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Live Blog: Virginia vs. Florida St.

Posted by Mike on February 17, 2007

1:19 pm: UVA 13, FSU 10. Just tuning in. I was expecting to blog the Florida-Vanderbilt game, but CBS decided to instead show Wake-Miami, the two worst teams in the ACC. Fortunately, this is on digital cable. When I first watched it was UVA leading 13-4, but Florida State hit two quick 3-pointers, the last by a suddenly hot Ralph Mims. Personally, I’m rooting for Florida State, because 1) it helps UNC toward an ACC Championship and 2) FSU is on the bubble and this would be a big win for their tournament resume.

1:26 pm: 13-12, UVA. Florida State gets its first layup of the game. Neither team has attacked the basket thus far, which is puzzling for these two teams considering their tendencies.

1:27 pm: 15-15. After JR Reynolds hits two free throws, Isaiah Swann hits another 3-pointer to tie the game. So far this game seems to be going pretty slow.

1:28 pm: 19-15, UVA. Singletary gets his first basket, a mid-range jumper, and Joseph follows to extend the lead to four.

1:29 pm: 19-18, UVA. Al Thornton is by far Florida State’s best player. So why hasn’t he touched the ball yet?

1:30 pm: 22-18, UVA. Singletaryt drives into the lane, FSU collapses on him, and then he kicks it out to the baseline and a wide open Adrian Joseph. UVA is finally attacking the lane, but there still haven’t been any points in the paint. The Seminoles aren’t even trying to get the ball inside; they’ve shot two airballs already, and the home crowd is loving it.

1:35 pm: This is the first time I’ve gotten the chance to see the Cavs’ new arena. It’s very nice, done in Jeffersonian architecture, but the crowd hasn’t been as loud as I expected so far. Soroye tips it in (the game’s first points in the paint) to make it 24-20, UVA.

1:37 pm: It’s bad enough that the Noles are just chucking up threes at this point. Their big problem is that they aren’t boxing out for rebounds on either side of the ball. This has to change if they want to win in a hostile environment, or more importantly, please the NCAA selection committee.

1:40 pm: Okay, it’s official: commercials have ceased to make sense.

1:42 pm: 26-26. Florida State hits two more quick threes, the second by Al Thornton to tie the game. The first half is almost over and this is the first I’ve heard of him.

1:43 pm: 28-26, UVA. Singletary is finally driving and it’s paying off. This time he gets a nice layup.

1:46 pm: 31-26, UVA. Joseph hits another three to extend the lead to five. I haven’t seen him miss a shot yet. Singletary hits a three of his own to make it 34-26 with less than a minute in the first half. FSU respects him in the lane, and therefore didn’t expect him to pull up.

1:50 pm: UVA leads 34-28 at halftime. The have not been attacked in the middle yet. If Florida State drives the lane consistently in the second half, I think it will catch them off guard. Both teams, especially the ‘Noles, have to defend the perimeter better in the second half in order to shut down their opponent.

2:07 pm: 36-30, UVA. Singletary and Swann exchange baskets to start the second half.

2:10 pm: 42-32, UVA. Sean Singletary hits two straight three pointers from nearly NBA range to extend UVA’s lead to 10. FSU hasn’t had an effective means of stopping him the entire day. Maybe the fact the the ‘Noles don;t have a real point guard doesn’t help.

2:13 pm: 44-32 UVA. The Cavs continue to dominate the offensive end on the second half as JR Reynolds dishes it to…some white guy with a long last name, who gets an easy basket inside.

2:15 pm: 44-37, UVA. Florida State hits their seventh three of the game, as Echefu is open at the baseline. They still haven’t tried the paint yet, and I have no idea why.

2:20 pm: 46-38, UVA. Reynolds gets his first basket of the second half, the rare mid-range jumpshot.

2:22 pm: 46-41, UVA. FSU continues to shoot the three. Swann hits another, but they’re 8 of 22 at this point.

2:23 pm: 46-43, UVA. Thornton finally gets an inside opportunity and takes advantage. Echefu goes to the line and suddenly the 12 point UVA lead has benn reduced to 1. More importantly, the life has been sucked out of the Cavalier crowd. When the going gets tough, good crowd are supposed to get louder, because the Cavs need their sixth man now more than ever. And they call UNC a wine and cheese crowd.

2:29 pm: 51-47, UVA. Singletary gets a tough basket off an offensive rebound, and then hits another three after a FSU basket to give UVA a four point lead.

2:32 pm: 54-51, UVA. There have been only 18 points in the paint today. If the Seminloes lose, it could be a big strike against them. Singletary hits another three, but FSU are finally getting some baskets inside.

2:34 pm: 57-53, UVA. Bizarre ad alert: God plays pinball with Earth as his giant board.

2:39 pm: 58-55, UVA. Jerel Allen hits a nice jumper to cut the lead to 3. I haven’t heard much of him today, but he has a sweet shot.

I stand corrected. Allen just threw up the kind of brick that breaks bulletproof glass.

2:40 pm: 61-57, UVA. Adrian Joseph is on fire, that’s all I can say right now.

2:43 pm: 61-58, UVA. Apparently I haven’t been paying attention. Al Thornton is having a career day, with 20+ points and 16 rebounds.

2:44 pm: 62-60, UVA. FSU steals the ball from Reynolds, and on the other end Thornton makes an unbelievable shot to cut the lead to two.

2:45 pm: 65-60, UVA. Joseph hits yet another three to bring the Cavs back to a two possession lead with less than four minutes left.

2:49 pm: Virginia is playing good defense right now, forcing bad shots and not letting Thornton get good looks.

Jason Cain gets what I think is his first basket of the game and UVA now leads by 7.

2:52 pm: Thornton comes very close to being injured as Cain almost takes his legs out. He hits his foul shots and it is now 67-62, UVA with 90 seconds left.

2:53 pm: Singletary does a good job of eating clock, letting the shot clock ruin down, shoot and get his own rebound, and a foul sends Reynolds to the line.

2:55 pm: 69-62, UVA. FSU takes a timeout, and I happened to see a clipboard on the FSU bench with a giant “PRINCETON” on it. watch out for a backdoor cut on this possession.

2:56 pm: But alas. The Seminoles chuck up another three, it goes begging, and UVA rebounds. It looks pretty much over for Florida State.

Thornton hits a three to reduce the lead to four, but it is likely too little, too late. Florida State can’t let a 25 point, 16 rebound performance by Thornton go by the wayside. The worst part? I barely noticed Thornton for most of the game.

3:01 pm: UPSET WATCH: Vandy 76, #1 Florida 63, 2nd half.

3:03 pm: Thornton hits a three at the buzzer, but Virginia wins, 73-70. The Cavs improve to 9-3 in the ACC, while the Seminoles fall to 5-8 after three straight tough losses. Their final three conference games are all winnable; they must win those remaining games and 1 ACC tournament game, in my mind, to guarantee an at-large NCAA bid.

3:21 pm: UPSET WATCH: Vandy 83, Florida 70, Final. 


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  1. You are like the live-blogging iron man. Since I live in Cville, I guess I’m hoping the Cavs make the tournament, though with my luck they’ll knock out my actual alma mater – Kansas. The last couple of years have been real DOH! moments….

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