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Boston College vs. Florida State: Wait…Boston College is at the top of the ACC?

Posted by Mike on February 11, 2007

Today the biggest game in terms of conference position is in Tallahassee, as Boston College visits Florida State. This is a battle between two of the ACC’s best forwards: BC’s Jared Dudley and FSU’s Al Thornton. In the case of each player, their team is doomed without them, and they will be defending each other today. This game will come down to which player will be more effective (or more accurately, which one is able to stop the other defensively). I would give this edge to Dudley, not only because he is a better defender, but I think that he has a better supporting cast, with guys like Tyrese Rice and Sean Marshall. But hey, I’ve been wrong before. In the interest of both my alma mater (UNC) and the ACC’s tournament bids, it’s best for the Noles to win this game. But I can’t bring myself to root for FSU. Go Eagles!

3:08 pm: BC wins the tip, but Dudley makes a bad pass. Thornton draws first blodd with a nice jumper. 2-0, FSU.

3:09 pm: We all know the Nike sucks balls, but only today do we know that it’s Nike’s balls that suck. One minute into the game and already the first ball malfunctioned.

3:11 pm: 5-2, FSU. The Noles go inside again, and Uche Echefu converts a three point play, drawing a foul from Joh Oates. BC cannot afford to have their inside guys gets into foul trouble after Sean Williams’ dismissal.

3:12 pm: 8-4, FSU. Spears gets BC their first field goal, but Florida State gets the game’s first three.

3:13 pm: 10-6, FSU. Just as I type about Shamari Spears getting another inside basket, Thornton gets another inside opportunity, and then Chris Mims hits another three for Florida State to make it 13-6. Just thought you should know, he’s only hit 18 outside shots all season.

3:17 pm: 13-9, FSU. Rice gets three the hard way. He and Spears are the only Eagles playing well so far, and Spears just picked up his second foul.

3:21 pm: 17-9, FSU. Thornton is so tough to defend. He’s as big as Brandan Wright but has great leaping ability and a sweet jump shot. Jared Dudley will have his hands full trying to defend the three.

3:23 pm: 22-9, FSU. The Seminoles are absolutely taking over this game. First Mims attacks the inside and gets a three point play, then Thornton forces a turnover and makes an off-balance layup. Those two have sped the pace of the game to level BC is not comfortable playing. They neeed to slow down the pace and stop turnovers to stay in the game.

3:25 pm: 22-11, FSU. Dudley finally gets on the board. If he has to defend Thornton like this for 40 minutes, he might collapse.

3:28 pm: 22-15, FSU. Rice again attacks the lane, and makes a tough shot while triple teamed. Florida State’s Josue Soto makes his first NCAA basket to make it 24-15, FSU.

You see that? Just now I made it look like I know about that guy, but in fact I have no f—ing idea. I just heard his name on TV and looked him up.

3:31 pm: Jared Dudley is a great player, but he has the world’s worst beard. It’s like he drew a line down the edge of his jaw. Ugh.

3:33 pm: 26-20, FSU. Just as I say that, Dudley hits two straight tough shots and makes it look like nothing. Like I said, I can vouch for his ability. His grooming decisions? Not so much.

3:38 pm: 30-20, FSU. Jason Rich converts a fadeaway jumper inside to bring the lead back to double digits. He has a nice shot. Ooh, that sounded weird.
3:40 pm: 30-24, FSU. Boston College is able to stay in this game mainly because they are able to get to the free throw line and convert their shots from the stripe.

3:42 pm: 32-26, FSU. Thornton and Marquez Haynes exchange midrange jump shots.

I have no idea why, but looking at the court the Seminoles play on makes me sleepy. It happens every time I see it, and I cannot explain it for my life. I zoned out so badly I missed the Seminoles hit another three to make it 35-26 and I completely missed it. Huh.

3:48 pm: 35-28, FSU. The Seminoles are up a touchdown, but Coach Bowden shouldn’t rest, as QB Matt Ryan and the Eagles offense can strike quickly and tie this game in the 4th quarter.

Wait…Sorry. Zoned out again.

3:50 pm: 35-30, FSU. Rice hits another tough shot in the paint. His offensive aggressiveness is the key to keeping the Seminole defense at bay.

3:52 pm: 37-33, FSU. Isaiah Swann tips the ball in off a bad jump shot from the top of the key, but Rice manages to get inside for another layup before the end of the first half. Boston College certainly has the momentum, reducing a 22-9 deficit to four. The Seminoles need more from their offense (other than Thornton) if they want to protect their lead.

