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Video: Benny Feilhaber’s Goal, Gold Cup Final

Posted by Mike on June 24, 2007

Team USA’s Benny Feilhaber scored an absolutely ridiculous goal off a deflected corner kick in the 73rd minute. It ultimately proved to ge the game winner, as the USA won 2-1 and the Gold Cup title over rival Mexico.

After the game, I eagerly awaited the YouTubeage. This is the Univision version, complete with the insane call by Pablo Ramirez. How can you not get pumped up after seeing this?

UPDATE: This video is shorter, only showing the GOLAZO!


48 Responses to “Video: Benny Feilhaber’s Goal, Gold Cup Final”

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    Every been to a national game?

  3. Extra P. said

    That was very enjoyable. I love to hear the roar of the crowd at an event like that.

  4. Mike White said

    Sidenote: The Fanhouse noticed that team USA was called “los Gringos” on Univision, and I noticed the same thing. I thought it was hilarious. Let’s face it, soccer coverage is much more fun when it’s partisan.

  5. La Rev said

    I watched the Univision coverage…I actually didn’t think it was too partisan. Relatively speaking, of course. My favorite part is hearing Ramirez trying to say, “DaMarcus” and “Ching.”

  6. Mike White said

    Yes. Pablo Ramirez turned Brian Ching’s name into a sound effect. CHING! It was especially funny when his late attempt to score a third goal and put the game away went CHING! off the post.

    Mexico was doomed the moment Hugo Sanchez decided to dress like a villain from “Miami Vice”.

  7. mookie said

    They seemed to be fascinated with Borenstein as well.

  8. USA FAN said

    I was there at the game and when they scored this goal me and my buddy were the only ones up cheering while beer was thrown at us…. lucky they missed

  9. Tyler said

    I can watch this vid on repeat … I also hate mexico

  10. Nutty John from Seattle said

    Feilhaber’s goal made it fun to be a US fan again. I struggled to get excited watching them through the first four games of the tourney. They were uninspired and out of sorts. They reversed it all Sunday and Benny put the exclamation point on it.

  11. I truly enjoyed the goal. It was superb and expectacular. There is no doubt about that.

  12. Chasen said

    I’ve been a longtime soccer fan and have followed the US team regularly in international competition and that goal by Benny — who I actually played against in high school — was far and away one of, if not the most superb strike by an American that I’ve seen. Afterward Landon Donovan made the comment that he was initially thinking that it was foolish for Feilhaber to take the shot, but that sort of simple thinking is exactly what has plagued the US for years, the inability (or lack of confidence) to take chances. Cheers Benny!

  13. Dino said

    Great goal great game.

  14. La Rev said

    “It was especially funny when his late attempt to score a third goal and put the game away went CHING! off the post.”

    Yeah, but he is an alum of the greatest university on the planet.


  15. Mike White said

    As far as my blogs are concerned, you are referring to one of the many “second best” universities on the planet out there.


  16. The Best US Soccer Goal Ever

    Watch the second video, it gets to the goal right away.

    Very nice.

    The volley is one of the hardest kicks t…

  17. eteraz said

    As good as the Maxi goal against Mexico last year

  18. Julian said

    Great goal, but, man, IS MEXICO..Came on. That team CAN’T PLAY.

    And USA, Argentina is NOT MEXICO. I hope that this thursday we can see a great game!!


  19. Tundrapat said

    Yeah, Feilhaber’s BEAUTIFUL goal almost makes up for the two ‘gimmes’ that Ching and Beasley managed to clang off post and crossbar.

    We’re getting better, but we won’t be able to compete with the big boys (despite being the only team the Italy faced and did not defeat in the World Cup last year) until we can LEARN TO FINISH! We tend to wards the ‘shotgun’ approach, and we end up with stats like: 11 shots, 5 on goal, 3 saves. I’d be happier with fewer shots and better accuracy.

    Clean that part up, and get rid of the inability to pass in tight quarters, and we’ve got it all.

  20. Mike White said

    I agree Tundrapat. I enjoy the fact that we beat Mexico, and I had never seen such aggressive play out of the American team before, but we had the chance to annihilate them. Maybe it’s because we’ve been so used to a conservative style of play that when a opportunity likes that comes up, we still don’t quite know what to do with it. However, we are a young and talented team, and we have three years to figure things out.

  21. […] Video: Benny Feilhaber’s Goal, Gold Cup Final Team USA’s Benny Feilhaber scored an absolutely ridiculous goal off a deflected corner kick in the 73rd minute. […] […]

  22. hiswizardeyes said

    Ah, I’m so sad I missed that game! Awesome goal – not even the commentators saw that coming. But what happened to the days of yelling “Gooooooooooaaaaaal!” Now it’s always “goal goal goal”… Eh, whatever… I don’t hate Mexico, but I love a great game.

