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Georgia Tech vs. UNLV Live Blog: 2007 NCAA Tournament

Posted by Mike on March 16, 2007

Today #10 seed Georgia Tech plays #7 seed UNLV in the first game of Day 2 of the NCAA Tournament. The Rebels have experience on their side, starting four seniors, and will need a big game out of the guard, Kevin Kruger, Wink Adams, and Wendell White to win this game. Georgia Tech, a much more athletic team, will need their freshmen stars Javaris Crittenton and Thaddeus Young to dictate a fast pace the entire game and wear down the less athletic Rebels.

12:24 pm: Ladies and gentlemen, Billy Packer!

12:26 pm: 2-0, UNLV. Gaston Essengue score the first basket of the game, a midrange jumper.

12:28 pm: 2-1, UNLV. Essengue is already out with two fouls.

12:29 pm: 5-1, UNLV. Michael Umeh hits a three for the Rebels. This game seems to be going at UNLV’s pace, but the Jackets are shooting cold.

12:32 pm: 5-3, UNLV. ReSean Dickey finally hits a shot for Tech off an offensive rebound.

12:36 pm: 11-3, UNLV. Umeh hits two straight threes as the Rebels are playing great defense.

I did not expect this, although I should have. Georgia Tech was 3-10 outside of Atlanta this year.

12:42 pm: 11-8, UNLV. The Jackets get two quick basket, a three pointer followed by a steal and dunk by Mario West.

12:44 pm: 14-8, UNLV. Wink Adams hits a three. The Rebels are 4 of 6 from beyond the arc.

Crittenton is taking a breather. The Jackets’ depth should get the Rebels tired at some point in the game.

12:49 pm: 16-8, UNLV. Georgia Tech is doing a terrible job of rebounding the ball, especially on defense.

We’re midway through the first half, but it seems like the Jackets aren’t giving their best effort.

12:51 pm: 19-8, UNLV. Another basket “from the bonusphere”, this time by Adams, and the Rebels are dominating the game so far. Georgia Tech needs to force UNLV inside on both ends.

12:55 pm: 21-10, UNLV. If the Rebels have one problem, it’s that two of their players already have two fouls.

1:05 pm: 22-12, UNLV. Even Billy Packer can notice that the Yellow Jackets have no f—ing idea what they’re doing in the first half. Javaris Crittenton has yet to record a statistic.

1:07 pm: 25-14, UNLV. Tech finally gets a field goal, a runner by West, but UNLV immediately responds with a three.

Watching the Jackets without Crittenton is just painful.

1:12 pm: 29-15, UNLV. The Jackets were playing bad with Cirttenton on the bench, but they’re playing even worse with him in the game. He just made a horrendous pass that UNLV stole and made an easy dunk out of.

1:18 pm: 31-24, UNLV. This game hasn’t been as exciting as I thought it would be, but it still has some promise. Georgia Tech has gotten two straight baskets inside, and UNLV’s fouls are really going to cost them eventually.

1:20 pm: 31-26, UNLV. Georgia Tech is still playing good defense, and they’re finally being rewarded for attacking the inside.

1:22 pm: The Yellow Jackets cut their 31-17 deficit in half to end the first half, and as UNLV lead 33-26 at halftime, this game is within reach again for Georgia Tech. They’ll need a big second half of shooting out of freshmen Crittenton and Young, and they need to attack the inside and foul out some of the Rebel players. UNLV will need to hit their outside shots again, as the shooting went cold at the end of the first half. They will also need to play solid defense with getting their players in more foul trouble.

1:45 pm: 35-28, UNLV. As the second half begins, UNLV shoots two free throws, but Alade Aminu gets a putback inside.

1:46 pm: 38-35, UNLV. The Techies are finally firing on all cylinders. They’ve hit their last four shots, including baskets by Young and Anthony Morrow.

1:48 pm: 40-37, UNLV. Georgia Tech is now dictating the pace of the game, but Crittenton comes out of the game. I have no idea why; Georgia Tech has all of the momentum, but the Jackets need someone running the point.

1:49 pm: Morrow ties the game with a three. 40-40 as we go to the first TV timeout of the second half.

UNLV is still in a cold shooting stretch.

1:53 pm: Crittenton still hasn’t scored in this game. I don’t know how the Jackets are in this game when Crittenton has been a non-factor.

UNLV might be a little tired.

1:55 pm: 42-40, UNLV. Wendell White drives down the baseline and gets a tough layup over two GT players to give the Rebels the lead.

1:57 pm: 44-42, UNLV. Crittenton is back in the game. He may not have any point,s but the offense seems more in sync.

1:59 pm: 46-44, UNLV. Crittenton finally gets on the board, hitting a very difficult shot inside.

Wendell White immediately responds.

2:00 pm: 46-46. Georgia Tech ties the game again as they continue to attack inside.

2:05 pm: Why does Paul Hewitt keep pulling Crittenton? He’s their only true ball handler.

2:07 pm: 48-46, UNLV. Umeh hits his first shot of the second half as UNLV regains the lead. Georgia Tech still has not lead at any point in the game.

2:08 pm: 52-46, UNLV. I can now see why Hewitt keeps pulling Crittenton. He’s making a lot of bad decisions, and they’re really costing his team.

2:11 pm: What’s MJ doing watching the games in Chicago and not supporting his team in Winston-Salem?

2:13 pm: 55-48, UNLV. Umeh hits another three, and UNLV has a seven point lead with less than seven minutes remaining.

2:16 pm: 55-50, UNLV. Crittenton seems to be heating up. He now has 6, all in the second half.

2:17 pm: 55-52, UNLV. What a dunk by Jeremis Smith! and it’s now a one possession game.

Georgia Tech commits an unforced error. What kind of pass was that?!? The Yellow Jackets seem to be shooting themselves at crucial moments.

2:20 pm: 57-56, UNLV, 4:10 left. Crittenton is definitely playing well now. His inside shot rolls in, and then he makes a great dish to Aminu. It’s now a 1 point game.

UNLV has surprisingly done a good job of staying out of foul trouble, as we have our final official TV timeout. Tech will shoot to take the lead.

2:24 pm: 58-57, GT, 3:30 left. Morrow hits his free throws, and the Yellow Jackets have their first lead of the game.

2:26 pm: 59-58, UNLV, 2:20 left. Wendell White drives inside for a layup to give the lead back to the Rebels, as GT uses their last time out.

2:29 pm: 59-59, 2:00 left. Smith hits one of two free throws to tie.

2:30 pm: Georgia Tech keeps letting UNLV get offensive rebounds; if the Jackets lose, it could be because of that.

2:32 pm: 61-59, UNLV. The Rebels make a great inbound pass, and–who else?–Wendell White gets the basket inside and the foul. But he misses the free throw shot.

2:35 pm: 63-59, UNLV, :36 left. The Rebels keep getting their offensive rebounds, and if you can’t keep your opponent from getting second chances, you can’t win.

2:38 pm: 65-61, UNLV, :23 left. Crittenton makes a great assist to Zach Peacock, but they foul an 86% free throw shooter, as the UNLV band plays “Viva Las Vegas”. Ugh.

2:39 pm: 66-61, UNLV, :12 left. Georgia Tech drives inside, but Essengue (with four fouls!) blocks the shot, Kruger makes one of two free throws, UNLV steals the inbound pass, and my bracket is about take its first major hit.

2:44 pm: UNLV wins, 67-63. The rebels blew their 14 point lead, but they held on to win because they outfought the Jackets for every ball.

I’m now going to the live blog the ND-Winthrop game, which is already well underway.


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