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Look Out, David Ortiz: Daisuke Wants Your DH Job

Posted by Mike on July 20, 2007

YouTube is a fabulous place. You can entertain yourself for hours. But even better, you can post something on your blog if you’re to busy (or lazy) to any actual blogging for a short period of time, which has been the case for me.

Anyway, it turns out that Daisuke Matsuzaka averaged 19 at-bats per home run, which puts him somewhere between Pat Burrell and Alfonso Soriano in home run efficiency. The problem is that he only batted 19 times in his Japanese career, which means he’s hit a grand total of one home run as a pro.

Want to see it? Come on, I KNOW you want to! Well, here it is:

The unfortunate victim is Darwin Cubillan, Venezuelan pitcher for the Hanshin Tigers. He throws a high cheese, and Matsuzaka hits it 370 feet to the seats in left-center field. Overall, the homerun was not that impressive. However, those announcers…I want those guys covering the game whenever I hit a home run.



One Response to “Look Out, David Ortiz: Daisuke Wants Your DH Job”

  1. firedannyainge said

    Ortiz might just need Dice-K if his hitting woes keep up.
    (not my site)

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