtime hobby of Les’ so I cannot really justify any argument that Les is better because he carries his own camera gear and does not have a crew. And in fact, if Les would have chosen to have a crew there (if ONLY to film him), I think that the quality and quantity of the Survivorman’s generally sage advice would only become more abundant.

    That been said, I do agree that Bear is more entertaining, but I cannot think of an episode where Les has not outdone Bear with practical survival advice. Survivorman, through and through, is a better show with, in the end, Les being the better survivalist.

  223. Steven said

    I really dont think either one of them would fail said task, but to not like Les cause he complains. I dont know if any of you have spent 7 days alone and hungry….your not happy. So much respect to both of them.

  224. kevin said

    Les would win, he puts himself in situations we can all relate too. yes he brings tools along with him but who wouldnt. Les has the ability to use the tools he brings to their full extent. He is a much better hunter than Bear is. Plus he has to do everything twice. You never know what could be behind the scenes in Man vs. Wild. I am a fan of both shows and i truly think les would win this.

  225. Jack said

    I enjoy both shows, but Bear takes too many unnecessary risks that one would not do in a real-life survival situation. This is probably done for the sake of entertaining an audience.

    Les Stroud has more maturity and uses better judgment in survival situations. He is the better of the two.

  226. Abdul Ahmed said

    To all those knocking Bear, shut up!

    We need more contestants for the Darwin Awards!

  227. gooseman said

    I think both shows are great. I don’t watch them for there entertainment value but for the learning experience. It’s the little things that you get from the shows that will help you survive. Some things I would have never thought of are going to help me on my camping trip this weekend. Yes Bear is a crazy bastard but man that dude will eat anything. Sure Les is older and not as crazy but he carries all his own equipment and hes by himself. How many people do you know have stayed in the deep woods by yourself at night in bear country? I have and I will tell you it makes you a little nervous. So my hat is off to both of these stellar performers and giving me more confidence to go deeper and stay longer in the wild.


  228. schroeder said

    heres a good spoof on les and bear

  229. TexasSteel said

    I think Les is the better man and has the best show. I’ve heard many times that Les is by himself on the adventures and Bear has a crew with him. That sure makes a big difference. I vote for Les.

  230. GrizzlySteve said

    Well after watcing Les in the Sierra Nevada’s I’ve concluded this guy is a menace on nature. The guy is an idiot, he’s lacking in so many ways I just laugh my ass off when I see him doing what he thinks is “survival” He’s always trying to create those dead fall traps and I’ve yet to see him smash anything but his fingers. If he spent more time looking around rather than trying to re-invent the wheel he might find something to eat. So his latest was that he takes a guitar with him like we want to hear him play and sing right! I think he’s trying to make Survivorman a variety show rather than the stupid program it is. Well I shouldn’t say that because I do actually learn a lot about survival in the extreams by NOT doing what this fool does. So anyway back to the guitar, he takes the strings off of it and makes some kind of moronic trap by taping a Pringles chip can to the sound hole in the hopes that a rodent with his IQ will fall into it and he’ll catch it. So he ruins a perfectally good guitar first off, second he leaves in in the woods without taking it apart and thirdly what did he do with the strings? I’m guessing that there are now six wire snares some where in the Sierra Nevada’s just setting there to trap some poor little creature just to have it die. No to mention that there is a guitar still laying there that doesn’t belong and that too could become a problem for a deer or other animal that happens to step a hole in it and get it cought on it’s hoof or something. Ok onward, he makes this shreaded bark thing to transport fire across several miles of tinder dry forest that is so dry that it looks as if it’s just going to spontaneously combust as it is. He gets to the top of the next mountain and looks back to see where he’s come from, I’m really surprised that he didn’t look back and see a trail of fire behind him because he carried this roach looking thing on his back where he couldn’t monitor it to see if it was spilling sparks, he’s a moron! Don’t you think that if you’re going to be in the woods you’re going to want to take a book of matches or a flint, not a guitar! Back to those dead fall finger smashers that he built out of the rocks, did you see what he did? He checked each one of them and “nope, nothing here” to the next one “nope, nothing here” and just walked away from them without kicking them over, the guy’s a moron! So all over the place is this disruption, potental harm, un-natural “leave behinds” and probably now a bunch of little dead forestland creatures, what a f’n idiot! My daughters and I love watching this guy because he does so many stupid, STUPID things and we laugh thru most of his shows. Hell my girls know more about the shit than this idiot moron does. This message is for Les, your moma named you appropriately when she named you Les, problem is that you’re missing one “S”


  231. Steven C said

    I agree, i saw this episode to, one question, where in hell did he get the pringles can!?!?

  232. Bill said

    Les didnt build a cabin to live in for a year, he lived in a tipi with his wife. In Canada. For a year. With NO metal. Bear spent a total of 2 years in the SAS. Their survival training is rudimentary at best. Bear teaches the wrong shit, ALL the time; you NEVER risk hurting yourself in a situation. You get a cut, it goes septic, youre dead. Break a limb, you’re screwed. Bear is for ENTERTAINMENT ONLY PEOPLE. About the only relevance of his show is how gross bugs taste. And, you NEVER eat a raw reptile…the parasites can kill you within a few days.
    Les’ show, though maybe not as entertaining as Bear’s, is for real. He doesnt take unnecessary risks; he is there, alone. He isnt 200m away from a highway (the hawaii lava show), or spend each night in a village (the jungle shows). His filming is done & gone in 3 days; sure, he may get cold & wet but he has dry clothes and warm sleeping gear right off camera. Les, if he gets wet, he stays wet. IF he’s hungry, he tries to fish/trap/forage. IF it doesnt work out, he STAYS hungry. Les would win, hands down. He DOES it, doesnt show it. PEriod.

  233. anonymous said

    There is no doubt that Les Stroud would win! He is a true survivor by going out on his own. He ventures into earth’s most hostile envirnments alone for a week. Not to mention he is Canadian (natural Survivor). Bear is an envirnmental menace who is a fake survivor. He has a crew, which depletes the reality. Do you know what he does during the commercial breakes? He stuffs his face with a sandwich made by a crew member. I wathch his show to get a good laugh. Les would destroy him any day! Go Les!

  234. Bear Faker said

    If you just put some thought into Man vs. Wild you will question how real it can be:

    + Most episodes he mentions how important water is and how much is needed per day to survive. He is shown drinking bits here and there (ie. gathered on a leaf) but more often than not in the episode he is NOT shown finding any reliable source of drinkable water.

    + He would need even more water with how much extraneous climbing and running he is doing. He doesn’t catch anything substantial to eat yet is never down on energy. I call BS.

    + He has a camera crew and they are out there ‘surviving’ with him. How? With lots of supplies, food, and water of course.

    The points above plus the videos on YouTube showing him staging things should make anyone question the authenticity of Man vs. Wild as a survival show.

    Survivorman is much more authentic so is much enjoyable in my book.

  235. Northerner said

    Les would win in my opinion , he is always alone carrying all the camera equipment . I think Bear might be in better physical condition but he always has a camera crew to help him !!! Who knows how much the crew does to help Bear behind the scenes . Les can survive in extreme cold due to the fact that he is from Canada and knows how to cope with cold and damp !! Bear is a very entertaining man eating snakes and beetles but he wouldn’t stand a chance against Les Stroud . GO SURVIVORMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  236. Nate said

    Its really no competition, you have one man who has official training, a crew to follow him, and does publicity stunts. And the other who, is just good at what he does, doesn’t cheat, is SMART carries his own camera gear, puts himself in real danger, and is just not an ass hat.

    Who would you rather watch?

  237. lesisbetter said

    ok so it seems many people are going for bear to win the survive off, but let me tell you. Discovery picked bear to do this show because he is charming and it has obviously worked on you all. He is a queen who gets his own camera crew- this means there is a parimedic on stand-by. remember folks, the camera crew are not survial experts. In any given challenge i am going for les, he may have the most weird techniques but they work, he is a REAL survial expert who can teach us all alot. He may not be as interesting as bear but thats not the challenge, the challenge is who can survive, not who can gather a larger audience and hands down my vote goes to les. he is an excellent hunter, and risks his life to be alone for the sake of a real life survial instance.

  238. survivorbear said

    I’m a fan of both shows and have been watching them both for awhile now. honestly tho, les stroud would win imo. hes just much more wise imo than bear and knows tons about the lands he visits and has so much respect for all of the natives. not saying bear doesnt know lots or has respect but, it just seems bear has lots of help and experts telling him and setting up the perfect preplanned situation for him (i know its for showing you what to do in such a situation) and les just improvises his whole show which is much more real. i just think if your gonna watch a show about survival, you should watch the real scenario vs setup scenario. but man can bear eat crazy stuff. i think that and when he falls lol like in ireland is the only reason i like him. but les is a blues man and jams on the harmonica. les > bear

  239. Pat Fox said

    Ohhhhh boy…….

    This is a fun one to read….

    I’ve watched many shows from both survivorman and man vs. wild…….

    a few of the things that get me is that bear ( I won’t even comment on hotels or camera crew with him or any other of his cheating……) puts himself into more dangerous situations within a dangerous situation…..—who in their right mind would body surf down a river in a survival situation (with or without the life jacket bear had…) or try to climb rock walls…..not me!

    one of the most obvious things to do in a survival situation is to minimize risk for injury……

    The opposite of what bear grylls does— because he has a stunt show- not a survival show— sure- I’ll give him he’s in shape- he climbed everest ( who would want to by the way?) or he was in the special forces….

    folks should read up on les stroud’s bio—-that alone would win this…. I see les do a lot more practical and possible things than bear…. sure- he’s had his mistakes (like catching his shelter on fire in alaska) but that to me is a good sign that he’s the real deal……

    I think Les would win, BECAUSE HE IS THE ONLY TRUE SURVIVALIST HERE…..bear Grylls is a manufactured prettyboy stuntman.

  240. TOD said

    Bear Faker says:

    If you just put some thought into Man vs. Wild you will question how real it can be:

    + Most episodes he mentions how important water is and how much is needed per day to survive. He is shown drinking bits here and there (ie. gathered on a leaf) but more often than not in the episode he is NOT shown finding any reliable source of drinkable water.

    + He would need even more water with how much extraneous climbing and running he is doing. He doesn’t catch anything substantial to eat yet is never down on energy. I call BS.

    + He has a camera crew and they are out there ’surviving’ with him. How? With lots of supplies, food, and water of course.

    The points above plus the videos on YouTube showing him staging things should make anyone question the authenticity of Man vs. Wild as a survival show.

    Survivorman is much more authentic so is much enjoyable in my book.

    ——-these are all good points….. and……

    a few of the things that get me is that bear ( I won’t even comment on hotels or camera crew with him or any other of his cheating……) puts himself into more dangerous situations within a dangerous situation…..—who in their right mind would body surf down a river in a survival situation (with or without the life jacket bear had…) or try to climb rock walls…..not me!

    one of the most obvious things to do in a survival situation is to minimize risk for injury……

    The opposite of what bear grylls does— because he has a stunt show- not a survival show— sure- I’ll give him he’s in shape- he climbed everest ( who would want to by the way?) or he was in the special forces….

    folks should read up on les stroud’s bio—-that alone would win this…. I see les do a lot more practical and possible things than bear…. sure- he’s had his mistakes (like catching his shelter on fire in alaska) but that to me is a good sign that he’s the real deal……

    I think Les would win, BECAUSE HE IS THE ONLY TRUE SURVIVALIST HERE…..bear Grylls is a manufactured prettyboy stuntman.

    these are good points…..

    bear grylls is kind of an idiot—- fuckin’ stupid advice really……camera crew, hotels, or not really surviving all aside, the stuff he says to do is stupid— not everyone who gets into a survival situation climbed everest or was in the british special forces— Les stroud is in his forties—- so you could think the stuff he does in a survival situation is possible for you to do as well….as bear’s isn’t.

  241. Jesus H. Christ said


    You guys are missing the point entirely. The Survive-Off is not about who provides the better survival advice. It’s about a FICTIONAL SCENARIO AND THE HILARITY THAT WILL ENSUE. That’s it. If you read Day One, the emphasis is less on their particular survival skills and more on the humorous aspects of their show, personality, or skills. The Survive-Off is meant to be just an elaborate and entertaining parody, and you should not try and read anything more into it. So stop it.

    pretty much is what I’m focusing on—

    without his crew bear gryll’s probably isn’t so tough,

    wile without having to pack his shit around all the time les stroud has probably got a whole lot more energy—-

    les wins before that anyway—

    Les is a badass.

    two guys can do what les does—-


  242. Travis said

    I cant belive anyone would bet on Bear winning. Man vs. Wild is based on pure showmanship, not about really surviving. Is any average person going to climb up a 500 ft cliff to avoid walking around the long way? I know I sure wouldnt. Bear is young and fit, and a bonehead. He puts himself in dangerous situations within a dangerous situation that no one in the right mind would ever get into, and certainly not Les. Would you ever jump into a festering bog in scotland? I sure hope not, anyone with a brain would simply avoid the bog. Bear jumps in because its entertainting! His show is all segmented, whats happening when the cameras are off? He has no goal in the show, no destinations, only to show off his strength and ability to hold crap, sometimes literally, down in his stomach. I dont care if his climbed everest or not, tons of people have climbed everest, that has no bearing on his survival skills. Put him in a real survival situation alone, and he wouldnt fair so well.

    Les is older and smarter and more rugged. He puts himself alone in dangerous survival situations and shows the average person, someone who is interested in actually surviving if they ever needed to, how to survive. You never see Les climbing up 500ft rock walls, because he is not an idiot. He takes the long way around, because unless his entire audience is a bunch of rock climbing fanatics or “brittish special forces” he has no need to do it. He is careful and shows his audience how to survive logically.

    On survivor man, Les carries all his own camera gear. In my opinion, Bear’s camera crew are better survivors than Bear himself, they are lugging around the cameras and watching him show off. The only reason his show has any popularity is because he acts bad ass, so guys think he’s tough, and hes a brit with a pretty little accent and good looking face, and girls love that. Survivorman might not be as exciting, but Les certainly doesnt just sit around. If any of these “Bear supporters” actually watched survivorman they would see that Les is dropped off by himself in a remote location, with pretty much nothing except a multi-tool and his harmonica. Then he has to make his way to the finish where he is picked up, in the meantime carrying all the camera gear, filming, and surviving. This is the premise of his show!

    As for the so called “hilarity” that would ensue from the two having a survive off, bear would win. He would do something completely dangerous and unessicarry and injure himself, and that would be hilarious to watch. I dont know why it would be judged on the hilarity, but thats what the writter of this blog has stated. But i guarentee that in a real survival situation, where the winner was based on surviving and reaching the finish, I guarentee Les would make it to the finish well before Bear. Bear wouldnt even reach it because he would be injured, lost, or dead.

  243. bear grylls can survive any situation

  244. I think they would start off arguing—– les would wanna think anddo things worthwile to the situation and bear would say “hey— This really sucks- we’re really lost!” in his British accent, scared because he doesn’t have his team of survival experts with him, Les would bust out some crazy harmonica and get the forest dancing…….

    but les stroud would be the only survivor,

    In Man vs. Wild, Wild wins…..

  245. les stroud would have no chance in surviving against bear grylls,

    In Man vs. Wild, MAN wins!

  246. Moo said

    Bear Grylls is a faker and a liar, and if he actually found himself alone in the wilderness he would die in three days. Hands down. Les Stroud not only survives in the wilderness, but he does it by himself, while worrying about running the camera equipment and keeping it intact, AND he shows how to find food that regular people would ACTUALLY eat. The fact that Bear eats raw fish and snakes proves only that he’d do well on fear factor. Real survivors know better than to risk eating raw meat. Showmanship, sure, he’s got Les beat. But this isn’t about showmanship. It’s about survival. And Bear would be crying for a helicopter to come save his pansy ass three hours in, while Les would already be halfway to Sapporo.

  247. bear grylls is so awsome he already be done when les starts take away all the things les uses and give him just what bear uses and he cant survive a day.

  248. mc said

    Have to disagree with almost every post here. Bear has a camera crew with him, and hasnt really even shown that he is sleeping in the wilderness. Bear’s situations are way too contrived and serendipitous.

    Les is less glamorous, and more real.

    My money is on the person who actually goes at it alone, Les.

  249. The Truth said

    bear grylls is gay, berto levario is his lover. les wins!!

  250. Eric said

    Bear Grylls is more entertaining … he reminds me of when I used to watch the “A Team” or “McGyver” show when I was a kid.

    For those of you who don’t remember or don’t know, here is a typical scenario:

    The “A team” would typically get captured by the bad guys, then end up getting locked in a barn. It would just so happen that the barn would have a welding device and a running vehicle. The A team would make a tank out of this stuff and break out the barn and get the bad guys. Even when I was 8 years old, I would ask “What kind of idiots would lock the A team in a barn with welders and a running vehicle?”

