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Duke Football is Favored To Win This Week

Posted by Mike on September 24, 2008

Let me repeat that. Duke. Football. Is. Favored. To. Win. A. Game This. Week. Excuse me while I wipe that thought out of my head with something less disturbing.

There, that’s better.

Granted, there are some very good reason for this. Virginia has yet to show anything resembling an offense this year, averageing 11 points per game this season. In addition, they’ve surrendered 52 points at home to USC and 45 on the road to UConn, they’ve just dismissed their starting quarterback, and AL Groh has been one of the more underachieving coaches in the ACC this decade (and that’s saying a lot). Meanwhile, the Blue Devils offense is firing on all cylinders under David Cutcliffe, and quarterback Thad Lewis and wide reciever Eron Riley are playing well enough to be draft picks. Still, the fact that Duke is favored to win a conference game for the first time in six years is rather shocking. If the Cavaliers lose this game and supplant Duke as the worst tem in the ACC, Groh might not survive October.

(via EDSBS)


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