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Brandon Jennings: Hero of the McDonalds All-American Game

Posted by Mike on March 27, 2008

Not because of his performance (which was impressive in itself), but because of this:


 That’s right, one future college point guard is determined to bring back the high fade. Brandon Jennings, a 6-2 point guard who will play for Arizona next season, showed up to the McDonald’s all American game with the eraser hair you see in the picture above. This phenomenon was remarkable in that it is the first time I actually remember something that happened at a McDonald’s All-American game. Sure, he’s phenomenal player. Sure, he’s a youtube idol from the powerhouse Oak Hill Academy. Sure, he had 12 points, nine assists, and could have had more if the rest of his team were paying attention. But who cares! He’s bringing back the hi-top! If he keeps this look and if someone can talk Jerryd Bayless to stay in Tuscon a little longer, the Wildcats will be one of my favorite teams to watch next season.


9 Responses to “Brandon Jennings: Hero of the McDonalds All-American Game”

  1. SA said

    Is it too much to ask that he grows the hi-top out to Kid levels?

  2. Mike White said

    I’m not sure how much is too much. Let’s just enjoy what we have.

  3. Mike White said

    I’ll be live-blogging tonight’s Sweet 16 action over at Storming the Floor, BTW. I take it you’re rooting for Xavier tonight.

  4. Chris said

    i will follow every step of this kid’s career if he keeps that haircut…..if it goes, so does my interest

    how’s j.j. reddick doing?

  5. I love the hair and Jennings will be another great PG to excel at Zona

  6. Michael said

    Kevin Martin had a slightly more conservative fade for a while. He got rid of it this year. He instantly became a lot less fun to watch. In fact, I only watched him to laugh at his hair.

  7. Travis said

    Brandon Jennings going to Europe is not going to take anything away from the NBA, It might actually improve the skill of these players better so when drafted and invested in by teams they are getting more back initially and it is not so long term. I don’t really see this as a bad thing at all. Besides, these kids hardly ever graduate from college.

  8. man bradon raw is ever…but still dont think he could beat me yet though lol 😛

  9. jogging stroller for toddlers…

    […]Brandon Jennings: Hero of the McDonalds All-American Game « Digital Headbutt[…]…

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