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Wait…Dominoes Is A Sport?

Posted by Mike on May 17, 2007

I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around dominoes as a sport. I have never used dominoes for their original purpose. However, ESPN2 has been televising the World Championship of Dominoes, and there’s even an international organization overseeing all things dominoes (the strangely named FIDO). According to the Professional Domino Association, the #1 player is Nate Tsegay, a 28 year old youth pastor born in Eritrea. More importantly, however, the fact that dominoes is an officially recognized sport gives me an excuse to post this video.


4 Responses to “Wait…Dominoes Is A Sport?”

  1. Extra P. said

    I do NOT want to hear what purpose you use dominoes for other than “the original”.

  2. Mike White said

    You have a sick, sick mind, Extra P.

  3. […] of Mike White and Digital Headbutt. You will too, especially if you’re looking for the latest news on dominoes. (Digital […]

  4. Mookie said

    Good to know ESPN once again picks up something non-athletic.

    The fact that they are going to air Rock,Paper,Scissors cracks me up already.

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