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Miami vs. Maryland Live Blog, ACC Tournament 2007

Posted by Mike on March 8, 2007

Today Maryland, perhaps the hottest team in the ACC (“they are SO in right now”), play Miami in game 2 of the ACC Tournament first round. For a preview of each team, see my ACC Tournament Preview. I would be shocked if the Terps lose this game. There’s too much injury on the team for Miami to make a concerted effort.

2:30 pm: 2-0, Maryland. Mike Jones! who? Mike Jones! who? Mike Jones! draws first blood as his first shot rattles in.

2:33 pm: 4-2, Maryland. Miami ties on the next possession, but Maryland is starting to crack down on defense, and Vasquez gets an easy layup.

2:34 pm: 4-4. The Terps are suffering from poor shot selection early in the game. If they do that, eventually Miami is going to take advantage.

2:35 pm: 7-4, Maryland. Mike Jones! who? Mike Jones! who? Mike Jones! hits the first three of the game to give the lead back to Maryland.

2:37 pm: 9-6, Maryland. If there’s one guy playing well for the Hurricanes, it’s Jimmy Graham (#00).

Another reason holding the ACC Tournament in Tampa was a bad idea: the Gulf of Mexico. Even ACC fans might prefer the beach when their team isn’t playing.

2:43 pm: I can’t get enough of Bamable Osby. Just seeing him on the court is awesome. Not only is he a great defender, he’s got the hair. You gotta love the ‘fro.

2:44 pm: 12-10, Miami. Don’t you find it creepy when Billy Packer says things like “watched his penetration” and “creating some action”?

2:46 pm: 16-12, Miami. Osby finally breaks the Maryland FG drought, but Miami keeps getting all of the shots they want. they desperately need to clamp down on defense, and get the ball more to Mike Jones! who? Mike Jones! who? Mike Jones! Before the Osby dunk, Jones had Maryland’s only two field goals.

By the way, Jones is a senior, so I’m going to milk that joke for all it’s worth.

2:50 pm: Interesting sidenote: Graham is black, but he also has red hair. Hmmm… How do you think this can be quantified on Cartman’s Ginger Scale?

2:51 pm: 19-12, Miami. The Hurricanes are playing out of their minds right now. Meanwhile, Maryland still looks asleep. This reminds me of UNC when Virginia Tech made that big run on them in Blacksburg. It didn’t look like they played especially bad, jut that they seem to have tuned out.

2:53 pm: 24-14, Miami. Mike Jones! who? Mike Jones! hits another field goal (he’s responsible for all but one of their FGs), but McClinton hits two straight shots for the ‘Canes. No one came to defend their best shooter in either case. Not only is Miami leading, they’re leading by double digits. I live in ACC country, in Chapel Hill as a matter of fact, but even I can’t figure this conference out.

2:59 pm: I just saw this stat: 12 of Miami’s 24 points are from seconds chances, namely their 10 offensive rebounds in 13 minutes. Maryland needs to box out more than anything else if they want to get back in this game. Without the second chance points, the Terps lead 14-12.

3:01 pm: 26-14, Miami. Graham, aka Ginger Black, gets another easy basket, dunking from the baseline to give the Hurricanes a 12 point lead.

3:03 pm: 26-16, Miami. The Terps finally box out on the offensive end, and they’re rewarded with points courtesy of a putback by Ibekwe.

3:04 pm: Did Billy Packer just make a reference to his own coverage of the UNC-Duke elbow? My God, he did! If he had any sense of humor, that may have even been a joke! WTF?

3:07 pm: 29-17, Miami. The Hurricanes make another easy three and are really starting to make my preview look bad. I don’t think anyone expected this. Miami’s gameplan has been brilliant so far.

3:08 pm: 29-19, Miami. D.J. Strawberry finally gets an easy basket off a fast break turnover.

Meanwhile. Gary Williams is throwing a tantrum like a girl on the sideline. If that girl were an East German Olympic swimmer.

3:13 pm: 31-20, Miami. Good Lord, Graham even has freckles! This is too funny. Just so you know, he’s now on the bench in foul trouble and Anthony Harris hits another shot for the Hurricanes.

3:18 pm: 35-21, Miami. If I had bet someone for enough money today that Miami would have a double digit lead at halftime of their game against Maryland, I wouldn’t have to worry about paying for insurance. Seriously, that s— is expensive.

3:21 pm: The first half ends with Miami leading Maryland, 37-24. This has turned out to be a very exciting game, because on one expected this to happen. Miami has brought a near perfect gameplan, and they’ve executed it exceptionally well. On the other hand, Maryland has looked flat for the entire first half. We know that hey can play better in this game. In order for them to get back in this, they will need to dominate the low post, by spreading the defense out to drive inside, by clamping down on layups on defense, and by boxing out and being more physical on both ends. Overall, they just need to be more aggressive.

3:33 pm: Are you a fan of Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs? I am. If so, you’ll find this very, very surreal.

3:34 pm: Another reason the ACC Tournament in Tampa was a bad idea. George Steinbrenner is a citizen of Tampa. I’m a Sox fan. This can’t end well.

3:42 pm: 39-26, Miami. This might be Maryland’s ticket to a comeback: Anthony Harris now has four fouls.

3:43 pm: 39-29, Miami. Ibekwe gets three the hard way, and Vasquez steals the inbound pass, but Maryland is unable to take advantage of the turnover. Still, it looks like Maryland is starting to play a faster pace in Harris’ absence.

3;44 pm: 42-29, Miami. McClinton hits a three from the baseline and brings the lead back to 13. But Graham, one of Miami’s best players from the first half, now has three fouls. What’s worse. he seems to be hurt now.