    Similarly, for McGyver … what kind of bad guys would lock McGyver up with something that explosives can be made with???

    Same for Bear Grylls … what kind of idiot would perform the stunts he does when trying to survive?
    How often would one be faced with the stuff he does, or the opportunities he has (everything is planned / staged / choreographed obviously, and he does those crazy stunts fully knowing that he has a rescue team standing by).

    If you want to learn about survival, watch Les Stroud.

    If you want entertainment, watch Bear Grylls, the A team, McGyver, or something else that is fictional

  251. Eric said

    I think this pretty much decides it for me …


  252. meh said

    Well, stroud brings far more equipment, plus he always pusses out of situations (especially in the arctic episode, where he had a shit load of stuff). I think if they weren’t being filmed and weren’t bringing loads of equipment like that wussy Les, then it would be interesting to just see who makes it back first.

    Also, the author has a ridiculous view of Canada: almost no one lives in the barren wastelands of the arctic, and sothern Ontario (where like 98% of ontarians live) gets very humid and hot in the summer, into the high 30s… so, i don’t think stroud would be too much out of his element compared to bear in a rainforest.

    still, i think bear, if he wasn’t being a showoff, could survive without being rescued better.. well actually I am not sure. who care though, survivorman likes to get naked too much though, it’s gross.

  253. Jonathan said

    I think that Bear and Les are both about the same in terms of their technique and skill to survive in the wild…meaning that they both know how to survive just about anywhere. So it is not as if any one person is OVERWHELMINGLY better in terms of their skill to survive than the other. So since they both know what to do, what really matters is if they can actually do it and which can, more importantly, do it more easily compared to the other. And so taking into account the difference in their age (Les being a little too old for surviving and Bear being at a prime age for surviving) and their level of fitness (I hope everyone agrees that Bear is much more fit than Les), By this I conclude that Bear is able to complete tasks more easily than Les which means that survival would be much easier for Bear. Since Les would struggle more in doing these unspecified tasks (not saying he would be incapable of doing them, merely saying he would use more energy to do the same thing) I would say that Bear Grylls is a better SURVIVOR because he is, most importantly, more CAPABLE than Les (not saying which is more skilled in how to survive, because honestly no one can know for sure which is more skilled than the other). So the major point I am explaining is that skill alone does not determine which is the better SURVIVOR (notice that this debate is about who is the better survivor and not who is the most skilled), what is more pivotal is their respectively capabilities (Bear being better) which in turn makes him a better SURVIVOR. By this Bear Grylls would undoubtedly emerge victorious in this competition. (Also by looks alone I would say Bear is also more skilled than Les, but its only by looks I am not contradicting myself)

    Just a comment to bring to the table…I don’t understand how people can say Bear Grylls does so many things wrong and is careless, if those same people say that he gets coached by survival experts every step of the way.

    Les Stroud is HORRIFYINGLY HORRIBLE at fishing!!!!!!!

  254. Jonathan said

    After reading Meh’s last part I say Bear gets naked much more than Les and he’s actually in front comermen too. Les at least gets naked with know one around…but I wonder how edits those scenes(hopefully himself).

  255. Bill said

    My money is on Les for survival and he has a better show. Im not interested in some of the sensational antics that Bear attempts to pull off. Maybe entertaining tv for some but so was the Gong Show.

  256. L Breezy said

    Les does too go with a crew. But anyway, I gotta go with Bear, I mean, the man climbed Everest. Don’t get me wrong, I have all the respect in the world for Les, I just think that Bear would take home the victory

  257. YO FACE said


  258. berto levario said

    bear grylls is not gay he is the best suvival expert the truth can suck my cock

  259. luke g said

    bear would win. he is not careless like everyone says, he is a great climber. he is better at catching animals, and finding water. he takes most of his resources from nature, where les stroud uses pipes and bags and humans trash.

    how can you all say bear is careless? i have seen les cut himself so many times! his feet are always infected! he doesnt take time to warm up or dry his clothes.

    les wastes a lot of time trying absurd techniques to achieve no goals.

    les has a crew nearby that communicates with him at least once daily.

    bear also tells you when obstacles are presented to him to show a survival technique.

    allegations that bear stayed in a hotel are false, though when hes not filming they stay in a base camp.

  260. Brad said

    I have to vote for Les 100% on this one. Les knows his stuff better than anyone else. Sure he’s 45 years old, but isn’t that just showing how much tougher he is? Plus, he is alone out there and not with some camera crew watching him 24/7. That makes Bear a huge pussy.
    Les has to stay out in the wild for a whole week with nothing but what he can carry in his pack and I believe that is completely fair. Becasue at survival, I’d put as many things as I could in my pack. It’s not cheating, it’s SURVIVAL!!!!!

    Plus, I know what the guy is like. He lives in the same town I do (which is Huntsville, Ontario by the way) and I’ve even met him. He’s not a bad cocky guy like Bear is according to other peoples’ posts.

  261. ghandi said

    you gays- les stroud is the man- and an awesome musician as well- bear grylls is a showoff—– sure- an expert climber and all- but you can’t teach someone to be an expert climber while they are trying to survive-

  262. Brad said

    Honestly, It’s not about whose show is more entertaining. Sure, Les’ show is more boring the Bear’s, but who gives a shit! If you were out in the middle of a forest or a desert or whatever alone, I don’t think you would be worrying about how entertaining you are.

    You idiots are missing the point: Survival! And when it comes down to it, Les is more knowledgable. Bear is just a good for nothing show-off who thinks he’s better than everyone else, but in reality, he couldn’t survive in his own backyard if there wasn’t a camera crew there to supply him with food and make-up. He’d go in his house for food in the middle of the night.

    I’m rooting for Les.

  263. Scott said

    First off let me state that both of these guys are great and I could not do half off what they do. Both of them have their strengths and weaknesses. I think there are things to incorporate from both of the shows. But, that being said, I think Bear would have a better chance. Les goes somewhere and survives for a weak then goes back out(remember, I not saying the he sucks). Bear(awesome name) goes into a situation and gets to civilization(safety), he escapes(probably good at from his E&E training in the SAS), and doesn’t just survive.

    Les’s show would show you to stay where you are and hope somebody comes and gets you. Bear’s show would show you how to get out of where you are and to safety. Bear does things not everybody can or should do, but he doesn’t rely on the hope that somebody will be able to get him.

    I don’t know what they are like of camera. I’ve only seen a piece of behind the scenes on “Survivorman”, and Les goes into the territory where he is going to be before he starts taping and talks with survival experts of the area, I don’t know if Bear does this or not but he probably does a lot of research nevertheless.

  264. berto levario said

    now watching both shows they are both awsome survivalists but if it realy came down to it bear would win

  265. OttawaOzzy said

    The ability to eat a worm, grub, pond scum etc.. does not equal survival skills. Bear is the face and you all look at the ex-military man and swoon. If you dropped both Les and Bear down in Patagonia in a real survival situation (and without the friggin hang glider for corn’s sake) the result is easy to predict. Bear tries to get to civilization and breaks his bloody neck falling off a cliff or some fool crap like that. Les hunkers down builds himself a good shelter and sets up a foraging schedule until help arrives. Oh and his (Les’s) job is made much easier when in his scouting he comes across the remains of Bear and pries that flint from his cold dead hands. Les Stroud wins! IMHO

  266. Zealot said

    Bear is awesome. He’s extremely entertaining and eats everything raw. However, Les Stroud is much more realistic and is completely alone. So, Les has my vote.

  267. Logan said



    FUCK BEAR GRYLLS!!!!!!!!!! He’s a fucking idiot! He’s always doing retarted unecessary things! FUCK HIM AND FUCK ALL YOU BEAR GRYLLS QUEERS!

  269. hahahahahaaha said

    Bear grylls is awesome and so is Les stroud! But come on…one nighters for Bear a full seven days for Les! Les wins hands down!

  270. Topher said

    OK after a year and a half of playing who has the larger one. I say we petition each to a dual.
    A good old fashion American dual. No I am not talking pistols at noon, though that may speed things up. Both want the money and neither want to look bad on TV so I say they together decide to, or the public demands them both to go to the same “area” and see who lasts the longest.

    This would decide the END of this post right?
    Unless one get a boo boo of course.

  271. Scott said

    I agree with Topher. We should. But there will be always somebody that will side with someone. Hey, I like both the shows and both of them have great things to learn from. Somebody will say they have completely different styles so neither could win and blah blah blah.

    I will say this. If you were to drop them somewhere, and not give Bear a camera crew, and not give Les a crew that is about 1-10 miles away at any given time, then there is no telling who will win.

    And who tict off post #268. Or are they just an immature idiot?


    why would bear grylls win? have you ever watched survivorman? Don’t get me wrong bear’s stupidity can be entertaining at times but survivor man would crush him in a challenge…. I honestly have to say you’re FUCKTARD if you think bear grylls would win.

  273. Youseeitmanup said

    I watch both shows, and the bottem line is they do what they do. Survivorman is obviously the logical way to survive situations while Man vs. Wild is more about shock and awe. Bear will do anything and that’s why he draws more of an audience. I mean every show the guy is seriously risking his life with his stunts. I find it more watchable, but Les is still a soldier.

  274. Scott said

    I’m just saying IMO that Bear has a better object to his show. As I have said twice, I enjoy both shows(ps. that means I have seen survivorman). I didn’t say that I agree with how Bear Gyrlls does things, I agree that he shows off a too much and that average person could and should not do a lot of what he does.

    But I’m not going to keep arguing on a blog like this. If you would have a simple civilized debate and not go name calling just because you think Les would win, then I would talk.

    All I have to say is that everybody here should e-mail Discovery and ask for a showdown. Otherwise people will stay on here and worthlessly argue about something that we really and truely have no clue, nor any control over who would win. We can only root for whoever we want to win.

  275. Kim said

    A lot of people say all this crap about Bear being a fake. So what if he stays at hotels, he is actually out there. It’s easy for people to criticize when they are in their homes. But Bear eats all this weird crap, swims in freezing cold water and puts himself in situations to show us what to do if it happens to us.
    He actually teaches us what to do if we are ever in that situation, you actually learn more from Bear. He shouldn’t risk his life to show us what to do, that’s not fair.

  276. Kim said

    Even right there in the article. “Born Survivor is not an observational documentary series but a ‘how to’ guide to basic survival techniques in extreme environments,” the spokeswoman said. ITS FOR EDUCATION PURPOSES!

  277. dave said

    bears definitely…Les does nothing dangerous like bear…going against alligators…Lions…eating scorpions…les eats leaves and weird shit like that…bear climbed the highest mountain in the world…les didn’t…les just sits in the woods and survives there…its stupid…i’d rather hunt and eat a camel than eat leaves like les…bear slept inside of a thats bad ass

  278. dave said

    bears definitely…Les does nothing dangerous like bear…going against alligators…Lions…eating scorpions…les eats leaves and weird shit like that…bear climbed the highest mountain in the world…les didn’t…les just sits in the woods and survives there…its stupid…i’d rather hunt and eat a camel than eat leaves like les…bear slept inside of a thats bad ass…bear is also built..les is all old and hairy n shit it’s nasty

  279. Venom said

    Les Stroud, duh.
    Bears is fake and couldn’t last without his camera crew.

    I don’t care who’s more exciting.
    I just want to know how to survive.

  280. MtnManJoe said

    I have spent Many years doing the Wilderness Survival Thing ( Not is as many exotic environments as Les and Bear – but in some pretty demanding locales .. from New Mexico and Arizona deserts, to High in the Rocky Mountains and all over the Olympic Peninsula )

    In all this time, I have had some pretty harrowing experiences, and a number of true Survival emergencies,

    I can relate to both Les, and Bears apparent method of dealing with these situations.

    For someone highly experienced in back-country travel and living, either method ‘could be’ utilized.
    But – For the average person, caught up in a wilderness survival emergency, I think following the methods demonstrated by Mr. Stroud would give them a much higher possibility of prevailing. ( The more adventurous and risky approach, demonstrated by Mr. Grylls would probably lead to disaster, by the average person.

    I have watched All of the episodes, and have All of the videos by Both Les and Bear, and enjoy them all .. And have gleaned some useful tidbits of information from each and all of them.

    In the contest under consideration here, I will have to go with Les as winner. ( would they Both complete the objective – Yes : -)

    Side Note: I had the pleasure of meeting Les a few weeks ago, when he did his book signing, and ‘Meet and Greet’ at the REI store in Seattle – and had a nice, tho too short, discussion with him about his ‘off the grid’ venture ( which I had similarily done years back ) .. He was gracious, and forthcoming, and seemed to be a hell of a nice guy 🙂

  281. Man said

    Bear is an idiot. That dumbass would die way before the guy from suvivor man. Bear is the biggest fake ive ever seen. Whenever he climbing something its just different angles but really close up. HHMMM i wonder why. Hey guys lets put this guy out into the wilderness and film him acting like every step he takes is the most dangerous thing ever done. By the way. Bear sleeps in a hotel when they are done filming every day. My dad did a rigging job for Bear and on the climbing part of the shoot he would ask my dad a specific question about rock climbing. My dad would tell him and then he would turn to the camera and word for word say exactly what my dad had just told him. stop. ask him another question and so on. anyway ive spent enough time on this bullshit. the guy is just an actor. he has no survival skill whatsoever and if he does its not from years of trekking and that stuff, its from the guy who just barely told him how to do that shit.

  282. Man said

    oh ya and to what kim said. he doesnt risk his life to show us anything. hes obviously in it for the money

  283. Jesse E said

    Are we discussing who is going to show who up or who is more knowledgeable about survival skills in any given situation. I think Les will show the necessary skills to win this competition. When you live in these situations in everyday life as Canadians who spend much time in the outdoors you learn by experience. Les rules!

  284. wilder said

    how can you not vote bear? all les does is show you how to sit on your ass for seven days, while bear, while not alone, actually shows you how to get yourself to safety. bear has been blaimed for recieving help for his crew, why not? he is acutally putting his life in danger for entertainment. i love both of these shows but, given the competition, getting to a certain place rather than just surviving, you cant possibly vote against bear.

  285. Les Jr. said

    I bet if these two were thrown into a survival situation together, it would end in Les Stroud saving Bear’s non-hardcore ass. You can’t even compare these two guys and anyone who knows anthing about the outdoors or survival will agree. All that fake looking climbing, jumping, risk-taking and showing off that Bear does is just nonsense for the cameras to make him look “extreme”. Who is taking the real risks though? Les Stroud is. If he breaks a leg or if there is any emergency, Les is totally alone and there is a high chance of death with nobody to help. No camera crew for comfort. And who really cares if Bear climbed Mt. Everest and how does that make him a better survivor than Stroud? I’m not saying it would be easy or that I could do it, but all real mountaineers know that Everest is not a technical climb and almost any rich tourist with mediocre fitness and bottled oxygen can be dragged up by a guide. I’m curious to know what Les was doing when he was a young buck! Another plus for Les is that he is Canadian. Canadian outdoorsmen live in vast, rugged country with severe climate and large, dangerous wildlife like bears and pumas. Bear’s home country of Britain is about the size of a Canadian lake, the worst weather is rain and fog, and the most feared animal is a raccoon in heat (I do love Britain and Brits though). Anyways, to end my rant I wanted to mention that I just saw a Survivorman episode I had never seen that was in Papua New Guinea and at the end of the episode he gets surprised at his campsite by two serious looking native dudes waving machetes. They ended up inviting him back to their village as a guest of honor for surviving out in the jugle. I don’t know how they knew Les was out there, but apparently this tribe is uncontacted, totally primitive and are CANNIBALS and Les was the first person to ever photograph them. It was insane man. I think if those two natives had brought Bear Grylls back to the village, they would have decided to eat him and that would be hilarious in my opinion.


    “Man,” you have made some very good points and so have many of you. Although I am not very fond of Bear Grylls, he does have some “balls” and does a lot of stunts that Les and many of us would never try to reenact. So you do have to give the man some props. Dave, however, I give you no props… Personally I think you’re an idiot and I would never want to be in a survival situation with you. Dave please tell me about the next time you are in a survival situation, struggling to simply stay alive, and find yourself in a position where you feel like you need to wrestle alligators and kill camels… 😛


    “i love both of these shows but, given the competition, getting to a certain place rather than just surviving, you cant possibly vote against bear.”

    “bear has been blaimed for recieving help for his crew, why not?”

    ^ Bear has been blamed* for receiving* help for his crew. Why not?

