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Memphis vs. Ohio State Live Blog: 2007 NCAA Tournament Elite 8

Posted by Mike on March 24, 2007

Today Memphis plays Ohio State in the South Regional Final in San Antonio. Memphis will try to use their deep bench and fast game pace to run the Buckeyes Ragged. Ohio State cannot allow the Tigers to get far ahead in the game like in their previous two contests. They will need a big day from Greg Oden, especially on defense, and guards like Mike Conley, Ron Lewis and Jamar Butler need to hit the three. Winner plays North Carolina…hopefully.

4:41 pm: 2-0, OSU. Off the tipoff, Greg Oden gets the ball inside and his shot rolls in for the first points of the game.

4:43 pm: 4-0, OSU. The Big Ten this year has seemed to be a slow, halfcourt, defense oriented league. However, Ohio State seems very comfortable with a fast-paced game. Memphis may not have expected this.

4:47 pm: 8-2, OSU. It takes nearly five minutes for the Tigers to get their first basket, a drive in layup by Antonio Anderson.

Memphis seems very uncomfortable with Ohio State’s defense.

4:51 pm: Andre Allen of the Tigers has two personal fouls. The last one was questionable; it looks like he took the ball clean from Oden.

4:52 pm: 9-5, OSU. Jeremy Hunt hits a three for the Tigers.

The Tigers are starting to play more aggressively on offense.

4:55 pm: 9-8, OSU. Memphis is coming back, as Hunt has been sent twice to the free throw line. Memphis had by far the worst free throw shooting of anyone in the field of 65, but they’ve shot well in this tournament.

Oden has been out for the last few minutes, and the Tigers have really attacked the rim in his absence.

4:57 pm: 10-9, Memphis. The Tigers take the lead after Hunt hits two free throws.

4:59 pm: 13-11, Memphis. Hunt penetrates the lane, and he kicks out to an open Willie Kemp for three.

Conley drives in 10 seconds later and gets a layup to tie the game.

5:00 pm: 17-15, OSU. It looks like Oden tipped in a basket for Memphis there. He definitely makes up for it on the next possession.

It seems to me that the effectiveness of the Buckeyes’ gameplan depends on whether or not they can force turnovers. During the stretch when they couldn’t get any TOs, Memphis dominated.

5:06 pm: 20-17, Memphis. Joey Dorsey and Oden are both on the bench with 2 fouls.

5:09 pm: 23-21, Memphis. Doneal Mack hits another three for Memphis to take the lead back.

5:10 pm: 23-23. 6:23 left in the first half.

Conley keeps driving inside. He hasn’t even looked to kick it out to another guard for a three.

5:13 pm: CBS, who the hell is MEMP? That abbreviation makes no sense.

5:14 pm: 26-24, Memphis. Hunt hits a three from outerspace basketball range. He has 16 today.

5:15 pm: 29-26, OSU. The Buckeyes finally kick out a pass from the inside to a guard for an open three. Butler hits it and give them back the lead.

5:17 pm: Chris Douglas-Roberts joins Dorsey in foul trouble for Memphis.

5:18 pm: 30-26, OSU. Ironically, it’s the Buckeyes who are struggling from the stripe.

Dozier dunks it in to cut the lead to two. 30-28, OSU.

5:19 pm: 32-28, OSU. Antonio Anderson is down, having been hit in the forehead. He’s bleeding badly.

5:23 pm: Anderson is going to the locker room. Let’s hope he’s okay.

5:24 pm: 37-30, OSU. Ron Lewis hits a three. The guards have really stepped up while Oden has been on the bench.

5:27 pm: 39-33, OSU. If Memphis is going to stay in this game, it’s going to be from the bonusphere. They’re 6 for 9 for three.

What a play by Douglas-Roberts! CDR catches the ball at the baseline, and he drives inside past two players, and then dunks one handed over another. Again, what a play.

5:29 pm: UPDATE: The Dook women have been eliminated! Rutgers beats Duke, 53-52 in the Sweet 16! WHOOOOOOOO!!!

