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Butler vs. Maryland Live Blog: 2007 NCAA Tournament 2nd Round

Posted by Mike on March 17, 2007

Today #5 seed Butler plays #4 seed Maryland in the 2nd round of the NCAA Tournament. Butler, whose defense quickly disposed of Old Dominion, will be looking to stop the quick Maryland offense. If the Terps are able to dictate the pace of the game, the Bulldogs won’t be able to keep up.

3:13 pm: UPDATE: Xavier 61, Ohio State 59, :09 left. Screw my bracket, Go Musketeers!

3:16 pm: Ron Lewis hits a three to tie the game at 62 with 2 seconds left, and we’re going to overtime. NOOOOOO!!! I so wanted this upset, I so wanted the Buckeyes to be rid of!

Oden is out with 5 fouls.

3:31 pm: Ohio State wins in overtime, 78-71. All Cage had to do was make a free throw, and Goliath would have been slain.

3:33 pm: Finally, on to Butler-Maryland. The Terps lead, 10-8.

3:36 pm: It’s tied at 10 as we go to the 2nd TV timeout.

3:39 pm: 13-10, Butler. Campbell’s three gets a very lucky bounce on the rim into the basket to give Butler the lead.

3:40 pm: 13-13. Gist gets the basket and the foul. He now has 7 points.

Butler averages less than 10 turnovers per game, but they already have 5.

3:42 pm: Bambale Osby is in for the Terps. He immediately makes an impact, with a rebound and a basket inside off a Strawberry assist. 15-13, Terps.

3:43 pm: 15-15. Crone immediately responds, hitting an easy shot over Osby.

This game seems to be going at a faster pace than when Butler played Southern Illinois. This pace favors Maryland.

3:44 pm: 17-15, Terps. Osby goes inside again, scoring easily.

Another TV timeout.

3:48 pm: 19-18, Terps. Crone hits an open three, and Butler forces a turnover on the other end.

3:49 pm: 21-19, Butler. Another long three for the Bulldogs, this time by Graves, and now they have the lead.

3:55 pm: 23-19, Butler. The Bulldogs are doing a good job of forcing Maryland into a halfcourt game, and the Terps are clearly uncomfortable. They haven’t scored in a while.

3:56 pm: Did Kevin Harlan and his color commentator just make a comparison between Steve Nash and Kirk Hinrich? Hinrich was a better college guard, but in the NBA can they even be said in the same breath?

3:59 pm: 28-19, Butler. A.J Graves has a 3-point shot that’s almost insane. Meanwhile, their defense collapses on Maryland’s interior players, forcing bad turnovers. The Bulldogs definitely have the momentum. Which is bad, because I have the Terps in the Elite 8.

4:02 pm: 28-20, Butler. Osby hits a free throw to finally give the Terps a point. They still haven’t scored a field goal in nearly six minutes.

4:03 pm: 31-20, Butler. Campbell hits another three, Butler 7th field goal “from the bonusphere”, and Butler has a double digit lead.

4:04 pm: 31-22, Butler. Maryland finally gets a field goal, as Gist make s a great reverse dunk off a pass by Osby.

4:05 pm: I’m telling you, there isn’t a sound more bizarre than Kevin Harlan saying “Mmmm-hmm.” Between that and a conversation with Dan LaFontaine, my head might explode.

4:06 pm: MIKE JONES! who? MIKE JONES! who? MIKE JONES! comes off the bench before halftime and hits a buzzer-beating three pointer, cutting the deficit to six. Butler still leads, 31-25. Butler did a good job of disrupting Maryland’s pace and dictating their own. They will need to continue that and hope that tired legs in the second half makes the threes stop falling. To comeback in this game, Maryland will need to do what they can to make this a running game and tire the Bulldogs, who aren’t as deep.

4:27 pm: 34-25, Butler. As the second half begins, Butler hits another three, this time by Mike Green.

What’s really surprised me about the Bulldogs is their offensive rebounding. They’ve outfought Maryland after nearly every missed shot.

4:29 pm: 34-27, Butler. Gist gets a tough basket inside.

4:31 pm: 34-33, Butler. Back then they didn’t want me, now I’m hot, they all own me. The Terps hit two straight trifectas, the last by Mike Jones, to cut the lead to 1.

4:33 pm: 36-34, Maryland. And Jones hits another three, off a great steal by D.J Strawberry! And Maryland has the lead.

4:34 pm: 37-36, Maryland. Campbell hits another three to put Butler back on top.