    1)Learn how to spell.
    2)Your sentence structure blows. If you are going to persuade people, work on putting your words into logical order… Most of us don’t speak “idiot.”
    3)When you’re lost “getting to that certain place” might be difficult.
    4)You don’t have a camera crew in a survival situation.

  288. goblues! said

    Bear= A FAKE! Les = REAL! end of story lol

  289. John said

    In one episode of survivorman les stroud had walked across a fallen tree to get to the other side of a river…..or so you think! if you look at the tree it had been cut flat on the side he was supposed to have walked on. you can see very very clearly the saw gashes on the tree! i say both bear and les are not the real thing , but i still enjoy watching them.

  290. Jake said

    les stroud is beast

  291. Mike said

    I am a huge Bear fan and also and Stroud fan, just to get this out the way i own both survival books written by the pair. Stoud has a better more humble writing style while still teaching more then Bears, Bears book is still very good however teaching knots very well.
    Back to the subject at hand. You can’t ignore Strouds age but he has done this for years and has been round the block a few times, Bear has done the same as well and is younger but all i can think of is the tortoise and the hare about the race. Drop them in with only the knowledge they already have Stroud would win (but it is close). This is because of his hunter backround and experience. Bear is more likely to harm himself because of his youth and arrogance that only passes with age and so isn’t his fault.
    I think they would actually enjoy working together though; sharing experiences and being chummy.

  292. Kris said

    Wow, whoever said Bear was a wuss is really…deranged. Have you seen half the stuff he does? Climbing UP waterfalls, not to mention absailing down, eating snakes, insects, dead zebras (just to name a few)..I’m sorry if he doesnt light a fire in a ‘manly’ way, or that he stays overnight in a hotel. In Man vs. Wild, the crew SET UP SITUATIONS to show you how to deal with them, so if they’re not filming him sleeping, then why should he sleep in a forest if there’s a hotel within helicopter distance? I love Bear, his show is entertaining and very informative. (I now know how to survive in a desert / African savannah) :P. GO BEAR!

  293. Brianthelion said

    Bear stages everything. He’s a movie actor. C’mon you people wake up. Les has walked the talk. Can you see Liz Taylor in a survival situation? We’re talking Bear Liz here! Les has won already.

  294. Mr. Indestructo said

    berto lavario is gay. he likes bear because it reminds him of naked. Bear Grylls, loser. Les Stroud, winner. Simple. Berto likes Bear because he drinks his own pee. Toxic, Berto, did you know that?

  295. Grizzlysteve said

    I take back everything that I wrote before. Bear Grylls is the looser. The real reason my daughters were laughing is because I like to watch Man vs. Wild NAKED! That’s right super commando. My daughters think that I have the ugliest body they’ve ever seen. So please all of you forgive me. Survivorman Les Stroud wins. He’s the real man. And by the way, I’m called Grizzlysteve because I have hair growing where there shouldn’t be. I apologize to my Proctologist every time that I visit him. So I hope that I have the final say in this debate. LES WINS!!!!!!!! I have to go now,,,,, Bear Grylls and I have a date tonight. Ta Ta for now.

  296. Ashley said

    OK OK OK I know what I said before but I’ve changed my tune. I now sing Les Stroud is the best. I met Bear in a bar…(hey that sounds pretty good), he was apparently shooting an episode at the time, the Australian outback. He said how hot it was out there. He said that he spent at least an hour in the sun that day. He also said that the air conditioner in the luxury RV they use on the set wasn’t really cooling him off enough. After about seven or eight drinks I also noticed that he lost his English accent. He started to sound more like a Ukrainian. He then showed me the medals he tells everyone that he received from special forces. He started crying and said that he had to eat at least a hundred boxes of Cracker Jack to get them. I really started to wonder what he was all about after the waiter brought Bear his ninth drink. He grabbed his butt and said ” Wow, I could have really used this in the Sahara episode.” What REALLY turned me off though was the point at which I dropped my napkin. When I bent down to pick it up I saw Bear’s toes through his sandals. HE PAINTS HIS TOE NAILS. RED!!! At this point I started to gag and got up to leave. As I was leaving I looked over my left shoulder and saw Bear throwing up in someone’s Harvey Wallbanger. When I walked out the door into the parking lot I saw Bear’s crew hanging around his luxury RV. I told them they better go in and get him. But,,, they were all too drunk to walk. I was never so disgusted in all my life. Sooooo, Bye bye, POO Bear. I now know,,,Les is the man. The Real SURVIVORMAN!!!!!!

  297. Elisha said

    Okay, Bear Grylls is totally badass. I will argue that till the day I die. Les Stroud is stupid because one shouldn’t put themself at risk of death for entertainment purposes. Bear puts himself in the situation, but is smart about it. Plus, I mean, come on, Stroud doesn’t look NEARLY as good as Bear does doing the same things. And I don’t think Les wouls squeeze dung for water. Bear would win from completely owning Les in awesomness. Anyone care to argue with me?

  298. K said

    Lol, ok Ashley, i’ll believe that when i see it.. staging an English accent? Haha! That’s hilarious. I can totally see why he’d do that…*cough* I’ll vouch for you Elisha, Bear Grylls is the height of cool.

  299. Jonathan said

    Ok, I’m a Bear Grylls fan and think he would win this contest, but honestly Stroud supporters do you really believe comment #296…its ABSOLUTELY RIDUCULOUS come on. Who wears sandals to a bar these days to begin with. And I highly doubt that no one caught the “fact” that Grylls is actually ukrainian, please, look him up in wiki…born in Britain and studied in Britain.

  300. Jonathan said

    Also, for you Bear Grylls bashers who say that he takes too many risks and is’nt careful enough, did you ever stop to think that maybe the reason that he is less careful is because he has a crew to help him if he does get injured? Put yourself in his shoes…you don’t think that you might be a little less careful if you had a crew with you? I’m sure if Bear was in a real survival situation that he would be much more careful, but Stroud has to be very careful because he is miles and miles away from his crew.(Though in the case of Stroud, I bet he has some sort of GPS tracking device that he presses if gets into real trouble, because the show says that he is all alone in the wild but not all alone with no GPS device …I mean there are some snakes that can kill you in mere hours in Africa, I doubt he would have no means of communication.)

  301. reply to Jonathan said

    comment #296 was all said as a joke. Sure Bear is more dynamic, but not to many people can identify with him because they could never be like him. Les Stroud is more like your average Joe that people could try and immitate by going out on a weekend camping trip. Different strokes for different folks. I like to watch both shows, and take something away from both. What would bring both men to one level and against each other is the Survive-off. Great idea if you could get them both to agree. Each with their own camera crew. Maybe big bucks would do it. It would take more than one show to do it, and I’d pay to see it. Reality TV at its best.

  302. Fake grylls said

    Didn’t Grylls recently fell in a crevice? = Lost already off foolish non surviving.

  303. Elisha said

    Thanks K lol. I’m glad there are some non-dumbasses on the web. I’m just a bit on the mad side that they don’t show Man vs. Wild as much as they use to. I’m hoping for some new episodes. =]

  304. K said said

    Thanks K Thanks K . Hey Elisha I don’t need your patronage. Go suckhole to someone else. I am a dumbass. And hey.. I changed my mind,
    Bear Grylls is a dumbass too.

  305. Mark said

    I’ve seen every eps of each show. Les rules and Bear is a tool!

    Bear knows how to do a lot but he is purely out to make a tv show. He would not be doing this stuff if he were not getting paid and he does his best to fake as much as he can. Even if he is sleeping in the wilderness – he still tries to make every cliff seem taller than it is and pretend he’s close to falling down a hill when he’s not. There are scenes where he is acting like he’s thratened by a snake when the poor animal is clearly just trying to get away from him. How about that alligator he leapt on as if it was about to kill him. that thing was the size of a toy poodle and it too was clearly just trying to escape from him. Then he didn’t even eat it. Bear sucks!

    Les is the opposite. The show might not have as many animal encounters or things like that but that is because it is REAL. And it depicts what it would be like to survive in a place. And Les has been doing survival trips for years even without cameras in adventure races and the like. He loves this stuff and it shows. He appreciates the skill that it takes to really do it. Bear does not.

  306. Mark said

    I didn’t comment on the actual question – clearly I think Stroud would win. It woudl be close at first but the longer the trip gets the more Stroud would dominate. After a week Stroud would be faring better.

    If we had the true survival test of of which would survive the longest in the wild – Stroud would blow Grylls away. Now that I’d like to see! Maybe a test of survival till one of them taps out and says ‘ok i’m done’. I don’t think that will ever happen but it woudl be mighty cool.

  307. Mark said

    Check out this site.
    Bear basically makes an extreme sports show. It’s not survival.
    Les makes a survival show. No comparison as far as who knows more or could survive better.

  308. Dr. Phil said

    To all you phoney Bear Grylls supporters. I want you to make an appointment to see me in my office. I might have enough straight jackets for all of you. I put Grylls in one after he started drinking from camel shit. What Bear does is for the shock effect, not survival, there is a big difference my poor little misguided, naive, uneducated, gullible, sheep. I want you to know and be reassured,that my door is open to you when you finally come to the realization that Bear lives in the land of make believe. What he does is not really there! Check out fake Bear websites, my love starved,, attention hungry little children. I will do my best to help you and bring you back to reality. I give you my best. Dr. Phil McGraw

  309. David said

    Bear owns lesbo…not even a comparison. Les openly admits he uses experts and doesnt know DICK about regions outside of canada…see season 2, espisode 7 behind the scenes, so claiming is bear is fake for that reason is retarded.
    Whats the difference between the crew coming in after a show, somehow finding all les’s cameras (if you pay attention he makes jokes about his crew finding them), and just having a camera guy with you? nothing but a crappy video.
    Les’s episode in the swamps…. If you listen to ANYTHING he says about the swamp, you would have to be an idiot. I live FL, and I have hunted and explored a LOT of swamps, the crap he pulled in the swamplands of georgia is 100% crap and pathetic.
    Saying Bear cant light a fire as well as les is dumb. claiming bear takes to many risks is even dumber. His point is to show you how to survive the worst case scenerio, as if you didnt have a choice but to climb.Its better to prepare for the worse than to ignore it. It’s also a LOT better than watching les camp out playing his harmonica waiting to be rescued…which is funny, his show cant decide whether to camp out, hike out, or just roam around.

    • Glenn said

      Okay, have fun climbing around like a monkey, drinking water out of shit, or even better, taking a piss in your only uncontaminated water container. You are an idiot. I would never want to be out in the wilderness with any Bear Grylls fan. A big part of being in a survival situation is deciding whether you want to wait where you are, find a better spot or try to get out. You have obviously not been in a real survival situation.

  310. Dr. Phil said

    Do you know where Canada is DAVE? DUH???? Does the word north mean anything to you? To survive in the swamps what do you eat???? YA”LL your cousins?? Tell me DAVID? Does your mother look like your sister???? Read my previous letter, You need help. I don’t think that I could help you but reality is something your going to have to search for,,my little rubbertitlian pile of iniquity. But it’s OK your hat isn’t on backwards,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,your just facing the wrong way…..

  311. David said

    Dr. Fail, are really that ignorant, or just searching for attention? I’m sorry I crushed your hero, and I wont bother you again. You can go camp out in the ditch and wack off to your les photos.

    • Lex Luther said

      HEY DAVID your dialogue just shows how fart ass stupid you are, mamma’s little suck job.No worries DADDY”S gonna straighten you up with a real good ass kicking,

  312. scooby said

    “Saying Bear cant light a fire as well as les is dumb. claiming bear takes to many risks is even dumber. His point is to show you how to survive the worst case scenerio, as if you didnt have a choice but to climb.Its better to prepare for the worse than to ignore it. It’s also a LOT better than watching les camp out playing his harmonica waiting to be rescued…which is funny, his show cant decide whether to camp out, hike out, or just roam around.”

    No, Bear in many cases has a choice and chooses something way too risky and dangerous. Not the best way to survive.
    While some of you may think Bear’s show is more entertaining, Les is the better survivor. It’s not about who is in better physical shape. If that were the case, there’d be much more competition.
    Oh, and I agre that Bear is a drama queen. Too much grunt-talking. I don’t know if he’s constipated or what.

  313. Alec said

    My school is having a huge debate which one is better. Whoever Takes Bears side says that he is more entertaining than survivorman but everyone for Les says that he is more of a survivor because he does not have a camera crew or been rumored to “stay at hotels” while on a survival misson. And i think it is true that if you take away Bears flint then he wont be able to make fire.
    Bear is a drama queen and he is not a true survivorlist.
    Les Rocks

  314. K said

    Wow, ‘K Said’. Nice work…
    Didn’t realise Bear Grylls vs. Les Stroud was such a touchy subject for you lol..

  315. Gammax said

    This is why most of you shouldn’t even be talking. Lighting a fire is not brain surgery, and should be common knowledge to anyone that hikes, camps, hunts, or has been a boyscout. Claiming Bear cant, after he has in several of his episodes, is pretty stupid. Even Les uses flint here and there. Les even uses stranger objects that you “might” have when you are in the the bike parts he used, or the barrels he built a shelter with. (how many people will have a air balloon with them when they are lost in the jungle, or anywhere for that matter? He loses just on that note)
    Bear assumes you have no choice but to rappel or climb, and the point of survival is to be prepared for the worst. Claiming he’s risky is ignorant.
    Even if bear used a hotel, I bet you at some point les has too, and he almost always gets a ride out instead of finding civilization…they are both great outdoorsman, and les doesn’t deserve to be called anything but bear’s equal.

    heh, I think just commenting about this subject shows that I’m the retard.

  316. Jake, here, hey Gammax said

    Les has too?!?… Hotel??? It’s documented,,, impposible!! Do you understand anything about, plagiarism???,, Gammax?? Putting it on INTERNATIONAL T V ?? Inform yourself! Watching Hell’s Canyon,,,,,DID YOU SEE IT?? Were you watching???? There is a break in the filming,, because Bear couldn’t even start a fire with a flint stick!!!! You’re right Gammax, you are a retard,! ! ! especially if you think Bear can even equal..what’s real,,,,..your srraka! !, that stinks,, that’s real!!……If I hurt your feelings, well too bad..get over it,, Get informed, before you post anything on http://WWW... The Air baloon was a case senario. Missed that? Were you, not, listening?? OH, I apologize, for the out burst,,,(yeah right) but,.. The reason the world is in such a mess, is because of you! people like you ! have to stop,, reason and annalize, why things are, the way they are. Are you attracted by glitz and glamour of what you see,,, or,,,,by what they are? truth,,, and reality??? MAN VS WILD episodes are being shown less, and LES,,, LES,, . pardon the truth..(SURVIVORMAN),,,…is on more,,and more. The truth lives on. HEY!!! Give your opinions, whatever they may be… Anyone with a measure of intelligence will understand the difference between the two…………………………………………………………………………….

  317. Robert Dunnar said

    I came here a fan of Les Stroud, but after reading the rude and ignorant comments, like Jake’s, I had to question myself. What the Bear Fan’s are saying pretty much debunks the Les Fans. Survivorman started a the end of Man Vs Wild’s season, hence you are seeing more of Survivorman for now.
    Jake, I suggest that if you can’t comprehend what the others are saying, you shouldn’t call people them retarded. You only make yourself the fool.

  318. Jake said

    Sorry Robert, I was only agreeing with Gammax. Sorry Gammax, I don’t think that you are a retard. I am not a fool Robert, I know exactly when both seasons started. I like them both. I watch them both. I apologize for sounding rude. We are all lovers of the outdoors. We are all survivorlists. I love Bear, I love Les, I love Gammax, and I love you Robert.

  319. Susan said

    Don’t apologize Jake. I’ve known Robert for years. He’s not sure if he’s coming or going. What you said is true.

  320. Robert Dunnar said

    Hey Susan, you promised not to expose me. I can’t comprhend what I can’t comprehend, Do you comprehend? Last night my mother lost me in Walmart, I cried until the clerk to me to lost and found. That’s where I found my grandma. I survived. I think I deserve a lollipop or somthing. How about some bear paws? Jake I love you too. you are my homo, ,,I mean hero. `

  321. Chris said

    Bear’s show is very entertaining to watch and to do some of the stuff that he does requires skill and balls. He shows you a ‘how to’ and not an actual survival situation. Les’ show is not as entertaining to watch, but he is out there with nothing but camera gear and he has to find his own food. Both shows are great, but they are very different in nature. To claim one show is better than the other is on very little ground. Those people ridiculing others just cause they like one over the other are idiots. I personally don’t know who would win the race. I like watching Bear’s show better, but I like Les’ technique – real time survival.

  322. Chris said

    Les Stroud can play the harmonica and build a flamethrower from a fallen hot air balloon. Enough said.

