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Liverpool vs. Chelsea Live Blog

Posted by Mike on August 19, 2007

I’ts Liverpool versus Chelsea. Enough said.

11:12 am, 9th minute: A pretty exciting game so far. Liverpool seems have a slight upper hand in the first ten minutes or so, but may be just because of the Anfield crowd.

11:15 am, 12th minute: Michael Essien gets a yellow card for that tackle on Alvaro Arbeloa.

11:16, 13th minute: A good shot by Bernard Riise from outside the box. Cech makes a fairly easy save, but that was the first true goal threat of the game so far.

11:19, 16th minute: GOAL! Fernando Torres breaks away from the defense on the left side, and has unbelievable touch in getting the ball past Cech into the bottom right corner of the net. Liverpool leads, 1-0. Welcome to England, El Nino.

11:23, 20th minute: A little side note: Ever since that head injury, Peter Cech has been wearing what I believe is a rugby-style helmet. I want to know why more soccer players don’t wear something like this. They take a lot of balls to the head, and they can’t be very good for your brain cells. I know that using your bare forehead gives you more ball control, but I think it’s more worth it to get used to some padding and still be able to process thought when you’re 65.

11:27, 24th minute: Chelsea gets a free kick and a corner kick, but are unable to make very much of it.

11:30, 27th minute: Solomon Kalou gets a good shot at goal, but Carragher and Gerrard are able to stop Chelsea from getting a decent strike.

11;33, 30th minute: Yellow card on Dirk Kuyt, apparently for taking a handball. Chelsea proceeds to turn the ball over almost immediately. Jose Mourinho has the look of a man who just swallowed a tarantula.

11:39, 36th minute: Every time Didier Drogba even so much as touches the ball, any possible window of opportunity has been slammed in his face. This means Liverpool is doing a great defensive job, but it also means that someone else needs to step up for Chelsea on offense. Lampard? Kalou?

11:44, 40th minute: A great free kick into the box, and John Terry comes thisclose to heading the ball in for a tie. He was was little too far ahead of it; Liverpool is very lucky.

11:46, 42nd minute: Steven Gerrard gets a yellow card for that hard tackle. As much as I want Liverpool to win, the call was justified; it wasn;t a very smart tackle.

11:48, 44th minute: Jermaine Pennant makes a great run on the right side, but his pass into the box is well behind Torres. This reminds me of Pennant’s performance against Milan. He spent 90 minutes repeatedly beating opposing defenders before repeatedly beating himself, doing little with the great chances that he’s able to create. It’s a bit frustrating.

11:51, 45 minutes: Liverpool gos into halftime with their 1-0 lead from Fernando Torres’ breakaway. Unfortunately, he got banged up near the end of the half, and we don;t know how healthy he’ll be in the second half.

Chelsea did a good job of creating goal opportunities later in the first half, and definitely had an upper hand in the last 15 minutes or so. If they can continue that in the second half, they should be able to tie or win this game. Liverpool hasn’t gotten many good looks outside of Torres.

12:06, 46th minute: The second half begins. Claudio Pizarro, the Peruvian striker, comes in for Kalou at halftime.

12:07, 47th minute: Chelsea gets a corner, but Pizarro and John Obi Mikel just can’t head the ball towards goal.

12:09, 49th minute: Shaun Wright-Phillips makes a great cross to Pizarro, but again he has a hard time deflecting it in the right direction.

Chelsea has been dictating the pace so far in the second half. Liverpool cannot allow this to continue and expect to win.

12:11, 51th minute: Liverpool gets their first good scoring chance in the second half, but Riise’s shot misses badly. Rafa Benitez reacts like someone just dipped a gym sock into his coffee.

12:14, 54th minute: Another good chance from running the left side of the field, but again Liverpool’s shot misses badly. This time it’s Dirk Kuyt.

12:16, 56th minute: Mourinho to his assistant coach: “Stop laughing. That joke wasn’t funny. Do you know how unfunny that was? That joke was so bad, you’re fired. Never say that about my grandmother again.”

12:19, 59th minute: Ashley Cole gets yellow carded for Torres’ acting job. Cole proceeds to half moon the ref. Either that or his right “cheek” really, really itches.Whatever happened, the ref didn’t notice.

12:21, 61st minute: PENAL! PENAL PENAL PENAL! Steve Finnan commits a “foul”, and ref makes a questionable call in giving Chelsea a penalty kick. Frank Lampard gets the goal easily, and Chelsea had tied Liverpool at 1-1. On replay, Finnan was in the wrong place at the wrong time, but Malouda went down just a little too easy.

12:27, 67th minute: Even thought they got that goal off a penalty kick, Chelsea seems to be losing some momentum to Liverpool on offense.

12:28, 68th minute: Riise had another good shot at goal but he can;t control it.

Jermaine Pennant is taken out of the game in favor of Ryan Babel.

12:29, 69th minute: Lampard get yellow carded, the 8th card handed out today.

12:32, 72nd minute: Liverpool’s forwards look tired, having a hard time moving around. But Carragher still won’t let Drogba even sniff a chance at goal.

12:34, 74th minute: John Terry gets his ninth yellow card. What I don;t get is that Terry and two other players were arguing to the ref, even though he said to play on. Why didn’t someone form Liverpool take advantage of the and try to score while two or three Chelsea players were too bust talking to the ref to notice?

12:39, 79th minute: Malouda executed that free kick well. Joe Cole’s shot attempt? Not so much.

12:43, 83rd minute: Liverpool finally gets a good attack going, but Cech is able to stop Riise’s shot.

Oh look. It’s everyone’s favorite awkward, lanky white guy, Peter Crouch!

12:45, 85th minute: Dirk Kuyt gets a good header on the ball off a cross from the right side, but it’s nine inches too high. Time is running out in this game.

12:49, 89th minute: A great strike by Ryan Babel, but its just wide to the left. A lot of fans in the stadium thought that was a goal.

We’ve got 4 minutes of extra time…plenty of time for some to score (or screw up).

12:55, Full Time: Liverpool can;t get a good attack off in the final seconds, and the game ends tied at 1-1. Chelsea will not be happy because their team did not play particularly well. Liverpool will not be happy because the feel they would have won the game if not for a bit of acting by Malouda that led to the penalty kick. Still, it was a good and exciting game overall.


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  1. […] Posted by ssreporters on August 19th, 2007 Chelscum 1 Liverpool 1: ARRRRGGHHHHHH!!!! Every game Chelscum has conceded first……and every game they’ve comeback to draw or win. It started in the 16th minute when new signing Fernando Torres beautifully put it past Petr Cech, causing the Liverpool home fans to go wild as they took control of the match. Chelsum striker Didier “Swan Dive” Drogba was a non-factor in this match, as Chelsea were 1-0 down at the half in a decent match at Anfield. In the 2nd half, controversy ensued as Steve Finnan was booked for fouling Chelscum’s Florent Malouda in the box. The problem is, he clearly didn’t foul him. So the result is a 1-1 draw as Lampard scored from the spot in the 61st minute. To read more about this story, Digital Headbutt live-blogged this event. […]

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