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Georgia Tech vs. Wake Forest Live Blog, ACC Tournament 2007

Posted by Eric Angevine on March 8, 2007

So G Tech gets to wear the White with Old Gold accents as the putative home team (higher record, higher seed), and Wake is in Black with Old Gold accents. I feel like I should be polishing furniture.

Tech controls the tip and Crit takes it to the hoop immediately.

9:51 It’s two all after a Williams dunk gets Wake on the board.

Ishmael Smith misses both foul shots for Wake.

Crittenton takes it straight down the court and scores again.

4-2 Georgia Tech

9:52 Smith heads into the paint and commits the charge to turn the ball over.

10:40 Tupac Shakur shooting two for the Deacs.

Wakes ball handling leaves a lot to be desired. Lots of bobbles. Williams knocks in a three after all of the hot-potato.

5-4 Wake

9:55 Mike congratulates me on being freed from Billy Packer. It’s nice to have the option of watching the game on your local Raycom station.

Crittenton misses the shot but Smith slams it home trailing the play.

Visser makes a nice move to get the ball inside against the double team and scores.

9-all at the TV timeout

10:00 So, if Wake pulls off an upset, all lower seeds will have advanced in the tourney’s first day. That would bode well for the top seeds, one would think.

Some really crisp passing by Gtech leads to an easy bucket by Dickey.

Tech steals the ball but travels.

As often as Tech has had the ball over the past 3 minutes, you’d really think they’d have scored again, but they give the ball up and Weaver scores it for Wake.


10:05 Visser pounds in another one and Wake goes on top by two.

10:08 After a time out, we’re back. Tech is pressuring the ball slightly as it comes up the floor, which I find interesting this early in the game. Will that make them tired?

Still 13-11 Wake. Lots of missed shots (nice *doink* sound on the Tampa rim), turnovers, and offensive inefficiency.

10:11 Tech finally bangs one home after it hits every angle on the rim (doink, doink, doink, swish) and we’re tied at 13.

Wake can’t score without Visser in there. Tech doesn’t respect any part of their game without the big man as a threat.

And Visser knots it at 15 just to prove my point. Smith has been doing a great job of finding him at the right moment.


Visser rejects Crit and it goes back the other way for a Drum three, but Morral answers and keeps it close at 18-17 Wake.

10:15 Man, I can’t tell if the rims are really loud or the crowd is just really quiet, but I’m hearing the bricks loud and clear.

Smith (tech) takes an alley and oops the hell out of it. AND THE FOUL!

Jeremis misses the foul shot but Tech rebounds. Visser goes down and the ball is given to Wake.

19-18 Tech Weaver for Wake has two fouls. Timeout.

10:20 Wow, lots of empty seats on the overhead angle. I think I’d move down if I were that guy in the nosebleeds.

20-18 Tech after a missed free throw. Nice inbounds play Smith gets it to Williams on the backdoor cut you could have driven a truck through.


West hoists a desperation shot to beat the clock and it swishes to put Tech up 23-20.

Crittenton comes back in the game and pulls a sick spin move to score – he has six.

Tech 25, Wake 22 – Visser gets a free throw to go with yet another inside bucket.

at 10:25 we have a clock controversy – the officials failed to start the clock during the last Tech posession.

Visser is wandering around waiting for the clock stuff to be resolved. Nothing says ACC action like watching the clock operator scratch his head and poke buttons

We have 6:15 left on the clock (give or take) and we’re finally back on with Visser on the line.

Tech 27, Wake 23 Visser took a seat after making the free throw, not sure why – he just had a five minute rest while the clock was being reset.

10:30 Forgot to mention my commentators are Steve Martin & Mike Giminski. Wonder if Awful Announcing has anything to say about those guys?

Dicke misses but J. Smith cleans up the miss with a slam.

10:35 timeout

29-25 Tech

The Yellow Jacket mascot frightens me, with its floppy mandibles.

Thad Young scores and has seven, the game is at 31-25 in Tech’s favor.

Tupac Shakur shooting two for the Deacs.

10:40 Two minutes left in the first half. Neither Visser or Weaver has missed a shot all night, and Wake is still down two.