4:00 pm: I don’t believe this. Do you know what’s on ESPN right mow? Pro-Am poker. Do you know who’s playing? Jose Canseco. See, this is what happens when football season is over. We need a spring league.

4:10 pm: As the second half begins, Thornton gets a relatively easy basket inside to give FSU a 39-33 lead.

4:12 pm: Rice hits another tough inside shot to reduce FSU’s lead to 4. He has 17 points now.

4:13 pm: 41-35, FSU. Swann makes a great fake shot pass ot Thornton, who is left alone and dunks on three guys. To boot, Oates proceeds to commit an offensive foul, his fourth.

4:14 pm: 41-37, FSU. Again Rice drives inside for a layup. Most basketball pundits decided the BC was dead in the water after the dismissal of Sean Williams, but guys like Dudley and Rice are the reason why they are still at the top of the ACC standings.

4:16 pm: I am sick, I repeat, SICK of any and every ad that tries to use show tunes and/or Broadway dancing to advertise. Far too many ads use this. What purpose could it possibly serve a phone company?

4:19 pm: 42-40, FSU. Dudley hits his first three. Being an inside and outside threat makes him almost as tough to defend as Thornton.

4:25 pm: 45-41, FSU. Believe it or not, Sean Marshall just score his first point of the game.

4:28 pm: 50-46, FSU. Marshall hits a three, his first FG of the game, but Jason Rich responds with a three of his own to keep the lead at 4.

4:30 pm: 50-50. Dudley gets another tough inside basket off a nice screen, and the game is tied for the first time since it was 2-2. I am quite shocked that he has avoided the foul trouble plaguing the rest of BC’s frontcourt.

4:32 pm: Bizarre ad alert: My dad has one of these Bluetooth devices, and this happens whenever he uses it.

4:34 pm: 54-50, BC. The comeback is complete, and BC takes the lead for the first time. Spears follows that with an easy inside shot off a Marshall pass. The Eagles have outscored FSU 45-28 since going down 22-9.

4:37 pm: 56-54 FSU. The Noles quickly gets the lead back after a timeout, which gets the crowd back into it. Even worse, Dudley is now in foul trouble (3 fouls).

4:42 pm: 58-54, FSU. Florida State has completely shut down the BC offense, which has allowed them to take the lead back. However, Al Thornton is visibly injured. I’m not sure how the Noles will fare if they have to play without him of with him limping through the final minutes.

4:46 pm: 58-56, FSU. Haynes ends the drought for the Eagles with a leaner.

Interesting stat: Florida State is leading despite shooting 38% from the field, but they have committed only 4 turnovers.

4:48 pm: 60-58, FSU. Defensively, FSU is dominating. BC has only scored 1 FG in the last 6-7 minutes.

4:50 pm: 62-58, FSU. Swann makes a sweet basket, running from the right side behind the basket and a defender, and hitting a shot on the left side.

4:52 pm: 64-60, FSU. In the first half, Tyrelle Blair was dominating the Seminoles defensively. In the second half, he’s getting schooled.

4:56 pm: 64-64. Jared Dudley just made an unbelievable play. First He pump fakes Isaiah Swann, gets him to jump, drwas his fifth foul and hits the three! I cannot recall the last time I saw a converted four point play. Simply insane.

4:58 pm: 67-64, FSU. Thornton is so cool in these situations, he has pengiun pee running through his veins. He just made a huge three with a guy in his face and less than 2 minutes left.

5:00 pm: 67-66, FSU. Spears hits two foul shots. BC is down 1 with 67 seconds left.

5:02 pm: FSU tries to run out the shot clock, but don;t get a good shot, and BC gets the ball back. They will inbound from behind their basket with 7.8 seconds left.

5:04 pm: OH MY GOD! The most unlinkely player, Tyrelle Blair the defenseive specialist, hits the shot with 3.3 seconds left to give BC a 68-67 lead. Florida Statehas to get the ball across the court and get a good shot in 3.3 seconds.

5:07 pm: Oh no…Ryan Reid make s perfect pass to Thornton under the basket, but he drops it out of bounds. That is such a heart breaker.

5:09 pm: And that’s how the game ends. Boston College comes from behind to beat Florida State, 68-67. With this win, Boston College takes over sole possession of first place in ACC (9-2), and Florida State, at 17-8 (5-6 ACC), may have put its NCAA tournament hopes in jeopardy.


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