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#21 Boston College vs #15 Georgia Tech Live Blog

Posted by Mike on September 15, 2007

Tonight the Boston College Eagles travel to Altanta to face the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. Both of these teams have ACC Championship aspirations, and at this point are the favorites to win their respective divisions. Quite possibly the conference’s best quarterback (BC’s Matt Ryan) and running back (GT’s Tashard Choice) will be on display. I live-blogged an irrelevant conference game earlier today; this is the game that will go a long way toward deciding the ACC.

8:09 pm: Georgia Tech gets the ball to start the game. Taylor Bennett delivers a nice pass to tight end Colin Peek to start the drive, and put the Jackets past midfield.

8:11 pm: Taylor Bennett dumps a pass to Tashard Choice, who takes it and runs up the middle for the first down.

8:12 pm: Choice finally gets a carry in this drive, a 4 yard run. GT has only rushed the ball twice so far, throwing five times instead.

8:13 pm: The swing pass fails miserably, as the Jackets get a loss of 3 yards. Out of field goal range, the Jackets have to punt. Tech downs the ball inside the 5.

I’ll admit I’m rooting for BC in this game, because a win for them will mean a loss for an opponent in the Coastal division, and it increases UNC’s chances of winning. Hey, a boy can dream, can’t he?

I also have a hard time forgiving the Jackets for taking away our defensive coordinator, Jon Tenuta. Then again, if Tenuta were still in Chapel Hill, so would John Bunting.

8:15 pm: Ryan runs the play action pass, and he finds a wide open tight end (Loyte) who rumbles past midfield to the 47 yard line.

8:18 pm: Georgia Tech brings the blitz on 3rd down, but he finds an open receiver inside the 30. He got hit pretty bad and he still managed to fire a bullet.

8:19 pm: One jackets corner completely misses a tackle on Kevin Challenger, and Challenger runs it down the sidelines inside the 5 yard line.

8:20 pm: Oh! Matt Ryan had L. V. Whitworth wide open in the end zone, but he backpedaled into the catch and the throw sailed over his head.

8:21 pm: TOUCHDOWN! Whitworth bangs it in to the endzone, compensating for that drop. BC leads, 7-0 about midway through the first quarter.

8:27 pm: BC seems to be containing Choice so far. Rashaun Grant got a nice run on the end-around.

8:28 pm: Demaryius Thomas makes the catch for the first down, but he nearly loses it on the fumble.

8:29 pm: GT runs a short run play and two incomplete passes, and they’re forced to punt. Choice still hasn’t been much of a factor after two possessions.

8:34 pm: Ryan fires a fantastic throw, delivering it deep to Brandon Robinson right on target. After 5 plays, BC suddenly has first down inside the GT 25.

8:37 pm: Clarence Megwa is talented. He may have just stepped out of bounds, but the big receiver made quite a balancing act on the sidelines and nearly scores.

8:38 pm: Jackets linebacker Phillip Wheeler gets the sack and forced fumble on Ryan. Georgia Tech takes over, taking away BC’s momentum and a possible second touch down.

8:42 pm: Georgia Tech goes 3-and-out inside their own 20. Tashard Choice still can’t get anything done on offense.

8:44 pm: “And for BC, that is Tashard Choice running the football…” Dude, wrong team.

8:45 pm: The first quarter ends, with BC leading 7-0. Boston College has been dictating the pace of this game, moving the ball on offense and and playing shutdown defense. A sack and fumble is the only play preventing this game from becoming a potential blowout.

8:49 pm: Georgia Tech finally clamps down on defense, forcing BC to punt.

8:50 pm: A costly pass interference penalty by Boston College. They already have Tech’s offense contained; they shouldn’t give them a spark to get going.

8:53 pm: The Jackets have to punt again. Taylor Bennett and Tashard Choice haven’t been able to get anything done so far.

8:55 pm: UPDATE: Arkansas’ London Crawford may have committed to second worst fumble in football history. He was wide open, no one was around him, and the ball flung 5 yards to his right.

The #1 worst fumble, of course, belongs to Plaxico Burress.

