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Ohio State vs. Tennessee Live Blog: 2007 NCAA Tournament Sweet 16

Posted by Mike on March 22, 2007

Tonight #1 seed Ohio State plays #5 seed Tennessee in one of the 2nd games of the night for the NCAA Tournament Sweet 16. Ohio State, coming off their near loss against Xavier, will look to bring the ball inside to Greg Oden, both offensively and defensively. Tennessee, with their bench and athleticism, will want to play a quick transition game, while the Buckeyes want to slow it down. Now that Texas A&M lost today and my bracket has officially blown itself up, I am now rooting for as many non-UNC upsets as possible.

10:21 pm: 3-0, Tenn. The Vols draw first blood with a three (I think it was JaJuan Smith).

10:23 pm: 6-3, Tenn. Ivan Harris hits a three for the Buckeyes, but Chris Lofton responds in kind.

10:24 pm: 10-9, OSU. The first five field goals for the game were 3-pointers, before Greg Oden and Ron Lewis get easy dunks in transition.

10:25 pm: 14-10, Tenn. Lofton hits another three, and on the next possession delivers a great assist to Ramar Smith.

Tennessee has done a good job so far of spreading the ball to the outside.

10:29 pm: 17-12, Tenn. Either the OSU defense is slacking off, or they simply can’t clamp down the perimeter yet. The Vols have hit 6 field goals, five of them from three.

10:32 pm: 20-14, Tenn. The Buckeyes simply cannot stop Tennessee attack from the bonusphere. They’re 6 of 8 on three point field goals.

Ohio State needs to force the guards inside where Oden’s defensive presence can be felt.

10:37 pm: Greg Oden is called for his second foul 9 minutes into the game. Wayne Chism seems to be playing well against him.

Ohio State is now challenging every shot.

10:38 pm: 25-14, Tenn. I guess I spoke too soon. Bradshaw hits a three, they steal the inbound pass, and Ramar Smith gets the basket and the foul. The Vols now have a double digit lead midway through the first half.

10:43 pm: 28-16, Tenn. Daquan Cook stops the bleeding for Ohio State, but Bradshaw makes a great pass, and Ramar Smith scores inside again.

10:45 pm: 30-18, Tenn. 7:53 left.

10:49 pm: 32-18, Tenn. JaJuan Smith scores inside as Matt Terwilliger is called for goaltending. Wait…who???

10:51 pm: 34-18, Tenn. Bradshaw is trapped inside, but he makes a great pass to Duke Crews, who slams it in.

10:52 pm: 34-20, Tenn. Mike Conley steals the ball and finally gets a layup. I think the Buckeyes have only had 2 field goals in the last 9 minutes.

10:53 pm: Oden comes in and is promptly called for his third foul. He’s in big trouble now.

10:54 pm: 37-20, Tenn. The Vols hits another wide open three; this time it’s Jordan Howell.

10:55 pm: 39-22, Tenn. The Buckeyes are really struggling in Oden’s absence.

11:00 pm: 39-27, Tenn. Ivan Harris hits a three for the Buckeyes, who have now scored 7 unanswered points.

11:02 pm: 43-27, Tenn. Lofton hits yet another three.

The Vols have really taken the Buckeyes defense to the cleaners.

11:04 pm: 49-29, Tenn. Tennessee is attacking the inside in Oden’s absence, and three straight layups give the Vols a 20 point lead.

11:05 pm: Ron Lewis gets three the hard way to beat the buzzer, but Tennessee leads 49-32 at halftime. I was shocked at how the Vols were able to dominate the first half, especially on offense. They have to finish Ohio State off in the second half; they cannot become conservative. For Ohio State to get back in this game, Oden will need to get significant playing time without getting into further foul trouble, and they need get better shots and force Tennessee to take worse shots.

11:29 pm: 49-34, Tenn. Oden is back in the lineup in the second half, and his impact is almost immediate. He’s indirectly responsible for a basket on the offensive end and a turnover on the defensive end.

11:31 pm: 51-34, Tenn. Verne Lundquist puts it best:

“Right now, Ohio State is playing something like a, matador defense. the wave the red flag and say, ‘go right on by.'”

11:32 pm: 51-40, Tenn. Ohio State is coming back. Harris hits another three, Oden’s presence has clearly been felt, and Lofton’s shots aren’t falling in the second half.

11:34 pm: Someday, missing free throws is going to kill the Vols. If they’re not careful, it may be tonight.