    Bear Grylls is young. He therefore THINKS that he is invincible and that can do anything. He has no knowledge, and nearly not as much wisdom as Les. Les is older than him, and Surviorman show is much more comprehensible, exciting, and realistic. It seems like the vast majority of Man vs. Wild fans are ex-military or military dumbasses, or females (self-explanatory), who couldn’t do anything better with their lives.

    Survivorman is the real deal, Man vs. Wild should be canceled. Even the name of Man vs. Wild reflects dumbass Bear’s careless attitude and lack of survivability.

  323. Shirley said

    Well hey Chris, like I totally agree with you, like almost. I am a female and a like 10+ blonde. It’s totully like unfare that people think that we ar like all dumm. For exampul, One day I like, broke my leg when I was raking leeves….Like nobody told me that I was supoosed to wait for them to fall out of the trees…..Bear Grills also like totully awsumes me out when he like grunts all the time,,totully rad man.. like he’s like moving a big one. …like i think too, that i coud out servive anyone if like the finish line was a shopping mall…like you know. ……….buy for now, like i have to go and paint my nails..survive on dudes… or is it duds?….oh well like, buy.

  324. anthony said

    Some of u people r so naive, prove to me that les stroud doesn’t receive help. It’s hollywood baby and u never what goes on when the cameras are off. and ur all missing the point of bears show, it evens shows a disclaimer at the beginning of the show he is presented situations and such to SHOW ALL U IGNORANT PEOPLE HOW TO GET OUT ALIVE IF UR IN THAT SITUATION. and no matter wut u say, u can’t fake all the badass things he does on camera and how he catches crocodiles, catfish, and giant lizards. yeah some of the stuff he does is risky, but do u think he would be doing all that stuff if he was seriously trying to survive? remember, HE DOES THEM ON PURPOSE.

  325. Anthony said

    DUH!…..sorry, too much inter marriage..I an’t two smrt…DUH..illeterate.

  326. Mario said

    While the subject matter may be similar, these are truly different shows. Most of us have not been trained by the Special Forces, setting Grylls apart. I feel I relate more to Stroud, because he is more like the rest of us. Admittedly, Stroud is not perfect, he makes mistakes, but most of us are likely to make mistakes in survival situations as well.

    I have no lack of respect for either survivor show host, but I tend to favor Stroud simply because of the fact that he has to film the whole thing himself. Hauling 55-60 pounds of camera gear makes your caloric requirement increase faster than transporting your own body weight. It is very hard to argue that point.

    As far as criticisms I have read concerning mistakes either men have made, I disagree with almost all on the grounds that unless one has actually been in a survival situation, one cannot comment. It is difficult how one may act when faced with life or death survival.

  327. Officier Jean ( French Foreign Legion ) said

    I heard that survivorman is a zoophile. He likes to go alone without a camera crew so he can satisfy all his zoosexual needs.

  328. officer Jean (French Foreign Leigion) said

    I should know because being French I’m a pervert expert. In the leigion we did a lot of bending over exercises. Part of our survival training included putting our own panties over our heads and taking deep breaths. I would always pass out from my own rip ass smell. In my previous writing I have to apologize what I wrote, because I haven’t got a clue what a zoophile is. My girl looks like a gorilla so maybe it just got me off saying that. In the legion we get to pick our own camels. They ask me if I want a one hump camel or a two hump camel. I told them to give me one with no humps. I SAID I’LL HUMP IT MYSELF. So they gave me one whose name was HUMPHRY. As I said I’m a slap sucking perv. They should give me the electric chair.

  329. Mr. T said

    HEY OFFICER JEAN Blow it out the left side! I’ll give u the electric chair. Zoo creep u talk stupid

  330. The Real Officier Jean ( French Foreign Legion ) said

    Message 328 is not Officier Jean. In fact i think that survivorman took my identity to write this message.

  331. Really Officer Jean (French Foreign Legion) said

    Message 330 Is not officer Jean. He’s a fake. I am the real officer Jean. I know survivorman doesn’t need anyone elses identity. He has found his own in the wild. I’m just wild…….and crazy.

  332. bear grylles said

    bear grylles is going to kick les strouds but very hard that he is going to bleed bear grylles rules f y i les strouds complains alot

    • Lex Luther said

      Hey FRENCHIE, si vous piss, You want to see some kicking bring your smelly fat brown French ass on over I’ll have a fire hose ready to wash all the croussant shaped cacked on shit. you is ugly boy learn the Cannadian language. It’s not French homey

  333. Officier Jean Lieutenant ( French Foreign Legion ) said

    I had both bear grylls and les stroud under my conmendment and les stroud used to suck bear grylls in the wood, the desert, in a storm every where. He was stuck on his cock litteraly. That’s why we kicked them out of the army.
    I think bear grylls got tired of this cock sucker so les stroud took his revenge on animals. I have a video of les stroud raping a pinguin in the blizzard.

    • Lex Luther said

      YOU PIG GET YOUR HRAD OUT OF YOU ASS Jean, isn’t that a girls name, you a faggott Jeanny? Paint your ugly farken bugger toes.

  334. Mr. T said

    332 333 You Queer. Learn the English language you’re costing tax payers billions of dollars. Foul mouthed, scum, retard brain, idiot. Does your mommy turn on your computer for you, fool. Listen micro dick, my computer associates and I have found your location. When we arrive we will open up a large can of Whup Ass…………No use trying to hide frog farmer, to find you all we have to do is…………………follow the smell of shit.

  335. Gofer said

    Bear Grylls wygra jest najlepszy Les nie zdobyl mount everest 4x a Bear TAK

  336. Mr. T said

    Hey Gofer,…YOU THE MAN. You speak my kind of language. …. Robert..Veen yeh durnay sraka. Officer Jean…veen moushnou choomu moye srakuu.. Ya lubyou Les… Bear, veen yeh veleke heemno…………………………….Gammax…..veen yeh veleke bouchka. Shlav trafit Gammax… TE srow holyeda………… WOW….now I feel good.

  337. ScottyB said

    I love how all of these little girls and teenage fanboys shout ‘bear bear bear!’ because ‘he’s a badass’ and ‘omgwtf his hair is so dreamy!’ – I hate to break it to you, but that doesnt make him a survivalist it makes him ‘pretty’. On to the fact that he’s never gone out alone or actually done anything himself without the help of real experts (im sure the guys he takes with him are probably on Stroud’s level and that’s why our little british pussy feels nice and safe out in the big scary world!).

    I also adore how many of the bear grylls fanclub members keep mentioning ‘when did les climb mt everest?!’ answer : who cares? Much like on his show, bear was surrounded by guides, other climbers, media. Climbing mt. everest does not equal surviving by anyone’s measure, especially when you take into account that there are MANY mountains that have much higher difficulty ratings to the summit than everist.

    If I actually wanted someone who knows what they’re talking about, isnt afraid to do it themselves and would actually be able to SURVIVE any environment, well I think you’d have to be nearly retarded not to pick Les Stroud a true survivor and not whiney mcdouchecake grylls.

    Perfect example : Bear walking across the arctic ice/snow, falls right into a crack but luckily he’s tied off to the camera man so he doesnt fall to his hilarious and arrogant death. Les – out there by himself being CAREFUL about his steps so that kind of newbie mistake doesnt kill him. So without his camera man, bear = dead (many times over) while Les all by himself out there manages to survive every time.

    • Mr T. said

      SCOTTY B…. The Truth Has Been Spoken. Well said. No one with any measure of intelligence can disagree………………………………………………………………..Pity the fool who does!

  338. Recon said

    Gotta agree with Scotty B and Mr.T, Les is much more practical
    than Bear. Bear is flash, which is cool to watch but unrealistic in survival situations. If you watch his show he takes some very
    stupid risks which would get the average non British Special Forces person in big trouble.
    Les packs his own equipment, has no crew and is truly alone, it makes a huge difference. His advice is for the average person. No he’s not as entertaining to watch as Bear
    free climbing a cliff face but the average person trying stuff
    like that in a survival situation would have his bones bleaching
    at the bottom of some canyon.

  339. Lt. Dan said

    I’m a retired U.S. Army Ranger. I’ve been through SERE training (look it up – it sucks). I’ve worked with members of the British S.A.S. Before you start bagging on Mr. Grylls’ ability, do your homework. Sure, Mr. Stroud has some skills that are very useful in staying alive when stranded. Mr. Grylls has most of these same basic skills. Anybody that has been in the military learns most of these skills. Whether they retain this information is a different story. Besides, I’m willing to bet that most of the people responding here have never even gone camping, and if they have, it was at a prepared campground in a pop-up camper. None of you would last more than a day or two without access to your TV and computer, your fully stocked refrigerator and microwave oven. Your arguments have little to no bearing other than your OPINION about who you find more entertaining. You have no knowledge of the skills actually needed to survive other than what you have seen on TV.
    Besides, aren’t they both supposed to travel the length of Hokkaido and have entertaining/humorous escapades? From what both have shown on their respective shows, and has been repeated in the previous post, Mr. Grylls is more entertaining and typically is moving towards his objective whereas Mr. Stroud is “camping” and doesn’t go anywhere. From the parameters set out for this hypothetical scenario, Mr. Grylls would be the “winner.” Besides people, none of this, nither the TV shows (Man vs. Wild or Survivorman) or this scenario, are actually real. Now get off your candy ass and go outside and see the real world.

    • Glenn said

      to Lt. Dan, first, nice reference to Kurt Russell. I have spent a good amount of time in actual survival situations. Other than Countless backpacking trips (where evertyhing I have is literally on my back) I have also found myself alone and lost in the wilderness. I can honestly say that I would NEVER listen to Grylls advice, unless I wanted to be killed or injured badly. Sure he is entertaining but when it comes to survival Les by far gives better advice and uses much more sound judgment, without a crew and a hotel to stay in I do not believe Grylls could even make it out alive in this one (that is if he behaves how he does on his show). If either one would survive I put my money on the calm clear headed Les. Also please provide evidence for Survivorman being fake. There is a ton of evidence of this for Man-vs-Wild, even the show itself admits it.

  340. Mr. T said

    LT. DAN…. DO YOUR HOMRWORK…………..Obviously you have not watched a Survivorman episode………..On every episode he does not “Camp out” at the location that he is dropped off at…He uses his knowledge and experience to walk out of, or away from an area where no one could survive. He has travelled miles to a location of safety, TAKING A WEEK TO DO SO! carring 70 lbs. of camera equipment. Then the search is on to find him. Or he walks his own way out. Not a short time of 48 hrs or less like Bear Grylls…..having supervision like a parent over a child. Recently on the Letterman show, he said he was injured on one episode where his collar bone was broken and was sticking through his shoulder….Without supervision he would have been “DEAD”…..His own words…That’s not suviving Lt. Dan………..That’s Dead…Man…I’d take your bet, and Les Stroud would win…and so would I..Dead men don’t win…… I’ve done my homework, I’ve had survival training and I’ve been in survival situations. I also know the inside workings and have connections with Suvovorman. When you say Man vs Wild is not real, you are correct. When you say Suvivorman is not real you are demonstrating an IRRESPOSSIBLE spew of ignorance.. Bout time You retired, or…was it a discharge? Now get off your candy ass and go and get another beer……………….Like I said I PITY THE FOOL!

  341. MR> R said

    LT. DUM………..I MEAN Dam….Do you give any thought at all as to what you put D O W N in writing???………. your so called stint with the U.S. army as a Ranger, holds no more water with Americans., than if you were a 3rd degree honorary boy scout with cookie ribbons,plastic medals,and a certificate of hemmoroidal reduction accomplishment in Kinosha Wisconssin………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..I looked up your training credentials as you suggested…….LISTEN MAN YOU COULDN”T EVEN CHANGE MY GRANDDAUGHTER”S diapers…(recon recon?)….help!…………………………………………………………………….Listen MAN if you are now retired …you can now reflect on all your useless years of learning what?…… , , . . . . nothing. NOW HAVING SAID all that. I just want to say …..that ….. any one who has no knowledge .. information ……common sense…..regarding survival or……………relationships…………………………………………………….love connections………………………………………………………………………….or human bonding…………………………………………………….contact an expert in his field….That Man is Mr. Fred Rogers……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………He could make it any where!

  342. Conan late nite said

    LISTEN LT. DUD…uh Dan?……………..I have been through all of your special forces training, and as you have already said, ” It couldn’t train a 12 year old to strap on her own BRA!!,,,,OOWW!! Listen couch worm pull the remote from your scraka and tune in to the learning channel where you may learn the real facts of life. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….remember retarded,,,,,I mean retired soldier boy help is on the way. !@#!@#$@#$%#%^&&^**&(*UU

  343. Conan late nite said

    LT. DAN ………Moron ……..Stupid …..kiss my chovakiss…………….

  344. les who? said

    haha ok ya les shows you how survive butt thats all he does he just sits there and waits to get rescued wat are the odds of somebody findin you in time before your dead not great bearshows you how to get out of a place and live … ok before each bear show it tells the viewers that bear shows you how to get out or survive stituations and that yes things are pressented to him to show the viewer how to deal with a situation if you have that option yes he goes out and does things that could cause you to die because everybody who is smart can go down a nice hillside or find a spot to get around it bear shows you how to handle a situation if you have to do it. ok ya les can make fires easily and can trap things on good days butt thats all he does and he just sits on his butt and does nothin how is that showin you how to survive other situations it doesnt it shows you one way and one way only and with this challenge to see who could get there first bear would win why cuase he actually does that besides sittin in one spot like les o and CONAN LATE NITE AND MR> R AND MR. T

    • Steve said

      Ok if you knew anything about survival, and im not saying I do. Your technically supposed to sit in one spot until rescued or until you have to move. Les demonstrates this well. If your constantly moving around how will they ever find you, this comes down to having a cool head and making the right decisions and this is EXACTLY what les does. And he doesnt move on a whim either, he always contemplates and questions himself whether to move or not, and he always does move he doesnt just sit there. Bear doesnt show you jack except how to severely injure or kill yourself. Why dont you read my post down further and you’ll be enlightend. If you follow bears advice i guarantee you’ll find yourself in an even much worse predicament then you already would be in. You follow les and you’ll have a much greater chance of surviving and being found.

  345. les who? said

    wat on earth is with the ……. every where it makes your statements look so………………………………………………… stupid

  346. CanukBoy said

    Hey, I’m not a lumberjack, but I can fall a tree..(does Bear Grills know what a chain saw is?)
    I don’t live in an igloo…but I can make one (does Bear even know what snow looks like?)

    I dont live in the bush… but I do have a cottage, on a lake…
    in the middle of nowhere (No Tubes or lorries out here Bear!)

    I was fishing camping and bush-wacking by the time I was 10…like most Canadians
    (and Bear was playing cricket at the boys academy??)

    I am Canadian!!!
    And so is Les….(who can also play a mean guitar and harp!!!very cool)

    If this competition ever did take place …about the second day ole Les would be having a feast …

    of Bear Grill’ed…
    (sorry Bear no Tea and crumpets!)

  347. gabroit said

    I bet that even les is receiving help from time to time (maybe less than bear), but really, who cares? watching so much tv, if you remember some of their lessons while you are trying to survive, is a gain situation… anyways i think Jason Bourne would killem both and survive any scenario hahaha. Cheers lads

  348. Steve said

    Alot of you people are forgetting the point. Yeah in certain episodes, Les has quite an arsenal of equipment with him. (Stroud fan here) Les creates realistic scenarios. His situations are real, chances are you would normally be equipped with some of those supplies he carries and if not your an idiot. Such as Labrador. Those cabins were built there for a reason, for anyone travelling through and needs shelter, how many people go treking into labrador without any gear at all? And who finds themselves in the kalahari desert with no gear at all? You really think anybody with half a brain would travel through there with no water, obviously some of you are dumb enough to do that since your blasting him about it. Yeah lets travel through a 100+ degree dessert with no water. The Amazon, “Oh he had a prebuilt hut he sucks.” Did you even look at that hut? No walls, hardly a roof, and whatever was crawling on the ground was crawling up there too. And going to the village because he was being prowled by a jaguar? I suppose you would just sit there and try to pet the thing. He’s not about to be mauled by a jaguar for us, I know i wouldnt. Now Bear, wait sorry, Ed, I commend him for his service in the military and climbing everest, but he is not realistic and will get somebody killed. First off, he does so much jumping and running around expending energy like an idiot. He is a horrible trapper, as most of his animals are supplied by the local villages. Having a lifevest hidden underneath his shirt, thats gonna get somebody killed. Ive seen him dive head first into a lake without even guaging the depth of the water, yeah real smart. He has done great things in his life. But his show is total crap IMO. Its all for entertainment and if this is what you like then fine. I for one appreciate a real show. Les may whine about being tired and hungry, I’m pretty damn sure you would be too in his situation. Being by yourself in a situation like that not only takes a toll on you physically but mentally as well. Ed always has someone to talk to. Les is completely alone, lugging around 50lbs of camera equipment with him, that is badass. Haha like someone said before me, Les is the kinda guy I could have a beer with. I can relate to him well and he’s not full of himself and tries to show off to the public. All in all, Les is the true survivalist. When he was first married him and wife spent a year in the brush, built a cabin with absolutely no manufactured tools. His advice has also saved a few people who found themselves stranded. If I had to get stranded with either one of them, Les hands down. And me being a blues buff myself we could jam out a bit too.