9:00 pm: The Georgia Tech secondary still can’t stop Matt Ryan, who’s been standing up to their pressure and made some great passes.

9:03 pm: TOUCHDOWN! Ryan fires another unbelievable pass, and Robinson catches in in the right side of the endzone. 14-0, BC in the second quarter.

9:08 pm: Johnathan Dwyer makes a nice kickoff return and the Jackets have fairly good field position.

9:09 pm: Wes Davis delivers an absolute decleater on James Johnson. It was such a huge hit that both players have yet to get up.

9:10 pm: James Johnson is up from that hit and will be OK. Wes Davis is still down. At least for now, it’s not looking very good.

9:11 pm: Davis is up. He seems quite bewildered, but he was able to walk to the bench.

9:13 pm: Meanwhile, the Yellow Jackets are forced into another 3-and-out. BC fumbles the punt return, but they manage to recover.

Georgia Tech has only gained 59 yards on offense tonight. Tashard Choice has 4 yards on 8 carries. That equates to a great defensive performance by the Eagles.

9:17 pm: BC is called for a holding penalty. That aside, Whitworth would have had a big run, but #36 didn’t block anybody on the outside in front of him.

9:19 pm: Kevin Challenger makes a nice catch and run for the first down, and the Tech secondary continues to have problems wrapping up.

9:21 pm: :70 left in the 2nd quarter…wait, what?

9:23 pm: The Eagles switch to the running game, and Georgia Tech makes them pay, stuffing them for a loss on 3rd and 1 and forcing a punt.

It’s now time for Tashard Choice to finally make an impact.

9:26 pm: Greg Smith had the first down, but he bobbles the catch and can’t quite come up with it. The GT fans aren’t taking it too well, thinking that the play was a catch.

9:32 pm: Either Georgia Tech has managed to stop BC’s offense, or the Eagles are going conservative. Either way, they have to punt again. Now, if only the Jackets can do anything on offense.

9:36 pm: The Techies still aren’t getting anything done. First a penalty, then a big sack, then a near interception. Tashard Choice gets some decent yardage on 3rd down, but they’re well short of the first.

9:41 pm: BC is content to run out the clock in the first half. Boston College leads 14-0 at halftime thanks to some great passing by Matt Ryan and a complete defensive shutdown on Georgia Tech’s running game. Tashard Choice has to be effective for the Jackets to have any hope of coming back.

10:06 pm: BC takes the ball to start the second half, but they’re forced into a 3-and-out.

10:10 pm: What an effort by Greg Smith. He takes the pass, and fights his way around several BC defenders for a first down…or does he? The refs say that he stepped out just short of the first down. After looking at the replays, that was a terrible call. It may not be their fault, but Georgia Tech has to punt yet again.

10:18 pm: Another 3-and-out for Boston College. This second half may devolve into a punt-off. Ga. Tech’s Durant Brooks and BC’s Johnny Ayers have combined for over 55o punting yards, compared to 427 yards of offense between these two teams.

10:23 pm: I don’t think anyone expected the Jackets offense to struggle this much. Especially since Taylor Bennett, their QB, is so badass (he beat up a defensive end and plans to be a CIA agent).

Bob Davie: “he says he wants to work for the CIA. And that makes sense, considering that tonight he’s done such a good job of making himself invisible.” At least that was the gist of is quote, but Bob Davie has a sense of humor? Who knew.

10:27 pm: A terrible call of pass interference against Georgia Tech brings Boston College back into great field position. It didn’t look like the GT defender even touched him.

10:32 pm: Ryan goes up top to Robinson for a potential touchdown. Pat Clark makes a desperate attempt to break up the pass, and he seems to pull it off, but he’s called for a pass interference.

10:34 pm: TOUCHDOWN! BC may have been the beneficiaries of 30 penalty yards, but L.V Whitworth takes the ball and runs it in from 16 yards out. 21-0, BC in the 3rd quarter.

10:39 pm: GT finally gets a nice ass play, as Greg Smith makes the catch and runs to the 48.

10:40 pm: Taylor Bennett takes off and gets a huge run on the scramble, inside the 30 yard line. But a holding call negates perhaps their only big play on offense.

