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West Virginia vs. Maryland Live Blog: Thursday Night Football

Posted by Mike on September 13, 2007

Tonight the Men Who Wield Upholstery Torches get their first true teat, on the road against the Slow Moving Reptiles Led By an Easily Combustible Walrus. West Virginia (2-0) didn’t look very good for the first two and a half quarters against Marshall last week before Steve Slaton put the game away. However, Maryland (2-0) has been tested even less. Their first two opponents were Villanova (a 1-AA) and Florida International (possibly the worst team in 1-A). So we really don’t have much to go by when judging either team this season. But West Virginia is far more talented especially on offense. Unless the Terps can score 40 points or Ralph Friedgen has found a way to stop the spread option, West Virginia should win this game.

7:35 pm: Erin Andrews: THIS…IS…SPARTA!!!

7:40 pm: Holy crap. You think that Lou Holtz has lost his mind? Mark May needs help.

7:48 pm: Maryland gets the ball to start the game…and they immediately fumble the first snap away to the Mountaineers. Man, that Maryland right guard is Crummey. Thank you, I’ll be here all week.

7:49 pm: Doug Flutie: “Steffy pulled out a bit too early there”.

7:50 pm: TOUCHDOWN! Pat White made the defense look really bad on that play. He ran to the left side, juked out 3 defenders in the open field, and he walks into the endzone. West Virginia leads 7-0, and we’re only 45 seconds into the game.

7:54 pm: Just looked at the touchdown replay. A terrible play on Maryland’s part, as they got completely faked by the handoff to the right. It wasn’t even Slaton to which Pat White was faking the handoff, it was their fullback!

7:56 pm: After Steffy gets the snap off right, he throws a nice 15 yard pass to the right for a first down.

7:57 pm: Keon Lattimore busts through the line for another first down past midfield.

7:58 pm: What a play by Darius Heyward-Bey! A nice throw from the pocket by Steffy, and Heyward-Bey jukes out of the arm-tackles and get inside the 20. The Terps might be able to even the score early and compensate for their early mistake.

8:00 pm: After another nice run by Lattimore for 7 yards to get inside the ten, but but Antonio Lewis prevents him from getting outside on the next play.

8:01 pm: Lattimore runs right up the middle, and it’s 1st and goal from the 5.

8:02 pm: The Terps try the rick play, but Lattimore throws a terrible left-handed pass.

8:03 pm: TOUCHDOWN! Lattimore runs it to the left again, and he powers his way in for the score. After five minutes, we’re tied at 7-7.

8:06 pm:

switchoff_200.jpg !!! wooden-fence.jpg!!! (clap clap)

8:10 pm: West Virgina is doing a great job of driving the ball, but how will Pat White fares when he faces a passing down (3rd and 8)?

8:11 pm: Slaton catches a screen in the backfield and takes it past the first down line. The line did a good job of blocking downfield.

8:13 pm: A huge loss for Slaton on the reverse. It looks like they’re wising up to the WVU offense.

8:14 pm: Pat White fumbles the snap on third and long, and he’s forced to fall on the ball. With the Mountaineers out of field goal range, they’re forced to punt. A great punt though, as the Terps will be pinned back at their own 1 yard line. Still, Maryland has now compensated for the early fumble, scoring on their next drive and stopping WVU on defense.

8:18 pm: Lattimore takes the ball from the one, runs to the left, and gets a big first down for Maryland. When will West Virginia stop the Terps’ left side plays?

8:22 pm: Maryland has moved past their 30. The end-around to Heyward-Bey fails miserably, though.

8:25 pm: Steffy’s run on third down is stopped short and they’ll be forced to punt.

The first quarter is over, and the game is tied at 7-7. After that disastrous start to the game, it looks like West Virginia has a real challenge on their hands.

8:31 pm: Maryland would have gotten a 3-and-out, which would be huge against the Mountaineers, but Barnes is called for pass interference. It’s the right call, and Barnes would have been able to amke the tackle and stop the receiver short if he came to the ball a little later.

8:34 pm: Oh, man. That’s embarrassing. If you’re going get your butt kicked against the run, don’t let it be to the fullback. Owen Schmitt busts through for a 50+ yard gain. After a Slaton run to the left, WVU has 1st and goal at the 3.

8:36 pm: The Mountaineers go nowhere on their next two plays. Pat White loses 5 yards to the 8, and Owen Schmitt is stopped for no gain.

8:38 pm: Slaton is stopped short of the goalline, and West Virginia has to settle for a field goal.

AND THEY MISS IT! They missed the easy field goal, and the game is still tied, 7-7. Way for the Maryland defense to recover from those big runs and make the big stop.

8:43 pm: The Maryland offense can;t convert on the defensive stop, going three and out.

Ray Lewis is looking like a pimp on the sideline. I didn’t know that Keon Lattimore was his brother.

8:47 pm: Ray Lewis was miked up for several plays, and you know what? He’d make a pretty decent analyst. He’s certainly better than some of the guys ESPN has hired.

8:48 pm: Even if Slaton or White aren’t getting huge yards on the ground, Darius Reynaud has stepped up. His catch and run takes WVU inside the 30.

8:49 pm: TOUCHDOWN! Steve Slaton got to the sideline and just blazed past the defense. With 5:02 left in the 2nd quarter, West Virginia has taken the lead back, 14-7.

9:00 pm: After some serous delay when West Virginia kicks a ball out of bounds, Maryland got the ball in good field position. Steffy tries to make a throw on third down, but Eric Wicks gets the interception on the sideline. A great play by him, but why didn’t Steffy just throw it away?

