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Huevonazo of the Week: Karate

Posted by Mike on July 24, 2007

Other than this, it might be the most painful minute of YouTube-age that you will see on this space in while. In a demonstration of her black belt Karate skills, this girl delivers not one shot straight to the groin…but five.

Two points to make:

1. Why does the guy keep fighting? He knows that the girl is going straight for the forbidden zone–it probably isn’t worth stealing her purse after about the third time.

2. I want to see ESPN cover way more martial arts. In all seriousness, the top martial artists are incredible athletes, but sports fans almost never get to see them. And no, UFC doesn’t count.


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Huevonazo Of The Week: Jason Miller

Posted by Mike on June 25, 2007

Where would the Huevonazo Of The Week feature be without martial arts? This week, we go to Jason Miller, a mixed Martial Arts fighter, who delivers a front kick just a little too late.

Do you know how bad this kick was? Even Miller was laughing at his opponent, as Hiramitsu writhed in pain. His face was priceless, a look of “Oh, I so want to feel bad for you dude, but man, that was soooooo funny.” I guarantee you that he got knocked out by that guy 15 seconds later as punishment for that laughter.

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