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Posted by Eric Angevine on March 8, 2007

I’m coming around to this… I really am. I will be live-blogging the Virginia/NC State game tomorrow night for Digital Headbutt, and I was initially disappointed that Duke didn’t make it, because a UVA/Duke game is the sort of thing that really riles up my fellow Charlottesvilleans. However, Sidney Lowe is starting to charm me. There’s no way he takes off the red jacket now, right? I mean, it’s like Wimp Sanderson’s ugly plaid number at ‘Bama way back when – it’s a signature, and a good luck charm. He’d have to be nuts to leave it at the hotel now.

So I’m excited about that.

Tonight I’m going to be combining my Old Gold with my 40 of Old English as I live-blog the Wake Forest/Georgia Tech game. I have to admit I wonder how we’ll definitively tell the two teams’ fans apart. Both list Old Gold as a primary hue in their color scheme, so we’ll have to listen very carefully to tell our Atlantans from our Winston-Salemites, won’t we?

Enough of my japes. The winner of the nightcap gets to move on and face the Virginia Tech Hokies in the next round. Senior Center Kyle Visser is the only Deacon averaging double figures, though I would have to say his reabounding numbers leave much to be desired – only 7 1/2 per game. Georgia Tech has a much more balanced attack, with youngsters Crittenton, Young & Clinch scoring the ball well. (No, I don’t really say that players “score the ball”. Only a highly-paid announcer-type would say something so ridiculous)

That’s as much of a recap as you’ll get from me. I’ll start live-blogging as soon as the towel boys finish mopping up Coach K’s flopsweat and we get the final game of the evening fired up.


3 Responses to “Pimp-Tastic!”

  1. Mike White said

    I think the proper term is Pimpalicious.

  2. Pimp-ly Irresistible. Crap, I sound like I’m writing back page headlines for the NY Post again.

  3. Lumps? At least one of your teams has a chance to go to the tournament! I’m dying over here.

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