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This One’s For the Ladies: #1 Maryland vs. #3 Duke

Posted by Mike on January 13, 2007

Today the best matchup is in women’s basketball, as two of the top three teams square of in a rematch of last year’s Women’s National Championship, won by Maryland in an overtime thiller. I hate both of these teams, Maryland because they handed the Lady Tar Heels their two defeats, and Dook, because they’re, well, Dook. I hate them equally, so I guess this makes me an impartial observer.

12:45 pm: I begin covering this game late. Duke leads, 11-8. Harper gets a pass in transition and scores the basket and the foul.

12:50 pm: Maryland is really struggling against Duke’s pressing defense. Duke plays better with their smaller lineup.

12:53 pm: This crowd is just as crazy in Cameron Indoor as they are for a Men’s game.

12:55 pm: Bizarre ad alert: Chrysler 300C upgrade.

1:01 pm: Not only is Duke playing better defense, they are shooting the ball better against Maryland’s defense, who seems to be sitting back a little. 26-20, Duke.

1:05 pm: Crystal Langhorne ends the drought with a baseline jumper. She then scores in the paint off a pass by Coleman. 26-24, Duke. Coleman is making good passes.

1:07 pm: Harding drives past Toliver in the lane to make it 28-24. I haven’t seen much of Toliver.

1:08 pm: It’s now 32-26. Don’t let the close score fool you: Duke is dominating this game.

1:11 pm: 35-28, Duke. The Devils are passing the ball well, but Maryland is really struggling. They’re 2-13 from downtown and Langhorne has only taken 6 shots while the rest of the team is 8 for 32.

1:15 pm: 39-30, Duke. Harding is dominating this game. She has 14 points and is dictating the pace offensively and defensively.

1:17 pm: At this point Duke is daring the Terps to shoot the three and cornering Langhorne. They do not expect the three at all right now. the Devils hit two FTs to make it 41-30.

1:20 pm: The half ends, Duke up 41-30. Maryland simply cannot keep shooting up 3-pointers and expect to win. They have to penetrate Duke’s frontcourt.

On second thought, I probably should be rooting for the Dookies, because if the Ters lose, guess, who’s the new number 1? My beloved Tar Heels!

Wait a minute, wouldn’t beating #1 Maryland be enough to send #3 Duke to number 1 next week, leaping over UNC?


1:34 pm: There are a few UNC fans at the game and they held up a sign that said “I HATE YOU BOTH”. My sentiments exactly.

1:40 pm: Back to the game The second half just started and Duke picks up where they left off, extending the lead to 15 until the Terps hit a layup. 49-36, Duke.

1:41 pm: Harper cuts the leads to 51-38 by performing the lost art of nailing the mid-range jumpshot.

1:42 pm: Coleman hits another basket to make it 51-40. The Terps still aren’t getting the ball to Langhorne, but they are finally attacking the paint, which is starting to level the playing field.

1:43 pm: Toliver hits a jumper, continuing to chip away at the lead and cutting the lead to 9. The score is now 51-42.

1:44 pm: Now that we’re on ads, I must now bring to your attention that the end of the world is coming, Heel will come to Earth, and we are all going to die. I base this precise statement on a shocking observation that I made while flipping onto ESPN2: Fantasy Bass Fishing. Read that closely: Fantasy…Bass…Fishing. There is now a means of tracking “fantasy points” in “fantasy leagues” pertaining to “professional bass fishing” and “professional bass fishers”. THis is the ultimate sign of the apocalypse. What’s next, the Little League World Series of Poker?

1:48 pm: Duke leads 54-43. Langhorne has till yet to touch the ball in the second half.

1:49 pm: Just as I say that, Langhorne gets the ball and hits an easy bucket to again cut the lead to single digits.

I just heard an amazing statistic. Crystal Langhorne is on pace to possibly shoot 80% from the field over the entire season. Simply amazing. An NBA player is Hall of Fame good if he shoots 60% for a season. An NCAA Men’s player needs to be insanely good to shoot above 65% (like Brendan Wright before the UVa game). Langhorne is threatening 80% FG Shooting. Simply unbelievable play on her part.

1:55 pm: Harding again attacks the paint to extend the lead to 60-47.

I have seen a Countrywide home loans ad about 15 times during this broadcast. It’s really stating to annoy me.

1:57 pm: It’s so hot in Cameron Indoor Stadium that even the coaches have to guzzle Gatorade to keep their energy up. Duke extends the lead to 15.

1:59 pm: Alison Bales and Lindsey Harding are completely dominating this game on both sides of the ball. The lead is now 64-49.

2:03 pm: When your center can shoot 20-foot jumpers, that is simply not fair. How is a defense supposed to defend that? Duke extends the lead, 67-51.

2:06 pm: I’ve got bad news, really bad nes and good news for Maryland. Te bad news is that Duke leads 73-53 with less than six minutes to go. The really bad news is that Toliver is injured. The good news is that Terps fans can save loads of money on their home loans by calling Countrywide.

2:14 pm: Harding is having a career day, scoring 28 points and 8 rebounds. The only lowlight may be the Duke band’s horrendous version of “Crazy in Love”.

2:20 pm: The game goes final: Duke 81, Maryland 62. Bales and Harding dominate this game, and Maryland is held to less than 39% percent shooting. Tar Heels fans watching this game must be shaking in their boots right now. Duke dominated the #1 team in the country from start to finish.


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