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Boston College-Miami Live Blog, ACC Tournament 2007

Posted by Mike on March 9, 2007

Today Boston College plays Miami in game #6 of my attempt to have a live blog of the entire ACC Tournament. For a preview of each team, see my ACC Tournament Preview. If you’re wondering what the hell Maryland is doing not in this game, view my Maryland-Miami Live Blog. I think that after giving all of their effort to beating Maryland, Miami may not have anything left in the tank to beat BC. But after yesterday, I can’t take anything for granted.

2:39 pm: Mike Gminski is filling in as color commentator. Never before have I been so glad to see a Dookie.

2:40 pm: 3-2, BC. John Oates, BC’s center draws first blood by hitting a three, but Miami is successfully keeping the pace slow, at least for now.

2:41 pm: 5-2, BC. Point guard Tyrese Rice crashes the boards and gets a tough basket over Miami’s forwards.

I keep typing Sidney Rice instead of Tyrese Rice. Just goes to show you where my head’s at.

2:42 pm: 5-5. Anthony Harris ties the game with a three.

Another reason having the Tournament in Tampa was a bad idea: Good Lord, it’s so quiet it’s like a monastery in there today!

2:47 pm: 7-5, Miami. Ashbury goes inside and gives the Hurricanes their first lead. They seem to have run into another team that’s completely out of sync. Sean Marshall has been completely silent, and the only Jared I’ve seen in this game is the Subway guy. Who knows? Maybe they’ll pull off another upset.

2:50 pm: 9-8, Miami. You know it’s a slow game when John Oates has more threes than anyone else has total baskets.

I will say this to Miami head coach Frank Haith: your gameplan may be effective, but it’s really, really hard to watch.

2:56 pm: 16-11, Miami. We’re already halfway through the first half, and only now does Harris put either team over 15 points. Rice gets a three of his own to bring the deficit back to two.

2:59 pm: 20-16, Miami. The Hurricanes have only taken 11 shots in 12 minutes. They’ve made 8 of them. I’m surprised they haven;t won more games this season with their gameplan.

Where is Jared Dudley in this game? Where is Sean Marshall?

3:04 pm: 22-18, Miami. I didn’t know Tyrese Rice was left handed. Mike Gminski just told me. Go lefties!

3:07 pm: 24-20, Miami. Frank Haith has certainly brought some sort of voodoo to this game. Rice is the only reason the Eagles are still in this game.

3:12 pm: 31-25, Miami. This game is really starting to pick up the pace. Both teams are starting to hit their shots. Believe it or not, Miami is comfortable with an only slightly faster pace. BC cannot afford to commit turnovers lie they just did.

3:14 pm: 33-25, Miami. The Eagles really seem to be out of sync in this game. They still haven’t made a concerted effort to give dudley some touches with a decent chance of getting a high percentage shot. Give Miami credit, they’ve played great defense. I just wonder where that defense was when we scored 105 points on the Hurricanes in the Dean Dome. If they win, this would be the 2nd straight year in which a 12 seed made the ACC semis.

3:17 pm: 38-28, Miami, What an unbelievable play by Anthony Harris, BC has a chance to bring it within five, but hthey take a bad shot, Harris drive up the court, and hits an open three at the buzzer. Miami leads, 38-28 at halftime. Once again, Miami has played the best half they possibly could, and the Eagles, with the exception of Tyrese Rice, have been completely out of their comfort zone, not mentally into it, just like Maryland yesterday. They will need to try and speed up the game, so they can wear out the Hurricanes and regain control.

3:36 pm: 42-28, Miami. zzzzzzzzzzz…..zzzzzzzzzzzz…wha? are we back on? Oh! Sorry. Miami takes it inside to Collins who gets two straight dunks to start the second half.

3:38 pm: 42-30, Miami. Jared Dudley finally gets on the board, but he has to get them from the free throw line.

3:40 pm: 44-30, Miami. It has to be the ponytail. It has to be. Jared Dudley changed his hairdo by putting the ends of his cornrows in a ponytail. That has to have done serious damage to his mojo. The only thing that could be worse would be for him to shave his pencil-thin beard. Then he’d tear a ligament.

3:45 pm: 44-32, Miami. Again, I must ask: exactly when did the 2007 ACC Tournament become the infomercial for Sugarland’s new album?

3:48 pm: 44-37, Miami. Boston College has scored the last 7 points of the game and Rice continues to be the focal point of their offense. Dudley is starting to become very effective defensively for the Eagles, making smart decisions.

3:51 pm: 48-40, Miami. Jared Dudley finally hits his first shot, a putback of a Sean Marshall 3-point attempt.

3:52 pm: 50-40, Miami. Just when you think the momentum belongs to BC, Jamie Graham and Miami are able to keep the Eagles at arms length.

