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Chad Johnson Wishes He Came Up With This

Posted by Mike on May 14, 2007

On May 23, Liverpool plays AC Milan in Athens for the UEFA Champions League final, the Super Bowl of Europe. I’m rooting for Liverpool because I’ve only been keeping track of the Premiership, I like any team that eliminated Chelsea, and I cannot root for an Italian squad (the flopping has got to stop).

The biggest reason why I’m rooting for Liverpool, however, is because of Robbie Fowler. Yesterday was his final Premiership game, and the Champions league Final will certainly be the last time he wears a Liverpool uniform. I have recently discovered (thanks to Being Sven) that Fowler has the best goal celebration…EVER. After scoring on a penalty kick against Everton, he went to the end of the pitch and “snorted” the goalline. Video evidence confirms the hirality.

Let’s hope he has a chance to score in Athens and get his “high” one last time.


7 Responses to “Chad Johnson Wishes He Came Up With This”

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  2. Liverpool? I’ll root for them over the Italian team because they ended up with Javier Mascherano somehow, after the West Ham transfer.

    And because Kaka makes me laugh, and Ronaldo is old….

  3. Franzzzz said

    ..hehheee.. you guys.. you realy think that football is played only in the iland of dumbo ears? Liverpool plays ugly “long ball over the midfield, and everybody after” football.. Horrible! The sport would suffer from the victory of liverpool. (they will loose it anyway..)
    Oh, about that flopping.. 02 wc japan, Michael Owen dive and get free penalty kick (winning one..) against Argentina.

  4. Mike White said

    I didn’t say that soccer is only played in England. I’m saying that the Premiership is the only international league that gets regular TV coverage in the US. It’s the only league that I’m able to keep track of.

    More flopping:

    98 world cup, Diego Simeone.

    2006 world cup, Fabio Grosso flops over Lucas Neill in stoppage time, giving Francesco Totti a penalty kick and Italy a 1-0 win over Australia in the Round of 16 with no time left.

    And there’s video of AC Milan’s own Giraldino diving so obviously that even his own fans must have booed him.

  5. Franzzzz said

    I would not say, that in Utd – Milan game we did see only Gilardino “flopping”..
    I saw allso couple “angel-fly” from Utd players too..
    Anyway, yes, i give you that without too much fight, that there is more simulations in Portugal, Italy, Spain, Brazil.. It’s a lot due to a different referee policy in different national leagues. In England they prefere more fisical football, long balls and running from the sides.. in italy or spain is prefered more technical and spettacular football. In that type of football, trying to build the game from midfield and breaking throw from center.. often the attachers are stopped wery brutaly.. and in consequence, allmoust allso to defend them self better.. they fall easy, instead of taking every kick and push given..
    I like beautifull football.. and i’m not a big fan of Gilardino, he is a bit over the top. But, in name of good football.. Lord.. make shure that Liverpool wont win this one.. please.

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  7. Anon said

    Franzzz you have no clue. Liverpool mix it up when they play,r ather than relying on only being able to play pretty football without scoring goals. Fool.

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