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Michigan St. vs. BC Live Blog: 2007 NCAA Frozen Four

Posted by Mike on April 7, 2007

Tonight, Boston College plays Michigan State for the National Championship in Hockey. I’m excited because this is one of the few times that ESPN is going to show a hockey game, which means we get see one of my favorite announcing teams: Gary Thorne and Barry Melrose. They were a great announcing team when ESPN showed NHL games before the lockout.

7:06 pm: 18:56 left, 1st period. After the first shift, Boston College was offensive minded from the start, but Michigan State has done a good job so far of disrupting the Eagles’ passing.

7:09 pm: 16:00 left, 1st period. BC is trying to dictate a fast pace of the game. Michigan has been able to keep up so far, but BC should get a lot of offensive chances.

7:12 pm: 14:40 left, 1st period. Michigan State gets the first scoring opportunity, Cory Schneider makes the first save, but doesn’t see the puck in front of him and forced to make another save on the rebound.

It’s kind of weird to hear the college pep bands in a hockey game.

7:14 pm: 13:13 left, 1st period. Melrose has said that BC’s leading scorer has had to play defenseman due to injuries on the roster. Their dearth in the back could be why Michigan State is getting the early opportunities. The Spartans have put up the first 4 shots on goal.

7:15 pm: 12:00 left, 1st period. BC gets their first SOG. Lurg gets the glove save.

7:18 pm: 10:14 left, 1st period. Boston College will be on the power play, the first of the game.

7:22 pm: 8:07 left, 1st period. A very good penalty kill by Michigan State. Defenders got in all of the passing and shooting lanes, not allowing a SOG. The Spartans even got a good shorthanded shot of their own.

7:24 pm: 7:33 left, 1st period. Cory Schnieder is out to take Roberto Luongo’s job. Vancouver drafted him back in 2004. The NHL is the only league I know that drafts players and allows them to complete their college eligibility. Maybe the other leagues should emulate this.

7:28 pm: 5:03 left, 1st period. A good save by Jeff Lerg. He makes the initial save, but BC’s sticks knock the puck is loose. He was very fortunate to have his stick flat on the ice to stop it. He had no idea where the puck was.

7:32 pm: 3:15 left, 1st period. Boston College is controlling the puck, spending most of their time at this point on their offensive end. The Spartans defensemen continue to block nearly every shot the Eagles take.

7:36 pm: 2:09 left, 1st period. Michigan State is on the power play. BC has a shorthanded breakaway, and it takes a great shave by Lerg to stop Gerbe’s shot. A scrum after the whistle leads to a double penalty and a four on three for the Spartans, which I think actually favors BC, who will take more kindly to the open ice.

7:41 pm: Michigan State can’t convert on the power play, and The game remains tied, 0-0 after the 1st period. Lerg made some great saves, but he can;t find the puck after the initial save. That could cost them later. Fortunately, the Spartans defense has done a great job of disrupting BC’s shots and passes. For BC to score and win in this game they will need to dictate the pace and find a few breakaway chances. Michigan State cannot keep up with Boston College in open ice.

7:58 pm: As the second period begins, a quick thought: if there’s a mafia in Canada, their godfather probably looks like Barry Melrose.


8:03 pm: 16:26 left, 2nd period. Boston College has twice as many shots on goal. A Spartan defender knocks down a Eagle before he can take a shot, which leads to a BC power play.

I really wish that I knew more about college hockey so that I could make more witty comments.

8:07 pm: 15:00 left, 2nd period. The Spartans were doing a good job of penalty kill, but BC now has 34 seconds of 5-on-3, as another Michigan State player is caught out of position and forced to cheat. The defenders may be tired from the fast pace of the game. If that’s the case, it shouldn’t be long before the Eagles get on the board.

8:10 pm: 13:10 left, 2nd period. GOAL, Boston College! As the power play is about to expire, the puck takes a bounce out from teh wall, and BC’s Brock Bradford is in the just the right position to take a wristshot past Lerg’s right shoulder. 1-0, BC, off what was a fairly lucky play. Aside from that, Lerg has been playing very well tonight against BC’s pressure.

