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The Gods Are Not Pleased With Aluminum Bats

Posted by Mike on June 2, 2007

Today starts Day 2 of the NCAA Baseball regionals throughout the country, including in Chapel Hill. Go to Tar Heel Mania for a recap of Day 1 action.

Yesterday was bleeping hot. 90 degrees, 90% humidity. Add Aluminum bench seating and…well, it ain’t too comfortable. Apparently it will be cooler today, but because tropical Storm Barry is blowing, in, we could get a lot of rain over the weekend, possibly delaying several of the scheduled games. Any regionals near the southeast Atlantic coast are likely in the same situation.  I just hope that they’ll be able to finish the regional before the end of the weekend, because I may not be able to watch a baseball tournament that seeps into Monday and Tuesday. We need the rain down here, but Let’s hope that weather cooperates for just a little longer.


Today’s games should be interesting. Jacksonville plays Western Carolina in the regional’s first elimination games, and UNC freshman pitcher Alex White will be facing his hometown team in East Carolina. Let’s hope he can get it done and bring the Heels to 2-0.


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