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Virginia vs NC State Live Blog

Posted by Eric Angevine on March 9, 2007

I’m going to begin with a little pimp image I whipped up for tonight’s game:


You thought Sid was the only pimp in this game? You obviously haven’t met Cav Man.

We get Nessler and Dykes as our announcers tonight.

They rightly point out that the back court of Reynolds and Singletary will be the key for UVA. They have the uncanny ability to cover for one another. If the opponent shuts one down, the other picks up the slack. A great duo to take into the NCAAs. I sometimes worry that Singletary plays a bit out of control and tries to do what’s flashy instead of what’s right, but it’s hard to argue with his success so far. But we all know the Big Dance is different.

OK, my video is now frozen on a graphic of Arkansas and Vanderbilt logos. That’s not going to get it done, ESPN.

OK, switching to my local channel we get the tip and UVA controls. Jason Cain, moustache maestro, hits a long two – he’s usually inside

19:06 left in the first. Singletary drills another deep two.

NC State has missed their firs ttwo shots. Singletary gets it inside, but the Wolfpack swats it.

Ohhh, there’s the big red suit. Very pimp, but it won’t help you, Sid.

4-0 Virginia.

Cain goes inside and hits again, it’s 6-0 for UVA.

Mike says he’s watching Martin & Gminski, and I’ve switched to them as well.

We go into a timeout with UVA up 8-0 after Singletary takes it all the way in traffic.

There’s your ACC coach of the year.

Soroye rejects a shot and the Cavs rush on the other end and miss.

Gavin Grant finally gets State on the board after backing into the paint.

8-2 UVA

Cain misses an inside shot. 

A ridiculously long three on either end of the court and we take a break (maybe it’s time to settle the kids down).

Mike points out that Jason Cain is a bit pimpalicious, and I have to agree, just on the strength of the porn moustache alone.

Scott Prsayzyaoswanski is our sideline reporter, and he points out that UVA swept State this year.  Let’s make it three, fellas.

Two free throws from Fells to make it 8-4.

UVA is not waiting for the good shot.  But I guess they want to run early and put the Wolfpack to bed.

Grant hits one and State is getting close.

8-6 UVA

Another crap shot from the Cavs.

McCauley is fouled by Soroye, and has a shot to tie this game.

McC misses and we’re stuck at 8-6.  Reynolds makes a great move and misses in close again.  Amazing.

Cain rebounds McCauley’s miss and Singletary slows things down.  Petinella gets it inside and finally finishes one.

Fells goes baseline and misses, but State gets it back.

10-6 UVa and neither team is shooting particularly well – both below 50 percent.

Atsur gets two at the charity stripe and hits both.  Turkey.

Petenella hits again and it’s 12-8 for UVA.

The game so far has gone the way of the bigs as Cain pounds in another one.

Yikes, almost erased half of my work.  OK it’s 10:32 left and 14-11 in favor of UVA.

Reynolds gets swatted, but apparently walked even before that.

Fells scores to cut the UVA lead to 1.

Joseph scores for UVA to bring it back up to a three point lead.

Costner scores, and it’s 16 all.  The pace is picking up!

Sidney looks like a crimson cannonball on the sideline.

Diane misses and the rebound sails out of bounds and back to Virginia.

tie up and NC State gets the ball.

Atsur puts a three in and it’s 19-18 for State for their first lead.

Reynolds answers with a deuce.

The pace is up, that’s supposed to be in Virginia’s favor.  But they’re behind.

Singletary to Diane for a big three!

8:00 left and it’s 21-19 Virginia.

Singletary hits a shot that barely ruffles the twine – 23 to 19 Cavs.

Costner travels and we go to TV timeout with UVA still up four.

7:00 left in the first and we’re back.  Mikalauskis muscles it in for UVA and it’s 25-19 after a 9-0 run for UVa.

Singletary takes the steal and gets fouled on the way to the basket.  Not often you see a guy make something out of a 1-on-2 break.

27-19 Cavaliers

6:00 left.

Mikalaluskis is altering shots inside, but NC State gets a couple of free throws out of the posession and picks up a point.

Wow, so that’s what the arena looks like with people in it!  Not to many left at the end of the Wake/GTech game I blogged last night.

I do miss JPJ in a game like this.  There are plenty of Cav fans at this game, but you can barely hear them.  They rock JPJ.

4:34 left and it’s 27-20 for Virginia.

Reynolds gts in the lane and misses, but gets a second chance.

29-22 UVA until Tucker hits a three and makes it a ten point lead.

Why does Red Lobster always look so much better on TV than it really is?

3:32 left and the graphic says Singletary has 1o.

Singletary nails the trey and gets the foul as well!

Four point play makes it 36-22.

Nice ball movement from UVA but Reynolds gets called for the pushoff as he heads for the basket.

Then McCauley returns the favor, so no harm.

McCauley scores to cut the lead to ten.

1:41 left and Diane misses a three.  Then Tucker misses one.  Clank Clank.

Costner – clank.

Diane finally breaks the drought to make it 38-26 UVa.

Great, my phone rang.  We go into half 40-26 UVA.


Second half starts with UVA in control again.  Grant scores on a steal and break.

State gets in the paint again and Grant scores it.  UVA lead is down to 10.

Diane steps back to shoot the three and the bulge is back to 13.

18:27 left in the second.

