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Virginia Tech vs. Wake Forest Live Blog: ACC Tournament, 2007

Posted by Mike on March 9, 2007

Tonight Virginia Tech finally begins play in the ACC Tournament, as they play Wake Forest in Game #8 of my attempt to live-blog the entire ACC Tournament, a clear sign to you the I have too much time on my hands. Luckily, I live in ACC country, and the universities coincide spring break with the tourney. I’ve also gotten some help from the Extrapolater. So there.

For a quick preview of each team, see my ACC Tournament Preview. If you’re wondering why Georgia Tech isn’t playing tonight, see last night’s GT-Wake live blog.

9:41 pm: 2-0, Wake. Kyle Visser get the first basket on a putback. He’s a huge mismatch for the Hokies, who will have Coleman Collins defending him.

9:42 pm: 2-2. Tech steals the ball from the backcourt, and that dunk was WAY too easy for Jamon Gordon.

9:43 pm: 7-2, VT. The Hokies are shooting almost indiscriminately. You’re allowed to do that if your guards can pick the opponent’s pockets clean. Vasallo hits an open three, and Dowdell commits highway robbery on the inbound, which results in an easy layup.

9:45 pm: 9-2, VT. Carolina has a very deep bench, and they try to take advantage of this by playing at as fast a tempo as possible. Virginia Tech swept us because they’re one of the few teams that can keep up.

9:47 pm: 11-4, VT. Seriously, Raycom, stop it. It’s bad enough to see these coaches, but to show closeups of them in HD? HHUUUOOOAAGGHH!!!!

9:48 pm: 13-6, VT. L.D. Williams finally breaks the Wake drought. But the Hokies’ offense cannot be stopped right now.

9:49 pm: The NBA needs more players like Jamon Gordon. He absolutely disrupts your entire gameplan. Skip Prosser needs to find a way to neutralize his defense.

9:52 pm: The Wake Fores band has a really, really bad sense of timing. That’s the second time this tournament I’ve seen their fight song interrupted by game play.

9:53 pm: 18-8, VT. The Deacons have a deep bench with athletic players. So why do they always seem a step behind the Hokies tonight?

9:55 pm: 18-12, VT. Ishmael Smith is trying to bring Wake back into this game.

Mike Gminski: “[Skip Prosser]’s gonna work up a good lather by halftime.” Wait…what??? I think he meant sweat, but that sentence doesn’t make any sense at all. And frankly, it sounds pretty creepy.

9:59 pm: There’s one thing Gordon can’t do: make free throws.

10:00 pm: 18-14, VT. Visser take s great pass from Smith and dunks it. It’s simply amazing that I’ve already lost count of how many steals the Hokies have, and yet the Deacons have the momentum and are still very much in this game.

10:02 pm: 20-17, VT. There’s this one guy named Anthony, he plays for Wake, and apparently he’s very, very Gurley. Ladies and Gentleman, the worst joke of all time! Thank you!

10:02 pm: 24-19, VT. The Hokies are really attacking the inside. You think that Visser would do more to stop their attacking, especially if he’s expected to be an NBA lottery pick.

10:07 pm: Okay, I’ve seen this Chrysler minivan ad about 50 times during the tournament, and that couple would not be caught dead in any combination of a Chrysler or a minivan.

10:09 pm: 25-21, VT. Wake is within four, now getting some help from Jamie AHHHH! SKEEN SKEEN SKEEN SKEEN SKEEN!

10:11 pm: 25-23, VT. Ah, crap. Every time a coach calls a timeout, the announcers show a quick Charles Schwab ad, and suddenly I’m thinking about stocks.

10:12 pm: 27-23, VT. A.D. Vasallo is a reliable go-to guy for the Hokies. Why aren’t there more Puerto Ricans in college basketball?

10:14 pm: 29-23, VT. Dan Rather has had some success with obscure analogies, so I think I’ll try one as we approach 3 minutes before halftime. Virginia Tech has owned the paint like the Yakuza own a Japanese Pachinko parlor.

10:18 pm: 31-25, VT. Dowdell just hit a nice midrange jumper from the free throw line. Offensively, I haven’t heard as much from Dowdell as I thought I would.

10:19 pm: 31-27, VT. Visser’s free throw shooting is keeping them within reach.

10:20 pm: 31-29, VT. With less than two minutes before halftime, Visser makes a tough basket inside, and Wake draws an offensive foul from Dowdell.