10:42 pm: Now that is a total miscommunication. Bennett fires a pass for a potential first down, but both Peek and Smith get to the ball, and neither of them can come up with the reception. Tech must now punt for the 10th time. rooks manages to get his punt downed inside the 1 yard line, and BC could be under some serious pressure.

10:48 pm: The Eagles can do little more than make room for their punt. Ayers manages to get the punt off, but GT will start with excellent field position.

10:50 pm: Colin Peek catches a wide open pass in the middle of the field, and the jackets are already in field goal range.

10:51 pm: That’s a spirit breaking penalty. Tashard Choice finally gets a nice run, but a holding penalty brings it back. Eve worse, Choice has to come out of the game, clearly limping.

Things have gotten so bad, the referee has asked the GT fans to stop throwing objects at the Boston College bench.

10:53 pm: Johnathan Dwyer busts through for a nice game, and he’s very close to a first down at the 24.

10:54 pm: Dwyer gets the first down on the next play, a draw. Who knows, what if taking Choice out of the game is exactly what the jackets need, opening the door for Dwyer and Rashaun Grant?

10;56 pm: Smith catches the bullet pass and takes it to the 10 yard line. Tech now has a very good chance to score.

10:57 pm: The third quarter is over, and BC leads 21-0. Georgia Tech is threatening to score, but things aren’t looking good for them right now.

11:01 pm: Greg Smith catches the ball on the edge of the endzone, but the ball floated, and Smith was forced to go out of bounds to make the catch.

11:03 pm: TOUCHDOWN! After GT gets a pass interference call in their favor, the Jackets finally get on the scoreboard, as Dwyer score easily running in the left side of the end zone. Gergoia Tech trails, 21-7, with just over 14 minutes left in the game.

11:07 pm: Ga. Tech stuffs Boston College’s kick return inside the 20. The ball comes loose, and initially it’s called a fumble and Tech recovery. The replay, however, clearly shows that the returner was down. The Tech faithful are not happy at all, but it’s pretty cut and dry.

11;11 pm: That play is a killer. Matt Ryan is given all kinds of time, and he fires a deep pass to a wide open Loyte, and he takes it to the 44 yard line.

11;12 pm: UPSET ALERT: Kentucky has beaten #9 Louisville, 40-39.

11:14 pm: Another costly penalty, a 15-yard facemask, pushes the Eagles back to their own side of the field. These two teams have 182 penalty yards between them tonight.

11;16 pm: Wow. The one time that a pass interference was blatant, and the officials don’t call it. BC punts it back to Tech.

11:21 pm: Bennet fires a bullet to Thomas, and he catches in the middle for the first down.

11:22 pm, 11:31 left: What a play by Thomas. Bennett goes deep to the right sideline, and Thomas out leaps and outmuscles Dejuan Tribble for the ball. First down, Tech inside the 15 yard line.

11;24 pm, 10:37 left: Tech sputters in the red zone, as BC brings the blitz. They get the field goal, and BC’s lead is down to 21-10.

11:29 pm, 9:30 left: Brandon Robinson makes a huge catch past midfield. The Tech defenders still can’t wrap up.

UPSET ALERT: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Duke beats Northwestern, 20-14 and ends their 22 game losing streak.

11:32 pm, 7:39 left: It looks like the jackets defense may finally have broken. They absolutely need to step up, but the crowd is quiet and Ryan is throwing the ball at will.

11:36 pm, 6:00 left: Kevin Challenger is open in the end zone, but Ryan just barely overthrows him. They kick the easy field goal intead, and BC leads, 24-10.

11:42 pm, 4:46 left: The Yellow Jackets had one last shot at coming back in this game, but a holding penalty dooms them, and they turn it over on downs.

11:49 pm, 1:02 left: The Eagles are content to run the clock out and end the game.

11:51 pm: The game is over, and Boston College wins 24-10. To be quite honest, this game wasn’t even close. Boston College dominated every aspect of the game, Matt Ryan threw the ball at will, and the Eagles mde a strong case for being the top team in the ACC.


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