Petinella comes in while State is shooting free throws.  Cain travels and we’re back to an NC State posession.

Costner scores to cap an 8-3 run for State.  43-34 for UVA.

Cain gets his third foul and has to hit the bench.

Fells scores and howls at the roof.  State is scratching their way back into this one.

17:36 left in the second half.  43-37 for UVA but the Pack are on an 11-3 run.

Nice feed to Grant and he gets an easy two.  Uva is letting this slip away as they shoot too early in the posession again.

Adrian Joseph scores – three!

46-39 Cavs

The wake guys are coming in the building, and they look more alert than I feel today.  Of course, they didn’t have to go to work the next morning.  On the flipside, I sat on my butt and live-blogged the game while they actually played it.

15:02 left, and we’re at 48-39.

Grant fouls and he has three.

Diane takes a horrible shot on the inbounds pass that misses everything.

Sick spin move from Singletary – the shot doesn’t go in, but he’s fouled.

UVA breaks fifty points on the next free throw, but Costner gets a nasty dunk on the other end!

50-41 with 13:45 left and Singletary gets his third and has to sit.  Leitao puts Reynolds back in in spite of his foul trouble.  He obviously isn’t going to leave this team without a rudder no matter what the dangers. 

Mikilauskus scores, looking a bit like an animated potato dumpling.

52-49 for UVA and McCauley gets a steal and a chance to really put the fear in UVA.

Nothing doing.  Ball going back Virginia’s way.  Another bad shot – not enough movement without the ball for UVA and not enough patience.

Fells misses everything on a three attempt.  The crowd must not be very pro-Virginia, because nobody roasted him for that.

11:00 left and the time out may have cooled the torrid pace NC State was putting up.  Four players have three fouls for UVA.

The Cavaliers seem really disjointed in their posessions right now – they need to reestablish flow.  All of the momentum is going State’s way, and the score is now tied at 52.

The Wolfpack are playing good D – UVA cannot get into a rhythm at all.  Cain is pulled into an offensive foul, McCauley takes the ball down and scores to put NC State up 2.

My four year old son is now doing play by play, and he’s pretty good.  “A guy in white is throwing the ball and a red guy tries to get it.”

State hits another three and this is officially a huge run.

57-52 with 8 left to play.

UVA’s foul trouble is going to make it very difficult to put the team Leitao wants on the floor.

Mik scores to halt the run, but McCauley hits another three.

60-54 State.

6:52 left and another ill-advised three clangs away for Virginia.

Horrible shots, none falling.

What an incredible turnaround.  The Red Jacket is for realz.

UVA finally works the ball inside to the moose Mikalauskis.  He pump fakes and draws the foul.

Not a good foul shooter.  It’s 62-57 State.

Reynolds pushes it on the break and gets to shoot free throws as a reward.

Atsur had a nice move to get inside and scores 64-59 with 3:42 left, and UVA is not playing well enough right now.  They need to run some offense and not play Gillen-ball.

Reynolds is taking free throws and gets the lead down to three.

64-61 State.

They trade buckets, but UVA looks out of control while State looks deliberate.

67-63 Wolfpack.

2:59 left.  Time out to yell at some people.

State throws the ball away and Reynolds cans a loooong three. The lead is one.

Nice strip by the Cavs, but Cain gets called for the foul in the scrum and he’s out of the game.  Time to go deliver pizzas to a horny housewife.

McCauley is shooting two foul shots and pushes the NC State lead to two.

Under two minutes and Diane gets called for a foul on the drive.  It looked like a block at first, but they call it a charge on Diane.

68-66 with 1:50 left.

Pack gets it inside for another easy two.

Singletary misses again.  It’s like he doesn’t know there’s enough time left to wait for the good shot.

Three for State – this one may be unsalvageable for the Cavs.

73-66 Wolfpack with under a minute to play.  NC State made some amazing adjustments at halftime on both ends of the floor.  UVA started to look rushed.  So much for the “State wants a game in the 50’s” bromide.  They’ve thrived on the speed game while Virginia has looked discombobulated and hurried.

All I can say is Fear the Jacket, Mike.

Costner (20 pts) and Singletary are players of the game.

Lowe is pissed as someone fouls Singletary on the wild three-point attempt.  Dumb foul, but it isn’t going to matter.

77-71 NC State.

Lord, put us out of our misery already, the bloody game is lost, quit fouling.

A team in red always makes a run in the ACC tournament.  Usually it’s Maryland, but this is NC State’s year.

Mike- Just to let you know, I won’t be live-blogging the Virginia game tomorrow.  Har de har har.

Man, there are some mega-hot State fans getting some camera time.

79-71 is our final, and NC State will watch the next game to see who they play.  Will it be the higher seed advancing in Virginia Tech, or will this end of the bracket dissolve completely with a Wake Forest win?  Hang around and Mike will tell you.

I’m going to bed at a reasonable hour tonight.


3 Responses to “Virginia vs NC State Live Blog”

  1. Mike White said

    The pimp for UVa is Jason Cain.

    I’m watching Martin and Gminski in Chapel Hill.

  2. Mike White said

    “Ohhh, there’s the big red suit. Very pimp, but it won’t help you, Sid.”

    Yeah, that’s what I used to think.

  3. Mike White said

    You want entertainment? Watch Sidney’s sideline gestures…

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