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What Your Athletic Director Says About You: Syracuse

Posted by Mike on October 27, 2008

Welcome to What Your Athletic Director Says About You, showing the cautionary tales . Today, Syracuse and their AD, Dr. Daryl Gross.

Syracuse: You serve primarily as a warning to others. Those athletic programs who pay attention to Syracuse will notice three lessons about their athletic director:

1. Hiring a football coach without recruiting experience or head coaching experience isn’t always a good idea.

2. Self promotion, hyperbole, and a Ph.D. not always equal competence.

3. An Athletic Director’s performance is inversely proportional to the number of BlackBerries that he has on his person at a given moment.

Yes. That is Dr. Gross on the sidelines, talking on two cell phones at the same time during a 30-10 road loss to northwestern that surprised absolutely no one. That photo, along with its context, encompasses Syracuse football in the Gross era.


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