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Orgeron Sin Barreras

Posted by Mike on July 14, 2008

Ed Orgeron, once head coach at Ole Miss, is now a defensive assistant for the New Orleans Saints. It’s a decent job, but it doesn’t have the perks that being head coach at Ole Miss provided to him. Therefore he must seek alternative incomes in order to continue to pay for his head coach-caliber lifestyle. One such venture has been the peddling of his own feature product, how to speak like a true Cajun…Orgeron Sin Barreras, a system of speech based on the diction of Mr. Orgeron himself.


YawyawyawdisisCoachO, annaseeyintratsedinma speeknvoys! Yalahkawayamtahkin,  BUHYAKANNUNNAHSTANADAHMTANG! Dohmatter, AHAFDANSAH! Iskal ORGERON SIN BURERAH, ahnwidit yabaspeekinCoachOtahkinnotahm!


ORGERON SIN BURERAH iskwatsimpullessaplan,  tagetchatahkinlak daCoachOinjasanawahdah! Bahfadaeckstrehmleeloprahsatree eesahpahmanajus fottynahnnahneefahv!!!

WitORGERON SIN BURERAHyagatabaxeta 12 difadeesfahdahteevee, 8 cuhzetsfahdahHUMMERan 10 booklets fahwenyahgahtahREED!

Larnhottayoozinflexions anfrazefopropodixion! Nodabasec vokboolreen nowntaspeekwidanatiff! CoachOteechnajussawayaspeekin, BUDDACOUCHURRAWAYALAHF!

CawnouangeddeFREEEDIFADEE datshoafanst tecneekforspeekalahkareelCoachO!



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