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Huevonazos of the Week: To Celebrate America’s Independence, You’re Getting More Than One

Posted by Mike on July 4, 2007

I know what you like…shots to the groin! So let’s start your fourth of July off the right way, shall we?

First, we’re going to celebrate America’s military, as our troops show off a new weapon on an unwitting comrade.

If only we started deploying these weapons in Iraq…either Al Qaeda members will cringe and beg for mercy, or they will take no many huevonazos that they will be unable to “produce new recruits”.

Next, we have two kids playing soccer, when kid one’s boot goes flying into kid 2’s danger zone.

Listen to the slo-mo scream. It’s one of the oddest sound I have ever heard. Absolutely hilarious.

Our next video is of a goalie who takes a puck in the nether region. However, the shot itself, which is two seconds in, is not the best part of the video.

The best part is that the goalie continues to writhe in pain well after the fact, and that all other players on the ice keep playing for well over 90 seconds while the goalie is down for the count. I know that you need to keep playing until the whistle blows, but situations like these are why you need a referee.

Finally, we celebrate our superiority in sports with a huevonazo from a sport that only the United States could have produced: skateboarding.

I hope that those huevonazos are all the fireworks that you’re going to need today, because the “official” fireworks shows are bound to disappoint. Have a great fourth of July, everyone, and happy 231st birthday, America!


One Response to “Huevonazos of the Week: To Celebrate America’s Independence, You’re Getting More Than One”

  1. withmalice said

    Happy 4th guys, from Don in Japan…

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