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Women’s World Cup Final Live Blog: Brazil vs. Germany

Posted by Mike on September 30, 2007

Team USA won the undercard today, and now we move on to the final between two teams we’re accustomed to seeing in the men’s final: Brazil and Germany. The Germans are the highest ranked team left in the tournament and the defending champions from 2003. They’ve dominated in almost every game they played, and have not allowed a single goal in this tournament, a WWC record.

Brazil, meanwhile, may have the most talented team in the world. They’re led by Marta, who’s likely the best player in the world. She certainly looked like the best player in the world against the United States:

It will be fun to watch the contrasting styles: The disciplined play of the Germans versus the free-flowing, high octane play of the Brazilians.

8:03, 3rd minute: Early in the game, It appears that Germany is controlling possession. Whenever Brazil tries to get the ball into the offensive zone, Germany has managed to take the ball away.

8:05, 5th minute: The first real opportunities for each team. First, Marta takes a deep shot that’s right on target, but Angerer is there to make the save. Then Garefrekes breaks away and takes a shot on the right side. The keeper is out of position, but the shot is just wide.

8:07, 7th minute: Brazil gets the first free kick of the game. Good defense by Germany, who clear it easily.

8:08, 8th minute: YELLOW CARD, Germany. Garefrekes fouls Cristiane just outside the box. On the ensuing free kick Angerer makes the initial save, but the ball was loose with several Brazilian players in front of goal. But they can’t find goal, and Germany is a bit lucky there.

8:10, 10th minute: Beringer makes a great move to get in position, but she doesn;t take a shot, and her pass is easily cleared.

8:12, 12th minute: Cristiane almost has a breakaway, but Germany manges to delfect it just enough to end the scoring threat.

8:15, 15th minute: Some great passing by the Germans through the gaps of Brazil’s defense, and Birgit Prinz is wide open for a shot in the box. Unfortunately, her kick sails too high. Germany may not get a better opportunity than that.

8:16, 16th minute: Less than a minute later, Brazil tries a deep kick to a streaking Cristiane, but Angerer just manages to get to the ball first and clear it.

8:17, 17th minute: Oooh. I think Prinz was fouled by the Brazilian defenders there. She’s certainly not happy with the no-call.

8:19, 19th minute: Corner kick for Brazil, but again, good defense by Germany on those set pieces.

8:20, 20th minute: We’re nearly midway into the first half, and so far both teams have been playing well at a fast pace.

8:22, 22nd minute: Marta might be hurt,hobbling a bit on the field. Let’s see how it affects the game, both teams’ strategy.

8:24, 24th minute: Daniela fires a great strike past Angereer, but it knocks off the post! Oh, the Brazilians came so close, within inches.

8:25, 25th minute: Garefrekes takes the ball away from a Brazilian defender, and she delivers the cross in the box. Beringer misplays it though, and Brzil has a goal kick.

8:27, 27th minute: Wow. This referee is really making her presence felt by…not making her presence felt. A lot of no-calls in this game.

8:29, 29th minute: It’s worth repeating that Germany’s goalkeeper, Angerer, has not allowed a goal in this entire World Cup. I know that there’s a Jens Lehmann joke in there somewhere.

8:31, 31st minute: This game is over one thirds past us, and while the pace of the game has been exciting, I’m surprised that these two high-powered offenses are still scoreless.

8:38, 38th minute: Neither team has had any real chance in the last five minutes or so. Good defense by the Germans, who have made Marta somewhat of a non-factor.

8:40, 40th minute: Renate Lingor went down hard on that tackle, and she’ll head to the sidelines for a short time. 40minutes in, and still no score. Not that I’m complaining, this has been a well-played game so far.

8:44, 44th minute: Brazil gets a corner kick, and they had three good chances at goal. But Germany blocked every shot before they threatened Angerer in goal.

8:46, 45+ minutes: What a play by Marta. She takes a deep pass surrounded by three defenders, and stil manages to come up with the ball, take a shot, and draw a corner kick.

8:47: Wer’e at halftime, and the game is still tied, 0-0. Both teams have played well so far especially on defense. Neither Birgit Prinz of Germany, nor Matra or Cristiane of Brazil have been given a lot of chances to score. it may be that the first team to score will be the result of the first defense to make a mistake.