8:19 pm: 9:29 left, 2nd period. Michigan State has been on the power play for nearly two minutes, and they will have the advantage for another two as BC commits another penalty. Schneider has been making some good saves during the Spartans’ offensive attack.

8:22 pm: 7:02 left, 2nd period. Schneider makes more great saves. Michigan State is making most of their attacks from the left side. Is that because that’s where BC has a forward playing defenseman? Mike Brennan, the BC defenseman, has bee manning the right side.

Michigan State has had 9 of the last 13 shots on goal.

8:25 pm: 6:32 left, 2nd period. Michigan State is back on the power play. BC cannot afford to keep getting penalties, they’re going to tire themselves out.

8:27 pm: 5:00 left, 2nd period. Michigan State gets a good opportunity just after the PP ends, but Schneider is in position to make the save again.

8:30 pm: 3:26 left, 2nd period. MSU player Brian Vukovic make s ajarring hit that leaves him lying on the ice for a few minutes. But that belies something much more horrific: Someone from Australia plays ice hockey. This means one of three things: 1) a rink in Sydney, 2) he played roller hockey, or 3) THE NEXT ICE AGE IS UPON US!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

8:33 pm: 2:45 left, 2nd period. Boston College gets their first true breakaway, but Lerg stops the shot easily.

8:39 pm: The second period ends, and Boston College leads, 1-0 after two periods. Which is strange, because Michigan State played a lot better in this period, putting more pressure on Schneider and getting a good showing from Lerg. But the lucky bounce allowed Bradford to get a good shot for the game’s only goal so far.

8:58 pm: 18:56 left, 3rd period. Great passing by Michigan State to begin the third period leads to a wide open net for Michigan State, but their top scorer can’t convert the golden opportunity, which they will likely not have again.

9:01 pm: 17:28 left, 3rd period. Boston College is midway through a power play. The Eagles have gotten some good opportunities of their own, but Lerg continues to keep BC from blowing the doors open on this game.

9:04 pm: 16:21 left, 3rd period. When I think of the constituency that watches hockey, I think of Nelly. I know he’s from St. Louis, but still. Know your audience.

Michigan State is on the power play as a BC player charged a goalie.

9:07 pm: 15:11 left, 3rd period. Jeff Lerg may be 5’6″, but I think he’s earned an NHL contract tonight. But it will be all for naught if the Spartans can’t score.

9:10 pm: 13:27 left, 3rd period. Michigan State only gets one good shot in the power play, as Boston College is playing good defense in the neutral zone.

9:14 pm: 11:35 left, 3rd period. We currently have a 4-on-4, which I think is a great opportunity for BC to score again and put this game out of reach.

9:19 pm: 10:07 left, 3rd period. GOAL, Michigan State! Boston College gets penalized for hooking. On the ensuing faceoff, Michigan State’s Tim Kennedy finds the puck first, breaks away, adn gets is past the five hole of Schneider for the goal. 1-1, tie game.

9:28 pm: 5:30 left, 3rd period. Since the game has been tied, BC has spent a lot of time in the offensive zone. Assuming even strength, BC seems to stand a better chance of winning in regulation right now.

9:34 pm: 2:32 left, 3rd period. Scratch that last statement. Jeff Lerg has been playing lights out in this game.

9:37 pm: :18.9 left, 3rd period. GOAL, Michigan State! With 30 seconds left, the Spartans cause a turnover and have a 3-on-1 break. The first shot dings off the crossbar, but Kennedy gets the puck in the back, passes it into the crease, and Justin Abdelkader gets it past Schneider, and Michigan State is about to get the win! Wow, what a heartbreaking way to lose for BC.

9:42 pm: Michigan State gets the empty netter in the end, and The Spartans defeat Boston College, 3-1 to win the 2007 National Hockey Championship. Michigan State’s defense is what kept them in the game, and ultimately it sprung their offense in the final period. Kennedy and Abdelkader may have scored the goals, but Jeff Lerg is the reason Michigan State won this game. With this victory, Michigan State has won their 3rd National Championship in their hockey history.


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