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BC vs. Georgetown Live Blog: 2007 NCAA Tournament 2nd Round

Posted by Mike on March 17, 2007

Today Boston College plays Georgetown in Game 2 of the second round of the NCAA Tournament. Goergetown has a big advantage inside with Roy Hibbert, but Boston College with more experienced players, may have a leg up if Jared Dudley, Sean Marshall, and Tyrese Rice all have good outings. I have the Hoyas winning this game in my bracket, but I’m hoping the Eagles take care of them so that UNC won’t have to.

5:53 pm: CBS has decided to continue showing Texas A&M vs. Louisville instead of the start of BC-G’Town. The game is tied at 56. If this game goes to the Cards, my house of Cards falls. This is a more exciting game anyway, as the Hoyas are making it ugly pretty fast. 12-2, G’Town only four minutes in.

5:58 pm: 61-57, Louisville. Edgar Sosa, who looks like someone from that Flavor of Love spinoff show, has 29 points today.

6:05 pm: 15-8, G’Town; 65-60, L’Ville. Terrence Williams gets a huge dunk, an alley oop from the baseline. I think no one had expected Louisville to perform this well for the season after they missed the tournament last year and started 5-4 this year.

6:14 pm: 19-19; 68-67, A&M, 3:00 left. Boston College ties the game thanks to Tyrese Rice, who has 7 points. Texas A&M takes the lead with free throws by Joseph Jones.

6:19 pm: 22-21, BC; 70-69, A&M, :55 left. Rice hits a three to give the Eagles their first lead. Terrence Williams gets a layup for the Cardinals, but Acie Law hits two free throws to give the lead to the Aggies.

6:23 pm: 28-24, BC; 70-69, A&M, :16 left. Edgar Sosa misses two free throws with a chance to take the lead, but so does Jones for A&M. Louisville has the ball with 16 seconds left.

6:27 pm: Sosa misses a long three, a bad shot if you ask me, and Acie Law rebounds. He hits two free throws, and Sosa’s desperation is too long. Texas A&M holds on to win, 72-69.

6:29 pm: 28-26, BC. Now we finally go to the main event. Rice may be the leading scorer, but apparently Dudley has been doing a little bit of everything.

6:31 pm: Halftime already? Oh, well. Dudley hits a midrange jumper with about a minute left in the first half, and Boston College leads 30-26 at halftime. The Eagles have shot 48% from the field in the first half, and they will need to continue to shoot well in the second half to win, as well as continue to put pressure on Roy Hibbert and Jeff Green, Georgetown’s best players, who both have two fouls.

6:53 pm: 32-28, BC. The second half begins. It takes Roy Hibbert three tries to get a basket, but it only takes Jared Dudley one. He hits double digit points in this game.

6:54 pm: 36-28, BC. We have our first Bullwinkle reference, as Dick Enberg calls Jared “Dudley-do-right.” The nickname, while insanely corny, is justified, as he’s responsible for all of BC’s second half points. He’s 3 for 3 in the second half.

6:57 pm: 36-31, BC. If Hibbert can get the offensive rebound, goo luck trying to stop him.

6:58 pm: Hibbert gets away with goaltending. Hoya Suxa!

7:01 pm: 39-31, BC. Great passing by the Eagles, and Rice hits a three. He has 15 points.

7:03 pm: 39-34, BC. Georgetown gets three the really, really hard way. Johnathan Wallace misses the second free throw, but Patrick Ewing gets the rebound and the pu—


7:05 pm: 39-37, BC. Wallace’s three from the baseline rattles in, and the Hoyas are now within two.

Goergetown’s defensive pressure is forcing the Eagles to make some mistakes.

7:08 pm: 39-39. Can you believe that 38 of BC’s 39 points have been scored by Dudley, Rice and Marshall? The rest of the team really needs to step up. The Eagles haven’t scored in over four minutes, and their FG shooting has fallen to 37%.

7:13 pm: 41-41. Dudley ties the game off a steal, as Patrick Ewing of Georgetown is called for goaltending. God, how many times has that sentence been written before?

The Hoyas are getting away with a lot of contact.

7:14 pm: 43-41, BC. Dudley makes a great assist to Tyrelle Blair, who dunks to take the lead.

7:15 pm: 44-43, BC. Patrick Ewing hits a three (WHAT?!?) to give G’Town the lead back. Since when does Patrick Ewing step out for three?

7:18 pm: 44-44. Dudley hits one of two free throws, as one of the bands plays the CBS NCAA Tournament theme song.

7:20 pm: 48-44, G’Town. How does Hibbert get that ball down on the floor before three BC players? And how does Green get that rebound above everybody?

7:25 pm: 48-46, G’Town. Blair gets a putback, but Jared Dudley nearly gets himself ejected after a confrontation with Jessie Sapp.

7:27 pm: 50-46, G’Town. Seeing Hibbert on Dudley is never good.

7:28 pm: 50-49, G’Town. Rice hits a three to cut the lead to one.

7:29 pm: 52-51, G’Town. Hibbert and Dudley take turns beating the shot clock with a great baskets inside. Less than four minutes left. I think he has 20 now.

7:30 pm: 54-51, G’Town, 3:11 left. Boston College has no defensive answer for Roy Hibbert.

7:34 pm: 54-53, G’Town, 3:00 left. Rice hits his free throws.

The pace, I think has favored BC. I don’t think most people have expected the game to be this close.

7:35 pm: 56-53, G’Town, 2:00 left. The Hoyas force a key turnover, and Sapp gets an easy layup to bring the lead up to three.

7:36 pm: 59-53, G’Town, 1:26 left. The Hoyas have done a better job of outhustling BC to the rebounds, and the latest give Jeff Green three the hard way.

7:37 pm: 59-55, G’Town, 1:03 left. Rice goes back to the line and hits two, but time is running out for the Eagles.

7:39 pm: 62-55 G’Town, :42 left. OK, now I’m convinced. Roy Hibbert is one of the best players in college basketball. Not only can he score, but he’s a great defensive presence, no one can get a rebound against him, and he can pass. He just delivered a great assist to Patrick Ewing, who got the dunk and the foul to essentially seal the game for the Hoyas.

7:42 pm: The game officially ends: Georgetown wins, 62-55. Dudley and Rice had great games, but Hibbert took over the second half, scoring rebounding, shutting down the defensive paint, and making it a living hell for the Eagles.

I’ll be at Tar Heel Mania to cover UNC vs. Michigan State.


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