31-29 Georgia Tech

Wow, lots of free throws tonight.

Tech steals the ball but commits an offensive foul on the break. Another steal by Tech. Now there’s a travel. Wow, somebody please put together an offensive series here.

10:45 Wake on the line, Dukes hits one to make it 33-30 for Tech.

Scramble for the ball as it’s poked away, and Wake ends up with the ball out of bounds.

Wow… a whole ‘nother half of this. Don’t pity me, I volunteered.

Tech scores and then steals the ball and scores again to create more action in the last 16 seconds than has happened in the preceding 6 minutes.

37-33 Georgia Tech at the half

Our “this moment in ACC history” takes us all the way back to…. yesterday, when Dave Leitao was named ACC coach of the year. Wow. That brings back memories.Oddly enough, no scorers in double figures for Tech, but they’ve spread the scoring around, which I think is a point in their favor. If Tech figures out how to stop Visser, Wake has nobody to go to.Hmmm…. Skip Prosser in High Def. Remind me to cancel the sattelite service tomorrow.19:38 left in the second stanza, and we start as herky-jerky as we left off.

38-33 Tech Jeramis Smith fouls Drum and bails him out of a shot clock situation.Drum makes both to get us to 38-35.

Thad Young strokes a three and puts Tech up six.

Wake’s PF (I like to call him “guy with braids”) knocks down an answering three.Visser goes inside again to get to 13 points on the night.

41-40 Tech – a sudden flurry from Wake brings about a timeout.

17:42 (eternity minus one) left in the second half. Dickey cuts Visser nigh in twain.Visser misses the first -throw. and the second. Yikes.

It stays 41-40 for Tech until Young puts down a trey and it’s back to a 4 point Tech lead.

Dickey gets his third in the Hack-A-Visser defense. Time to sit down.

16:20 left Visser shows nice hands picking up a loose ball and scores in close.

44-42 Tech – much more of a ballgame going on now.

They’ve got to quit showing the overhead of the building – it’s like watching your grandfather go bald as the seats get emptier and emptier.

Tech free throws make it 46-42 in Tech’s favor.

Young bangs in another three and our announcers break out the old chestnut “He’s not a freshman any more”.

Williams for Wake rains in a three – OFFENSE!!!! hooraay!

49-45 Tech

14:30 left. Williams with another three to make this one interesting at 49-48.

I just zoned out wondering if this would be a better football game than a basketball game and somewhere in there Tech made it 51-48.

12:00 My wife just came in and talked to me, so I’m going to have to back up the DVR to give you a score update: 54-50 Tech. Fortunately, backing up the telecast allows me to skip the Carlos Mencia commercial.

11:00 left. I can’t imagine how Mike got through the first three games of this. Hats off to you.

A flurry of offense puts Wake up 60-58.

See what happens when I take time to banter with AA and Mike? We’re down to 9 minutes left.

Wake’s swinging the ball around against a pretty effective Tech defense, but a shot gets over the top and Wake is up four

Tech has gone cold.

Huge dunk by Weaver. That puts Wake up by six!

64-60 Wake with under 8 minutes to go.

7:39 left and Wake is up five after a free throw. The sideline reporter just gave the most baffling, drawling explanation of Wake’s defense (or was it their offense) that I’ve ever heard but not understood.

Skeen hits a three and Wake is up eight!

Wow, could this be the night of all upsets in the ACC tournament?

68-62 Wake with Drum taking free throws to make it 70-62.

Only five minutes left – Drum fouls a three-point attempt by Young, so Young has to take his three in sections.

Dangerous pass stolen by Wake’s Williams who starts the break, but it ends in a Tech foul.

Williams hits both

Steen (formerly known as “guy with braids”) gets his fourth foul.

Even as empty as the Tampa venue is right now, there are still more spectators than there were at the Sun Belt tourney.

OK, the color commentator just echoed my thoughts – he actually called the game “excruciating, with no flow and too many fouls”. Ouch, dude.

Wake is up 74-68 but Smith has to deal with a cramp after he scores.

Foul on a three-pointer that goes in and Tech cuts the lead to three with a chance to make it two when we come back from the commercial.