9:01 pm: Sack! Pat White tries to run on third down, but he goes absolutely nowhere. West Virginia makes a quick 3-and-out, and Steffy may be able to redeem himself before halftime.

9:05 pm: A nice pass for a first down is negated, as tight end Laquan Williams is called for offensive pass interference. A really bad penalty for the Terps.

9:08 pm: Five consecutive bad plays by Maryland. First is the pass interference, then Steffy gets stuffed at the line, then the Terps call timeout on 3rd and 15, and then Steffy throws a low, short, incomplete pass. Maryland has to punt after holding the ball for exactly 34 seconds, and the punter shanks it to give West Virginia good field position and a chance to extend their lead with under a minute to go.

9:14 pm: Fumble! Pat White takes a big hit, fumbles the ball, and Maryland recovers at the 49 with 13 seconds left.

9:16 pm: Maryland tries the Hail Mary, but Steffy continues to pad Eric Wicks’ defensive stats, throwing another interception.

The first half ends, and West Virginia leads 14-7. Maryland has made some mistakes, but they’ve kept the game close. Considering the blowout last year and the way this game starting, that’s about all that they could ask for. West Virginia have a small lead, but they’ve broken away from their opponents in the second half this year. Do the Terps have enough in the tank to make a comeback? And if so, How will Ralph Friedgen keep Jordan Steffy from screwing up?

9:31 pm, Halftime: Wow. Lou Holt’z Pep Talk might be the single funniest segment to hit ESPN in a long time. Bravo, Mr. Holth.

9:40 pm: The third quarter begins. West Virginia gets the ball to start the second half.

9:41 pm: Star freshman Noel Devine comes into the game. Maryland welcomes him by stuffing him at the line of scrimmage from the screen pass.

9:43 pm: Devine gets the ball again, this time on a handoff. He gets a huge run this time, completely juking out two defenders before finally being brought down at the 1. Man, he is fast. What can you do, as a defense, when there are four guys on the opposing offense faster than anyone on your roster?

9:45 pm: TOUCHDOWN! After two run plays that go nowhere, Slaton runs to the left, untouched into the endzone. West Virginia takes a 21-7 lead with 10:35 left in the 3rd quarter.

9:51 pm: The kicker of West Virginia is having a very bad night.

9:52 pm: Bad news for the Terrapins. Lattimore, their only effective offensive player so far, is banged up.

9:54 pm: It looks like Lattimore’s okay. He’s come right back into the game, and he’s run for Maryland’s last two first downs.

9:57 pm: After a costly holding penalty, the Terps face 2nd and 20, and West Virginia brings the blitz on the next play. Maryland is prepared for it, and runs the screen. What they weren’t prepared for was Johnny Dingle, who levels Lattimore for a two yard loss. A short pass play on third down forces a Maryland punt.

10:06 pm: Maryland’s offense is absolutely not clicking right now. Another 3-and-out, and they have to punt the ball again. They haven’t scored since 9:55 in the first quarter. The defense has done a good enough job to keep the Terps in this game, but the offense ihasn;t taken advantage.

10:10 pm: Devine gets a HUGE run for over 75 yards, bringing the Mountaineers to the 1 and confirming what we had already suspected: this guy is one of the fastest players in America. Slaton scores easily on the next play, and West Virginia leads 28-7. With the Maryland offense struggling like they have tonight, that may be the nail in the coffin for this game.

10:16 pm: The third quarter is over. West Virginia has a 28-7 lead and complete control of this game. Maryland will punt after Steffy gets sacked on a huge hit to bring up fourth down.

10:22 pm: We already knew about his speed, but Noel Devine practically cannot be brought down. Even a 15-yard facemask couldn’t bring him down. He’s powerful even at 175 pounds, and his lateral speed is insane. He’s averaging 41 yards per carry right now.

10:27 pm: The nightmares of the only struggling Mountaineer tonight are finally over, as he nails the 32 yard field goal to give West Virginia a 31-7 lead with about 10 minutes left in the game.

10:34 pm, 8:40 left in the 4th quarter: West Virginia brings the blitz again, and Maryland runs the screen again. This time, Lattimore breaks through for a first down.

10:37, 6:19 left: Danny Oquendo gets a pass on the right side, and he breaks a tackle and gets a good run after the catch. Maryland is in the red zone for the first time in the second half.

10:39, 5:50 left: TOUCHDOWN! Maryland’s offensive drought finally ends, as Danny Oquendo is open for the catch in the middle of the endzone. It’s likely too little, too late, as the Terps still trail 31-14 with less than six minutes left.

10:45, 5:44 left: ONSIDE KICK! Absolute mayhem for the ball, but the Terps eventually recover, and they’ll get the ball back at midfield. Give credit to Maryland, they’re not quitting.

10:46, 5:00 left: Just as they get momentum, Maryland sputters. West Virginia sacks on the blitz-twice. Suddenly the Terps face 3rd and 24.

10:47, 4:00 left: Heyward Bay makes a nice catch downfield, but Maryland still has 4th and six. They have no choice but to go for it.

10:48, 3:20 left: Another sack! That’s three sacks in four plays. If you’re the offensive line, there is absolutely no excuse. You had a comeback within your grasp, and you let the West Virginia linebackers, and in turn your chances, run right past you.

10:54 pm: The game ends, as West Virginia run out the clock, and the Mountaineers win 31-14. Maryland played okay in this game, but they made a lot of mistakes, and if not for them this game would have been much closer. The West Virginia offense is very fast, but They haven’t passed the ball well so far. We’ll see if they can continue to play well, especially on defense, in their conference schedule.


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