11:36 pm: 51-44, Tenn. The lead is now single digits, and there’s plenty of time left. Tennessee needs to stop chucking up shots and attack the inside trying to give Oden foul #4.

15:43 left.

11:40 pm: 54-44, Tenn. Lofton hits a wide open three off a great kickout pass, but not before Oden makes a huge block, showing how dominating he can be.

11:43 pm: 54-48, Tenn. Just as important as the return of Greg Oden from the bench has been the improved play of Mike Conley. He’s been the driving force of this comeback.

11:44 pm: All of the forces are working against the Vols right now. The shots they made in the first half aren’t falling, Ohio State is getting all of the rebounds, and the Buckeyes are finally getting an offensive rhythm, at least by Big Ten standards.

11:46 pm: 57-51, Tenn. Tennessee finally gets a basket, as Dane Bradshaw hits a three to beat the shot clock.

11:47 pm: 57-53, Tenn. Official Timeout.

11:52 pm: 59-57, Tenn. Conley is having an unbelievable second half. I less than nine minute, the 20 point lead is down to two with the alley oop to Lewis. Tennessee has suddenly gone cold shooting, but defensively there is no excuse for allowing 25 points in less than 9 minutes.

11:54 pm: 62-59, Tenn. Oden comes in, and even though he scores on his first possession, on defense he picks up his fourth foul.

11:55 pm: 64-59, Tenn. The Vols get two straight inside layups set by screens. With Oden and Hunter out with four fouls, Tennessee need to attack the inside.

11:55 pm: 64-62, Tenn. OSU’s two big guys are on the bench, and yet the Buckeyes are still getting offensive rebounds! What the hell? And why is Tennessee fouling like it’s going out of style?

11:58 pm: 64-64. Conley ties the game at the line. Ohio State has outscored Tennessee32-15 in 11 minutes. Seriously, Tennessee has only scored 15 points in 11 minutes? They have really gone cold.

12:02 am: 68-65, OSU. Terwilliger hits free throws to give the Buckeyes their first lead of game, and Conley’s shot rolls in. The Buckeyes have caught every break in this half (except the Oden foul).

12:03 am: 68-68. Lofton finally hits a three on the second half. The game is tied again. with seven and a half minutes left in the game.

12:07 am: 72-68, OSU. Butler hits a three, and Tennessee’s shots are now always contested. Where was this Ohio State team during the first half? More importantly, where did the Volunteers of the first half go?

12:09 am: 74-72, Tenn. Wow, that was unexpected. The Vols hit two straight threes, the first by Ryan Childrees and the second by JaJuan Smith. The Vols are back in the lead.

12:10 am: 74-74. Right now, Tennessee cannot stop Mike Conley.

12:10 am: 77-74, Tenn, 4:30 left. Childress hits another three, and the Vols get the lead back.

Oden comes back in the game.

12:16 am: 79-76, Tenn, 3:30 left. Lofton hits an unbelievable floater off a spin move to extend the lead back to three.

12:17 am: Conley might be out of gas. He’s missed his last 3 free throws.

12:18 am: 79-79, 2:46 left. David Lighty, however, is not tired. He hits the open three to tie the game.

12:22 am: 82-82, 1:45 left. Ron Lewis and Chris Lofton exchanging blows. What great shots!

12:24 am: 84-83, OSU, 1:18 pm: The good news: Tennessee is going to the free throw line. The bad news: Tennessee is going to the free throw line.

12:28 am: 84-84, :40 left. Ramar Smith hits a free throw.

12:29 am: :06.5 left. Don’t you hate it when a game this important comes down to free throws?

12:31 am: Conley makes the first, misses the second, and Ramar Smith drive inside for the potentially game winning basket, but Conley is on him defensively like glue, Smith gives a desperation floater, and Oden rejects the ball to ensure the victory. Ohio State wins, 85-84. Obviously the Buckeyes are still vulnerable if their head isn’t in the game, but when they flip the switch, man, do they flip the switch. I am officially scared of this Buckeyes team if the Tar Heels have to face them.

Now it’s time to go to bed. Seriously, you need to go to sleep! It’s almost 1 am!


2 Responses to “Ohio State vs. Tennessee Live Blog: 2007 NCAA Tournament Sweet 16”

  1. Eileen said

    Hey do you think OSU deserved to win? I don’t I live in Ohio but I wanted Tennessee to win(long story).Then the next day I throw-up so now I’m blaming OSU for keeping me up the whole freakin’ night! Well, you should write about the Champoinship Game OSU vs. Florida. Bye!

  2. timmy said

    OSU got real lucky

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