    • MR. T said

      YEAH, AMEN, Best comments written so far. I hope the idiot who wrote his comments in space 344 and 345 read what Steve said here. That is if the idiot can read. Or if he’s still alive, after following Grylls’ advice. I pity him, the fool! I also have something for the fool!!…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  349. Debbie said

    berto lavario is a girl scout.

  350. Debbie said

    berto lavario is a girl scout. Les who eats do do

  351. HOARK said

    berto lavario thinks his ass is a flower pot.

  352. HOARK said

    JONATHAN, you watch too many cartoons. Bear? C’mon freak, get those hemroids looked after.

  353. Johathan said

    JOHNATHAN HERE!! Listen all you doubters,I’ve had more experience in the outdoor world than BIG FOOT or BIG ASS MAMMA TIA lo PREzTI. Yo!22she got homemy sraka. Listen pfcklibrun. you goin D O W N.. rp uff yo head yo go n down ..

  354. red said

    To really decide the one you would rely on for survival, place yourself in a situation with someone you love (wife, child, etc.). Im sure it would be really flashy to build a ladder out of vines or bamboo such as Bear would do, but it would be safer and more practicle to find a way around such as Les would do. Both men would no doubt do well in any situation but for a normal family to try some of the Bear methods, i dont think would be practical, because most of us arent Special forces trained. My pick is Les for his mere mortal survival techniques.

    • Mr. Practical said

      ABSOLUTLEY RED. Man vs. Wild is also scripted. Even so, with the number of injuries he has received, Bear has proved the point, Don’t do what I do or you won’t survive. He has had staff and crew members right there when he’s done something foolish, otherwise HE WOULD HAVE DIED. Anyone else in a survival situation would not have that help. Throughout history man has followed people like Bear Grylls to their death. That’s their choice. Real survivors recognize the tactics of Les Stroud. If we really want the truth on this, send along 10 ordinary men with Bear and 10 with Les. See how many with each group come back. Who would you want to be with?? Who’s the real survivor? Now, for good reason RED is my fovorite color.

  355. Chris Chew said

    Can’t people distil what is practical and what is made for tv??
    Both guys are obviously experts but have a different style of show. Bear’s show is more sensational and entertaining, while Les’ show is more realistic but not as exciting.

    Just because their shows have a certain style doesn’t mean they would act EXACTLY like that in a REAL survival situation. Bear would tone down his style without a camera in his face – I’m sure he didn’t descend Everest on a toboggan! Obviously a lot of the stuff he does on camera is to make people watch. All the Bear haters out there hold that against him as unrealistic – maybe, but they watched him doing it, which is exactly why he did it. Some of his tips (like finding north) are practical, while others (like drinking from an elephant shit) are for television. If you don’t have the brain power to decide what is practical, then no amount of survival advice is gonna save you.

    • Chew This Chris said

      Both shows are on TV, you fat moron. While decending Everest (Bear is on tv right now in an interview) Bear said a number of men died. Don’t you get it. Chew head. Dead. Would you want to be with a guy who can’t save others. and nearly looses his own life. Go with him CEWBAKA and come back a dead SRAKA! Can’t learn some people nuthin. So you’re impressed because he knows which way is north. Big freakin deal. He’ll never make it with 2 broken legs and arms. Get it! Duh! His show is scripted, can you read idiot. Think you’ve been distilling to much rot gut shit. Make no sense homey. By the way it was camel shit stupid. One more time Bear is scripted. Do you understand. And he still srews up. But dummies like you are soo impressed. Take that sucker out of your mouth and go watch you cartoons pimple picker, I can hear your mother calling you.

      • Chris Chew said

        Dear me, it’s scary that there are people out there as ignorant as you. Your struggles with spelling and grammar alone are evidence of that.
        Bear conquered Everest which gives him a credibility that none of your red neck trash can ever blemish. I doubt you realise that someone dies for every ten successful ascents of Everest. Only a fool would blame the deaths in Bear’s party on him without having an inkling about what happened on the mountain. You obviously haven’t read his book ‘The Kid who climbed Everest’. Perhaps when the picture book version comes out you might get around to it?
        Did I ever say that his show wasn’t scripted? No, I did not, but you wrongly thought I did. To someone with common sense, his show clearly has to be for him to do such daring feats. Only a gullible, dull mind believes that what it sees is exactly how it must be. Alas, that is you. Why do you think it is that you always seem to draw the wrong conclusions? Your anger at Bear is actually your anger at yourself for being so naive, which makes you feel stupid, which unfortunately you are.
        Oh and one last thing, Bear drank from elephant dung in the African Savannah. You need to check your facts before you parade your ignorance so blatantly. Perhaps you could google it at your trailer park internet cafe?
        Now I expect a mispelled, grammatically poor, expletive-laden reply from you to confirm my suspicions that you are a dim wit incapable of rational discussion. Please don’t disappoint me.

  356. Chris Chew said

    I wanted to make clear when I said don’t disappoint me, I really meant that you turn me on and I want to meet with you. You turn me on more than Bear. I want to admit before the whole world that I am a flaming homosexual. A love turkey. Please tell me where you are so that I can rush into your arms. Please don’t disappoint me.

    • Chris Chew said

      Very funny. Here’s something else that’s funny. A guy who climbs Everest and crosses the North Atlantic in an inflatable boat gets criticised by another guy who isn’t even brave enough to use his own name on an email. LMFAO

  357. Eric said

    Whatever said
    August 13, 2007 at 7:27 pm

    Bear Grylls looks like a cool person and would probably be a nice guy to have a beer with, but his show is phonier than a three dollar bill. His advice is also total crap; you’re better off doing anything but what he says.

    Sorry to disillusion you Mr. Chew. Check out youtube Eric said
    December 28, 2008 at 1:46 pm
    I think this pretty much decides it for me …

    Watch!!! YouTube -Bear Grylls fake?!

    If he lies only once, how can you believe anything that he says? His book is not the Bible. Is it ok if your wife cheats only once? All of your self indulgent articulate speach won’t change that my friend.

    • Chris Chew said

      yeah i’ve seen that clip before Eric. The staging of situations in his series is well known – that’s what happens when things get made for tv. Pretty much every documentary/reality tv show does that for the benefit of ratings.

      My point was that in a real survival situation Bear would not be doing that kind of stuff because he wouldn’t have the back up to take those risks. To me, the fact that he’s climbed Everest and crossed the North Atlantic means that in real life death situations he knows what he’s doing. You just can’t achieve those things by luck.

  358. Mr. Practical said

    Contract obligations prevent me from disclosing my real name. NOT BRAVE ENOUGH? Do you know what a cage fighter is Mr. Chew? Neither you nor Bear Grylls could survive for one minute doing what I do! There is no cheating, no lying, no running away to a fancy Motel! I am the REAL DEAL BOY! So stop passing me your fancy horse shit. Is your daddy a politician? and by the way, right on Eric.

    • Chris Chew said

      Wow, that contract obligation excuse was soooo lame. You should have claimed to be a superhero with a secret identity – that would have been more credible.
      So maybe you’re a cage fighter and you knocked someone out. Well I’m an ER doctor who saves the lives of people who unnecessarily get knocked out and bleed into their brain. I’m not sure why you rate yourself so highly in the bravery stakes. I’m the one who is literally dealing with life and death everyday.

      • Mr. Practical said

        Really? I am now speachless. I respect what you do. Takes commitment..must make you think, there has to be a better life, than what exists now..

  359. Mr. M said

    Contract obligations prevent me from disclosing my real name. NOT BRAVE ENOUGH? Do you know what a cage fighter is Mr. Chew? Neither you nor Bear Grylls could survive for one minute doing what I do! There is no cheating, no lying, no running away to a fancy Motel! I am the REAL DEAL BOY! So stop passing me your fancy horse shit. Is your daddy a politician? and by the way, right on Eric.

  360. asdf said

    You put way too much emphasis on the fact that hes from Canada. I live in Canada and it’s harder to get killed on purpose then survive. As for out of his element in the heat, I go to India every summer and quickly get used to the weather change. I would still give the win to Les Stroud considering the fact that Bear always has a crew with him and is constantly criticized for the help they give him off screen.

  361. dave said

    i think bear will win because im a bigger fan of his show than les’s show. Also i dont see les climbing mountians and sliding down them or jumping into water falls. Lastly les has more equiptment than bear so its not that fair.

    • grymsurvivor said

      how so, in his shows the most he really has, is his pocket tool, camera gear, and what little he brings with him, usually just small stuff, like a few bites of jerky, or what not. not like he has a flint, though he has used one 2 or 3 times, i have all 3 seasons, but in anycase, the point must be made time after time, how about this, just go to youtune, and search bear grills fake, i really do not think this needs to go any farther then it has, 362 replies… i mean when is it decided? and les did not quit, he is doing other things, he has his newest show survive this, think that is a really good one, and he is the creator of a couple other shows. les is the smarter of the 2, he plans, bear, just fakes crap, and sleeps in motels. just do the youtube thing, you will see how lame bear really is. and lets all just let this thing end with les as the winner.

  362. Hoak said

    LES STROUD Winner! Bear Grylls, FAKE!!

  363. Eric said Bear Grylls Fake. Dr. Chew. QUACK.

  364. Andrew said

    Ok, first off this false challenge has two very different people involved. Bear Grylls is an actor whos good in front of a camera crew. Les stroud is a survival expert who has extensive survival experience, hence snowshoes and solitude. Stroud could build a fire underwater and grylls would be screwed if you took his bic lighter away. i kno someone who seen grylls in arizona filming a show that he said he was in south america! In conclusion grylls would starve if it wasnt for his crew feeding him and builing his shelters.

  365. Mike said

    All the bickering for no reason..

    The Answer = SIMPLE:

    Les would grub a few bugs once the bugs ran out after he ate em all he’d complain himself to death and since he’s lazy and doesn’t believe in moving they’d eventually find the maggots from his own carcass feeding on him for a change.

    Bear would survive one time too many until one of those slippy slippys got the better of the bear and wind up being scraped of the bottom of some crevice or gorge.

    The result one boring moron becoming dinner to all the things he dined on and the other while an entertaining moron would certainly find no entertainment in the slippy that finally slips em all the way down.

    The next moron will flat out get rejected for a show after these two screw it all up and the bear-les law is enacted banning supposed shows from showing tv viewers survival tips that can potential wind up making others meet the same fate as the first two.

    Mears will smugly be chewing on some beef jerky telling camp jokes well into his old age while miserable and still looking ever bit like surviving dork he is.

  366. ekim said

    WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT! bEAR bugs , slippy slip bear 0- les scraped. enacted banning no yes moron. Mears is my mother. beef jerckey dork . camp jokes. don’t swith drugs too often,,,it can kill you.

  367. Tim said

    One time I met surviver man in the rain forest, it was pretty sick. We were just chillin have some tea. Then some parrots came and scared surviver man away. It was pretty bad ass.

  368. Tim said

    It fucking happened. If parrots could type on the internet, they’d tell you it happened.

  369. TIM'S mother said

    NOW TIM, How did you get out of your locked closet? We told you about using bad language, you dumb ass bastard. It’s a product of a sick mind. We’re going to have to tell your doctor, and he’ll put you back in the phsyc. ward my perverted little homo son. By the way it’s survivor,stupid. Your grade 2 education did you no good did it retard. And no more eating live parrots sicko.

  370. Tim's Father said

    Tim, We caught you wearing your mother’s Bras once too often. Now it’s back into the closet with you, you disgraceful little perverted homo sucktard fartass. I’ve already notified Bear Grylls and he’s agreed to come down and reveal to you his…or hers…womanhood. He wants to straighten you out.. Yes I’m sorry to break it to you son,, but,,it’s a, or, he’s a,, hoot. A toot. a formafladite. A titty micky. A switcher, a funny boy. A Timmy licky. So the only solice I can offer you is to go into your closet and count your pubes,,all two of them….That should take you all night retard. In the morning I promise we will let you out again to have breakfast with the pigs, like you enjoy doing. Good nite my little Homo.. dad

  371. Tim said

    You fat ass bitchs are getting worked up over some little post. Drop a couple pounds you obese queers. Maybe if you got out in the sun sometime you’d realize it was joke. Lmao. The “Tim’s mother” shit is childish. Grow some fucking balls.

  372. Cobes said

    Ha Ha. FUCKING NERDS! Tim is right, you guys are a bunch of fat ass queers who are afraid of sunlight. I bet you haven’t even seen a fucking tree in a forest before. Motherfuckers. God Damn Nerds. Bunch of lazy ass prickjobs. Here’s a fucking challenge: Go out in the middle of a grand forest, and you just try to fucking start a fire and build a camp. I did. So you give er a try. I will seriously bet you $100,000 on it. Ha Ha. Loser nerds. You can’t change your own fucking pants, let alone survive in a forest.

    • Tim's Father said

      Wow Tim, Brad and Cobes A HOMO 3 some. I guess I pressed all the right buttons. Got you foul mouthed perverts really going, hee hee hee. must be true, must be true. What’s pathetic is that guys like you are still alive, physically but brain dead. I can put queers like you away in 2 seconds. Bring it on HOMO BOY

      • MR. T. said

        YO TIT, I MEAM TIM. PITY YOU FOOL. Get a load of me. See what a real man looks like. computer queer. Yo Brad take off yo mama’s panties. Hey Cobes, Tim is right, Tim is right, SUCKHOLE! I’ll take yo money. But yo ain’t got it. STUPID!

  373. Cobes said

    HAHA quit using our insults you good for nothin scumbag. make up your own you fuckin nerd

  374. Tim said

    Go play pocket pool in your mother’s basement. Even if I was braindead, I’m still a million times fucking smarter then you. 90 year old virgin.

    • MR. T. said

      PITY YOU FOOL! I’m coming to get you. I can track you down. No use trying to hide, asshole. All I have to do is follow the smell of SHIT!

      • Mr. Pennington said

        Way to go Mr. T. Put these stupid little kids back in school and get them off the computer. Off the street. Their language is pathetic. poor spelling, grammer, sentence structure. They won’t think they’re so smart years from now when they’re working at a minimum wage job supporting illigitimate children. They contribute to the world’s demise. I know that they are too stupid to understand this text that I have just forwarded. But, I know that you understand Mr. T. The only reason one of them was out in the middle of the forest was because their parents left them there for dead.

  375. Tim said

    Please don’t hurt me Mr. T. I’m sorry. I was only kidding. I am a suckhole. You made me cry. and how did you know i shit my pants? was the smel really thet strong?

  376. Cobes said

    I’m sorry too Mr. T. I also shit my pants. You made me cry like a little girl. YOU THE MAN. I am scum. If I write anything stupid again it’s because my mommy put me on Ritilin to shut me up. I’m just a bad little boy with little nards! I also like other little boys.

    • Cobes said

      Whoever wrote my name pretending to be me I think actually likes little boys, considering no one in their sick mind would think of shit like that. Very mature, asshole. You just made a fool of yourself when you said you like little boys. Ha Ha. Think about shit before you say it. Gotcha hardcore.

      • Cobes said

        I’m the real COBES, and I’m one real sick BASTARD, especially when I don’t take my medication. That’s why I laugh, Ha Ha at sick perverted things. I’m Cobes and I hate myself. I wrote the last comment pretending to be Mr. T. that shows you what a sick bastard I really am. I like to also pretend to be a girl sometimes too. I dress up in my mom’s clothes. She told me it’s ok as long as I wipe out the brown spots.

  377. BEAR said

    Boys, Boys, Bear Grylls here. Listen we are getting away from the issue here. Both Les Stroud and I are survivors in our own right. We just have differing styles. Both contribute to the preservation of life. What I don’t approve of, is sites like this being used by imature little boys like Tim, Bred, And Cobas, or whatever their names are. I don’t approve of foul language such as they have used. It demonstrates their lack of intelligence. Supreme stupidity. I wish someone like Mr. T. would take them out. They keep emailing trying to impress me with obscene pictures. One was, of their little nards. I thought it was that of mice. But then I looked up and saw their ugly, little, pimpled faces. I know the school they attend Mr. T. It’s for children with behavioral problems. You’ll have to wait for them to be dismissed from their elemementary class. Pity them fools! Go get them!

