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Update on Domain Names

Posted by Mike on May 25, 2007

Earlier this month I posted a few unclaimed sports-related domain names, partly as a fun exercise and partly to help inspire a few new sports bloggers, as coming up with a cool name can be difficult. After nearly two weeks, I am sad to report that if you were interested in buying the following three domain names, they have already been taken off the market: (for obvious reasons) (ditto)

Too bad. Those were three of my favorites, although I didn’t expect Fire Vince Lombardi to get taken ahead of a few others. However, the following domain names are still available for the taking:

I’ll have another list of domain names for you in June.


4 Responses to “Update on Domain Names”

  1. Extra P. said

    To my mind, it is amazing that has not been snapped up. Talk about a great site name.

  2. SA said

    Exactly Extra P. Especially for a college football (specifically SEC) site. It seems perfect. Shame.

  3. Body By Lendale needs to be snapped up.

  4. […] [Rumors and Rants] 6) Why as a domain name is still available is beyond me. [Digital Headbutt] 7) Ian isn’t exactly a name you hear much in MLB. [The Feed] 8) NFL Adam gets interviewed. […]

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