9:02, 46th minute: The second half begins, and Germany are the aggressors out of the gate. Brazil makes a near costly mistake on defense, but Germany can’t take advantage.

9:04, 48th minute: Sandra Smisek is injured for Germany, and they’re temporarily down to ten players. They get a nice free kick, but Brazil does just enough to prevent a shot on goal.

9:06, 49th minute: Smisek is back in the game.

9:07, 50th minute: Angerer makes the save, but Daniela runs into her forehead. She was down for a minute or so, but she’s okay.

9:08, 52nd minute: GOAL! What a turnaround and pass by Smisek, and Birgit Prinz is open in the middle of the box. She takes the shot and gets it past Andreia. Germany leads, 1-0.

9:11, 55th minute: Marta gets the pass and makes a break for the goal, but Germany’s defense catches up to her in the box. She wants a foul, but the ref won;t make the call.

9:15, 59th minute: YELLOW CARD, Brazil. Daniela gets the call for a hard tackle.

9:16, 60th minute: Marta tries to get past 3 defenders, but the Germany stays disciplined, and Angerer makes the stop before Marta can do anything with the ball.

9:17, 61st minute: Germany gets a corner kick, but they can’t do anything with ball right in front of goal.

9:19, 63rd minute: PENAL! Marts takes a great pass, but Bresnik is taken down hard in the box. Obvious penalty kick, and Marta will take it.

9:20, 64th minute: SAVE! What a save by Angerer! She anticipated the ball, and Marta doesn’t get it quite as far left as she wanted it. Germany is still in the lead, and that might be the play that decides the championship.

9:23, 67th minute: One thing Marta has done well in this game is drawn scoring opportunities through set pieces. Still, she must be disappointed in not making that penalty kick.

9:24, 68th minute: A free kick, and another great save by Angerer. She’s saved the game for Germany twice in the last five minutes.

9:28, 71st minute: If Brazil is going to figure out how to crack the German defense, they have only 20 minutes left to do it. They’ve certainly had their fair share of opportunities, but Germany’s defense has denied them all.

9:31, 74th minute: Substitution: Martina Mueller is in for Behringer.

9:34, 77th minute: Time is running out on Brazil, who aren’t dictating the pace of the game right now.

9:36, 79th minute: Smisek comes out of the game for Germany, and is replaced by Fatmire Bajramaj.

9:38, 81st minute: In Need of offense, Brazil replaces defender Tania for Pretinha. They now have only 10 minutes to find the net before time expires.

9:42, 86th minute: GOAL! Laudher gives Germany another goal. Barring a miracle, they’re now less than five minutes away from defending their World Cup title.

9:47, 90th minute: Brazil has 4 minutes of extra time, but Germany is likely to melt away the clock until the end.

9:50, Full Time: The referee blows the whistle and the game is over. Germany wins 2-0, and are the the Women’s World Cup Champions once again. The managed to spend the entire tournament without conceding a single goal.



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Women’s World Cup Semifinals Live Blog: USA vs. Brazil

Posted by Mike on September 27, 2007

Today Team USA faces Brazil in the Semifinals of the Women’s World Cup. The winner will face Germany in the final for all the marbles.

The big news is that veteran Brianna Scurry is playing goalie today instead of Hope Solo for team USA. I am personally perplexed by the decision; Solo might be the best goalie in this tournament, and she hasn’t allowed a goal in 300 minutes.

Although Brazil has yet to beat the USA Women’s team in major competition, any soccer team wearing those yellow jerseys has a chance to win.

8:04 am, 5th minute: The game got off to a fast start; Chalupny fired a long shot on goal 16 seconds into the game, but Brazil’s goalie makes the save.

Later in the 4th minute, A Brazilian player may have been fouled in the box. USA is very lucky not to draw a penalty kick.

8:06 am, 8th minute: Each team has gotten an excellent chance to score on a free kick. Shannon Boxx’s header is on target, but Andreia (Brazil’s goalie) makes the nice save again. One minute later, Marta takes the free kick on the other end; Brianna Scurry goes for the ball, but it slips through her hands. Fortunately for her the ball is kicked out of bounds.