    • MR. T. said

      Fuck you, “Grylls”. Les is way better than you. “NARD”.

      • Cobes said

        Cobes here. I wrote this pretending to be Mr. T. that’s because I really hate who I am. I would like to be just like Mr. T. but I can’t because I’m just a sick perverted cross dressing little Homo. I want the world to know. I’m out of the closet. I sleep with pigs. I pick my nose. There. I confessed and I’m glad I did.

  378. BEAR said

    Look at me, I’m a fucking bear on the internet. Woohoo!

  379. Nobody said

    why don’t you all go fuck yourselves you good for nothing prickjobs. All of you get fucking lives and shut the hell up! Like you people are so immature pretending to be other people. Like really go fuck your fucking selves

  380. BEAR said

    I have a confession. Sometimes when I’m really bored, I eat my own shit. I know it’s really discusting but I can’t help myself. I just fucking crave for my shit all the time!!!! Can someone help me with this problem? If so please contact me at my parent’s cave, Considering I still live at home. Even though I’m fucking 47 years of age.

  381. MR. T. said

    Ok, you know what, I’m sorry man. I should not have done any of that. I just get too attached to steroids sometimes and I flip out. I know I have a huge problem so don’y say anything

  382. Les Stroud said

    Cobes? Brad? Hey, I know you guys. You guys are from my hometown, isn’t that right? “MR. T.,” why do you have to be like that? These guys are the toughest kids I know. Physically AND Mentally. I have tought them to survive well in the wild. Have you seen my show, “Survive This?” You should watch it, MR. T. You obviously are a confused, mental child that won’t come out of your parent’s basement. Get out and go outside for a change! You must be whiter than Santa’s beard right after he washes it! You need to get out and do stuff. Don’t be stuck in the basement ranting on about how much better other people on the internet are better than you. Sometimes you just have to face reality. There are always going to be others better than you. Well I am late for my appointment for my next show. Brad, Cobes, I will see you around.

    Les Stroud

  383. Mr.Pennington said

    Hello little kids, I enjoy patrolling kids from the forest, and sleeping with my eyes open. I have free candy for all to enjoy, but you have to come in my van. I sleep alone, but this gay ass blog keeps me going. I love to talk about how bad people’s grammar is, even though I spell grammar fucking wrong. Go me I’m a faggot.

  384. Jessica said

    Bear has pure skills and actually makes moves.
    Les does a whole lotta bullshit talking… how
    the hell are we NOT suppose to notice that???

  385. JJ said

    Bear is better than Les because he works with less and uses more of the enviroment around him, Les seems to always come up with the stuff he needs like rain jackets , right when he need it most. For a guy who takes as much inventory as he does you know he knows whats in his bag. Secondly its not really him out there
    alone filming himself, then whose filming him filming himself, or when its a wide shot of him and his camera surviving all “alone”.
    Pretty much to make a long story longer… KEEP IT REAL LES!!

    • Jessica said

      Exactly… Les stays in the same damn area, barely “surving” and mostly talking. Bear literally covers MUCH ground and demonstrates the unusual but useful knowledge necessary to TRULY survive.

    • tim said

      He takes things that the average person would have if they where doing what his scenario is. If your going for a hike you take a rain jacked just in case

      les film the entire thing himself he carries multiple cameras almost never under 50 pounds worth of gear that he has to carry along with him while trying to survive
      he sets up all the wide shots many shots where he walks of into the distance he walk 3 times; he sets up the shot and walks in to the distance, walks back to get the camera and then walks back to where he was originally going he isn’t fake he does everything himself

      • Tim said

        Bear is better, face it. If you post after this about how he isn’t, you’re a complete moron, and pretty much know nothing.

      • JJ said

        Then he is a very good amateur camera man, and I’m sure he’ll win an award for his meticulous camera preparation. The scenarios Bear is in are remote locations, and the standard tools for every environment, making him more adaptable for the unknown. 50 pounds of gear does not mean he’s better, Bear carries little and still makes it happen, using the same standard equipment everytime, in anyplace. Furthermore you spelled jacket wrong(rain jacked):)

  386. moron said

    BEAR IS FAKE. YOU BEAR ASS KISSERS. What skills Jessie? Powder his nose, he’s a movie star. His camera man follows him carrying a camera, he’s the MAN! JJ Dum Dum! Bear admits that if wasn’t for his crew he would have died. Gees, some people are STUPID!

  387. Tank said

    Absolutely! That’s the trouble with Bear Nuts, they live in FANTASY LAND. If you want to survive, you go with a survivor. Les Stroud. Bear is an entertainer. He plays upon the immature minds of adolecent children. If you support Bear as the better man, that’s your choice, as one of the children of the world. Hopefully one day you will grow up to understand what is real and what is not. It will be in your best interests if you do.

  388. Judge Brown said


    • JJ said

      you talk simple, how you judge

      • Will Farrell said

        I JUDGE. I CAN!!!.. I”VE BEEN there. Walked, talked, ate, slept, with Bear Grylls. Carried him on my back when he couldn’t walk anymore. Comforted him when cried like a baby, when he got his feet wet. Changed his pants when he soiled them, after ground squirrel attacked him. Started the campfire by hand when his $75. lighter refused to work. You want FACTS JJ WELL HERE THEY ARE!!! TOOTS! FACTS!! At the end of our journey, Bear solemnly, quietly, remorefully said to me,,,,Les you saved me, You, YOU. are the real SURVIVOMAN, Les Stoud… He said that he was just a 4th rate movie actor who can’t even remember his lines, He said that he trys to cover up his mistakes by speaking in a English accent. He said that he’s really Ukrainian, and started to sing to me the song Me chetere piyanke. Which means in English, we are 3 drunks. Yes Bear, Will, and Les drank and sang all night in their comfy camper till they all passed out. biatches Of course you had to be there,,and if you were’nt…. …… …Then just,,, SHUT THE HELL UP!!!

      • Jessica said

        To the fool above: Log off of your computer
        and grab your psyche meds. How many people
        ARE you?? Judge Brown… Les Stroud… or
        Will Farrell? Neither. Clinically disturbed.
        Piss off. (spoken in my BEST English accent)

  389. JJ said

    What the hell?

  390. Bare said

    HEY HEY HEY, JESSUCKA, calm down. Most of what I said was a joke. Your reaction shows, maybe you need to take something. Have you been tested lately? Hormonal imbalance? ……Is it that time of month?…Right, nobody’s business. You seem to have “FIRE in your Bossom” ..How about a date hot stuff?!!

    • Hulk said

      Listen Bare, here’s some advice. Stay away from bitches like that. When they get wrangy like she does it usually means she’s carrying a dose, if you know what I mean. Clap, kooties, jumpers, scabies, you know, she’s got the scuz. Who knows maybe even Grylls gave it to her, with all the animals and shit he’s in to. Best thing to do is to get off of this site. Who knows if she could pass it on to us through this. The fight continues good buddy.*/_

  391. Larry said


  392. Tim said

    How about you grow the fuck up little boy, hit fucking puberty before you log back onto your computer.

  393. Mr.Pennington said

    Larry bird, what the fuck are you doing on here? Why arn’t you in my van, bro. I thought I put you in there..

  394. Cobes said

    Ok, Les is better, ok? Les doesn’t have a fucking camera crew following him the entire time in the wild. Les actually talks about what to do in certain situations. Bear gets a cup of tea from his camera crew while they are preparing to write the fucking script. Les gets right down to action and creates makeshift items out of sticks and old junk and stuff. Les even has another T.V. show of his: Survive This. It teaches kids how to survive in the wilderness in such emergencies. The moral of this story is clear: Les is better, you Bear-loving fucktards.

  395. Hulk said

    Look at me, while I use my overly large sausage fingers to mash the keyboard for attention. I hold my breathe when I see you typing trash online, so I turn fucking green. Bare is obviously my gay lover, even though (bears) can’t fucking type on the computer.

  396. Cobes said

    Hey Tim kiss my ass

  397. Hulk said

    Hey kid using cobes name, grow some fucking balls and say it to me using your own name. Pussy.

    • Tank said

      So Hulk is your name? Whose the one with no balls? I’m TANK, that’s what they call me. You want to see why? Where are you I’ll show you! chicken shit! get out from you mother’s ass prick

      • PWNT SUKA said

        You get called tank because you’re an obese faggot, and you need to hit the stair master. $5 says you can’t even find your own dick. You might as well kill yourself, bro.

  398. Tim said

    What the hell are you sayin, Hulk? He was talking to me, not you. And yea say it to me without hiding yourself, prick.

  399. The Real Cobes said

    One last word. Please Tim tell your mother I want my miniature little balls back from your mother’s purse, please sweetie.

    • Tim said

      Please Cobes don’t be mad at me, I’ll get them for you. They might be hard to find,, they’re so SMALL and WRINKLED. When I find them, will you give me a great big kiss again?

      • Cobes said

        OK OK but I hope the sores in your mouth healed. The last time you gave them to me. Where has that dirty mouth of yours been?

  400. X said

    Cobes I know who you are and I know where you live

  401. . said


  402. The REAL Cobes said

    Honestly, why the hell is everyone fighting here? There’s no point. It’s over a fuckin T.V. show practically. I won’t post on this bullshit thing anymore. So you won’t see Cobes, The REAL Cobes, or anything similar. And if you do, it’s not actually me. It would be those immature little bastards that pretend to be other people because they hate themselves too much. So I’m just saying: If you see my name on here again, blame those immature bastards. And if you do use my name, you will be falling in your own trap. So peace losers.

    • Bill said

      Good. It’s about time you shut up. I’ve been reading this forum waiting for it to get back to the question at hand. Now get lost!

      • Judy said

        Absolutely! Whoever this Cobes is, real or not, I think that he is a foul mouthed pathetic individual who needs mental help. Bring this forum back the dignity it deserves. Let’s have some intelligent input and hope that he’s gone for good!

    • G-Unit said

      Man he most likely left because you fuckfaces won’t shut the hell up about anything. Do you guys have anger issues or something? You people need to chill. I’m with Cobes on this one. He’s being mature and actually leaving, not carrying on about shit. Get some lives, immature pot smokers.

  403. X said

    I am a pedophile, please don’t report me though for I am a complete and total moron. I will tell my mum on you because I still live at fucking home. Everyone else in the world rejects me, so I hide in my mum’s basement and smash my keyboard furiously, for attention.

  404. Redonkulous said

    Yea Cobes. I second that.

  405. Triple nipple said

    watch yo language son

  406. Nothing here to chew on chris said

    hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, woops wrong blog.

    • YO CHRIS,, Cage fighter said

      Don’t leave us in suspense Chris Chew. Your opinion is valued. Do you think Bill and Judy have a point? Did you realize that foul mouthed monkeys can use the computer, type and almost spell some of the words right? I missed you. You had some of the best input and intellectual point of view, DR. Chew. I enjoyed the banter. Wish I knew where you lived. Can you at least name the country?

      • Chris chew said

        I live in your mother’s vagina. I guess you could count it as a country considering the size, bro. Or is your father black? I enjoy being an obese, transexual faggot who roll plays for kids on the internet. Cage fighter? Cage fighters have little to no brain, so you must be a complete moron. Lmao

  407. destroyer said

    Go up Cobass

  408. Crazy Train said

    Go up Cobass? What the hell are you talking about? Learn some grammar you ass clown.

  409. Destroyer said

    The next person to talk gets to have anal sex with me! So hurry up, little kids! I’m waiting for you!!!

  410. Cobes said

    I’m next. I win!

  411. Crazy Train said

    You just fell in Cobes’s trap. Ha Ha. You really are a fuckhead.

  412. Crazy Train said

    They don’t call me crazy for nothing. Cobes and I both like anal. Now we found someone.

  413. Bill said

    Wow Cobes, you really are getting bitch slapped, aren’t you? Boy are you STUPID! Time to go back to school. right?

  414. Winterrowd said

    Holy shit all you idiots are stupid. What are you guys even complaining about? How bout everyone just shut up. Like really, this site is about Les and Bear, not people arguing at eachother. God.

    • Crazy Train said

      True say. Everyone here is immature. I’m out. Watch, someone is going to use my name to be even MORE immature, just like they did with Cobes.

      • Cobes said

        Nobody used my name. Everything said here IN MY NAME was me. So, you’re not only crazy but STUPID! So that’s it. Anything posted after this is not me. I quit! So STOP TRYING TO KISS MY ASS!!

    • Chicken soup said

      It’s a blog on the internet… Don’t get so worked up over it. If everyone shut up, there wouldn’t be anyone for you to complain about. Plus we both know you love to complain about what other people do. Don’t bitch.

  415. Brad said

    Holy shit people things are getting out of hand here, but I get my say in this too. Everyone on here can go fuck themselves, especially the dumbshits who use other peoples names, lil fuckers. Go suck your moms cock homos

  416. Cobes said

    That’s it I QUIT! Everything said here in my name WAS ME! CRAZY is CRAZY! I have to go back to school now to my finger painting.

  417. Brad said

    Okay, I quit too! I’m gone! My mom’s calling me for my bath.

  418. Brad said

    One last thing. I’m a Hermaphrodite. My father is Dr. Kevorkian.

  419. Brad copy cat said

    Only a complete moron who inherited the genes of a fucking chimp would post shit like that. You’ve proven to everyone in your life that you’re a raging alcohalic queer, who sucks cock on a daily basis.

  420. jewbacca said

    The only good post on this blog is the one tim posted about having tea with Bear in the rain forest.

  421. Cobes said

    One last thing. I play with dolls.

    • Brad said

      ME TOO COBES!! Only they’re my father’s dolls, you know the old man’s. He said he’ll give them to me when his rubber one comes in the mail

  422. cage fighter said

    Les Stroud Vs. Bear Grylls
    3 min 39 sec

  423. Cobes' mother said

    I apologize for my son’s foul, lewd, abnoxious behavior. Because of his misuse of his computer along with other perversions I have found on it I have banned him from using it. If you find in the future that there is any misuse of this site, please notify the originator of this blog to track down the abuser and I will deal with him in the most possible severe manner. His friends too will be punished! Thank you.

  424. […] coup, sur le net, on se demande qui de Les ou de Bear est le plus expert (ou le moins menteur).. Bon, il s’agit […]

  425. Crazy Train said

    Wow, honestly you guys have to quit it. It was funny for a while, but now you people are going too far with this shit. Like just stop, if you think you’re funny, you’re not. And everybody can see it. I know it’s not Cobes speaking, because he wouldn’t be making fun of himself. You people are not funny. Just face it. So stop.

  426. jewbacca said

    Bear 1 stroud 0

  427. - said

    i am close to your location

  428. - said


  429. Jewbacca said

    Stroud 2 Bear 0

  430. jewbacca said

    Bear 300000 Stroud 0 Now shut the fuck up kid.

  431. Jewbacca said

    STROUD 99,000,000,000,000,000,000.. BEAR naked. NOW YOU, KISS MY ASS! YOU BIG RUBBER!

  432. Jewbacca's mother said

    My son needs a bath, again. Pardon me.

  433. Dr. Phil said

    Brad’s mother eats frogs.

  434. Sue said

    Brad? I know him. He’s a big sissy, pee pants!

  435. Dakhar said

    Beware of the shoemaker (Brad)

  436. Zelda said

    HIM!!?? GET HIM!!

  437. Professor Deets said

    The use of foul language on this site by certain individuals, is the product of a dull mind, incapable of using descriptive words from the English language to express oneself. In other words S . T . U . P . I . D.

  438. Jessica said

    I’m SO ashamed of myself. I can’t help it. I was raised by trash.

    • Brad said

      Well don’t get your panties all in a bunch, JESUKA. It’s OK. I just heard from the 7 dwarfs and they want me to give you a message…HI HO, HI HO!

  439. ZELL said

    BEWARE of Brad the shoemaker!

  440. BRAD said

    I will visit this site no more! The police were at my door today and issued me a summons to appear in court. I am up on drug charges and also charges of, public indecency, shoplifting, larceny, public mischief, drunkeness, hit and run, vagrancy, break and enter, theft, impersonation, stupitity, speeding, cross dressing in a no crossing zone, hemophelia, assholism, slander, fartolism, alchoholism, titsfeelism, shitpantism, and…..depression! If I can contact you from prison, I will send you my best. But the way it looks now, I won’t be out for a thousand years. Please wait for me Jessica!! MY LOVE! I will be old but, I will be able to still HONK!

  441. Jessica said

    Goodbye . My psycho love. . If you need anything , . just HONK!

  442. Elwin said

    HE”S GONE??!! BRAD’S gone? YYEEEEHHAAA!!!,,…,,,, quick, someone flush the toilet!! WOW!!…. WHAT A KAAK!!