If I ever blog a golf tournament, I want to make it interesting. The announcers are always whispering, so I’ll live blog in ALL CAPS!!!

4:37 pm: Ikene Ibekwe is on the Nigerian national team. Now that’s a proper Nigerian name, unlike Davidson’s Andrew Lovedale. Seriously, are we sure that’s not his porn name?

4:39 pm: 39-39. MIKE JONES! who? MIKE JONES! who? MIKE JONES! He has 15 points, all threes. He’s 3 for 3 in the second half.

Osby chases a ball out of bounds, and nearly destroys a laptop in the process. See, this is why I live blog at home. That and they won’t let me carry a laptop into my seat.

4:40 pm: 42-39, Butler. Graves gets three the hard way, and Strawberry is now in foul trouble.

4:42 pm: 44-41, Butler. I am simply shocked that Harlan and Bob Wenzel have yet to make an awkward reference to Mike Jones.

4:44 pm: Lord save us from another Dick Vitale commercial. Love the guy, but geez.

4;47 pm: 44-44. The Terps’ resident socialist, Venezuelan Greivis Vasquez, gets three the hard way. It’s truly a gift to have a 6-5 point guard

4:49 pm: 46-46. Gist ties the game with a left handed shot inside.

I have to believe that Maryland’s depth is going to show its advantage at some point in this game, as the Terps should have fresher legs at the end.

4:52 pm: 48-46, Butler. An unbelievable display of athleticism. Crone swipes the ball clean, drives inside, but Vasquez slows him down and Gist blocks his shot. But Graves is right behind them, makes the rebound and the easy putback.

4:56 pm: The question is no longer who, but where is Mike Jones? He just got back from the bench.

4:57 pm: Bob Wenzel, I don’t want to hear about your awkward encounter with Greivis Vasquez in broken Spanish. You jinxed his free throw shooting, and Butler hits another three to make it 51-46 in favor of the Bulldogs.

5:01 pm: 51-48, Butler. Maryland can’t buy a point blank shot inside, but Mike Jones gets the putback.

5:03 pm: 54-48, Butler. With the shot clock expiring and Osby staring him in the face, Mike Green passes to Crone, who hits a 30 footer to give Butler a six point lead.

5:04 pm: 56-54, Butler. Strawberry hits two straight shots to make it a one possession game again, but he takes a very bad shot in the next possession. 4:12 left in the game.

Judging by the low score, Butler has clearly dictated the pace of this game.

5:07 pm: 56-56. Vasquez ties the game, as he and Hayes are playing at the same time, with Hayes at point and Vasquez at 2 guard.

5:08 pm: 58-56, Butler, 2:45 left. Crone hits a midrange jumper from the free throw line to take the lead back. With less than three minutes left, the Terps need to put pressure on Butler’s outside shooters, and they need Mike Jones in the game.

5:11 pm: 58-56, Butler, 2:30 left. How does Ibekwe miss that shot? He had it from point blank range, it was as good a position as one could ask for, and he missed it. It’s been that kind of a day for the Maryland frontcourt.

5:13 pm: 61-56, Butler, 2:00 left. How is A.J. Graves left that open twice?!? He predictably drains the three, and Maryland is down five with two minutes left.

5:14 pm: 61-58, Butler, 1:40 left. Jones gets another putback, and he has 21. If Maryland doesn’t make a move soon, I may never be able to make that Mike Jones joke again.

Any particular reason Testudo is wearing a green suit? I know it’s Saint Patrick’s day, but it;s not working; the Terps are 6/14 from the free throw line. If they were 10/14 or better, they’d be leading.

5:18 pm: Maryland forces a turnover on the inbounds, but Strawberry is called for a charge. That charge call is BS, Strawberry had position.

Butler grinds the clock down to 7 seconds before shooting. They miss, but Green gets the rebound, and he’s fouled with 3.9 seconds left.

5:24 pm: Green misses the second shot, Strawberry dribbles upcourt, but Crone knocks it out of bounds with 0.6 seconds left. Maryland can;t get a shot off, and Butler wins, 62-59. Say goodbye to my bracket, and to Mike Jones! who? Mike Jones! who? Mike Jones!, who had a career day with 21 points and 5/7 from three. Jones, D.J. Strawberry, and Ikene Ibekwe have all played their final college game. They were all great players, and you should show some respect.

As for my bracket, one of my elite 8 just went down, and Texas A&M, my South winner, is in a tight game versus Louisville. If the Cardianls win, kiss my bracket goodbye. I’ll be blogging Boston College vs. Gorgetown.


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