8:12 am, 13th minute: Cat Whitehill is very good at these long free kick. from almost midfield, she forces Andreia to make a play on the ball.

Neither team has dominated possession so far. Brazil may have a slight edge.

8:14 am, 15th minute: Yellow card, Shannon Boxx. That was a fairly clear call; Boxx was late to the tackle. On the ensuing free kick, Scurry is there to make the save.

8:16 am, 17th minute: Elaine is down for team Brazil after landing awkwardly on the turf. She may be cramped up, It’s very hot and very humid tonight in Hangzhou.

8:18 am, 19th minute: If there’s one thing that tea USA has done wrong so far, is that they’ve given up too many set pieces in their own end with fouls. That may be an indication that midfielders are getting beat certain points in the game.

8:20 am, 21st minute: GOAL Brazil! The Brazilians get three consecutive set pieces, which is inexcusable. On the third corner kick, Leslie Osborne tries to head the ball out of bounds a bit too late, and instead heads it into her own goal. Brzil leads 1-0, and USA trails for the first time in over 300 minutes of WC play.

8:23 am, 24th minute: For the #1 team in the world, you’d think that team USA’s fans would travel well. This seems to be a definite pro-Brazilian crowd in Hangzhou.

8:26 am, 27th minute: Yellow card, Chalupny. Again, a bit too aggressive there.

Where is Abby Wambach in this game?

8:27 am, 28th minute: GOAL BRAZIL! Marts gets the ball in the box, and she takes a hard shot with her left foot. The strike gets just past Scurry, and Brazil leads 2-0. An unbelievable play by Marta, one of the best players in the world. But right now, Greg Ryan is looking pretty dumb for playing Scurry instead of Solo.

8:29 am, 30th minute: USA gets a decent free kick chance, but Wamabch can’t make enough contact to take a shot.

30 minutes into the game, and the Samba girls have all the momentum.

8:31 am, 32nd minute: Lilly draws another free kick, and almost score, but the good cross is just a few inches too high. It may not look like it, but USA has a very good chance to come back.

8:37 am, 38th minute: Right now, Brazil is dictating possession thanks in part to USa making a few ill-advised passes, preventing them from making a lot of attacks late in this half.

8:39 am, 40th minute: Marta is down after a collision with Osborne. It looks like she’ll be okay, though.

8:42 am, 43rd minute: right now, USA is having a VERY hard time of clearing the ball from their own zone. After a free kick, it takes them over 90 seconds before finally drawing a goal kick.

USA needs a good scoring chance before halftime, particularly for Wambach.

8:45 am, 45+ minutes: Four minutes of extra time.USA’s free kick is eventually cleared by Brazil.

8:46 am: RED CARD, Shannon Boxx. This was an absolutely terrible call. Cristiane actually trips behind Boxx, taking both players down. All the referee sees is both players down, and Boxx is sent off. Cristiane knew exactly what she was doing; she initiated the contact.

8:49 am: We’ve reached halftime, and Brazil leads 2-0. Perhaps more importantly, they will have a one man advantage on this hot and humid night.

The first half could not have gone worse for team USA. i don’t know if they need to make substitutions, perhaps put some fresher players in. But the front line of Wambach, Lilly and O’Reilly haven’t gotten any great chances. Brianna Scurry hasn’t necessarily played badly, but I wouldn’t mind to see Hope Solo in goal for the second half.

Team USA can still win this game with one or two more attacking players. Remember, they score 3 goals in 12 second half minutes against England on Saturday.

9:05 am, 46th minute: The second half begins, and team USA doesn’t seem to have made any substitutions. Let’s see how they play with a man down.

9:08 am, 49th minute: Abby Wabach is given a yellow card for a tackle on Renata Costa.

9:09 am, 50th minute: It’s clear that Brazil are the aggressors right now, having taken the only shots of this second half. It’s not looking good for team USA.

9:12 am, 53rd minute: The Leaky Brain has Babes of the World Cup, if you’re into that sort of thing.