3:56 pm: 53-42, Miami. McClinton hits an NBA-range three to extend the lead back to double digits.

This is a very undersized team. I’m shocked that they’ve been so effective in the paint.

3:58 pm: 53-45, Miami. Marshall finally hits his first shot of the second half. Either the Hurricanes have done an excellent job of stopping Dudley and Marshall, they haven’t done a good job of getting good looks, or both.

4:00 pm: 56-45, Miami. Miami is leading in part because the few times they have shot the ball, they have shot over 60% from the field, while at the same time eating as much clock as possible. Most teams, who usually shoot less that 50% as a group, are at a serious disadvantage against a team like this when they can shoot well. The problem for Miami is that this is the first time all season that they’ve shot the ball well. They have the conference’s worst FG percentage for the season; if they shot well, they would have had much more success this season, and may even be considered for the tourney.

4:06 pm: 58-50, Miami. The one thing BC needs to do right now is make defensive stops. Miami is shooting extremely well and time is running out.

Jared Dudley turned the ball over. That’s another thing the Eagles can’t do.

4:08 pm: 58-53, Miami. Rice hits another three, and he now has 25. Miami’s 14 point lead has been reduced to five. Do the Hurricanes have enough left in the tank to hold on?

4:11 pm: 60-53, Miami, 5:oo left. Anthony Harris drives inside and makes a tough basket in the lane. Dudley then turns it over for an offensive foul.

4:13 pm 62-54, Miami, 4:00 left. Jamie Graham might be the ACC tournament’s MVP right now. He has done everything that’s been asked of him and then some.

4:18 pm: 62-58, Miami, 2:24 left. Oh, sure, NOW Sean Marshall starts hitting shots. Nice of you to finally arrive.

It was a great play. Oates had lost control of the ball, and Miami collapsed on the ball, leaving Marshall alone when Oates manged to pass it.

4:20 pm: 62-60, Miami, 1:30 left. Oates gets an easy dunk off a great pass by Marshall to cut the lead to two.

4:21 pm: 64-60, Miami, 1:00 left. Just as things have looked bleak for the Hurricanes, Jamie Graham has stepped up for his team. His dunk puts Miami up four.

4:22 pm: 64-64, :28 left. After Oates shoots one of two from the line, Miami takes a bad shot, BC gets the rebound, and Rice shoots from the top of the key…and it bounces off the iron twice before rolling in to tie the game. Miami now has the ball, with a chance to win. If they miss, another game goes to overtime.

4:23 pm: Harris just sits till at the top of the key until there are 10 seconds left, and then tries to drive inside by himself. Predictably, Miami can’t get off a decent shot, and we’re going to overtime. 64-64.


4:30 pm: 66-64, Miami. This overtime game is the anti GT-Wake. We’re a minute and a half into the overtime and only one shot has been made.

4:30 pm: 69-69. Just as I say that, three shots are mad in a minute, two of them threes by McClinton and Oates.

4:31 pm: 72-71, BC, 1:45 left, OT. Welcome to the ACC Tournament, Mr. Dudley. We’ve been expecting you.

Graham fouls out. Miami will be a completely different team without him.

4:33 pm: 72-71, BC, :54 left, OT. Just when it looks like BC will be able to put it away, Dudley travels. Knowing Miami’s pace, BC will only get one more chance at the basket if Miami scores.

4:37 pm: 72-71, BC, :17 left, OT. Harris misses his shot, but Miami gets the offensive rebound, and they will keep the ball until the end.

4:39 pm: 72-71, BC, :04 left, OT. What the hell kind of shot was that? McClinton tries to drive inside, but his shot is not even close, and BC will have the ball.

4:41 pm: Tyrese Rice is fouled, he hits his free throws, and Miami can’t get a shot off in time. Boston College wins, 74-71 in overtime. Miami again played great basketball for most of the game, but Tyrese Rice kept the Eagles in it, and Jared Dudley awoke just in time to save his team and get them the win. Let’s face facts, BC got very lucky down the stretch as well. Miami can holds their heads high, as they showed in this tournament that they can play well against good teams.

If BC can put it all together, if Rice and Oates can play like they did today, and if Dudley and Marshall can play to the level they’re capable of, they stand a good chance of beating Carolina tomorrow. But as I said before, all UNC needs to do is approach a game with the right mindset, and there are very few, if any, that can beat the talent of the Heels.

The Extrapolater will be visiting again tonight to live blog as his team, Virginia, takes on NC State and Sidney Lowe’s voodoo red pimp jacket. I’ll be back at around 9:30 for Virginia Tech vs. Wake Forest.


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  1. Boston College-Miami Live Blog, ACC Tournament 2007

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