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Duke vs. Boston College Live Blog: Okay Dook, I’m Glad I Can Hate You Again Instead of Feeling Sorry

Posted by Mike on February 14, 2007

I’m a huge Tar Heel fan, but at this point even I am at a loss over Dook’s four game losing streak, at risk of becoming five tonight. Now that it’s gone this long, I don’t know whether to keep dancing in the streets or to actually start being concerned about them. On second thought, I’ll just keep celebrating, everyone know’s they’ll be back with a vengeance next year. A Tar heel might as well kick ’em while they’re down.

(Coach K, if you’re reading this, I have tremendous respect for you and your team. I really do. You are a great human being and you turn your players into great human beings (Christian Laettner being a notable exception). If I were on the fence on this rivalry (e.g. Living in Big Ten country), I may not have any ill will towards your team. It’s just that I have been indoctrinated. When you’ve lived in Chpel Hill within walking distance of the Dean Dome during your formative years, and then you spend your undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of North Carolina, there simply is no turning back. You understand, don’t you? Good. Now back to the regularly scheduled Dook-bashing. Josh McRoberts is a crybaby.)

Boston College’s Jared Dudley may be the best player in the ACC, but the Eagles have kept winning because of Tyrese Rice and Tyrelle Blair as well. The Eagles are thin at the all-important point guard position, and that means Rice has played 35 minute per game, second only to Dudley (a whopping 38.3 minutes per game!) and has been very effective at point, averaging nearly 17 points and 6 assists per game. BC will need a big night out of him both on offense and defending Greg Paulus. Tyrelle Blair has had to play a lot more minutes since the dismissal of Sean Williams. While John Oates has replaced him in the starting lineup, it is Blair who has really stepped up his game, especially on defense. Most notably, he has averaged 19 minutes, 3 blocks, and 3.7 rebounds per game since Williams left, and he hit the game-winning shot against Florida State last Saturday. I wish Williams the best of luck in his life, but thanks to players like Blair, BC seems to be doing just fine without him. And to think pundits thought the Eagles were dead in the water.

8:43 pm: UPSET WATCH: Alabama 37, #1 Florida 23, 1st half.

8:47 pm: MORE UPSET WATCH: #2 Ohio State 63, Penn State 60. I don’t care what you say, Greg Oden was high school classmates with Flavor Flav.

8:54 pm: Penn State falls short of the upset. But in spite of it, I catch the one of my favorite signs so far this season:


Ladies and Gentlemen, Hell has frozen over, and sinners acroos the nation are caroling over Lucifer’s frozen carcass (which has probably been half-eaten by now by Man vs. Wild from the Discovery Channel). At least until next year.

By the way: I always find these shows entertaining. Not only do you get pieces of TV gold like the one I linked here, but the information can help save your life. You laugh, but when you’re in the wilderness and you don’t know how to make a fire, you’ll wish you paid attention.

9:05 pm: I don’t care who you are, you can’t win if your starting lineup features three white underclassmen who look exactly the same.

9:07 pm: 3-2, Duke. Sean Marshall gets the first basket of the game, but then Scheyer hits a three. Marshall already has hit as many FGs as on Saturday vs. Florida State.

9:09 pm: 5-3, BC. Center John Oates hits a three. It’s so unexpected, I had my eyes on the keyboard when it happened.

9:10 pm: McClure is already having a bad game. First he fumbles away a perfect pass from McRoberts, and then he commits a horrible foul beyond the arc. Oates hits two of three free throws. 7-3, BC.

9:12 pm: 7-5, BC. Josh McRoberts is the only guy playing well for Duke so far in this game.

9:17 pm: 9-9. Paulus hits a nice baseline jumpshot. Believe it or not, statistically he is Duke’s best shooter.

9:19 pm: 11-9, Dook. Paulus drives the lane and gets an easy layup to give the Dookies the lead. Where was this aggressiveness the previous games?

9:21 pm: 13-12, Dook. Shamari Spears gets his first basket of the game. If BC wants to win, they need a good game out of him like on Saturday against FSU. Which reminds me, why haven’t we seen Tyrelle Blair yet.

9:22 pm: 16-12, Dook. Oh, right. That’s why he’s not in the game: the Dookies are basically playing McRoberts and four guards, one of whom just hit a three.

9:23 pm: 16-16. Rice drives the lane two straight times, and both pay off in a nice FG. However, he seems to injure his ankle on that last play. BC can ill afford to lose him.

9:27 pm: 18-16, BC. I guess I spoke too soon.

9:28 pm: 18-18. McRoberts gets a huge dunk to tie the game. That was too easy.

9:29 pm: 20-18, BC. Oates hits another outside shot. I dod not expect this out of him because 1) He’s the center, and most don’t have this kind of range, and 2) He did not score against FSU. At all.

9:30 pm: 25-22, Dook. This game has realy picked up the pace. Dook scores two straight baskets, includinga tip-in by Lance Thomas, then Tyrelle Blair hits an inside shot to tie the game, and then Paulus hits three to regain the Dook lead.

9:37 pm: 27-25, BC. Tyrese Rice Hits a huge three to give the lead to the Eagles. McRoberts then hits a tough basket to tie the game at 27. He is having a phenomenal game so far.

