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Balking Is Punishable by Death

Posted by Mike on June 1, 2007

blow-nitez.jpgOne day after Jose Reyes fools Armando Benitez, getting him to balk twice, letting Reyes walk home, and ultimately costing the Giants their game against the New York Mets, Benitez has been traded to the Florida Marlins.

Benitez sealed his fate with his final two appearances, both defeats that dropped his record to 0-3 with a 4.67 ERA. Last Friday he allowed two ninth-inning runs in a 5-3 loss to Colorado, then cited the offense’s failure to advance baserunners. He endured a nightmarish outing on Tuesday night against the Mets, yielding two 12th-inning runs by balking twice before surrendering Carlos Delgado’s walk-off home run in a 5-4 loss.

I’ve seen the replays, I’ve looked up the ruling, and I still can’t figure out why those were called balks. Benitez certainly shouldn’t be traded for what happened in that game. He was traded because he is just a bad pitcher, but to time it right after the balking incident is rubbing salt in the wounds for “Blow-Nitez.” The Giants organization isn’t even trying to be subtle, and it’s hilarious.

Actually, Benitez will be paid $7.6 million to leave by the Giants organization, for all of his bad pitching over the years. I think he’ll be having the last laugh.


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