  23. arsenalist said

    Damn good strike. But it’s too bad Canada got robbed.

  24. abarclay12 said

    The goal was a beauty. So was the Mexican coach’s hot pink shirt.

  25. enriquesanchez said

    I am dissapointed reading some comments saying that some people “hate mexico”. Why do you hate the country where american people take a lot of things you need? Why do you hate the country where you find a lot of workship for your fields? The othe thing that is dissapointing is about some comments, it seems to be that the second goal was an accident and not a technical goal. If it was a coincidence, then you are wipping out all the merit to that goal.

  26. madmouser said


  27. I hate MEXICO SOCCER better?

  28. mx said


    What an intelligent statement. Says a lot about neighbours.

  29. patrick said

    It was a fantastic goal…couldn’t have come at a better time.

    but no way near Maxi’s…Maxi took the cross field pass on the chest and then the volley was unbelievable. Probably the best goal of WC06. The situation made it all the overtime in the world cup. Stil gives me chills when I see the replay.

  30. Hector said

    Hell no, it was a good golazzzzzooo!!! But hell no USA aint better than Mexico, yall are just some haters… Who went farther in da World Cup in 06… MEXICo!!!

  31. Last Row said

    Benny Feilhaber and Maxi Rodríguez, separated at birth?

    Another do or die match, another loss by México in a very winnable situation. This time the stakes were a little higher (I suppose) than the match against Argentina in Germany 2006.
    Playing the role of Maxi Rodríguez was American Benny Feilhaber wh…

  32. MC_AL said

    I hate Mexico also, but I don’t hate the country just the national soccer team, I hate them a lot. The US is the better team right now and has been for awhile. Mexican people just can’t seem to admit that, they dwell on the past.

  33. Jim said

    I love Mexico, having been there and found the people to be wonderful. On the other hand their soccer team is a team of sore losers and hacks. When the US beat them earlier this year Sanches deliberatly tried to injure one of our players after the second goal. They always walk off without exchanging shirts of shaking hands. Their comments after are always “The better team doesn’t always win”. Sure they got further in the last WC but look at their group! The US would have advanced from that group too. And when we met them in 2002. USA! We own them and they know it. Remember all the attempts to injure in 2002 when they knew they had lost? Remember Cobi getting the sH## kicked out of him in the waning minutes.

    Mexico can’t stand being #2. No class.

  34. James17930 said

    Who f-ing cares? If the refs weren’t crooked, the US may not have even been playing in the final.

    The Canadian goal in injury time in the semi-final was NOT OFFSIDE. It was headed back by a US player, which would negate any offside even if the Canadian player was in a offside position, which he wasn’t anyway.

    I am fully convinced the officials were given instructions to ensure a US/Mexico final, and that’s exactly what they did.

    F*** CONCACAF.

  35. Phil said

    Amazing this guy is relatively unkown and his shot was pure class in technique. Good goal… Damn good goal!

  36. Limey John said

    Treasure this guy Feilhaber – he’s going to be your best player in the future. He hasn’t had a handful of games yet for the National side but has looked VERY comfortable.
    I’m an Englishman living in England but knew of Benny before he signed for FC Hamburg as he & his Dad used to play in the same Sunday side as my Son in Laguna Niguel, CA.
    His Dad still does! You can’t sign him though – he’s Brazilian!

  37. shawal said

    What an amazing goal that is…

  38. perredeco said

    Chinguen a su madre pinches gringos puñeteros..!!!

  39. Tom said

    That was a totally world class goal! Even in European football, things like that are rare!

  40. Paul said

    Sore losers ?

  41. Russell said

    I wonder if Univision would have kept the footage available if the teams were reversed? 😉

  42. icelandichustler said

  43. Mainor said

    It was a great game. I think both teams played well but US was better. What impressed me the most was the fact that US did not give up after Mexico’s goal. The character of the US team was also demonstrated by the fact that the great majority of fans were mexicans did not affect their believe that they could beat Mexico. I think Mexico needs to realize that US has become the best team of CONCACAF and that the US team does believe they can beat Mexico most of the time.
    I am sure it is a hard thing to admit for Mexicans but now days it is expected that US beats Mexico.

  44. venezuela07 said

    Beautiful goal, great final, great win

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  46. JohnSnader said

    Too bad we couldnt replicate this beautiful play at CA, we have to face the facts we are better than mexico but we are everyone’s bitch, at least mexico beats great teams – we are a fuckin same to soccer

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