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College Basketball is Finally Upon Us

Posted by Mike on November 9, 2007

Two of my favorite events have made an official return this week. The first is Man vs. Wild…

…and the other is college basketball.



Photo courtesy of the greatest photoshop thread in history.

It finally dawned on me when Marco of Storming the Floor (formerly of Just Call Me Juice) asked me to write a team preview for North Carolina. As you are well aware, I never turn down the opportunity to spread the gospel of the Tar Heels, so I accepted the offer to write there, as well as an article before Wednesday’s UNC opener vs. Davidson for the folks at We Rite Goode. After another football season, I will enjoy seeing my alma mater at #1. But even more than that, I will enjoy the ability to make fun of Duke anew. Yes, college basketball is coming, and I can’t wait.

Super Awesome Team Previews: #1 North Carolina



4 Responses to “College Basketball is Finally Upon Us”

  1. Kyle said

    Those Scheyer heads are nightmare-inspiring.

  2. Mike White said

    You should see the thread, and Scheyer Guernica.

  3. SA said

    Damn, even I have to admit that’s a funny photoshop.

  4. Layla said

    I love the pictures of the Duke. It’s the best!

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