If Maryland loses this game, it will also be because they couldn’t make their free throws.

3:46 pm: 44-29, Miami. Surprisingly, Miami doesn’t seem to mind playing at a faster pace, if only for a short time.

3:48 pm: 44-34, Miami. The Terps are playing much better with Hayes at point guard than with Vasquez.

3:52 pm: 46-34, Miami. The Terps must have allowed Miami 5 chances on that possession. They have to do a better job of rebounding than this. You’re telling me that Maryland’s tall, athletic forwards can’t get a rebound when they have 5 cracks at it?

3:55 pm: 48-37, Miami. For crying out loud, Brandan Wright shoots better free throws than the Terps! If you watch UNC, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

3:56 pm: 50-37, Miami. Ibekwe now has four fouls. With 12 minutes left, Maryland is running out of time to make a comeback.

3:58 pm: 50-42, Miami. Vasquez hits the three, Maryland forces a turnover, and Gist gets the layup AND the foul. For the first time, Maryland’s fans are in this game, and the Terps seem to have momentum for the first time.

One of the few perks of holding the ACC Tournament in Tampa: the distance makes it harder for Maryland fans to come. Of all the fans in the ACC, they are the only ones who are truly mean-spirited.

4:02 pm: 52-43, Miami. Just when it looks like Maryland has all the momentum, Vasquez takes a bad shot, Miami rebounds, they get two chances on the other end, and get the easy layup.

4:04 pm: Tim Brant and Billy packer have made a big deal about how Maryland changed their shoes at halftime. If they come back to win this game and ultimately the tournament, we will never hear the end of this from ESPN.

4:06 pm: 52-45, Miami. Strawberry gets a tough layup, but Gist picks up an offensive foul, his fourth. I haven’t heard from Mike Jones! who? Mike Jones! at all in the second half. I wonder why. They need him to shoot in the second half.

4:08 pm: 54-47, Miami. Vasquez finally gets a good inside shot to bring it back within seven. They then get the steal, and Ibekwe is going to the line. Cover your eyes.

4:14 pm: 54-50, Miami. Miami turns the ball over, Gist emphatically posterizes Copeland, and the Terps are now within four. I would hate to see Miami lose this game now, they’ve played so well and shown so much effort. It would be just wrong for Maryland to win if they decided to play only the final 10 minutes of the game.

4:17 pm: 58-54, Miami, 4:55 left. Unlike Maryland, Miami is hitting their free throws. But it looks like Maryland has decided that they don’t need no stinkin’ free throws. Strawberry gets another easy inside shot.

4:22 pm: 59-54, Miami, 3:58 left. Graham is playing out of his mind today, but what is McClinton doing?!? The Hurricanes have really not shot well in the second half. Maybe they’re gassed at this point.

4:25 pm: 61-56, Miami, 3:10 left. Graham gets another basket thanks to another offensive rebound. But then they throw the ball away after a defensive stop.

4:27 pm: 61-58, Miami, 2:37 left. Back then they didn’t want me, now I’m hot they all own me. Jones finally gets a basket in the second half.

4:28 pm: 61-58, Miami, 2:01 left. After Maryland is again outhustled for the rebound, Ibekwe commits his fifth foul. Even worse, Maryland almost plays with four guys.

4:30 pm: 62-58, Miami, 1:24 left. Miami is trying as hard as they can to eat the clock. But will it be enough? They need to hit a shot.

4:32 pm: 62-60, Miami, :52 left. Strawberry does an excellent job of forcing another turnover, and now they have a chance to tie…but he immediately turns the ball over and the Terps foul McClinton.

4:34 pm: 63-62 Miami, :23 left. McClinton only hits one of two free throws, and and Gist gets a basket on, of all things, an offensive rebound.

4:37 pm: 65-62, Miami, :21 left. Graham again makes a great play, catching the inbound pass and immediately passing it back to Ashbury, who is fouled and hits both of his free throws. I would give Graham the game ball if Miami wins.

4:39 pm: 65-62, Miami, :04.7 left. Maryland misses their opportunity to tie the game, and Miami rebounds. They have pretty much wrapped this one up.

4:41 pm: Miami hits their free throws, Maryland misses a garbage shot, and Miami wins, 67-62. This has to be biggest upset of the conference tournaments so far. This was the perfect combination of Miami playing their best game of the season and Maryland playing their worst game of the season. The Hurricanes won this game because they won the battle of the boards, getting about 15 more rebounds than the Terps. Maryland was expecting to go deep into the tournament; no one expected them to be ousted on day 1.

The next game is Dook vs. NC State at 7:00 pm. Let’s just hope Sidney Lowe brought his pimp jacket to the tourney.

I should also note that The Extrapolater has generously volunteered to help me tonight. He will live-blog Georgia Tech vs. Wake Forest at 9:30.


8 Responses to “Miami vs. Maryland Live Blog, ACC Tournament 2007”

  1. Ugh….what an awful half. 24 points?!?!?! MD is just plain horrible during day games.

  2. Mike – I’m going to be home tonight avoiding my wife’s hen party. Any chance you need me to live-blog one of the evening games?

  3. Mike White said


    I’ll be blogging Duke-NC State, but you can definitely liveblog GT-Wake if you’re willing.

  4. Sure – give your fingers a rest.

  5. Andrew Foote said

    I have Very Very Very small meat.

  6. Andrew Foote said


  7. Mike White said

    Uhhh…okay…This is getting uncomfortable.

  8. So, in Andrew Foote, you have guy who likes to dine on cocktail weenies and burnt homogenized milk. Not to everyone’s taste, but he’s got a lot of upppside!

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