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Huevonazo Of The Week: Jason Miller

Posted by Mike on June 25, 2007

Where would the Huevonazo Of The Week feature be without martial arts? This week, we go to Jason Miller, a mixed Martial Arts fighter, who delivers a front kick just a little too late.

Do you know how bad this kick was? Even Miller was laughing at his opponent, as Hiramitsu writhed in pain. His face was priceless, a look of “Oh, I so want to feel bad for you dude, but man, that was soooooo funny.” I guarantee you that he got knocked out by that guy 15 seconds later as punishment for that laughter.


3 Responses to “Huevonazo Of The Week: Jason Miller”

  1. OUCH! THAT HAS TO HURT. . . . . . .

  2. icelandichustler said

  3. Adam said

    Actually, Mayhem Miller won the fight by decision. And Miura kicked him in the nuts twice earlier in the fight.

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