9:15 am, 56th minute: GOAL BRAZIL. Cristiane is left all alone, open in the box. Scurry comes in to make the play, but Cristiane makes the goal easily, and Brazil leads 3-0. This game is pretty much over; team USA can’t come back from three goals and one player down.

9:18 am, 59th minute: It’s a shame. Coach Ryan has made a lot of good decision in this tournament, but he seems to have made one bad decision at the worst possible time.

9:20 am, 61st minute: USA substitutes a striker (O’Reilly) for a defender (Tina Ellertson). This the the opposite of the kind of substitution that they should make.

9:21 am, 62nd minute: USA finally gets a great opportunity, but Lilly fires her shot…right into Andreia’s torso.

Where is Abby Wamabch in this game? I have not seen her get a single scoring chance in this game.

9:28 am, 70th minute: Things are not looking good for team USA right now…they need to sub in an attacking player, and get as many offensive chances as possible, even at the risk of going down even more.

9:33 am, 74th minute: Why is USa putting in another defensive player? They need goals!

USA finally gets a corner kick in the second half, but they can’t make anything of it. Again, Wambach has been shockingly silent in this game.

9:37 am, 78th minute: Even at this stage of the game, Brzil is getting nearly all of the scoring chances, Marta in particular.

9:38 am, 79th minute: GOAL BRAZIL. Wow. Marta made some unbelievable moves, she made several USA defenders look really really bad, and she put her right-footed kick right past Scurry for the fourth goal of the night. Brazil leads 4-0. I don’t think that, in USA’s worst nightmares or in Brazil’s wildest dreams, the game could have ended up like this.

Coach Greg Ryan, who has not lost as team USA’s coach prior to tonight, might not be able to live down his bad decision making in and leading up to this game. Brianna Scurry is one of the best goalies in the history of the Women’s game; it’s a shame for her WC career to possibly end this way.

9:47 am, 88th minute: A potential fifth Brazilian goal hits the post.

Team USA gets a chance on the other end, catching Andreia out of position. Unfortunately, they can’t get control of the ball in time to take advantage.

9:50 am, 90+ minutes: We get two minutes of extra time before this game mercifully comes to an end.

9:52 am, Full Time: The game is over, and Brazil wins 4-0, earning a trip to the final. They absolutely dominated this game, and while The Solo-Scurry controversy was a bit of a mental block, I think that Brazil absolutely dominated this game independent of that decision, and they certainly deserved to win this game. They simply outplayed team USA in every facet of this game. Marta helped to dictate the offensive pace, and Abby Wambach wasn’t allowed to become a factor.

We now get a matchup on Sunday that we would expect for a Men’s WC final: Brazil vs. Germany. That will be an exciting game. Meanwhile, the Americans will have to settle for the third place game against Norway.

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Brazil vs. Argentina: Copa America Preview

Posted by Mike on July 14, 2007

I was quite surprised when SA from Ladies… asked me to help write a preview of tomorrow’s Copa America final. Aside from the World Cup, soccer is somewhat of a new interest for me, and there are several bloggers who are more soccer literate. However, I accepted the challenge. The final is to be waged by two of the most legendary soccer teams in the world, Brazil and Argentina. This made the article much easier for me to write, saving me hours of necessary research on team Uruguay.

Below is what I wrote. You can also see the Ladies… complete Copa America article for more analysis (and by “analysis” I mean “pictures of South American soccer players they think are hot”).


            We’re getting to the good game now. Trust me, no amount of fiestas on La Republica Deportiva could make Peru versus Bolivia watchable. It’s now a battle between the two best teams in the American continent, and quite possibly the world, for bragging rights and the chance to give Jozy Altidore a rude welcome to senior international soccer at the 2009 Confederations Cup. It should a very heated game, as Brazil and Argentina absolutely hate each other.

Argentina is the heavy favorite to win this year’s Copa America. They bring with them a team that could be more formidable than their World Cup team. In their five games leading up to the final, Los Albicelestes have outscored their opponents 16-3, including a 3-0 annihilation of Mexico in the semifinals.