5:31 pm: Kemp hits another three before halftime. Memphis is now 7 for 10 beyond the arc. Ohio State leads, 41-38. Ohio State seemed to do a good job of frustrating the Tigers on defense, but it looks like Memphis has figured them out. They certainly have had it easier in Greg Oden’s absence. The Buckeyes will need him to stay out of foul trouble in the second half.

5:53 pm: 43-38, OSU. Oden starts the second half the way he starts the first. He gets a quick basket inside, catching Memphis out of position. On the next possession Butler alley oops it to Lewis. 45-38, OSU.

6:00 pm: 45-42, OSU. CDR gets another nice basket off the drive inside.

6:02 pm: 47-42, OSU. Oden picks up his third foul.

CDR’s layup rolls around the rim three times before falling in. 47-44, OSU.

6:03 pm: 49-44, OSU. Lewis hits a three…or does he? The refs call it a two, but I disagree.

6:04 pm: 49-47, OSU. Wow. Hunt can really run the fast break.

Official timeout.

6:09 pm: 49-48, OSU. Allen and CDR are on the floor with three fouls.

6:12 pm: 52-51, Memphis. CDR puts the Tigers back on top with a great crossover, drive and floater from the left side.

Memphis has been getting all of the rebounds while Oden has been on the bench.

6:15 pm: 56-51, Memphis. Oden comes back in. 12:30 left.

6:16 pm: 56-54, Memphis. Oden’s impact is almost immediate. He kicks out a pass to Butler for a wide open three, and then he gets a block (goaltending?) on the next Memphis possession.

6:17 pm: 58-54, Memphis. Anderson hits an outside shot. It’s good to see that he’s recovered from that elbow to the head.

6:21 pm: 58-56, Memphis. Dorsey is out with foul trouble. He hasn’t seemed to be a factor at all.

6:23 pm: 60-57, Memphis. CDR has taken over the second half.

6:24 pm: 60-60. Just as I say that, CDR commits a stupid foul. Oden is going to make that shot no matter what, but he tries to tackle him. He’s called for the intentional foul, his fourth, and Oden gets the basket and two free throw opportunities. He misses one, preventing the lead.

6:27 pm: 64-64. Oden gets the emphatic dunk to give Ohio State the lead.

Anderson hits a sweet jumper on the next possession.

6:28 pm: 66-64, OSU. With seven and a half minutes left, that layup by Daequan Cook was way too easy.

6:30 pm: Tomorrow on the Amazing Race…we’re going to Zanzibar! To meet the ZanziBarbarians!

6:32 pm: 69-64, OSU. Butler hits a loooooong three. Which reminds me, Memphis hasn’t been hitting their outside shots in the second half.

6:34 pm: 71-64, OSU. Greg Oden has played extremely well since returning with 12 minutes left. We’re down to 5:30 in the game.

6:36 pm: 74-64, OSU. Oden was able to get the ball out of his double team, and Lewis was able to hit a wide open three. The lead is now double digits. 4:30 left.

6:42 pm: 76-69, OSU, 3:15 left. Just as things are looking bleak for the Tigers, Hunt hits another three. He has 26 points in the game.

6:44 pm: 78-72, OSU, 2:30 left. Anderson makes a great pass to Kemp for another three to make it a two possession game, but CDR and Andre Allen have fouled out.

6:47 pm: 82-72, OSU, 2:09 left. Ohio State seems to be salting the game away at the free throw line, but where is that blood-curdling scream coming from? I don’t know what that means, but it sounds bad.

6:48 pm: 82-74, OSU, 1:56 left. A good drive inside by Dozier, but is it too little, too late?

6:51 pm: 86-74, OSU, 1:12 left. Memphis’s shots have stopped falling, and this game is pretty much over.

6:56 pm: The game ends. Ohio State wins, 92-76. The Buckeyes are moving on to the Final Four, and if UNC wins tomorrow, the Bucks will be our opponent, and frankly, I’m not looking forward to facing them. Even when Oden is neutralized, their guards do a really good job of picking up the slack.

There is no rest for the weary. Up next, the UCLA-Kansas live blog.


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