9:39 pm: 29-29. Rice drives to the basket and gets a layup AGAIN! Paulus has no answer for him.

9:40 pm: 33-29, Dook. UPSET WATCH: Florida 64, Alabama 62, second half.

9:41 pm: 35-29, Dook. Coach K. is really, REALLY pissed off.

9:44 pm: 35-32, Dook. Marquez Haynes hits a three. It’s a good thing; Dook has the momentum right now, and Duke has outrebounded BC 18-6 so far. Considering that BC has better forwards, this is blasphemous.

9:46 pm: 37-32, Dook. McRoberts gets another easy dunk, this time an alley oop. He now has 12 points and 8 rebounds. To boot, a Dudley basket is nullified by an offensive foul, and then Scheyer hits a three to extend the lead to 8 on the next play.

9:49 pm: 40-32, Dook. Uh-oh. Dudley is now in foul trouble, and Dook continues to roll. This time Nelson hits it from outside to make it 43-32.

9:52 pm: The half ends with Duke leading 43-32. Boston College is being absolutely bitch-slapped in the paint, and was outscored 14-3 to end the half. They have not rebounded at all, and McRoberts is having a career day. The Eagles must change their gameplan if they want to win this game.

10:07 pm: Oh. My. God. Look at Mike Patrick! He looks older than Vitale now!

10:09 pm: 45-34, Dook. Dudley finally gets the ball in the second half and hits a nice jumper, but McRoberts gets another basket WAY too easily in the paint.

10:10 pm: 49-36, Dook. McRoberts gets ANOTHER easy bucket inside, and then Dook steals the ball and McClure gets a layup. This is followed by a 5-on-1 fast break for Duke. Obviously, the Devils extend their lead to 15. Now this is the Duke team I’ve come to know and love to hate. They have outscored BC 22-7 since the 29-29 tie.

10:12 pm: Mike Patrick just describe BC defense as ” like their feet are nailed to the floor.” At first I heard “like they’re fetal.” That might actually be a better description.

10:15 pm: 57-38, Dook. Dudley’s shot is the only field goal for BC so far.

10:18 pm: 59-38, Dook. It looks like the Eagle shave officially stopped trying. This is the absolute worst time to do this. If you’re in national TV, playing Dook, at the top of the ACC, with some people seeing them for the first time this season, trying to decide if this team is truly good, the least you can do is try. Most people seeing this game are thinking, “This is the best team in the ACC?!?”

10:21 pm: Bizarre ad alerts: First, Avis’s new GPS service, and then CDW’s desert island office. I wish I worked there, it’s freezing in NC.

10:24 pm: 65-43, Dook. Dudley finally gets a basket, but only has 6 tonight. My disappointment in this game is twofold. First, there’s the obvious that Duke is blowing out a top team. Second, BC is losing because they’re giving almost no effort, which means you know that they are going to attack the Tar Heels on Saturday like Marlon Brando attacked a drive-thru.

10:30 pm: UPSET WATCH: DePaul 65, Marquette 62, second half.

10:33 pm: 65-48, Dook. You have to give credit to Dudley and the BC crowd; they haven’t quit yet. And why hasn’t Blair gotten more playing time?

10:34 pm: Dook is very smartly killing clock at this point. They don’t want to end up in a nail-biter like the Hokies did last month against UNC.

10:37 pm: 65-53, Dook. Marshall hits a big three to put the Eagles within 12. BC may have officially awoken from their slumber. The crowd certainly has. Duke’s lead has been cut in half.

10:42 pm: Greg Paulus, an 83% FT shooter, airballs one from the stripe! YESSSSS!!!

10:43 pm: 68-53, Dook. NNNOOOOOOOO!!!

10:44 pm: 68-57, Dook. Suddenly, Rice and Marshall, get two straight layups on drives to the basket. Where was this effort during Duke’s 36-12 run?

10:45 pm: 71-60, Dook. Paulus churns down the clock before getting a three, but Marshall gets another three soon after.

10:47 pm: 74-63, Dook. Nelson gets three the easy way. while Rice gets it the hard way. Boston College is finally showing effort, but they are still hard pressed to stop the Duke offense and rebounding.

10:51 pm: McClure misses his free throws, but Haynes throws it away.

10:52 pm: 74-66, Dook. Marshall is on fire right now, as he hites another three to reduce the deficit to 8 with 2:30 left. To boot, BC goes to the foul line as McClure fouls out.

10:53 pm: 74-68, Dook. Marshall hits two free throws. He now has 23 in this game. Then Paulus throws it away. BC has come back not only because of their renewed effort, but because the Dookies have stopped playing to win and started playing not to lose.

10:56 pm: 76-68, Dook. Oh, that is killer. Dudley tries to pass the ball, but Scheyer anticipated the pass, deflected it, and Dook gets an easy layup on the other end with 1:20 to go.

10:58 pm: 78-70, Dook. Gerald Henderson basically seals it for Dook. BC played well late, but taking a naop for half of the game killed them. If you want me to go completely Tar Heel Maniac on this game, I would say that this goes to show you that Dook is playing so badly that an opponent needs to fall asleep for them to win a game. But I won’t.

11:02 pm: The game goes final: Duke 78, BC 70.


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