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UCLA vs. Oregon: Foie Gras at the Pavilion!

Posted by Mike on February 1, 2007

11:02 pm: 29-14, UCLA. I had spent the entire day looking forward to this game. There’s just one problem: I live in NC and this game is in the west coast. So the first 10 minutes of this game was pre-empted by a women’s SEC game attended by 1,500 people. Seriously, all the front row seats were empty. There needs to be more support for women’s basketball. Oh, and Aaron Brooks and Arron Afflalo exchange 3s to make it 32-17.

11:05 pm: Brooks hits a three from NBA range to make it 32-20, UCLA. He has a super sweet jumpshot. He probably has a higher 3 point shooting percentage than Brendan Wright from the charity stripe during the ACC schedule.

11:07 pm: Afflalo is defending Brooks, but he only gets stopped because the entire team collapsed on him. He needs top able to dish the ball out and keep them honest.

11:08 pm: aside from the threes, what I’ve seen in this game has been much ado about nothing. Both teams are struggling on the offensive end, and last I checked, the Pac-10 was not a defensive-minded conference.

11:10 pm: CORRECTION: About that last statement: my brain was artificially based in football reality. The Pac-10 Football conference is not defensive minded, but UCLA basketball has had a particularly good defense under the tutelage of Ben Howland. It’s tough sometimes, being a football junkie in basketball country. Oregon hits another three to make it 32-23, UCLA.

11:12 pm: 35-23, UCLA. Just like that, Afflalo hits a shot almost from halfcourt. Until the trifectas stop falling, both teams should just put 4 guys in the perimeter.

11:14 pm: As soon as I finish typing the previous sentence, UCLA absolutely rejects a Ducks 3 point attempt. To put in the words of Beavis and Butthead: “Dude, we have the power supreme!”

11:16 pm: Brooks hits another three to make it 35-26, UCLA as halftime approaches. Oregon is closing in.

11:22 pm: Holy Crap, Dook and Virginia are in overtime, and Virgina has the ball with a chance to win! WHOOOOO!!!

11:24 pm: OHHHHH MYYYYYY GAAAAAAAHD!!! Singletary hits an off balance shot being double teamed falling down with one second left and I’m so excited I’m not using punctuation!!!!

11:25 pm: 1 second left and Duke still gets a shot off! but Paulus hits the back iron! WHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! DOOOK GOES DOWN! YYYYYEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!

11:27 pm: Wow….What an exciting game. And to think I’m covering this game instead of a hugely exciting game in my own backyard! Wait, forget I said that.

Seriously, though, I seriously underestimated Virginia when I should not have. I dismissed this game as a Dook win when I shouldn’t have. Virginia has an excellent experienced backcourt, one of Duke’s big weaknesses this season. I should have seen this coming as a very, very good game. I’ll do an good honest review of the game later this week (I think, as I watched most of that game anyway.

11:35 pm: Oregon comes flying out the locker room to start the second half. Their defensive domination leads to two quick baskets. UCLA leads, 39-26.

11:38 pm: Lorenzo Mata, whose two blocks led to the first two basket, now gets a huge dunk on the other end. UCLA extends their lead back to 15 points. 41-26, UCLA.

11:39 pm: Seriously, nothing against the Pac-10. It’s quite possibly the strongest conference in basketball this year, and UCLA is one of the best teams on the country. But Oregon’s continued struggles is making this game a lot less interesting than I expected. Virginia’s overtime win against Dook is giving me that whole “Grass is always greener” mental complex. The worst part? That was my lawn! 45-28, UCLA.

11:43 pm: Bizarre ad alert: Montgomery’s Flea Market (thanks to Cool Hand Mike). “Livin-rooms, be-drooms, di-nettes, oh yeah.”

11:48 pm: Oregon finally stops the bleeding in the second half, as some tall white guy (#10, Marty something) hits a three, and Brooks follows with his sweet shot. 47-34, UCLA. Howland calls a timeout to stop the momentum.

11:50 pm: Almost on cue, UCLA kills the momentum with good defense and baskets by Collison and Luc Richard Mbah a Moute. I just like typing his name while saying it aloud. Collison, I mean, not “Luc Richard Mbah a Moute”. 52-36, UCLA.

11:52 pm: There he is again, getting two more shots to make it 56-38, UCLA. Good lord, I hope there isn’t some crazed Bruins who decides to name his kid Peter “Luc Richard Mbah a Moute” Johnson.

11:57 pm: 58-40, UCLA. The Bruins are absolutely dominating every aspect of this game. They have 24 points in the point to Oregon’s 8 (8!), and are shooting 60% to the Duck’s 38%.

Holy crap, the Big Ten is getting its own network now. I don’t think I can stand 24 hours a day of any conference, let alone the Big Ten, a conference composed of 11 schools with a “holier than thou” attitude towards everyone else in every aspect. Trust me on this one, you haven’t experienced heel until you’ve been in a sports bar during Michigan-Ohio State, as some young Buckeyes fan shouting obscenities to opposing fans and some Michigan fan is making my sandwich taste like a bad cigar. Nice guy, but seriously, put that thing down.

12:03 am: 58-42, UCLA. Wow. I rant about Big Ten fans for five good minutes during the game, meanwhile nothing happens.

12:05 am: I think I’m beginning to zone out of this game. Hey, you’re a Pac-10 fan; I’m past my bedtime on the east coast, what’s your excuse?

12:06 am: Just as I say, Aaron Afflalo makes a HUGE dunk to pretty much seal this deal. 60-44, UCLA. Yeah, I know, it’s not over till the fat lady sings, but Oregon isn’t looking right now like the team that doing enough to stall her. The backstage buffet is empty, and the only thing standing between her and the grand finale is a duck? The only thing it can do to stop her is say “AFLAC!” and make her realize that the opera can’t afford workers’ comp, she worries about straining her voice, getting hurt and not paying her bills. She gets stage fright, meanwhile Aaron Brooks drains threes, Oregon boxes out for rebounds, the Ducks play good perimeter defense and force overtime. But no duck can comprehend such a convoluted plan.

12:12 am: Well what do you know? Oregon’s cut the lead to 9. 60-51, UCLA. Just as I say that, Luc Richard Mbah a Moute (what was his mom thinking?) hits another shot off an offensive rebound to extend the lead to double digits w/ 4 minutes left.

12:17 am: This time Brooks misses badly. Why didn’t they take my advice? Maybe if Oregon’s coach was surfing the web looking for advice in stead of using his established knowledge, he could be better at his job.

12:19 am: 66-53, UCLA. Wow. This is the sealer: Aboya gets the offensive rebound, is put into a headlock, knocks the guy over, clasps onto the ball, and gets a good shot under the basket. With 2 minutes left, this game is over.

12:23 am: Oh no…the FSN commentator was just discussing the impact of Freshman Tajuan Porter. I can understand how much of an impact a freshman can have on a team. I understand that. But can this guy please come up with a better expression than this:

I think so far the Oregon coach and Porter have struggled today in the Carmeloization of Oregon.

Seriously, WTF?

12:25 am: the game ends as UCLA wins, 69-57. Once again, the defense steps up for the Bruins; Oregon was never in a comfort zone the entire game.


You thought I forgot, didn’t you? During the Pac 10 schedule, Aaron Brooks has shot 25 of 45 from downtown, a 3 point percentage of 55.5%, whereas during the ACC schedule, Brendan Wright has shot 15 of 34 from the stripe, which equates to 44.1% shooting. See, Brooks does shoot threes better that Wright shoots gimmes. What does this prove? absolutely nothing!


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