10:21 pm: 34-32, Wake. The Deacons take the lead thanks to a three by Ishmael Smith, but A.D. Vasallo immediately strikes back. One minute left.

10:24 pm: Jamon Gordon hits his free throws, but L.D. Williams hits a jumpshot before the end of the half. Virginia Tech leads 36-34 at halftime. Early, I thought that the Hokies were going to run away with this game, as they dictated the pace of the game and seemed to steal from Wake’s guards with ease. The Deacs survived the initial flurry, however, and have played very well since. For them to win this game, they will likely need to endure another flurry in the second half, control the ball, and shut down the paint on defense.

10:31 pm: Is there any scientific proof that these ads for beer and soft drinks actually make people want to have said beer/soft drinks? Because it doesn’t matter what the ratio is of commercials of Bud Light to Miller Lite to Pepsi to Coke, I’m not drinking any on it.

10:38 pm: Seth Greenberg invariably says “ahright?” twice for every sentence he makes.

10:42 pm: The ACC Tournament knows their audience. Evey ad during the tourney pertains to either cars or ingesting calories. It’s actually quite refreshing now to go an entire day without being asked to take a pill by my TV.

10:44 pm: 38-35, VT. The second half has started out slow. So slow, in fact, that Raycom didn’t show the first 30 seconds. A.D. Vasallo scores first for the Hokies, but Dowdell is on the bench with four fouls.

10:46 pm: 40-37, VT. The Hokies still don’t have an answer for Kyle Visser.

10:47 pm: How does Ishmael Smith miss that layup? In a game this close you can;t afford to miss those opportunities.

10:48 pm: 41-37, VT. Deron Washington only has 3 so far in this game. No one can deny, However, that he has the best hairdo still active in this tournament now that Osby and Maryland have been eliminated.

10:50 pm: 43-37, VT. Normally Dowdell is the game changer for Virginia Tech, but if the Hokies are going to pull away for the win tonight it will be because of Jamon Gordon.

10:55 pm: 47-37, VT. Gordon steals again, and Deron Washington gets the dunk. Prosser, sensing the momentum change, calls a timeout.

10:57 pm: 47-40, VT. Visser is trying to keep the Deacons in this game, but the difference so far has been that Virginia Tech has 14 more points off turnovers than Wake.

11:01 pm: 49-42, VT. Virginia Tech seems to be winning the rebounding battle right now.

Wow. That rim is loud. I bet you can hear the balls clang off the rim in the St. Pete Times Forum from Orlando.

11:06 pm: 55-42, VT. Wake’s David Weaver is pretty useless. Virginia Tech’s Deron Washington is decidedly not.

11:10 pm: 59-42, VT. The Hokies are robbing Wake blind now that Dowdell, Gordon and Washington are all clicking at the same time.

I don’t Wake can come back from this one. The bad news is that we get our first truly uninteresting game. The good news is that I won’t have to stay up until a God-awful hour.

11:14 pm: 61-45, VT, 7:45 left. I haven’t heard from Harvey Hale at all tonight. God must think he’s a very gullible man.

11:19 pm: 63-47, VT, 6:00 left. Wake couldn’t keep the ball away from Virginia Tech right now if they trapped themselves in Hunter S. Thompson’s panic room. That’s how well the Hokies are taking the ball away.

11:24 pm: Another reason why holding the ACC Tournament in Tampa was a bad idea: in Greensboro, there’s no golf to preempt a basketball game. A.D. Vasallo hits another three to make it 68-47, VT.

11:28 pm: Visser just stepped off the court for the final time in a Wake uniform. Show your respect.

11:29 pm: Raycom just showed two fans to the Hokie Pokey. Now that I didn’t need to see.

11:30 pm: Just as I type that, WRAL Raleigh loses the feed to Tampa. I have the voodoo blog!

11:32 pm: The game mercifully ends, as Virginia Tech wins 71-52. Wake gave a valiant effort tonight, but the sly Virginia Tech backcourt picked the pockets of the inexperienced Deacons and put the game out of reach. Ironically, tomorrow in the Wolfpack they will face the only team that swept them in the regular season. I just hope the final three games will be as exciting as the first two days of action. Now that I’ve survived the first two days, it looks like I’ll be able to pull off having a live blog of the entire ACC Tournament. But I’ll be running on fumes by Sunday. Many thanks to the Extrapolater for helping me out. I might have jinxed the Cavaliers by having him live blog the game and.

Hey Extrapolater, how’s about you help me live blog Kansas in the Big Dance?


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