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Matt Bosher Is The Greatest Punter In All Of Punterdom

Posted by Mike on September 17, 2008

They say that punters aren’t real football. players. All they do is kick. They don’t score like kickers, they don’t throw, that don’t run, and they certainly don’t tackle.

Try telling that to Matt Bosher. Not only does he perform every kicking job for the Miami Hurricanes, but he can defend if he’s needed. Last Saturday against the Florida Gators he recorded three tackles. And I’m not talking weak, kicker, push-the guy out of bounds on the sideline tackles. No I’m talking about about take the guy, pick him up, and piledrive him into the ground tackles, two of which you can see at the 3:05 mark of this video.

Unfortunately, I had until recently not been able to find any evidence of his triumphs. Now you can see, with your very own eyes, the most awesome performance out of a punter you will see all year.

I would pay to watch Matt play safety, if only to see 5-7 of these tackles a week. Tyrod Taylor, consider your solar plexus warned.


One Response to “Matt Bosher Is The Greatest Punter In All Of Punterdom”

  1. JMart said

    Any way you can link this video again? Or someplace I can download it… I talk up Bosher and his LB type abilities, but never can find any of his Miami footage.

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