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Wisconsin vs. Ohio State, Second Half

Posted by Eric Angevine on February 25, 2007

This second half is brought to you by Eric of The Extrapolater

Vanderbilt beat Kentucky, look slike they’re for real in the SEC.

Louisville took out UConn in Storrs.

Starting the 2nd half

5:07 – In the first half, Billy Packer was talking about Odens “behind” and I’ve been too stunned to think about it until now.

5:10 – Flowers goes down with an ankle.  This is looking very bad for the Badgers.  They’ve lost their third and fourth-leading scorers so far in this game.  If the injuries pile up, this one game could have far-reaching implications.

Oden is starting to touch the ball inside on every play, even if he has to pass it back out.  That’s the ticket for OSU, no doubt about it.

5:13 – Surprise, Surprise, it’s Alando in disguise!!  He takes the alley-oop for a monster dunk – he was wide open.  It’s 26-all.  Tucker has 10.

5:15 – Jamar Butler scores his first basket of the day, Oden blocks another, and Conley scores it on the fast break.  That was a quick 4 points!

Man, I’m a genius, I just posted most of the second half on Extrapolater instead of here.  I don’t know how Mike keeps track of having two blogs!

5:19 – A couple of quick buckets gets OSU 4 points in a hurry.  It’s now 31-26, and Oden’s defense is starting to take over the game.  He gets Tucker to pick up his third foul while fighting for a rebound.

5:25 – Bohannon knocks down a three.  He’s really picking up the slack for the injured Wisconsin players.

32-29 for OSU.

Lots of banging inside, and Oden picks up his second.  It’s great to see big men battle so hard.  They know what this game means.

5:27 – Flowers obviously recovered from his ankle injury, he’s back in the game.

A Badger alley-oop goes terribly awry.  It’s 34-29 with twelve minutes to play.

5:31 – Oden walks and takes the fun out of a nasty dunk.  Seeing as how it didn’t count and all.

Taylor nails a three and we’re tied at 34.  I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!

Lighty takes it up strong for the Buckeyes and puts them back on top by 2.

Bohannon nails a three on the other end not 8 seconds later.  Verne reminds us that he is 18 years old, and therefore unconscious.

Flowers takes some kind of amazing shot, dribbling around almomst the entire OSU team.

Thank goodness for this commercial break, I can barely keep up!

5:35 – Wisconsin 39, OSU 36  This is shaping up to be a very interesting finish, as we’re at the 9 minute mark.

Chappell gets his fourth, which is the by-product of his incredibly tough defense on Oden the past few minutes.  He’s kept the ball out of Greg’s hands and not been overwhelmed by the physicality.  Really nice job, but he has to hit the pine now.

Harris puts the Buckeyes back up by one with a trifecta.  40-39.

Conley wisely slows down the offense on the way back down the court, but Harris misses the shot.

Taylor hits one to see-saw that lead once again.  OSU misses.

5:39 – Both teams are starting to miss shots here and there, I think the grind is starting to wear them down.

Bohannon is pulling his Gerry McNamara act and canning every three he gets his hands on.  He’s 3/3 behind the arc.

Oden travels again and Matta is in danger of getting a T arguing his case. 

Commercial break, while we attempt to discern if it is possible for a future #1 NBA draft pick to use big-league traveling rules while still in college.  You know, for the good of the game.

5:45 – They’re playing Ozzy in the OSU arena.  I don’t know why, but that strikes me as incomparably cheesy.

5 minutes left to play, and both teams are getting more cautious.  Tucker misses a shot and OSU takes it downcourt slowly.

Oden gets his third by suplexing Taylor as he goes for a long rebound.

Dick and Packer think Oden’s tired.  I have to agree.  That was a particularly needless foul.

Conley scores and it’s 46-44 in favor of the Badgers before Oden slams it home and gets the foul.  We’re tied going into the break with Oden shooting one on the other side.

5:50 – Wisconsin has 19 bench points to OSU’s 6, but that’s to be expected with the injuries their starters have suffered.

Finally Oden is shooting this free throw.  That was an interminable TV time-out.

OSU is up 1 point 47-46, with 2 to play.  Bohannon comes back in the game, and they’re going to need his stroke if Wisconsin is to win this game.

Butler charges on the next possession, and Wisconsin takes it back down the court deliberately.  OSU is guarding the perimeter more than the inside right now.  Wisconsin gets four shots in close and misses all, but they get EVERY, SINGLE, REBOUND.  Astonishing.  They call a timeout after their 4th offensive rebound of the posession.  Good choice.

5:55 – Bohannon gets a nice assist when OSU creeps up to stop his jumper.  He gets it straight inside.  This is the good kind of freshman.

Wisconsin up 48-47, and OSU misses two shots before Chappell blocks one and Wisconsin gets the rebound.

OSU’s guards almost collide, and their fans are booing.  28 seconds left, and Wisconsin has it up 1. 

Will either team break 50 points tonight?

Conley fouls on the inbounds, so Kammron Taylor gets the big free-throws in front of a very rowdy student section for OSU.

He misses!  That’s huge!

5:58 – 16 seconds left, and OSU inbounds.  Conley gets in in the backcourt.  Conley scores the floater – nice shot under pressure!

Another timeout with only 4 seconds left.

6:00 – OSU up by one 49-48.  Who takes the shot for Wisconsin?  Obviously they want Bohannon, because there’s very little time to get it inside.  But OSU knows that.  3.9 seconds left and Wisconsin has to go the length of the floor.

Flowers bobbles the inbounds pass and they have to call timeout to avoid the penalty.

Will they throw the bomb, or try to bring it upcourt against pressure (the Tyus Edney)?

Taylor rejects the shot and OSU wins it.  49-48.  Tough break for Wisconsin, but what a way to play the Buckeyes at home.  Ron Lewis is the hero, and the idjit Buckeye fans storm the court.  As Mighty MJD says on today’s Deadspin: “This ain’t Nam, Smokey, there’s rules to storming the court!”

OSU will get a well-deserved #1 spot out of this (or retain it, if you’re looking at the ESPN poll over the AP).

The Buckeyes’ Ivan Harris is our top scorer with 13, and Oden and Conley join him in double figures for Ohio State.

Wisconsin rode the hot shooting of Bohannon, who had 11, and Tucker and Taylor had 12 and 10, respectively.

Thanks for having me over, Mike, what a great college game!


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