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Lou’s Pep Talk Alcohol Poisoning Watch: Week 9

Posted by Mike on November 6, 2007

By now, most of you have become familiar with Lou Holtz’s Pep Talk and the drinking game I chose to attach to it. (We have a few new elements to the game-check it out.) However, are you wondering how drunk you would have been if you had tried to play it? Let’s find out.


You don’t even want to KNOW what the Pringles are for.

First up: His second pep talk for Nebraska.

Fan IQ thinks the pep talk was a disaster, but the weirdness is something worth cherishing. But on to the tally.

Right off the bat, I see his loose tie, the talk is for a once-proud program who lost to Oklahoma State in Week 8, and I recognize a left side off-tackle run play to the left of his head. That’s one + one +two +three = seven sips before he even says anything.

“The time to worry is before you place your bet, and not after they spin the wheel.” That’s fortune cookie material. One sip.

“We solved sexism, racism, we’ll solve problems with Nebraska football if enough people care.” That is the kind of analogy and hyperbole that no one could hope to understand but him. Two + three = five sips.

“I’ll always have a future.” Bill Callahan? Future? HA! Two sips.

“If I didn’t show up, who would miss me and why?” Think about that before the next time your mother-in-law tries to show up. Three sips.

“Let’s go make Texas sorry that we showed up today. Let’s go!” That is one mad septogenarian right there. four + one = five sips.

So not counting the lisps (which, I admit, may be too many to keep track of), if you had played the Drinking game in Week 9, you would have taken 23 gulps of beer or 11.5 shots of liquor during Lou’s Pep Talk for Nebraska. If you add to that the Huskers’ close loss to Texas in that game, the number goes to 27/13.5.


26 Responses to “Lou’s Pep Talk Alcohol Poisoning Watch: Week 9”

  1. Justin said

    What are the pringles for??

  2. Mike White said

    Let me tell you something…you don’t WANT to know, and I DON’T know.

  3. Bill Abendroth said

    You know…I’ve read the rules of the game, and I think I understand them–but somehow ‘We solved sexism, racism, we’ll solve the problems of Nebraska football if enough people care’ has got to be worth more than five sips. On the other hand, just hearing stuff like that is probably a good sign to stop drinking altogether…

  4. Mike White said

    Perhaps…the Pep Talk Drinking Game will undergo some tweaking over the course of the season, as the need for adjustments and additions come up.

  5. Ray said

    I totally agree.

  6. Niyaz PK said

    I did not understand word in this blog. 🙂
    Perhaps I should come back tomorrow.

  7. Gerald Ford said

    Yeah, now that you brought it up I have to ask: what are the Pringles for?

  8. ultimoAdios said

    …if it were a commentary, I have so much fun running and rendering in my mind. good one!

  9. marketinghelper said

    HAHAHA,I love how everyone is so curious what the pringles are for. I think they are just for kicks. Check out my blog for lessons when making money

  10. edtajchman said

    you might want to change your photo, it looks like something bad is happening to Roy Williams, ……

  11. blogroll2k7 said

    Drinkin is fun and so are pringles

  12. Bas said

    Hahaha, Edtajchman! 😀

  13. mush said

    few guesses about the pringles: they make her high; it part of the rules to throw something on the drinkers’ face; she has to eat the pringles while drinking.
    any more guesses?
    wowNshit at wordpress

  14. Mike White said

    Edtajchman: it’s precisely the point. The full photo has Roy Squatting on the sidelines like he’s about to take a huge dump, and his assistant coach Steve Robinson is looking on in disgust.

    Mush: According to urban dictionary (the go-to source for understanding random acts of deviance), either the Pringles can and its contents symbolize unspeakable things, or…they have no idea what they’re for either. I’m going to guess the latter.

  15. edtajchman said

    okay,….. I don’t really mind considering he is a traitor, he left us (KU) basically even before we played the championship game and lost several years ago.

  16. hannah said

    heya ppl

  17. ADD said

    I LOOVE PRINGLES!!! (They’re not good for you though)

  18. alcoLOLic said

    pringle facial! ohhh snap! alcoLOLz knows what is up.

  19. 123456 said

    hahahahaa:Do my goad hahahahaaa:D

  20. bob said

    wot r the pringles for

  21. BOb said

    heya guys what is up in daaaaaaaaaa house

  22. BOb said


  23. BOb said

    is anybody dere?

  24. dkoe said

    Are you mad = =
    this image doesnt HELP ME ANYTHING for my project Q.Q

  25. nullity void…

    […]Lou’s Pep Talk Alcohol Poisoning Watch: Week 9 « Digital Headbutt[…]…

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