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Putting My Knowledge to the Test: My 2007 NCAA Tournament Bracket

Posted by Mike on March 15, 2007

Midwest Bracket:

First Round:

Florida over Jackson St., Arizona over Purdue, Butler over Old Dominion, Maryland over Davidson, Winthrop over Notre Dame, Oregon over Miami-Ohio, Georgia Tech over UNLV, Wisconsin over Texas A&M-CC

Second Round:

Florida over Arizona, Maryland over Old Dominion, Oregon over Winthrop, Georgia Tech over Wisconsin

Sweet 16:

Maryland over Florida, Oregon over Georgia Tech

Elite 8:

Oregon over Maryland

Midwest Champion: Oregon


West Bracket:

First Round:

Kansas over Niagra, Villanova over Kentucky, Virginia Tech over Illinois, Holy Cross over So. Illinois, VCU over Duke, Wright St. over Pitt, Indiana over Gonzaga, UCLA over Weber St.

Second Round:

Kansas over Villanova, Virginia Tech over Holy Cross, VCU over Wright St., UCLA over Indiana

Sweet 16:

Kansas over Virginia Tech, UCLA over VCU

Elite 8:

Kansas over UCLA

West Champion: Kansas

Update: It turns out my “official” bracket has Southern Illinois beating Holy Cross, so I may have chickened out of that one and forgot. But there’s at least two “unofficial” brackets I had with Holy Cross winning. Trust me.  


East Bracket:

First Round:

North Carolina over E. Kentucky, Michigan State over Marquette, Arkansas over USC, Texas over New Mexico St., Vanderbilt over GW, Washington State over Oral Roberts, Boston College over Texas Tech, Georgetown over Belmont

Second Round:

North Carolina over Michigan State, Texas over Arkansas, Washington State over Vanderbilt, Georgetown over Boston College

Sweet Sixteen:

North Carolina over Texas, Washington State over Georgetown

Elite 8:

North Carolina over Washington State

East Champion: North Carolina


South Bracket:

First Round:

Ohio State over C. Conn. St, Xavier over BYU, Tennessee over Long Beach St., Virginia over Albany, Louisville over Stanford, Texas A&M over Penn, Creighton over Nevada, Memphis over North Texas

Second Round:

Ohio State over Xavier, Tennessee over Virginia, Texas A&M over Louisville, Creighton over Memphis

Sweet Sixteen:

Ohio State over Tennessee, Texas A&M over Creighton

Elite 8:

Texas A&M over Ohio State

South Champion: Texas A&M


Final Four:


Kansas over Oregon, North Carolina over Texas A&M


North Carolina over Kansas

National Champion: North Carolina

So there you have it: my bracket for 2007. It’s either going to win the whole thing or die in blazing glory sometime Sunday. No matter what happens, it’ll be fun.


4 Responses to “Putting My Knowledge to the Test: My 2007 NCAA Tournament Bracket”

  1. Putting My Knowledge on the Line: My 2007 NCAA Tournament Bracket

  2. Phil Creek said

    I think you’re giving UNLV too little credit. I believe that have a very worthy chance to be a significant contender in the sweet 16 and possibly into the elite 8. And Holy Cross over SIU, I really was almost speechless seeing this. Holy Cross could not be a more inconsistent team. SIU has a legitimate chance to do very well this year. As its sixth year straight in the tournament, I think they’ll be doing big things.

  3. Mike White said

    UNLV was the champion of a fairly tough Mountain West, while the Yellow Jackets have won only two road/neutral games this season. Kevin Kruger versus Javaris Crittenton will be an interesting matchup. And Southern Illinois has one of the best defenses on the nation. So both points are very valid. If you want to win a bracket competition, however, you have to make decisions and take chances that other people will not. I am more familiar with Ga. Tech as I live in ACC country, and I thought the SIU-Holy Cross game could be the most likely 4-13 upset.

    Besides, I would be shocked if by Sunday afternoon my bracket has not blown itself up and been received by Allah.

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