            A lot of pressure is on Argentina to win. The team has not won any championship of significance since the 1993 Copa America, an unprecedented dry spell for one of the world’s best teams. In Peru 2004, they held a 2-1 lead in the final a against Brazil heading into stoppage time, but Adriano robbed them of a title by scoring in the 93rd minute, in essence when the game was supposed to already be over. Brazil took advantage of their new opportunity, beating Argentina 4-2 on penalty kicks to win. Make no mistake, they need to win this game. For pride. For revenge. To take back their place among the world’s best.

Key Players (club affiliation in parentheses)

  • Lionel Messi, striker (Barcelona). Quite possibly the best soccer player in the world right now, and he’s only 20.
  • Carlos Tevez, striker (???). Ugly as sin, but he’s the reason West Ham is still playing in the English Premier League.
  • Juan Roman Riquelme, midfielder (Boca Juniors). Has five goals in this tournament. Messi and Tevez may be the flash, but Riquelme is the centerpiece, the man that keeps team Argentina running.

Brazil is perhaps the most legendary team in all of sport. At least outside of this country, but we all know that the universe revolves around the U.S. of A. Why else would American football have grown so quickly overseas?*

If you have a hard time recognizing this Brazilian team, that’s because Brazil sent a young, experimental team to Venezuela in order to build for the future. You aren’t going to see names like Ronaldo, Ronaldhino, Dida, Cafu, and Kaká (heh heh, ka-ka). The United States took a similar approach to Copa America. However, Brazil is the soccer equivalent of pre-Coker Miami Hurricanes football. Just about anyone whom they put on the field, even their third and fourth-stringers, can compete with the best teams in the world. The USA, they’re more like Notre Dame; impressive against lesser opponents, but tends not to show up for the big games. (Our youth team notwithstanding, of course. this year they beat Brazil 2-1, and they have a real chance at winning this year’s U-20 World Cup.)

Brazil’s Copa America “B” team was embarrassed by Mexico 2-0 in group play, and nearly lost to Uruguay in the semis. However, anyone wearing those yellow shirts has a chance to win a soccer game, and this Sunday’s final is no exception.

Key Players

  • Robinho, striker (Real Madrid). He leads all Copa America players with six goals in five games.
  • Gilberto Silva, midfielder (Arsenal). Captain of team Brazil and a standout midfielder for a British powerhouse.
  • Vagner Love, striker (CSKA Moscow). Just because he has the oddest name. Ka-ka would have been funnier, but this will suffice.

TV Coverage

The game will be played only on Univision in America. Don’t fret if you don’t speak Spanish; it’s a lot more fun to watch soccer on Univison than on any English-speaking network. I’m very new to soccer, but the past two insanely hot summers would have been unbearable without Fernando Fiore and Pablo Ramirez; instead, I would be worrying about the Red Sox’s dwindling AL East lead, which by the laws of physics will dissolve sometime in August.


I cannot bring myself to root for either team. To be honest, I despise them both. Argentina because they’re smug, holier-than-thou and are the second dirtiest team in the world (Italy being #1), and Brazil because…well, they’re Brazil, that’s why. The ideal situation for me would be for FIFA authorities to find them both guilty of steroid use and award the Championship to Uruguay. However, that’s not going to happen. Brazil will compete well in this game, but they are undermanned against a stacked, angry, and determined opponent. Argentina wins 3-1, but they don’t get the go-ahead goals until the second half.

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USA vs. Brazil Live Blog: 2007 U-20 World Cup

Posted by Mike on July 6, 2007

Quick! Name 5 players on Team USA’s Under 20 World Cup Team! I’ll even give you two of them: Freddy Adu and Jozy Altidore.

I can’t name five players either. The only other players whom I know are Michael Bradley (because he played in the Gold Cup) and Gabriel Ferrari (because he plays in Serie A). With the exception of Adu, you may not even know these names. However, they are the future of the Men’s National Team, and some of them will be suiting up in South Africa in 2010.

There is somewhat of a buzz for this game after the US destroyed Poland’s U-20 team (who had just beaten Brazil) by a score of 6-1, including three goals from Adu. Combined that with the senior team’s annihilation in Copa America, and this team is one of the few things that American soccer fans can look forward to between now and the Confederations Cup and World Cup Qualifiers in 2009.

There’s also the small fact that with a win, we can say we beat m—–f—ing Brazil in soccer.