  443. 2gar from киевская русь said

    Страуд win because he real survival alone.about Grills,he like a fashion not expensiv model

  444. Bohdan said

    You’re absolutely right 2gar. You speak my language. Stroud win. He the MAN. Grills fancy, panty, pretty boy. No real. People who like, have no think in head,

  445. Brad said

    HONK! I’m still here in prison. My cell mate Bubba thinks I’m cute. With the time I’ve had to spend in here, I’ve had time to think. I’ve come to the conclusion that LES STROUD is the MAN, the winner. I know now that I’m just a big loser, even though Bubba thinks I’m pretty.

  446. ergonom said

    we wont batle Less vs grilly

  447. Sorry, I really hate to ask but do you have any recommendation for spam? My site is getting hammered with spam and I’m not quite sure how to stop it!

    • Cobes said

      Don’t worry, I quit when I said that if anyone uses my name they fall in my trap. So if you see the name Cobes with a reply like “Oh I eat shit” or something like that it wasn’t actually me. It was that immature group of obedient jerks that can’t get over themselves. They still seem to be going on. It’s weird, you’d think they would learn that no one likes them. But I guess not. And this is the real Cobes. And I’m sorry that this spam keeps happening. I have nothing to do about it.

  448. jewbacca said

    The brad wannabe is a fucking queer, he takes it up the butt from his father which isn’t that suprising to be honest. The only real friend he has is his left hand, and a picture of his granny. Put a gun to your temple and pull the trigger because you sir are a complete fucking tool. I’m glad you proved yourself to be a faggot to everyone on the internet man, very well done. Here’s your trophy

  449. Cobes said

    my dad has big hairy tits, and my brother was a girl

  450. Brad said

    hey Cobes, weenie boy, not going for it sucker. that site is from me to you ASSHOLE!

  451. Jessica said

    did cobes just say he eats shit? well, no wonder

  452. Cobes said

    This is the real Cobes again. you can tell because my language is none two good. I make spam on this site cause nobody likes me and i got nothing else to do. i said sorry cause i am a suck, but i am not sorry. i also use the name jewbacca cause i am stupid to do it. track me down and prostitute me, i mean prosecute me. my whole family is also crazy.

  453. funny man said


  454. Park said

    Bear Grylls is truly better. Les used a rifle and apparently a abandoned cabin that looks like it was built the day before. Bear makes his weapons. I admit it is harder for Les cause of the gear but still.

    • Gizzley Steve said

      Les Stroud is truly better. Les had a rifle only for protection. He is alone. Bear had back up crew with semi-automatic weapons to protect him. Les had an abondoned, cold, cabin. Bear had a four star, luxury hotel room, with room service. Les makes his own weapons, his own traps, starts fires with whatever is at hand, information anyone would know who watches his show with their eyes open. Les does carry his own camera gear. Bear, may be more athletic, but the show is about survival, not how far a fool can jump off a cliff without breaking his leg.

  455. connor said

    i think bear is the way better survivor because in one of les strods he used a gun a tree stand an atv a gps and a duck blind now dont tell me ur gona find a gun and the rest of the cheats although bear has a camra crew he dosnt cheat


  456. Cobes said

    Hey cunter, I mean connor. Look in the mirror and says asshole 10 times. Correct spelling STROUD, IDIOT! Do you talk like you spell retard! Duh! In every episode Les Stroud portrays a different senario, you see, that means situation, understand? Fool? That was one of them. Bear Grylls stayed in hotels. Do you know what a hotel is? LIPSHITS? Do you understand what cheating is? That’s what your mother did to your father and made you, crackrot

  457. Aaron B. said

    The argument that Stroud would beat Grylls hands down because Stroud is more practical and Grylls is a film-crew supported stunt man doesn’t hold water. Why? Because all that takes into account is the SHOWS, not the people.

    Strouds show is deliberately more practical, both how it is filmed and the techniques Stroud employs. Grylls’ show is DELIBERATELY over the top, and Bear takes stupid chances for the sheer entertainment value of it. You’re naive if you fail to see how transparent that fact is. Of course Bear has more access to support and always has his trusty flint. That’s not the point. They are radically different shows in that one is a practical instructional for everyday folks (Stroud’s) and the other is a “hey, look what a human being can actually pull off in some of the most challenging environments on the planet” (Grylls’), and there’s no shame in either approach.

    If Bear Grylls were really in an authentic survival scenario he WOULDN’T be taking the same stupid chances because there would be no entertaining show that had to be made! He’s ex-SAS. Don’t underestimate this – one does not even get close to the Special Air Service without some pretty hard core survival skills, and above all else, common sense. But the SAS’ motto is “Who dares wins” and obviously Bear applies that ethos in the creation of his show. If you don’t think Bear, being ex-SAS couldn’t start a fire without his trusty flint, then you obviously know sweet nothing about the SAS.

    (But as a side note, it is worth mentioning that most survival scenarios are the product of an outdoor expedition gone wrong somehow, where one would expect to have packed survival gear like that. Even Stroud is always equipped for the environment – ever seen him do a cold weather show without his parka and famous wool cap? How long do you think Stroud would last without that in sub-zero temps? The point is that basic kit is carried by BOTH Stroud and Grylls).

    Now let’s just imagine if during this fictional contest Stroud were actually confronted with the kind of circumstances that demand bold, risky actions in order to survive. Storud would fold like a lawn chair – he’s a bit of a pussy and that is evident in some of his episodes. Bear has balls of solid rock – that is evident – whether or not you have a film crew there to help you, who else can swim a winter river naked and live to tell the tale? Certainly not Stroud.

    So would Stroud beat Grylls in a real-life survival contest? No, I expect that they both would survive quite well. But if it were a race, Grylls would win handily. Real survival is hardly a race against a human opponent, time perhaps, but not a competitor.

    • Professor Deets said

      Aaron B. Where have you been? Best comments thus far, knowledgeable, informative, articulate and refreshingly objective. What more needs to be said? Anything written after this will seem like pure jiberish. Maybe that’s what these two comments below are suppose to represent. Anyway, Yes, Well done my man!

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  460. Instructor John said

    Yes Aaron B. must be a Phd. Very astute comments. A good read. If it was work I was examining, there would be no fuss, I would give it an A+

  461. sex said

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  462. steven said

    bear is much more entertaining and he climbed everest les never did that he couldn walk a mile in bears shoes les is a tough guy but bear is the born surviver no competition go get em bear

  463. Brilliant blog. You have got a recent devotee. Please maintain the great work and I look forward to more of your intriguing updates.

  464. Tone Up said

    This blog is excellent. Keep up the good work, inspires me to keep building mine on the positives of resveratrol.

  465. T-double-U said

    Heres some critique about Bear
    The show has been criticized for fabricating some of the situations Grylls finds himself in. In 2006 a Born Survivor crew member admitted that some scenes in episodes were misleading, indicating to viewers that Grylls was stranded in the wild alone when he was not. As a result, Channel 4 temporarily suspended the show.[10] The issue of scenes being manipulated was raised by Mark Weinert, a U.S. survival consultant. He told the UK’s Sunday Times that Grylls spent nights in a motel in Hawaii when he was claiming to be stranded on a desert island. Mr Weinert also alleged that a raft was put together by team members before being taken apart so Grylls could be filmed building it. In response to these criticisms, Discovery and Channel 4 promised transparency in the production and editing of the show.[11]”

    I’d agree that Les is more realistic, but I think Bear would still be an even match or win if he were on his own.

  466. T-double-U said

    Les shows us how to starve in the wild for 7 days and play a harmonica. He also shows us how he can sit at camp most of the time and complain because he never finds food. His traps are 90% useless, and his character is dull, putting you to sleep. Les comes equipped with a fishing rod one show and catches fish. He comes with food half the time as well and man, does he ever sit around a lot. Les also spends a large portion of his time making useless traps and in one episode he makes these HUGE snow shoes that are like walking with two small children wrapped around his feet. What a bore.

    Bears show is scripted and all mostly staged, but the dude is tough and crazy. He’s a better survivalist for sure.

    • Cobessraka said

      Veen yeh sraka hemno. T Dubble shlit hourba yeh veleke courva. Veen skazhe Les Stroud ne doubra, Veen yeh houlyeda, shlafftrafit, edeh du sraka. Veen shkashe children na nozze. Ya budeh put to sleep veen kaka sidiyeteh shtaneh, shratsch, kakou hemno.. Chomu moyee sraka teh velekeh mulpah, dude, veen yeh krazy, kopnit srak. do po bach ne ya lewdeh. . … · Cached page

    • Chris said

      No Les shows how SURVIVAl really plays out. You don’t always get food and you don’t have the energy to jump around all day because of it. Bear shows people what he can do, Les shows people what they can do.

      Les also isnt trying to say look what you can do with nothing. He is put into survival scenarios. If you go backpacking in canada of course you will have snacks with you and a knife and a jacket, if you don’t your just stupid. Les shows what you could do when your plans go wrong. Bear just has no plans at all.

  467. anthony said

    Les is a far better survivalist than bear i mean come on les usualy has practicly nothing whil bear is lugging around a large pack and has a camera crew that helps him when the film stops rolling and they edit it les would win if they were to compete.

  468. Boot said

    ANTHONY!! You are a MAN OF MEN!!! You truly recognize what that the proof is in the DOING.!! and LES HAS!!!! DONE!!! !! Bear has ONLY,,,,,,acted,,, repeat—–A.C.T.E.D. it out. Are you with me people??? as Anthony has said,,,,retard… Anthony, you would survive, Bear supporters would only order another cocktail……hey tarbender—–?

  469. Viper6 said

    Ok let’s get this right! Bear and Les both have taught me alot about Survival from their shows! Both have their own ways of Survival! Bear is an extreme survivor and Les has a reserved way of Survival! ERating foul things that can keep you the Hell alive is an attribute! Carrying extra gear for filming prob wouldn’t be something that you would have with you to survive! Les is practical for the person that is more of a sit and stay type of Survivor and Bear is the cover alot of ground to self rescue kind of Survivor! Both have advantages and disadvantages! Bear I feel gets a little too extreme with all the climbing and traversing while Les proceeds more on the side of caution! I agree that a flint is a key tool in starting a fire and have also witnessed Les using a Butane lighter to start a fire and also a soda can polished with chocolate as bear has used other metods besides flint and striker himself! Listen they are giving you KNOWLEDGE! Take it for what it is!I think they both have a massive ammount of life experience in these situations and anyone who has Foul things to say about either is just ignorant and should be thrown in the same situations as these two and made to fair better than Les and Bear!!!! Bear has his accomplishments and Les has his! LEARN FROM THEM BOTH!!!!!!!!! I am a fan of Both of these guys because you never know what life may throw at you and LES or Bear’s method may be the best for your Survival or the Survival of someone you love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOOAH! Rangers Lead the way!

  470. How do I fit the training set to my ESky helicopter? First click the four small brackets onto the lower part of the skids. Then push the rods through the holes and slot them into the circular centre hub.

  471. Sippo said

    You must be fuckin HIGH if you think that Les Stroud is a quarter of the man that Bear Grylls is.

    1. To get caught out in the middle of most of the places that BOTH of these guys are, you would typically be either on a hunting trip or out hiking. WHO THE HELL GOES HIKING WITHOUT A KNIFE!?!?!

    2. I saw an episode of Survivorman in which Les Stroud was out there not only with another guy, not only with a tree stand, and not only with a rain tent, but with RIFLES! Are you kidding?

    3. Bear Grylls was a member of The British SAS. He would kick a jackyls ass with his “bear” hands!

    4. Les Stroud goes 4 or 5 days without eating. WHY!?!?! That’s the DUMBEST thing you can do in a survival situation! You need to eat in little bits and as often as possible! AAAAAND, in most of the places he’s in, there’s an ABUNDANCE of food! The “remote island” he was on had an endless supply of COCONUTS! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!


    The bottom line is Bear Grylls lives to be outdoors and survive, Les Stroud is a filmmaker who has to try and convince the viewer that was he is doing is dangerous. Bear wins. Bear wins by so damn much.

    Les’s show is still pretty cool though.

    • Bang said

      WELL, WELL, WELL, listen up,,, Les and gang are not high, ZIPASS!! but you sure must be!! Bear never climbed Everest, read it again RETARD!! You saw one…ONE!! .(one)..?? episode!!?. wow aren’t you smart, tit lick,,,,, episode of Survivorman…DUH!!,,,,well aren’t you clever, FUCKTARD!! I guess when you talk about quarter inch measuments, you must be looking down when you’re taking a ,, PISS, MINI… DICK!!! NOBODY’S kidding you ZIPPO, FUCKO, RETARDO! Try a survival situation, asshole,, we’re talkin, deadtard…Youtard!!! For you, a survival situation would be making it to the shitter before you could lift your dress!! poof….

  472. mother sippo said


  473. Sunshine said

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  474. By far the most concise and up to date information I found on this topic. Sure glad that I navigated to your page by accident. I’ll be subscribing to your feed so that I can get the latest updates. Appreciate all the information here

  475. Les is the man said

    Les will take it.
    It sure looks good to do a back flip of a 25 foot waterfall….That’s great for T.V. and ratings.
    But when your alone out in the bush, anytning that involes a backflip..jump…or fall, you might want to stay away from.
    Stroud has the common sense and I think his show is more life like in a REAL survival sitiuation.
    Bear has a good show as well…But he just seems like he’s in it more for the ratings and not so much the real thing.
    besides….Les is alone…bear is not…

  476. Les is the man said

    Yes and I finished the fourth grade spelling B.

    • The Watcher said

      Yes, and that is very evident. Also what is plain to see is your practicality, common sense and intelligence, something that is sorely lacking in some of the comments expressed. What many are failing to understand is the topic is survival. Bear Grylls would have been DEAD!! right now if his support crew wasn’t watching over him. HE SAID SO!, on different talk shows as a guest. He has been injured and broke bones for the sake of sensationalism for his show. MONEY!! not survival. Carry on in the way young man!! You would survive!

  477. Cobes said

    I don’t appreciate anyone using my name to say mean things about another person, but if it supports Les Stroud then I really don’t care. So whoever used my name AGAIN, I agree with you for supporting Les.

  478. Cobes said

    Actually, anyone who uses my name again can go ahead and and offend Conner. He really is a stupid cunter.

  479. The Watcher said

    Any one who uses Cobes name, does so because of the high value attached to it. They want to have what they say come across with authjority, as their own names are meaningless. The accomplishments attached to the name “Cobes” is well known in many circles and is revered, admired and held on high by all. Anyone who critsizes, down grades or in any way slanders the name of ” COBES ” will receive retribution from their own doing. They will be headed for disaster! In ancient Archaelogical Greek writings, the name “COBES” held a conotation to it of the meaning “A man of the gods”. Carry on Cobes with the dignity, admiration and love from all of us that you deserve..

  480. Cobes Love said

    COBES is THE MAN!! I have deliberated with him many times on this web site, and at many other different times, and I have the utmost admiration for him! He has persevered in his cause, and has demonstrated the utmost determination in the pursuit what is just and right! If there were more like him in this world, it would surely be a better place to live. He is a leader among men! Under his direction, if he were to pursue it, this country would be driven to new heights of greatness! Reach for the stars my man!,, and the Universe shall be yours!

  481. John Constantine said

    I like both shows… Les is more realistic. But in a true survival situation (no tv show, no cameras)I think Bear would make it back to civilization first just because he is in better shape. I’m not saying Les would not make it.

    Realistic scenario that could happen to you:

    If your car breaks down on a mountain road in a winter storm and your cell doesn’t work… what do you do? In this real life situation Mr Kim should have stayed with his family:

    After spending the 2006 Thanksgiving holiday in Seattle, Washington, the Kims (James, Kati, and their two daughters, Penelope and Sabine) set out for their home in San Francisco, California. On Saturday, November 25, 2006, having left Portland, Oregon on their way to the Tu Tu Tun Lodge, a resort located near Gold Beach, Oregon, the Kims missed a turnoff from Interstate 5 to Oregon Route 42, a main route to the Oregon Coast. Instead of returning to the exit, they consulted a highway map and picked a secondary route that skirted the Wild Rogue Wilderness, a remote area of southwestern Oregon.

    After encountering heavy snow at high elevation on Bear Camp Road, they turned, by mistake, onto one of hundreds of unpaved logging roads loosely supervised by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). A road gate which was supposed to prevent such mistakes was open in spite of BLM rules requiring that it be closed. Media outlets reported that vandals had cut a lock on the gate, but a subsequent investigation showed that BLM employees had left it open to avoid trapping local hunters and others who might have ventured past it.

