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Huevonazo of the Week: Karate

Posted by Mike on July 24, 2007

Other than this, it might be the most painful minute of YouTube-age that you will see on this space in while. In a demonstration of her black belt Karate skills, this girl delivers not one shot straight to the groin…but five.

Two points to make:

1. Why does the guy keep fighting? He knows that the girl is going straight for the forbidden zone–it probably isn’t worth stealing her purse after about the third time.

2. I want to see ESPN cover way more martial arts. In all seriousness, the top martial artists are incredible athletes, but sports fans almost never get to see them. And no, UFC doesn’t count.


2 Responses to “Huevonazo of the Week: Karate”

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  2. survive with nothing said

    Survivor man is by far the winner. Gryllis would probably die by dehydration or stupidity… So what if he was a british marine or whatever they aren’t trained to survive a fucking camping trip to a dog park. Less survives with almost nothing but bear needs helpers and a flint stick. Winner by a long shot. Survivor man.. He’s a survivalist professional. Just watch man vs wild then pull your head outta your ass and foot outta your mouth and watch survivor man tell me what’s more realistic and who know how to survive for get about age and physical abilities knowledge is power..

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