7:32 pm: They’re showing tonight’s match on ESPN. The good news: it’s being broadcasted in English. The bad news: soccer is definitively more boring without Univision’s Fernando Fiore and Pablo Ramirez.

7:39 pm: The Brazilian goalkeeper reminds me of Bob Marley.

7:43 pm: Nothing quite says “North American Sporting Event” quite like AC/DC and Guns n’ Roses blasting through the PA system. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? How we fare in this game will determine my answer to that question.

7:49 pm, 5th minute: Neither team has dominated the game early, but team USA got the first corner kick. As a matter of fact, we got three of them.

7:50 pm, 6th minute: After three attempts, Brazil’s defense is finally able to get the ball out of harm’s way.

7:51 pm, 7th minute: Brazil’s Jo attacks and manages to draw a corner thanks to some excellent footwork. Watch out for Jo in this game and in the future.

Neither keeper has been challenged yet.

7:54 pm, 10th minute: Great passing by Brazil, but USA’s defense keeps it together and prevents a shot on goal.

7:55 pm, 11th minute: What a shot by Robbie Rogers. He fires a bullet from the left side 25 yards away, and Cassio has to make a leaping save and force a corner kick. Eventually, Brazil clears the ball.

7:58 pm, 14th minute: It looks like the junior American team is more aggressive and opportunistic than the senior team (at least the team that showed up to Copa America).

7:59 pm, 15th minute: Brazil’s Marcelo demonstrates excellent dribbling skills as he runs with the ball past two defenders. Once again, however, team USA is able to prevent a decent shot.

8:01 pm, 17th minute: Please, Jozy, tell me that wasn’t a flop attempt.

8:04 pm, 20th minute: One of the things that has really impressed me so far has been the USA U-20 team’s ability to recover quickly from defensive mistakes. With the senior team, defensive laspes often lead to goals for the other team.

8:06 pm, 22nd minute: Marcelo rifles a shot on goal, but Brad Seitz is there to make the save.

OHHH!!! Rogers sets up a near-perfect opportunity for Jozy Altidore, but he wasn’t able to deflect the ball enough in front of the net, and Cassio is able to make the save.

Robbie Rogers definitely looks like a player who could be on the senior team very soon.

8:09 pm, 25th minute: GOOOOOOOLLLLLL!!! Altidore drills a shot from outside the box, and puts it in the left side of net past the faked-out goalkeeper. 1-0, USA. Whooooooo!!!

8:11 pm, 27th minute: Wow. Mexican fans are everywhere, even in attendance at this game.

8:13 pm, 29th minute: Brazil gets a free kick outside the box, but Ji Parana’s attempt goes right into the keeper’s hands.

8:14 pm, 30th minute: Every time I see the Brazilians on the attack, I see Jo making it happen.

8:17 pm, 33rd minute: (stranger on the street) “Hey buddy, you wanna thrill? ‘Cuz I can, uh, hook ya up with a little hit of, uh…racism.” Kids, pay attention to the FIFA signs; just say no.


Seriously, do people still need to be reminded of this?


8:21 pm, 37th minute: so far, this game has been more exciting than anything I saw in Copa America by any team, except for Mexico’s performance against the senior Brazil team. A lot of attacking and scoring opportunities by both sides.

8:25 pm, 41st minute: Wow…Brazil had a near perfect opportunity to score on that play. The passing was great, a good cross by Amaral, and the defense was pretty much fooled. But no one was in front of the net to put it away and tie the game.

8:28 pm, 44th minute: As Brazil is getting more and more opportunities to score, I’m really beginning to get concerned about our defense. However, we haven’t broken yet.

8:31 pm: That’s the end of the first half. USA leads 1-0 on Jozy Altidore’s goal in the 25th minute. This has been an exciting game so far, but Brazil got more chances to score near the end of the half, If this continues in the second, team USA could well relinquish their lead.

8:47 pm, 47th minute: The second half has begun.

8:49 pm, 49th minute: Ouch. Dan Szetela just received a free kick right to the head. He seems to be OK, but that has to have caused some major brain damage.

8:50 pm, 50th minute: Early in the second half, Brazil continues to dominate possession of the ball, and get an early shot on goal, that requires an aggressive intervention by our keeper. I don’t like this at all.