3:11 left, and it’s 74-72 Wake. Skip Prosser is calving.

Young ties the ballgame with a jumper in traffic!

Wake brings the ball up the court slowly – good to see them not getting rattled by the run.

Young has quietly racked up 29 points in this game, mostly in the second half, and I don’t imagine he’s done yet.

Ishmael Smith hits a three to make it 77-74 Wake and Tech commits an offensive foul on the ensuing posession.

2:06 left and Wake has a chance to go under 2 minutes with the ball and a lead.

Smith takes and makes another one – he has 10 pts and 12 assists – incredible!

I guess I was wrong earlier – Visser has been taken away in the second half and Smith has filled in very well for him.

1:05 left and Smith hits two free throws to make it Wake 80, Tech 76.

Tech misses a couple of chances, and two players crash into the stands and are very slow to get up.

L. D. Williams is still down for Wake but Tech’s Smith gets up.

With 45 ticks left, Williams is up, but looks like his wrist is hurt, probably from trying to catch himself as Smith fell on top of him. Gminski says “That’s a lot of man on top of you”.

Drum fouls out and puts Tech on the line to chip away at the 80-76 lead.

:38 remains

With a two point lead, Williams can’t get the ball in for Wake and they take a TO

Tech’s Jerimus Smith has fouled out (10pts) and we’re still sitting on roughly 33 seconds.

That hollywood stuff about coaches giving inspirational speeches in the huddle is bogus. The Wake huddle was miced and all I could hear was “OK, who has #10? OK, here we go, here we go!”

Crittenton scores and it’s 81-80 for Wake – tight game! Only 22 secs left.

Who will Tech foul when Wake gets the ball in? I guess that’s why they work so hard on inbounds plays.

It gets inbounds to Skeen, and he gets rocked to go to the line.

If he makes both, Tech can still tie, but they’ll need a three.

He misses one.

He hits the second.

Tech comes up the floor casually and Crittenton scores over Visser and gets the foul.

82 all, then Crit…. misses.

Wake looks tired coming up and loses the ball.

Tech misses the shot and we’re going to OT.

Mike says: “This would be comfortable for GT if they made their free throws. They’re 16 of 29 from the stripe.” Missing free throws – doesn’t it drive a coach wild?Really a good finish considering how this game started.I’ll be interested to see who finishes this game. Smith is out for Tech, Drum for Wake. Six other players have four fouls, three on each team.

As I type, Aminu (17pts) goes out for Tech, and the score is 88-87 Tech in OT.

Dickey drops the ball when he has a clear path to the basket – these kids are getting weary.

Wake is up two with 3 mins left in OT.

Tied at 90, Ishmael Smith loses the ball and Crittenton takes his time setting up the offense – he takes it inside from the wing and scores!

92-90 Tech, and Hale answers with a Wake three.

Who would have thought this game could see both teams break 100?

93-92 Wake.1:29 left in OT

Smith loses the ball and Crittenton fouls Harvey Hale as they dive for it.

Morral ties it with a three! 95 all!

49 seconds left in OT and Weaver puts back a Williams miss to put Wake on top (for now).

97-95 Wake.

Tech’s coach just clearly mouthed the words f@#% off! on the sideline. Nice camera work, Raycom!

Visser fouls Dickey and puts him on the line with 13 seconds left.

Dongs the first.

They change the foul to Hale. Big whoop.

Dickey nails the second, but Wake gets the ball with 13 secs and a one-point lead.

Hale gets fouled hard as he receives the ball inbounds.

One thing’s for sure, neither of these teams has given up on their season.

Hale hits one, Hale hits two

99-96 Wake with 12.9 seconds left, and Prosser calls a :30.

Morrow hits the three. I hope Gminski is wearing his Depends tonight. We’re going to 2OT.


Wake is first to 100 points and Tech has 99.

The laptop is trying to fry my legs. Fortunately, I have already procreated.

The best part is, whoever wins this marathon gets to come back in a few hours and play Virginia Tech.

Yay, clock issues!!!! Scoreboard issues!!! Amazingly, there are still some fans left in the St. Petersburg Musty Hole Pavilion. Sorry, St. Pete Times Forum.

Hale hits a three to make it Wake 104, Tech 101.

