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Video: Pat Summitt’s, er, “Performance” at UT vs. Florida

Posted by Mike on February 28, 2007

Here is the video evidence of Pat Summitt “repaying” Bruce Pearl for painting his chest at a Lady Vols game a month ago. There was so much hype about it, and when I saw it, I could not recall the last time I was horrified, relieved, excited, and disappointed all at the same time. The five best moments of the clip:

1. Summitt pretty much butchering “Rocky Top”, one of the best fight songs ever, followed by 24,000 fans singing it slightly better.

2. Peyton Manning clapping in horror.

3. Phil Fulmer picking his nose afterwards.

4. The “pyramid” she climbed on top of, when we accidentally saw her bright orange underwear.

5. Dickie V wearing that ridiculous feathered hat, giggling like a toddler.

The crowd was certainly into it, and the Vols made a huge rally afterwards. The worst part? She looked like she could have had a field day in the paint against the Gators on Tuesday, Horford and Noah played that badly. All things considered, it was a great display of school spirit, but I’m glad Summitt and Pearl are now even, because I’m not entirely sure I want to see this again next year. Sidney Lowe might get some bad ideas.


2 Responses to “Video: Pat Summitt’s, er, “Performance” at UT vs. Florida”

  1. Marco said

    Summit looked like a man in drag….nice blog and fellow Heels fan, I’m adding you to the blogroll

  2. Delyce James said

    There’s always a spoiler in the group. Most times it’s Duke, but I see the Tarheels have joined in. This was a fun evening and a great time was had by all. I guess if you all aren’t at stripper party, you don’t know what having a good time truly is….

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