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Your Long Awaited Huevonazo of the Week: Craig Monroe

Posted by Mike on June 13, 2007

Many things involving stuff have happened in the past few days, so the nutshot is a little late this week. This is the Detroit Tigers Craig Monroe, taking one in the cup from Jose Contreras in 2006.

Considering the angle, accomplishing this huevonazo is unbelievable. Contereas could have pitched at Monroe’s jewels 100 times and still would not have been this accurate. And I love the commentary at the end.


4 Responses to “Your Long Awaited Huevonazo of the Week: Craig Monroe”

  1. Extra P. said

    The ump coming over actually checks his own junk real quick before he looks at Monroe.

  2. Mike White said

    You’re right! That makes the video even funnier. Although, it looked that may have been just some badly timed jock itch.

  3. […] White just took out #1 seed Orson Swindle in the Hot Blogger bracket. And he celebrated with this huevozando (Spanish for “nut shot”!) that is all the more amusing if you watch the umpire who […]

  4. Extra P. said

    I fixed the spelling of huevonazo in the original post, by the way. I must have been thinking of Hector Elizando getting a huevonazo when I wrote that.

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