8:54 pm, 54th minute: A great behind the back pass from Freddy Adu to Altidore, who gets another chance to score. But Brazil’s defense is all over him, and his outreached kick goes wide right.

8:56 pm, 56th minute: Renato Augusto hits a solid free kick, but Seitz is there to make the save again.

8:58 pm, 58th minute: Cassio’s hand pre-empts an attempted header by Adu.

Wait a minute…I had suspected that this game was being played on an artificial field, but I thought that FIFA explicitly required grass field for their major tournaments. What gives?

9:00 pm, 60th minute: Freddy Adu got got yellow carded.

I haven’t heard much from Jo so far in this half.

9:02 pm, 62nd minute: OHHHH!!! I thought for sure that Pato was going to tie this game. great passing by Brazil, but his kick hits the right netting side.

If you’re thinking odf watching Man vs. Wild right now, stay and watch this game; you can see Bear Grylls kill a Gila monster for food after the game.

9:04 pm, 64th minute: NOOOOOOO!!! Brazil Kicks a shot directly at the keeper, but he can’t grab the save, and Lima scores an ugly goal on the rebound. The game is tied, 1-1.

9:10 pm, 70th minute: This game has been really exciting, However, Adu and Altidore haven’t been able to make good out of potential scoring opportunities in the second half. Combine that with the facts that Brazil could score at any moment and that Seitz is allowing a lot of rebounds, and I am a bucket of nerve right now.

9:11 pm, 71st minute: Renato Augusto comes out of the game. He’s put in a very good night’s work for the Brazilians.

9:14 pm, 74th minute: Jo is an extroardinary athlete; he’s been able to make scoring chance out of seemingly non-existent opportunities.

9:15 pm, 75th minute: Fifteen minutes to play, and we’re tied at one. The game is beginning to get tense, but in particular for the Brazilians. With a loss, they could be eliminated from making it to the knockout stages.

9:19 pm, 79th minute: Brazil makes another substitution. Out with Lima, in with Luiz Adriano.

9:20 pm, 80th minute: Brazil takes another shot, and the USA gives them a wide berth, but the strike goes wide.

9:22 pm, 81st minute: GOOOOOLLLLLAAAAAAAZZZOOOOOOO!!!! Adu with unbelievable footwork in the back right corner, gets the ball into the box, and Altidore is there to put the ball into the open net! What a great game that Adu and Jozy have had tonight, and USA leads 2-1 with less than ten minutes to go! WHOOOOOOO!!!

9:24 pm, 84th minute: Another Brazil shot is stopped by Seitz.

I simply cannot overemphasize how fantastic that play by Adu was that led to the second goal. He was stuck in the corner against two defenders, and manged to dribble the ball several times without it touching the ground, until he kicked the ball over everyone’s head, threaded through the defenders, and retained the ball, attacking the box, all alone.

9:27 pm, 87th minute: Brad Seitz makes not one, but two spectacular save off the corner by Brazil to salvage the game. Trailing the American team with 3 minutes left, they have released the dogs, and they are attacking the net every chance they have. We’re not out of this yet.

9:29 pm, 89th minute: Tim Ward replaced an exhausted Tony Beltran for team USA.

I wonder how much stoppage time Brazil will get.

9:31 pm, 90+ minutes: Seitz makes the save off the free kick header by Brazil, but WTF? Four minutes of stoppage time? Where did that calculation come from? It’s going to be a long four minutes.

9:33 pm: In the final substitution of the game, Altidore heads to the sidelines, replaced by Dax McCarty.

9:35 pm: Brazil will get a free kick, and one last shot.

9:36 pm: And it’s over! USA wins, 2-1! In know it’s a U-20 game, but still, we beat m—–f—ing Brazil in an international game that mattered! That is HUGE!

Say it with me…WE BEAT BRAZIL IN THE WORLD CUP. Spectacular performances by Freddy Adu and Jozy Altidore brought us the victory tonight. With this win, the Americans have won their group, and may have eliminated Brazil from the tournament. What an exciting game, and what a result.

Now, enjoy the victory and go watch Bear Grylls kill something.





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