DeAndre Bell answers, and then Hale shortarms a reply, so we’re still tied at 104.

It’s 12:40 and we’re still rolling. Visser finally gets his 20th point on a FT, making it 108-107 in Wake’s favor.

Weaver’s out. Pretty soon we’ll be watching the ball boys play the 3rd OT.

Hmmm… I think I mentoined Clinch as a double-point scorer in my intro. Seems he’s been dismissed from the Tech team. Stupid internet.

110-108 Tech. sorry, I think I just closed my eyes for a second…..

Hale scored one point in regulation, but has 15 in the OTs. Nice of you to show up, Harvey.

111-108 Tech after free throws.

And of course there’s a Wake three-pointer to tie.

Crittenton commits an offensive foul on the drive.

Old Gold & White, or Old Gold & Black? Who gets to face the Brown & Orange? Ugh.

Hale makes it 18 in OTs by scoring another three.

I think Giminski is trying to say “this is like watching two bums fight”.

My god, I’m a grown man with a job…. and I’m still awake. March truly does induce Madness!

Wake is so tired, they stand and watch the ball bounce out of bounds after Tech misses a shot.

Holy hell, that cheerleader is still perky. I want to slap her.

I’m seeing vague moving colors and shapes. I don’t even know what the score is any more. These two teams are playing for the championship of each other now.

Tech misses! The low-seed meltdown in the ACC is complete!

Wake 114 – Gtech 112

Harvey Hale says he didn’t really show up in the first two halves. You mean the first whole? He also says God was on his side. What is he going to say when he has Deron Williams’ jock in his face 19 hours from now?

Where is your God now, Greg Paulus????

Now, if you’ll pardon me, I need to go get in bed with my work clothes on, so I can sleep as late as is humanly possible in the morning.

Sayonara readers (I think even Mike has gone to bed at this point). I have been your faithful correspondent:

El Extrapolador


14 Responses to “Georgia Tech vs. Wake Forest Live Blog, ACC Tournament 2007”

  1. Mike White said

    Congratulations, you’ve been delivered from Billy Packer!

  2. Mike White said

    So I hear that Awful Announcing doesn’t take kindly to you liveblogging here. What’s that gonna mean for UVa vs. Pimpalicious and friends?

  3. He’s kidding, of course. In fact, I think I’ve live-blogged two for you so far, and only one for him, so I’ve preserved my free-agent status. I’m slutty enough to blog for whoever asks me first.

  4. I’m dying over here….how are you doing?

  5. Ha…no jealousy. I kid I kid. Headbutt does not know my sarcasm as of yet, no?

  6. Mike White said

    Hey! Awful Announcing! We don’t take kanhdly to yur types ’round here!

    “Now, come on, Skeeter, he ain’t hurtin’ nobody.”

    NO! I have something to say to Mr. “I think I can write better than ESPN” over here! Now let me ask you something! If dolphins are smart enough to live in igloos, how many times has Charles Davis watched “waiting to Exhale” naked?

  7. Well, right now I’m just a slut. When I become a paid whore, I will go to the top bidder.

  8. Mike White said

    “Mike congratulates me on being freed from Billy Packer. It’s nice to have the option of watching the game on your local Raycom station”

    But Packer did the Raycom day games. At night, you have the option of Mike Gminski. I was not so lucky.

  9. Aaah, I hardly got to see any of the early games – I had no idea Packer was on. I guess I’ll get him for tomorrow’s game, most likely.

  10. Georgia Tech vs. Wake Forest Live Blog

  11. Mike White said

    This would be comfortable for GT if they made their free throws. They’re 16 of 29 from the stripe.

  12. Mike White said

    We’re going to overtime between two really, really young teams! That means five more minutes of dunks, turnovers, missed free throws, and ill-advised jumpshots! Don’t you just love it?

  13. […] 9th, 2007 by extrapolater So I live-blogged the Wake Forest triumph over Georgia Tech over at Digital Headbutt.  Reading the whole thing might be a bit much, as it went to 2OTs, but I […]

  14. Patsy said

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    I actually like what you’ve received right here, certainly like what you’re saying and the way in which wherein you
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