    Early on the morning of November 26, the family stopped due to fatigue and bad weather. As more snow fell around their immobilized station wagon, the Kims kept warm by running its engine. When the vehicle ran out of gas, they made a campfire of dried wood and magazines. Later, they burned their car’s tires to signal rescuers. Search efforts began shortly after November 30, when co-workers of Kim filed a missing persons report with the San Francisco Police Department.[6] After investigators learned that the Kims used their credit card at a local restaurant, search and rescue teams, including local and state police, more than 80 civilian volunteers, the Oregon Army National Guard and several helicopters hired by Mr. Kim’s father, Spencer Kim, spent several days looking for the family along area highways and roads, to no avail.

    On December 2, James Kim left his family to look for help, wearing tennis shoes, a jacket, and light clothing. He believed the nearest town (Galice) was located four miles away after studying a map with his wife.[7] He promised his wife to turn back the same day if he failed to find anyone, but he did not return.
    Although the Kims had a cellular phone with them, their remote location in the mountains was out of range of the cellular network, rendering the phone unusable for voice calls. Little did they know that, despite being unusable for voice calls, their cell phone would play a key role in their rescue. Cell phone text messages may go through even when there appears to be no signal, in part because text messaging is a store-and-forward service. Two Edge Wireless engineers, Eric Fuqua and Noah Pugsley, contacted search and rescue authorities offering their help in the search. On Saturday, December 2, they began searching through the data logs of cell sites, trying to find records of repeaters to which the Kims’ cellphone may have connected. They discovered that on November 26, 2006 at around 1:30 a.m., the Kim’s cellphone made a brief automatic connection to a cell site near Glendale, Oregon, and retrieved two text messages. Through the data logs, the engineers determined that the cell phone was in a specific area west of the cellular tower. They then used a computer program to determine which areas in the mountains were within a line-of-sight to the cellular tower. This narrowed the search area tremendously, and finally focused rescue efforts on Bear Camp Road.[9]

    On the afternoon of December 4, John Rachor, a local helicopter pilot unaffiliated with any formal search effort, spotted Mrs. Kim and her two daughters walking on a remote road. After he radioed the family’s position to authorities, the three were airlifted out of the area and transferred to a nearby hospital.

    Law enforcement officials said that the discovery of the cellphone connection, and the subsequent analysis of the log data, was the critical breakthrough that ultimately resulted in the rescue of Kim’s wife and daughters by helicopter.

    I wish Mr Kim would have watched Bear and or Les… he’d be alive today.

  482. bob said

    bear would kill the less then eat him for protin

  483. Aeon said

    Really folks.. What does les do but sit there for a week and whine? As for him being the great fire expert, Ive seen Bear make fire using several techniques.. and I’m talking about uncut footage here. Also, about him being this huge survivalist simply because he takes his own footage.. Whats so hard about taking footage while sitting there waiting to be rescued? The terrain Bear traverses and the huge feats he has to pull off are all real and impossible to do while filming. Obviously he would need a camera crew.. it does nothing to detract from his sheer skill and willpower. Even if he did stay in a hotel that time.. (cmon he was in Hawaii) Do any of you really think it was because he couldnt manage staying outdoors? Or that its a common thing on the show? What makes you think that Les Stroud is in any more danger than Bear Grylls because he has no camera crew? Get real. The stuff bear does is daring and in your face. If any of it is unnecessary or even scripted.. its merely to demonstrate to the audience what to do in that situation. I would rather see those things and be better off for knowing them.

    • Marius said

      Well mate, without a crew and sleeping outdoors results in a bit more danger.
      Yeah, bear is more of an action dude but it all comes down to what kind of show you want.
      I’d rather see a guy all alone and miserable for 7 days than some fresh little British daisy with make-up before every scene. The whining and misery gives you an idea of what psychological battles you might face in such a situation.

      The whole fire argument…. if Bear has experts showing him how to do it… monkey see-monkey do, not much of an accomplishment. I’m no survival expert, however I’m fairly fit. Just for fun, I’ve tried a lot of the things Bear does. If you go to the gym a few times a week, his actions really are not that amazing 🙂

      Overall, it comes down to personal preference. Les’s show is much more realistic and he is in a bit more danger. Bear has the more flashy “look at me I’m an action hero experience (although that dude has no muscle definition.. so he looks kinda stupid in the role”). Before every one jumps up with the whole British forces shit, 1. he’s not there anymore ( maybe he left because he couldn’t cut it), 2 Brit special forces aren’t exactly the Mossad, Seals or Green Berets. I’ve seen documentaries on their training and exercises. Not very impressed.

      And climbed Everest? That used to be a challenge. Nowadays it’s a joke.

  484. Fish Oil said

    I like Bear Grylls in this one. He’s climbed to the summit of Mt. Everest and sailed across the Northern Atlantic what more does the guy need to do? It doesn’t make much sense literally putting yourself in harms way just to prove to people you can survive (which he’s already done). The point of his show is to show you what to do in order to survive (although doing what he does you’d probably die of either hypothermia or from a 50 foot fall).

    • jeff boxworthy said

      do ppl know what it takes to climb mount everest these days? crippled grandmothers are getting up there on the backs of sherpas. they hold company trips up everest. it’s not that big a deal anymore if you have the cash. yes, he probably did it with all his bad-assery when he climbed it when he was 23 (he probably made some sort of rocket fuel out of yak turds to propel himself upwards). Les is way more hardened and realistic. I can show you how to bust a lightbulb of your flashlight to create fire, but until you are in that situation and need to do it, it’s just a survival trick.

      when you are stuck in a forest – you wouldn’t waste energy climbing a 50-foot vine b/c a) it’s a waste of energy b) more likely to kill yourself and be worse off. but when you know you’ll be in a hotel room that night. sure why not speed up the process (90% of ppl probably wouldn’t be able to do half of what grylls does).

      • MontanaMan said

        Don’t smack talk climbing Everest. It takes a real man to do it. Talk to me when you actually get away from your computer and bloging and actually go do something productive with your life. Until you actually summit Everest don’t say anything bad about it.

  485. Matou from Canada said

    it dosen,t matter who is better, ive seen some pretty stupid moves from both of them. the point is,take the best tips and tricks from both , practice, practice ,practice, and you just might survive nearly impossible odds in a real survial situation.

  486. moose said

    All while running from MANTRACKER.

  487. Josh said

    Bear Grylls is the best. Anyone who thinks less of him coz he has a camera crew is retarded . he has a camera crew so he can film it better.. they DONT give him any help, food or advice and have no influence on his adventure

    !!Winner!! – Bear Grylls

    • mother of Josh said

      I apologize for allowing my retarded son on this site. Somehow he got out of his locked closet. He doesn’t know his ass from his face. We all know that Grylls gets help. My stupid son lives in a world of make believe. We’re still trying to teach him that picking his nose is not a survival technique to obtain food. We promise that in the future that we will keep our looser son under better control.

      • Father of Josh said

        You are so true. We completely apologize for not chaining up the closet while we were still able to. Some people might call us bad parents, but we’re just protecting our stupid little child, Josh, from getting out in the real world where the big bad wolf lives. He is just too retarded to handle it, anyway. Now if you excuse me, I have to go out and find him before night time, or he might crawl up to a bear (get it?) thinking it’s his hairy sister.

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  490. dustin said

    Bear Grylls is a faggot bucked-tooth brit who knows about as much as survival as your average 5 year old. Half of the fucking shit he does is completely fake. He doesn’t even go into the wilderness; he goes to areas where there is civilization but also enough natural environment that if you control the cameras correctly, you can make it look like the wilderness. Les Stroud has trained extensively with experts in primitve wilderness survival skills and he has been doing wilderness survival for over 20 years. Bear Grylls was in the fucking teabag SAS and that is as far as his “survival” training goes. To compare these two in the first place is like comparing apples and oranges and asking, which is better at being an apple? The apple or the orange? Bear Grylls would be the orange and Les Stroud the apple.

    I shoudn’t even have to explain this. This is a fucking joke. Anyone who seriously thinks Bear gaybrit Grylls is even in the same league as Les Stroud when it comes to survival is fucked in the head. Bear Grylls gets water and whatver the hell else he wants from his camera crew. He does not do “survival”, he runs through long areas of terrain doing a bunch of random of things, and I’m not saying there is a problem with that, but it sure as fuck isn’t survival.

  491. Chelsea Quinlan said

    Definitely Bear, it’s not even a question.

  492. Dustin said

    And this opinion is based on what?

  493. Anon. said

    Idk why everyone criticizes Bear for “faking”.
    Hell the point of his show is to show what would happen in a “what if..” scenario. its not a freakin gameshow or sport. he dos some of the most badass things ive ever seen.

    and no one seems to know the fact that Les pre-scouts all of his locations. including searching the area himself with other survivor experts before venturing there. jeez people Bear just jumps

  494. Dustin said

    Exactly; Bear just jumps. I don’t deny what Bear Grylls does; it just is NOT survival. And seeing as this a “survival” face-off, I would tend to go with the person who is actually a “survival expert” in Les Stroud. Les does not pre-scout the specific area that he survives in; he prescouts an area and gets knowledge from people who have experience in wilderness skills in that area, and then goes and survives for 7 days somewhere in that area where he hasn’t been before. Thats the thing; Les Stroud actually learns new things everywhere he goes, whereas Bear just pretends he knows how to survive everywhere already. In reality, before what tips Les gets from local survival experts, he knows about 50 times as much things about surviving in the wild than Bear Grylls and really could survive without the tips he gets from locals, but the point is to learn how to survive in any given area and to use the specifics of that area to your advantage. It is simply logical; whereas what Bear Grylls does is usually highly illogical if one was actually in a survival situation without a camera crew to give you food and water whenever you want and to help you if you get in trouble. Add on to that the fact that Bear Grylls relies and his fire-steel in every single episode to give him fire, and seeing is fire is one of the most essential things when it comes to wilderness survival, I think it is sensible to say Bear Grylls is greatly lacking in this area. Les Stroud starts fires primitively; with sticks, and he also shows ways one could hypothetically start a fire if they had certian materials one indeed might have if they got stranded in the wild. I don’t claim that Les Stroud knows everything; every person has different limites and no one is a better judge of those limits than the person themselves. I will say however, that Les Stround offers the most general and essential survival information that any person will benefit from knowing; Bear Grylls does not do this.

  495. Dustin said

    And the reason he does not do this is because he simply is not very knowledgeable/experienced in wilderness survival skills.

  496. Dustin said

    And he does fake; there have been several occasions where his faking was caught on camera. If he gets caught faking on camera we can’t even begin to limit the possibilites of what other “fake” things he does while off camera.

  497. Chris said


  498. Chris said

    Oh yeah, and Josh is a fool. Poor idiot thinks cartoons are real too! Fake man, just like Bear.

  499. Chelsea Quinlan said

    YEESS!! I like being BARE!! There is NO QUESTION!….Isn’t that what we’re talking about?

  500. Alex said

    Bear is fake, no doubt Les would win, bear probably has a chopper following him and has everything planned out, and has all the luck and the next day his all happy and his never filmed during the night, so he stays in hotels his pathetic, no one would listen to his advice to survive, Les is much better

  501. Lola said

    ALEX, YOU THE MAN. You got it exactly right. keep on keepin on sweetie!

  502. Dr. No said


  503. Exophysical said

    Man, if I was Les I would be ashamed to even be the subject of this retarded web-fight. I live in northern canada and have spent alot of time in the bush alone. My extended solo trips usualy invovlve a canoe full of things I need to camp and even then the solitude and limited diet can realy get to you if you let it. Any guy who’s tough enough to make a living out extreme food and sleep depravation as well as the emotional strain of being truely alone is inhumanly tough and borderline crazy. Bear just plays a crazy tough guy on tv, guys like bear die every year in the bush. And the argument about Les bringing suplyes is stupid, if your going back to the hotel afterwards then you wouldnt need anything more than a knife. I spend a day in the bush with nothing but a swiss army knife all the time knowing that I’ve got a nice warm place with food to return to afterwards and theres nothing tough about it at all.

  504. Bear Grylls said

    Pardon me. I farted! It was a great big, wet, English fart!

  505. Les is More said

    This is like comparing Jaws to a real Great White. One is a Hollywood legend. The other is a calculating predator. But I digress. There’s no denying Bear is in amazing shape. And I’m sure he has procedural knowledge of survival skills. But his show doesn’t document any sort of survival in the actual sense of the word. He has a crew, a plethora of tools and a SAT phone at his disposal. If he injures himself doing something dumb, his crew calls in the cavalry. Les, albeit old, is wise, calm and realistic. Most importantly, he actually surviving on his show. To my knowledge, he has no SAT phone or crew and carries the type of equipment that one might expect to have in a survival situation. He’s alone for seven days. He’s also a bad-ass harmonica player. How do people die in the wilderness? I can’t say for sure because I’m not a survivalist but here are my best guesses: They are fatally injured, they dehydrate, they freeze to death of die from exposure or they just give up and lay down. Les appears to face all of these threats with a level head. Short of falling off a rock and smashing his skull, Bear has a crew and doesn’t have to worry about such things. That’s why he’s always cheerful and reckless in his behavior. If he were really in a survival situation he wouldn’t be running over rough terrain, as he constantly does on his show.

    Most importantly, Les makes the music for his own show. No seriously. He does produce and direct all his own stuff. And he’s a Canadian survival instructor at age 45. My boy does it for a living. Bear is a handsome, fit, cheerful, knowledgeable actor.

    • Embearassed said

      Yes. Hit the nail on the head. Put the Bear in his cage. Actor? Absolutley! Although, probably in the same league as Jerry Lewis or or Rowan Atkinson.

      • BEARFTW said

        u cant act like you’re climbing everest! People who would even fathom the thought of stroud posing a slight challenge to BEAR BRYLLS are insane. He was in British Special Forces, he was taught how to survive in every way possible. Stroud has nothing to his name, other than he is a canadian douche bag.

      • BEARFTW said

        I apologize for my last comment, I had my nose too close to my ass. Not thinking straight. Everyone knows grylls never climbed Everest. He admits to being an actor. BSF as all know, is just a haven for fakes, just like me. Now I’ll get my homo nose back to my ass.

      • BEARFTW said

        DUH! I eat shit. _)+_)**&%^%@&*() duh

    • eat to live said

      les has a sat phone. it states that fact on the discovery website.

  506. MontanaMan said

    Anyone who can play the harmonica is a huge tool. Also Les is a Canadian. Double whammy. The only thing good to come out of that God-forsaken land is their skiing and trivial pursuit. Anyone who ever says “aboat” instead of about should get a swift knee to the pelt. Les Stroud is the typical Canadian. Waiting around for someone to come and save them or do anything for them. I’m just surprised he can “survive” 7 days without gravy.

    • King said

      Montanawoman. What kind of suck ass name is that. How old are you 12? The only things that exist where you’re from are cows and assholes. U ASS Eh? You buggers are so stupid you make a living getting blown up by land mines!

    • Sweet John said

      This sounds like the same guy who tried to pick me up in a gay bar last week

  507. Jonno said

    I think that some Americans might be a little biast toward Grylls because he is British.

  508. BARAK said

    I think all that SOME Americans know, is how to pollute the planet. They are ignorant of anything outside their borders. When guys like this Montanna jerk open their mouths maybe they should put it to better use like SUCKING UP some oil. He’s a perfect example of someone defining stupidity. He wouldn’t last one day of survival under similar circumstances to that of Les Stroud. His jealousy is clearly evident. He is like some previously mentioned who believe cartoons are real. His hero is ELMER FUDD. I am an American, and I apologize for most Americans who do not feel this way. His comments compare to that of a terrorist who must be viewed this way.

  509. Montanaman said

    LISTEN!! If you’re going to call me names, call me names that I prefer! Don’t call me a HOMO! You can call me, fruitcake, call me a poof, you can call me bum boy, call me nancy boy, you can call me nipple pincher. But the name I prefer the most is…Tinkerbell.

  510. trung said

    i’ve never seen les stroud eat or catch any food other than flora. the season i watched the only protein he ate was the dog food he brought along for his dog sled team. les strouds is no athlete no efficient trapper/hunter.

    bear grylls has been to the top of everest twice and about 10 times the athlete the les strouds is. also lets not forget he’s also ex-SAS. the father of all special forces.

    but in my mind there two different shows. les provides a show that teaches you to survive till you get rescued. bear self rescues.

    would i take some of the risk that bear does in the wild maybe not but i’d off myself before i’d sit there just waiting for by safety crew a few miles away to rescue me.

  511. rick james said

    Les-mother-fucking-stroud. wins hands down. Bear is a hotel sleeping, cheesburger eating, car drivin, cam crew using, gold fish packing mother fucker. Les Stroud. Boom.