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Awful Announcing 2007 Official Sports Bloggers NFL Mock Draft

Posted by Mike on April 12, 2007

Tonight begins Awful Announcing’s official NFL Mock Draft. 32 Sports Bloggers have been gathered into a war room to decide if they can draft better than whose who get paid millions to make picks.

I live in North Carolina, so I took the Carolina Panthers and the 14th overall pick. I have a fairly concrete strategy as to how I’m going to draft, but I appreciate all the help I can get. So leave some suggestions in the comment box. I can’t reveal my selection until AA releases the post on Monday, but I will tell the player I have in mind is a Senior who played for a BCS conference team.

In honor of this occasion, I present to you the single greatest draft of all time. Konichiwa b—-es.


4 Responses to “Awful Announcing 2007 Official Sports Bloggers NFL Mock Draft”

  1. Miguel said

    Konichiwa B____es!

    Give us a clue. What positions would you look to fill with your 1st and 2nd pick?

    Would you agree that the Panthers main weaknesses in 06 were linebackers, D-backs and O-line?

  2. Mike White said

    I am sworn to secrecy, but I’ll agree with you on that last statement. Needs don’t always determine a draft pick, though. If a talented player like Gaines Adams, a player at one of Carolina’s strength positions, is still available, it may be too good to pass up.

  3. Nice blog!

  4. CTWM said

    Looks like I’ll be getting a post here in the coming future.

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